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  1. That was kinda my point, normally Back means go back to the previous screen you were viewing. That's the way Android users are used to their devices operating, and PA follows that same guidance everywhere except when you get to the songs list from the Player screen. Andre
  2. To clarify, @Absinthequ means the system 'Recent Apps' icon. Its design varies a bit from device to device. Andre
  3. FYI, the intention at the moment is to release the first open beta sometime around the middle of November, although timescales can sometimes slip of course. This will be via the forums here, and via the Play Store too (which may take a little longer). The app will basically be the Equalizer section of Poweramp, allowing as many Poweramp features and perks as possible to be used with other streaming services - e.g. DVC implemented, visualizations, reverb, etc. Andre
  4. The default settings are normally fine, but take a look in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus and see if adjusting those settings helps. Andre
  5. When you purchase from the Google Play Store there is no ID required, you just install the main Poweramp Trial app first, and then you buy and install the Full Version Unlocker to remove the trial period limit. Andre
  6. PA will normally play the next album in whatever ordering system you have defined. If you want to play several completely unrelated albums back to back, just long-press on the album title(s) and Add to Queue ( ">> Queue" icon ). Repeat with as many albums as you wish. Andre
  7. PA allows you to make minor tweaks to odd files that have been mis-tagged, but it doesn't pretend to be a full featured batch editor. Try MP3Tag or TagScanner on a PC. Andre
  8. To be honest, the overall interaction with the Back button in PA has always felt a little odd to me. When I'm in the Player screen and I tap the cover artwork to see the song in the list view, it seems instinctively wrong that the Back button doesn't simply take me back to where I was before - i.e. back to the player screen - rather than having to go all the way up through the categories tree to the main Library page first. There are lots of ways in PA to navigate to particular places - the four-squares Library icon, tapping the mini-player or the current song, or using the 'up' navigation link at the top of each list view - so it just seems more logical to me to have the Back button always take you back to wherever you were before. Of course if you've just drilled down through a category view to see a song list, then Back should then take you back through the path you came down. Andre
  9. What Android version, has it been updated to 11 (I think those shipped with 10)? It's almost certainly access permissions anyway. Try a clean re-install, make sure the system Files app is available (or try adjusting Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode). Andre
  10. I do see the logic of this request - i.e. preventing the Back button from returning you to the home screen if you only ever want to use PA on the device. A rare case certainly, but I would have thought it ought to be doable as an option. I actually have a couple of apps that don't allow Back to exit their interface at all, you need to use the Home button. I do find it mildly annoying until I remember to press Home, but then I wouldn't set it as an option. So as long as it's personal choice, I can't see any reason why not have such an option, if Max wants to implement it of course. Andre
  11. Have you tried using Android Auto on your device, that has a much simpler interface designed for driving and works nicely as a front-end to Poweramp. Or there is a big button Skin out there too, see the skins forum. Andre
  12. I believe that Max's plan is for existing Poweramp licence holders to get the new EQ app for free so you won't need to purchase it separately, but I'm afraid I don't know a timeline. I do know that most of Max's development time is going into the EQ project at the moment though, and other recent PA releases have mostly been minor maintenance patches. Andre
  13. Yes, if Max wanted to add it I would have thought referencing the most recently played single track within an album group would be the easiest way to do it - just like when albums are sorted by Year for example, when it's really the individual tracks that have Year tags. Andre
  14. Again, albums don't really exist as an entity in their own right, except as a collection of individual songs that happen to have the same text in their 'Album Title' tag, so there is not really any concept of how recently an 'album' has been heard, merely its songs. Andre
  15. Yes, by the nature of probability, when you randomise a list you could even hear the song you last listening to before shuffling. And the chances of hearing something that you have listened to recently fairly early in the new list are even higher. There is a 'Recently Played' category in the Library, which you can Reverse, but that's not exactly what you need as once you shuffle it you're back to square one. Andre
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