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Poweramp Build 797 (Release Candidate)


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I just use the FLAC files only and works like any other format on Poweramp for me. I do not need cue files. I keep multiple discs as full discs edited in MusicBee. For example Five Finger Death Punch The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 is 2 discs but I have it as 29 tracks. 1 disc. So it reads it as that but I would do the same as if it were MP3. Also, my larger albums are also named Deluxe, Special or Tour Edition albums, with the live songs in them.

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50 minutes ago, Martin Medrano said:

Hi andre do you think Poweramp will ever come to a windows machine 

not andre, but I think that's unlikely. Poweramp is the beast in mobile platform, it doesn't need to compete on windows which already have too many options anyway, like AIMP, Winamp (still kinda good), and Foobar2000

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1. Has anyone figured out how to assign EQ to particular tracks and not the specific outputs? I dont know if @maxmp has provided this option or not in V3, but It was there in V2. It was one of the most important to me personally!

2. The audio does not stop after playing a selected track (via search) and having repeat and shuffle both OFF. Again, it stopped in v2 but not in v3. Instead it starts playing the next track in the "All Songs" even though I have chosen a particular single track via search.

3. Gapless playback is not as smooth as it was in V2. For example, the audio ( after playing the last song in the list) stops even though the track is not fully completed. The same track used to be played till the end in V2 but not in V3. *NEED SOME POLISHING IN GAPLESS*.

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On 9/16/2018 at 8:59 PM, maxmp said:



RC Build 797:
• slightly increased selected item contrast
• fixed crash on category change
• fixed lockscreen not always appearing
• Folders Hierarchy is now always enabled by default
• widgets now should survive reboots better
• fixed constant reloads (flashing) on Android 7-
• fixed few crashes due to the translations
• fixed Enqueue and stay in the list option
• improved BT/headset keys support for Hi-Res audio output on Android 8+
• removed Send Album - Artist with Metachanged Title option, as it doesn't work for new Androids anyway
• clear action for Recently Added / Recently Played / Most Played
• app icon (launcher) shortcuts (Android 7+)
• few other bug fixes and small improvements



Hi Max, 

This RC Build 797 version looks fantastic!! 

One issue that I know others have reported that I'm having is I've noticed that when letting Poweramp play tracks (from song to song) on its own, sometimes this version will stop at the end of a song, and NOT play the next song unless I manually swipe over to it. Please fix this issue before releasing V3.0. 

Also, I am again requesting that you kindly include a parametric EQ (doesn't have to be anything fancy) with Poweramp since many users like myself rely HEAVILY upon custom EQs in order to enjoy the BEST sound possible. If this is time consuming, then please just release V3.0 and then perhaps add this to v3.1 or whatever in the near future. But if not, please just add it to V3.0. 

Hope all is well with you and your team. 

Thank you so much!!

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11 minutes ago, invaderzim said:

I wonder when the fixes are gonna come. There are multiple issues with 797...

I know.   just the other day i still had the same issue where i went to change the visualization and then the music stopped playing and wouldn't play.   i kept clicking the play button but it wouldn't play even i changed songs.   i forced closed multiple times and disconnected and reconnected the bluetooth twice before it finally started playing music again.   this is the second time it happened.   

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2 minutes ago, waynea said:

really stupid question here....if I download this version, will it do a separate install on my Galaxy S5? or will it overwrite the existing v2?

It will overwrite, they cannot be installed separately, since they use the same package.

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9 hours ago, waynea said:

thanks for super quick reply. I better stay with v2 then, which I know and love.

If you have a decent backup app, such as Titanium Backup, you could save the entire state of the v2 build before you install v3. That way you could roll back app+data later. Otherwise you'd need to uninstall v3 and re-install v2, which would lose some things like settings, ratings, internal playlists, etc.


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