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  1. The problem is that it's only a 'Shuffle Folder' mode if you happen to be listening to Folders in the first place. If you are listening by Album it is a 'Shuffle Album' mode, and so on with Artists, Genres, Years, etc. Hence the use of the general term "Category" to mean whatever library category you are currently listening to. If you want to shuffle just the current folder (or album etc) start playback from that Library Category and then use the Shuffle icon to enable either the 'Shuffle Songs' or the 'Shuffle Songs and Categories' mode. Both modes will initially do what you want and play the entire contents of the current folder in randomised order, but the difference is what happens after the current folder is finished - in the first case, PA simply moves on to play the next folder in order and randomises the contents of that folder, while in the second case its pick another folder at random to play the contents randomly. For more info on Categories, and all the available Shuffle and Repeat modes, please see: Andre
  2. Excellent, glad you got it sorted. Huawei not being allowed to pre-install Google Play on their devices is very frustrating for people who have previously purchased apps via Google on another phone and then find themselves locked out of their own purchase. Others
  3. You say this is a new phone without Google support - perhaps it is a Huawei? If so, you need to sideload Google onto it (search the web for info on how to do this) as any Google Play Store purchases require the Google Play Store to be present on the device in order to reinstall. Purchases made on the Poweramp website do not require Google service to be on the new device so are fine on such devices - but unlike with a Google purchase, a website licence can only be used on one device at a time. Andre
  4. I think it's highly unlikely to be a hardware issue with the phone itself, but the new one may be running on a different firmware version (Android build) or there may be some other app(s) that you have not re-installed yet which have been causing your problem. Keep an eye on the situation when you next receive an Android update or install or update apps. Andre
  5. The .txt file can be imported now, but you currently have to download it from the AutoEQ site yourself. Andre
  6. It's an equalizer only. It doesn't play music files directly, it merely adjusts the sound created by other apps. Andre
  7. And if you still can't find the email, contact support at poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com giving any details you do know. Andre
  8. I've been mentioning this one for a while. I too think that the top control bar should auto slide back into view whenever you start to scroll a list back upwards (just like the bottom miniplayer bar currently does). Not the whole header immediately, just the control icons; the rest of the header should engage and scroll back into view when you get to the top of the list. And the control icons should hide again when you scroll down, just like the miniplayer does. Andre
  9. PA does not store any extra files outside of the Android/data/xxx structure. Not even in your music folders. So those files are not PA's. PA v2 only uses the _com.maxmpz.audioplayer (underscore) folder name, it was never written to use the tighter naming system that Android 11 now insists upon. So unless its older Android target version still allows the original folder name to be created and used on new Android 11 installs, it won't work. Andre
  10. Yes, it's easy and safe. You can download from the Play Store (make sure you use PA v3 skins though, not old v2 ones) Andre
  11. You can't on the default skin, but several of the third-party ones can do it. Andre
  12. Not sure exactly when this happened - fairly recently though - but on the current 909 build, a lot of my older radio show recordings have vanished from my PA Library. It turns out the file extender ".mp2" (from digital radio stream recordings) is no longer being recognised by the scanner - although PA itself can still play them fine when they are launched externally. So complete batches of my radio shows files which were fine before are now not being picked up by the scanner. Andre
  13. You have 'Duck Volume' enabled, which is designed to prevent pausing of playback during short audio focus changes (messages, alert tones, etc) and instead just reduced the volume a bit. If you want PA to pause, turn that off. The Notifications settings are not relevant, they control the pull-down status-bar notification control panel, not audio interruptions. Andre
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