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  1. @Romain1998 I use task management tools. Bixby Routines free on Samsung devices is handy, you can set it to apply certain volume levels when you connect a specific Bluetooth device, and set them back again afterwards. Andre
  2. Yes, round progress rings have some merit for fast-moving counts (maybe 10-20 seconds) but they don't really work well for anything that's meant to indicate several minutes or more. Andre
  3. My Android Auto started using a round progress ring around the Play/Pause icon in an update a year or so ago. I really don't like it though and wish I could switch it back as the horizontal bar seemed much more readable. Even with fairly large buttons, the progress ring is too small to accurately assess at a glance. Andre
  4. If disabling File Access Legacy Mode doesn't help (as Max says, it's not a good idea on Android 11) try moving some of your songs onto internal memory and select that new folder in the Music Folders list (and untick the SD Card). If that helps, backup your SD Card files to a computer and cleanly reformat the card, then copy the files back and re-insert it into your phone. Andre
  5. Why are you using OpenSL ES rather than Hi-res, is that not available on your device? (Fiio's use pretty heavily modified Android variants, so I guess it might not be possible of course) Andre
  6. Unfortunately, to install anything that was purchased from the Play Store you need to have Google services present on the new device too. So unless you sideload the necessary Google content you will need to purchase again, either from the App Gallery for your device, or directly from the website here. Andre
  7. And does this drain stop if you force close all apps (including PA) and don't restart it again, or does the drain continue in the background even if you don't launch the PA app interface? Hopefully Max can take a look at the log and see what's going on. Andre
  8. Mine doesn't appear to, it seems to send the audio via BT not via the USB cable. If I disconnect the BT, the audio stops until Android Auto re-enabled and re-connects BT after a few second, then playback resumes. My head-unit connects at 44.1kHz/16-bit SBC, and offers no other options (either in Poweramp or Android Developer Options). But I guess it's down to the individual manufacturers. Andre
  9. What happened when you tried the steps I suggested above? Andre
  10. Oh, and if none of this works, could you send a logfile in case there's something specific causing this? (PA Settings > Get Support > Send Log, and send to gpmaxmpz [at] gmail . com) Andre
  11. That doesn't make sense, even if it was stuck in a scanning loop it shouldn't use that much battery. Try turning scan features off anyway (in PA Settings > Library > Scanner). I assume you've tried to Close All apps to see if it stops? And/or reboot device? If you decide to do a clean uninstall/reinstall (or Clear App Data), please remember to Export Settings and Export Playlists (if you have any you created within Poweramp) first. Andre
  12. No, on the default skins the Simple seekbar is only available when you have Pro Buttons enabled. You can do it easily enough in $YAPS$ though (I have all three - Pro Buttons with dynamic seek behind, and simple seekbar underneath) Andre
  13. Those are a feature of Pro Buttons mode, disable them in Settings > Look and Feel > Skin. You can still swipe left or right on the album art to change tracks as you will also lose the << and >> buttons. Some skins (e.g. $YAPS$) provide independent visibility controls for the Category ( <<< , >>> ) and Track ( << , >> ) buttons, so you could hide just the Category buttons. By the way, you can indeed remember and resume positions in playlists. In any list for which you want this feature enabled, go to its List Options and tick both 'List
  14. The vanilla skins aren't skeuomorphic either, so presumably you don't want to use those either, which is where any such setting would reside. You would need to ask the developer of your chosen skin. Andre
  15. Support for high-res and more recent Fiios was introduced a while ago (build 838 I think)but not sure whether that included the M6. You say you've already updated the Fiio firmware, which I was going to suggest. Latest Poweramp here in the forum downloads is build 905, probably won't make a difference but shouldn't do any harm either. Try turning Bluetooth DVC off for this device and see if that helps (or turn it on if it's off). Might also be worth looking into Android Settings > Developer Options > Bluetooth settings. e.g. make sure Disable Absolute Volume is ticked, and try diffe
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