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  1. Unfortunately that's not very common, many people would have a bunch of .M3U files in one place rather than them all being in separate folders. I suspect something could be done in the future by looking for sidecar files in the same folder though - so a playlist called abcd.m3u8 could look for a cover image from a file called abcd.jpg in the same folder. Andre
  2. That's good advice generally, there's no point in wasting time scanning areas that you already know don't contain music. That's the whole point of having a Music Folders setting in the first place. I always suggest de-selecting all storage first, then just enable the specific overall folder, or folders, that contains your music. From Android 11 you'll be pretty much forced into this anyway, as its granting access permission system works at the folder level rather than for the whole of a storage medium. Andre
  3. As I said, we'd need @maxmp to comment on this, it may be something he can devise a workaround for if he can duplicate the problem. Andre
  4. No hardware can be damaged while your audio is in the digital domain, the 'sound' is just a load of ones and zeroes at that stage - it'd be like damaging your device by putting too large a number into a spreadsheet. Once sound becomes analogue via an output device though, very extreme volumes could technically become damaging, but you'd really have to be deliberately stupid about it. Andre
  5. That's how I tend to use Bluetooth as well, and indeed most audio signals generally. Full level signal fed between the devices, which on old analogue gear kept the noise floor low, and then adjust the listening volume on the final power amp stage ("power amp" in audio equipment terms, not PA the app). Andre
  6. You do have a volume control. Just because it goes up to 11 doesn't mean you have to push it up that far. If you are playing music at such a high level that you are worried about damaging your audio equipment, heaven help your ears... Andre
  7. But that's exactly what you asked for... If it's now too loud, just turn it down with the volume control, or reduce the preamp setting in the Equaliser, or use ReplayGain if your songs have RG data embedded. Andre
  8. @Si6776 Have you tried a clean re-install of Poweramp since the late Android update? Remember to backup any internal playlists first, as the whole PA setup will be rebuilt. Andre
  9. Using DVC and Bluetooth Absolute Volume at the same time can cause issues, hence Max's suggestion to turn on the "Disable BT Absolute Volume" control in the Android Developer Settings menu. Andre
  10. Anyway, as I said, to do what you want just select all four of your desired Playlists ('Select' > 'All') and then tap '+ Playlist' to add all of the contained songs to a brand new overarching list. Then play that new Playlist shuffled. Andre
  11. There are future plans for adding other output options, such as DLNA, but I'm afraid I don't know any timescales. Andre
  12. Again, I'm not sure what you are asking. Perhaps there is a translation issue here? Folders Hierarchy is one of the other category choices in the Library view, nothing to do with Playlists. It does allow for complete randomising of all of the contents of multiple subfolders. However the Playlists category does NOT allow complete randomising of all of the contents of multiple playlists, they will each be played one at a time in random order. Andre
  13. Some of Samsung's Android 11 updates seem to cause all sorts of file system access issues. Oddly, in this case it seems like it is partially working for you, which seems a bit odd. A few things to try: First, check that Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode is turned OFF. Then go into Settings > Library > Music Folders and remove the selected storage completely and let PA rescan to show no songs. Then go back in and tick the correct music location again (may need to Grant Access if needed) and then either let it rescan or force a complete scan with Settings > Library &g
  14. Ah, I see what you mean now. You can do that in the Folders Heirarchy category (i.e. shuffle all contents of all subfolders completely randomly) using an option in Settings > Library > Lists. However shuffle mode in Playlists works by picking one playlist at random and shuffling all of its songs, then it moves on to another random playlist and plays that shuffled, etc. You could add all the playlist songs into one 'uber playlist' (select all Playlists and '+Playlist' to make a new one) and then shuffle that. Andre
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