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  1. Track Gain and Album Gain are assigned at the file creation/editing stage, not by the player. So any cross-matched Album Gain levels only apply to all of the tracks in that one album, not to different albums which will have their own set of values. You can tell PA to use either the embedded Track Gain or Album Gain values, but it's a global setting not one that is adjusted with different playback categories. Andre
  2. I don't let any players manage my file locations, that's something I always control myself. And as iTunes doesn't play nicely with my own chosen directory structures (a general complaint about Apple products) it doesn't get a look in on any of my equipment. Not currently. However that was added as an option for the Add to Queue facility recently, and hopefully something similar will be included for Add to Playlist at some point too. Andre
  3. Longer term, I believe this is something that is planned (both for internally embedded lyrics and .LRC sidecar files). Andre
  4. If you tap on the album artwork in the player screen you will be shown the currently playing song within the chosen category. This won't be the same as the position which you originally commenced playback from though, it will change as the songs change. In certain categories (such as folder contents and playlist contents) you can use three-dots menu > List Options and opt to save the List Position for when you next return to that view. Andre
  5. I agree that if this is implemented, the same song should appear under each of the relevant artists' names (such as the same song listed within Library>Artists>Eminem and also Library>Artists>Dr. Dre). As noted above, this would incorrectly increase the 'total songs' count in the Artists view, in the same manner that already happens in the Genres category. Personally I don't have any particular issue with this apart from the fact that run-on playback might end up playing the same song multiple times during one session. Again, not especially an issue for me personally, but in the past there have been posts about the same songs supposedly repeating during one playback session (e.g. shuffled) so it might generate some spurious bug reports. As for splitting Album Artist tags, I agree that having multiple names within an Album Artist tag is probably much rarer than for track artists, but the easiest way to handle it would be to only use the complete, unseparated, tag for album identification/grouping purposes, but allow the separated artists to be shown in category views. Andre
  6. If you are playing in All Songs and Shuffled mode, tap the album artwork (or use Library > All Songs) and then tap the three-dots menu icon at the top-left. Select List Options and set the Sort Order to "By Shuffle order". Then you will see the entire list of songs, both forthcoming and history, in their shuffled order. Andre
  7. Great. But in case anyone else has the same issue, what was the answer? Andre
  8. Why, are you a bat? Andre
  9. Device means phone; some manufactures lock certain groupings of frequency/bitrate together. Andre
  10. Yes, I just drag my folder contents from my PC to my phone, subfolders and all. Well not all of them as some are a bit esoteric, but most. Andre
  11. I just use the drag & drop method for transferring file from my PC's folders to my phone. I do use a wireless FTP Server on my phone though, so I don't have to attach cables when doing it and can see the phone's SD Card contents on my Windows desktop. PA understands both "\" and "/" as directory separators in playlists, they can be used interchangeably. Note that PA only looks for matches to one containing folder level though, which works well in 99.9% of cases - although it can have issues with very specific cases such where the track "Music/Back to the Future/FLACs/Main Title.flac" won't be differentiated from "Music/Star Wars/FLACs/Main Title.flac". Do you have iTunes (still hate it by the way) on both your phone and your PC? If so, is your phone downloading physical local copies of your music independently from your master PC copies, which iTunes might be naming differently? It so it's up to you whether you allow Poweramp to scan the local iTunes cache on your phone by ticking it in Settings > Library > Music Folders. Andre
  12. That would be something to ask Google, not Poweramp as PA offers to stream to whatever Chromecast devices Android offers it. PA does not currently support streaming to DLNA, UPnP, etc. Could you perhaps give some examples of what sort of devices are available and what are not? Andre
  13. This is a very often requested feature, and one which I would like to see myself, however I do see a few potential issues that would need to be discussed though. In Poweramp, the Album Artist tag mentioned by @MadMaxster is used primarily as a token which must 100% match in order to define which tracks should be grouped together to form one album entity. It is considered as a grouping item - such as "Various Artists" or a single artist's or band's name - rather than a collection of individual Artist names which might vary track by track. If PA subdivides Album Artist down into smaller units, that might break its primary function of delineating individual albums. For the Artist tag (along with Composer) it does make a lot more sense to use separators so you can see each contributing artist more easily - which would also have the bonus result of replacing that awful trendy phrase "feat." when describing duos. There are some instances where you wouldn't want this occurring of course, such as composite band names like "Crosby, Stills & Nash" or "Siouxsie and the Banshees". But what about dual artists who often record together, such as "Simon & Garfunkel"? Should their duo songs be listed as being by both "Paul Simon" and "Art Garfunkel", or just shown as the combined entity? My suggestion for tagging such material would be to format the Artist tag as "Simon & Garfunkel ; Paul Simon ; Art Garfunkel" so you see the song under all three names in the Artists list. Also, have people considered an issue that already occurs with the Genre tag? The number of songs shown in the Genre category is currently falsely increased when any songs appear under two or more Genre identifiers. Let's take a silly little example where you have just 40 songs in your entire library - 5 of them are "Pop", 10 are "Rock", and a further 25 are considered to be dual "Rock ; Pop". What you now see in the Genres category is just two entries, "Pop" and "Rock", with 30 songs in the "Pop" section and 35 as "Rock". So now you have a total of 65 songs showing in your Genre library category, although there are really only 40 songs in your collection. If you then started playback of your whole library by Genre, you would hear 65 songs played, 20 of which would have been played twice during the session. This issue is perhaps not so much of a problem with a fairly limited number of Genre options, but once you apply it to Artists too, with perhaps thousands of individual names, it could become more of a concern. Andre
  14. What version of PA are you using? You originally posted in the Build 883 thread, so I assumed that was the version you are running. Andre
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about changing the full paths. Previous issues with playlists copied between different devices mean that PA's file-matching algorithm only looks at the full filename and the one folder level that contains it. The higher level C:\Users\OWNER\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\ and /storage/emulated/0/Music/ bits are simply ignored. However it is obviously vital that the actual filenames completely match with the entries in the playlist. What software are you using to copy between your PC and your phone, as presumably that is what is causing the reformatting. Or is is all down to iTunes, making storage naming decisions of its own? Andre
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