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  1. Can you also add the option for the background colors to work on the main screen instead of album cover colors? Thanks.
  2. thanks for adding the green background. How do you make the whole play button change colors other then the outline?
  3. I love this skin and it's gradients. Is it possible to have lighter background colors? They're all so dark they are hard to see the colors. I love the navy blue pale. perhaps more colors that are that light? Green is my favorite color so if there was lighter green that would be nice.
  4. Have you tried Musicbee? It's similar to Media Monkey but free and has lots of settings to customize the UI and everything. Even theater mode and you can customize that too!! it has a spectrum analyzer and VU Meter. shows lyrics and you can search for tags in the program. I converted from itunes to it a few years ago. Won't go back. It also has a app that is buggy that you can do wifi syncs as well. he's having problems figuring the app problem out.
  5. how do you get those shortcuts and icons?
  6. @maxmp I think i might know more about the EQ bluetooth devices bug. I resaved a EQ setting as the same name and overwritten it, then after that when reconnecting my bt device i then had two of the same device under the bt settings for that EQ preset. So I deleted the eq preset and then saved a new one under the same name and was back to one BT device for that preset.
  7. Omg i love the colors on those skins. Did you had more colors to the spectrum analyzers flyingdutchman? The eq looks neat in black and red. Edit: i just realized that's the seekbar that's in his screenshots. I hadn't used it in awhile. That awesome that there's different colors to choose from. I didn't realize that.
  8. Thanks for posting. I haven't heard a response from Max yet. Surely he knows about this issue by now.
  9. I have this issue too. I have posted about this issue here and in the bug forum I believe but nobody responded. I have that happen with the bt adapter for the car and my jlab headphones. I have to turn the headphones back off and back on again to get it to load the right one. I had to take the car one out of the setting because it wouldn't switch to it sometimes. And once I had the bluetooth speaker in there twice for the eq setting. And yes when manually changing to the proper one it always changes back to whatever wrong device it thinks it is.
  10. Thanks for adding hypomanic analyzer in green and naming it after my handle. I love it.
  11. And i thought I bugged Theo a lot lol I got a good eye for imperfections and improvements. gets me in trouble with the landlord pointing too many things out that need fixed!!!!
  12. I would love that as well. I don't see how people can listen to streaming services without a good EQ. My guess is it's the type of people that don't even know how to turn one on or use one. And they don't even know the difference they make or a good pair of headphones. I've had people tell me they're iphone headphones sound really good but when i had a iphone those things that came with the phone did not sound good.
  13. I didn't get a response in the bug section so I'm reposting here. I think there's a bug with the way Poweramp handles saving the eq presets per bluetooth device. Sometimes when i connect a device it shows the previous device and eq. and when switching the eq setting to the one i need then when the next song comes it switches back to the previous one again. sometimes if i turn on my headphones and back on then it will show up as the correct device. yesterday i had the speaker listed in there twice for the eq setting/device!!!! once was checked and the other was unchecked. I've been noticing these issues for the last few days. I hope there's a fix. either Poweramp is reading the wrong BT device or android is not consistent on what it's reporting. Also noticed that when this happens the player doesn't start playing on connect as well. This never used to happen. So I have to click play myself
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