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  1. Ok so I synced and this time it just plays different songs then what i click on in the playlist. Like it used to during the playlist bugs last year i think it was. I tried turning shuffle off but no change. But it only does it on the playlist that was loaded when the sync happened. Looking at it in a txt editor i see nothing wrong at the top of the list anyways.
  2. Not yet. I will look into it. open it in a text editor on the phone? I am thinking Poweramp must be conflicting with musicbee trying to sync and jacking up the playlist that is in use. both trying to use the file at the same time in other words.
  3. I just synced my music again and now the playlist I was on and listening to, during the sync, will only play the first song no matter which song i click on. But if i use the forward or back arrows it will advance to other songs. But as soon as i click on a song it goes back to the first song. I'm getting mad about this. I now hate the first on on the playlist after being forced to listen to it everytime i go to a song I want to listen too. Once again I had to resync the music while parked on a different playlist. Please @maxmp can you look into this.
  4. that sounds neat. I hope you can get it to work well.
  5. I didn't move anything or remove the card. I deleted a few songs as i was having problems with Poweramp not reading the id3 tags correctly so i had to clear the tags with mp3tag and redo the tags. then resync but everything on at that playlist was getting jacked. And it happened on a different playlist too. After a few resyncs things settle down. It was not doing this before the update.
  6. works good so far. Other then the playlist bugs that came back. I have to resync from musicbee several times in a row because of it.
  7. still keep having problems syncing and resycning a playlist. Either corrupts it to where only the first song plays no matter what song you click on. Or now it just skips through all the songs saying the file is not found or whatever. It's getting real annoying.
  8. don't remember but i did click the dots at the top right of the playlist to rescan right away. so that maybe what caused it.
  9. The first two look a big extreme. The 2rd looks good. Is there a color chooser or whatever to get the number values to put in on that file you was talking about? You didn't quite answer the question. I hadn't taken the time to look into it. yet. was busy with yard work projects, spray painting during a beautiful 60 degree day and now today it's 20 degrees and wind outside. Real Feel like 8 degrees.
  10. I think the zereod out playlist bug is back after the last update related to the playlists. I was syncing from Musicbee while on a playlist and then it conflicted during media scanning and then the playlist was cleared out. I had to resync again to get it back only to lose songs out of another while on that one. So it took a third resync to fix that.
  11. Thanks. I'll see what i can do. I did lots of monkeying around till I was able to do those colors on the spectrum analyzer for Musicbee and figured it out. Is there a easy way to pick what color you want that converts to the proper numbering or color code we need? I can't remember if i found a website that converts to the proper color code.
  12. neon green is what i want too. or green yellow red like the VU meters often has. That's my question is too "what gives it the blue color already?"
  13. I knew about it for a long time since that feature came out. It's wonderful!!!
  14. My battery issue seems to happen no matter what screen I'm on so far. I usally keep in on the Main? Screen (playback) as in the one with the big album cover and buttons. Is that the main screen? Many times I don't even look at the screen as i turn on the bluetooth headphones connect and it starts playing and I"m doing yardwork or projects.
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