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  1. Fair enough, glad you've found a solution that works for you. Bye then. Andre
  2. andrewilley

    Show How long is an album

    It would be nice to have an option to see the total running time of an album or folder displayed next to the number of tracks and/or the year in the list views. Andre
  3. andrewilley

    show track number and disc number

    If the generally perceived "greatest weakness" of Poweramp is that it only shows track numbers in the player screen, not occasional album disc numbers too, then this forum would be very much quieter... Andre
  4. andrewilley

    Current playlist | feature request

    No, the Queue in Poweramp is a way to temporarily interrupt and break away from your regular playback mode (which could be listening to an Artist, a Folder, an Album, or a Playlist for example) in order to line up - or "enqueue" - a few different tracks of your choice, which could just be one random song, or a whole album, etc. Once those few special queued items are all finished, playback will resume in your regular listening mode exactly where you left off. It is not a Google or Samsung queue which is their main method of playback. Andre
  5. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 814

    You haven't changed or removed your SD Card at any point have you? That would cause PA to believe that all of the songs it previously saw have been deleted, which would remove them from any internally-created playlist. Andre
  6. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 814

    At the top of any Playlist that you are currently viewing, the header area includes both a Shuffle icon and a regular Play icon. Or personally I just tap on any song within the list and it will start playing from there onward. Andre
  7. andrewilley

    Missing Songs and Searchbar bug.

    1) See threads such as https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15525-missing-files/ for discussion on why this seems to happen to some people. Mostly it's mis-tagged files, or sometimes a lot of songs that are not actual files but are built up using CUE files. You'd need to post more info on what is missing (file types, name details, tag info, and where from) for anyone to be able to help though. 2) Known bug, hopefully Max will be able to deal with that one in a future release. Andre
  8. You still can, I view Playlists to select tracks all the time. First I tap on the song I want in the Playlist view and it starts playing the songs from that list from that point onward. I can then tap the cover artwork in the player at any time to go straight back to the same playlist view, with the currently playing song highlighted, and select another song. Or for another list, just tap Back to see the list of all Playlists and choose another one. All of which is exactly the same functionality as PA v2. Not sure how that takes 40 minutes to learn? Could you explain what you feel the exact problem is, perhaps step-by-step to illustrate what seems to have changed for you? (it could be a changed setting or view type for example) Andre
  9. andrewilley

    How to combine split albums by different album artist

    The Album Artist tag should stay the same for all tracks in a compilation album (e.g. "Various Artists"), it's the Track Artist tag that changes by song. Andre
  10. andrewilley

    Minor bug. When playing, browsing folder

    Not happening for me in portrait or landscape. What device/ROM/PA version/etc are you using? Andre
  11. andrewilley

    What Ui Do You Prefer?

    Yes, v2 is considered a legacy product for users of Android 4.x and below, and will thus not receive any new features or further updates for future Android releases (there is already a known minor issue with Notifications on Android 8.1 Oreo). However if it still works for you, please feel free to continue to use it as long as you want. Or join the brave new world of v3, and tweak it to your personal preferences. Andre
  12. 1) Just tap anywhere on the cover artwork to take you to whatever library category (such as an album) that you are currently playing from. 2) Tap on the Visualisation icon on the left, just below the cover artwork, to toggle visualisation display on or off. Both of the above are in the help info popups that you should have seen when the upgrade occurred, or you can tap on the hamburger menu icon (lower-right) at any time and select "Help". If you have now re-downloaded the v2 app (build 588 from the Downloads tab) just copy the resulting APK file onto your phone and then launch it from any file explorer app to install. You will need to have removed the v3 installation first, as the process was not designed to go backwards - so also backup any internal Playlists you may have created first, and save your settings if you want to try to restore those too. Andre
  13. andrewilley

    V3 finalized version on Play Store still not there

    V3 is already the official version, but as it was set up as a staged release it will take a while for the Play Store to get to 100% propagation for all markets and devices. Even if you are in the beta programme (which can be enabled or disabled from the main Play Store product page, or via https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer ) you will still get the latest release versions sent to your device as they become available (unless of course you are already on a higher numbered beta release by then). Andre
  14. andrewilley

    Not Pulling All Music Files

    It will be the CUE element that's causing the problem I suspect. If you don't have any CUE files (just rename a couple to .CUX for test purposes) do the large master FLAC audio files show in PA as single tracks? Are the CUE files in the same storage locations as their accompanying FLAC files? And you say you have already tried disabling the Settings > Library > Scanner > "Parse CUE Files" option, and also Settings > Library > Lists > "Show CUE disc image files"? Andre
  15. andrewilley

    All my albums have been split up.

    Could you post screenshots of what PA shows for the ID3 tags for two tracks which should be together in one album but are being shown as separated? Also, you mention that they are in "different folders/playlists", however both of those categories are up to you to define and locate, PA does not do that automatically. Andre