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  1. andrewilley

    List of my expectations for Poweramp

    Poweramp has always been a audio-quality driven local files player, using a scanned Library of songs. It is not a streaming player. There has been talk of adding streaming output at some stage in the future though, after v3 is officially released. Andre
  2. andrewilley

    Bug cannot control in android one

    You are using v2, for which there are issues with Oreo 8.1 notifications. These will not be resolved as v2 is now considered a legacy product for users of Android Kit Kat and earlier. The latest release candidate builds for Poweramp v3 (currently build 802) can be download from the Downloads tab at the top of the page. Andre
  3. You don't have Settings > Library > Queue > Start Playing Immediately ticked by any chance do you? Andre
  4. andrewilley

    Option to hide album titles in any screen

    There are already some skins around for v3 which do this, see the v3 skins subforum. Andre
  5. andrewilley

    No auto track switch

    @maxmp When this next happens, can I get you any log data which might help track it down? Andre
  6. andrewilley

    Folder color selection

    That would be a good idea for all categories to be honest (folder, album, artist, etc) so you can spot which one houses the currently playing track. Andre
  7. This is now the default sorting method in Poweramp v3, and it can be disabled again via Settings > Library > Lists > Don't Ignore Articles for Sort. Andre
  8. andrewilley

    No auto track switch

    I've been trying to track down what circumstances cause this as I see it randomly too, but other than anecdotally that I notice it more at night (listening on wired headphones, with Sleep Timer ticked to play last song to end) I can't reliably reproduce it. Andre
  9. andrewilley

    Bug cannot control in android one

    Are you both actually using Poweramp v3 (which is the title of this subforum), as this was a known issue in the old v2 release but shouldn't happen in the v3 builds. Andre
  10. andrewilley

    folders in folder hide sub

    Just select Folders Hierarchy as your category from the main Library screen, rather than regular Folders (which is a flat list). Andre
  11. No, the three-lines button is basically redundant apart from the Settings item. The hardware Menu button should bring up the context menu for the current screen (i.e. same as the three-dots icon) which contains things you might regularly use (such as Delete track, Add to Playlist, Info, etc). Only if there is no three-dots icon on the current screen should it bring up the three-lines menu content. On a slight tangent, I honestly don't see the point of the extra confusion and wasted space of having two menu options anyway, apart from Google's patently stuff-and-nonsense about one being an 'overflow list' instead of a menu - as clearly the three-dots icon in PA is not an overflow list at all, but is a regular menu. There is so little content within the three-lines icon that it would make much more sense to get rid of it completely and just put the 'Settings' item at the bottom of every three-dots menu (like it used to be in v2) which could then be tidily and more logically located at the bottom/right (i.e. replacing the removed three-lines icon). 'Changelog' is already present in Settings > About anyway so isn't needed at all, and Help could easily be added to the Settings screen too, just above 'Get Support'. That way the menu feature would always be in the same place on every screen rather than bouncing around screen-by-screen - or indeed sliding away completely and becoming inaccessible when you scroll down within category views. One unified menu icon would be so much more consistent and simpler and easier to use, I honestly can't see any downside to this approach at all. Andre
  12. andrewilley

    MusicFX doesn't work

    From his last post, Max is waiting for you to provide the requested info. Andre
  13. andrewilley

    folders in folder hide sub

    If I understand you correctly, try using the Folders Hierarhcy category instead of the flat Folders mode. Andre
  14. andrewilley

    No auto track switch

    I've been getting the same problem last night on 801 too. Details: Track plays, seems to remain in 'playing' status for slightly longer than the end-time of the track, and the counter goes up to one second over the total length of the track. About five seconds later I see a toast message saying "Failed to Play" and PA stops playback and the counter and seekbar return to zero at the start of the current track. Pressing Play again restarts the current track. using Next Track moves on the the following track fine, so there would appear to be nothing wrong with the actual files. I'll do some tests and see if it was related to the Sleep Timer being active, as I don't recall it happening during the day (could be wrong there though). Andre
  15. The physical (hardware/capacitive) 'Menu' button still does not work on 801. I've been reporting this since around build 790. Does it work for other people, as I can't believe it's related to my system as I've tried it on several devices (all Samsung though)? Andre