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  1. It's a hard one to diagnose as you are using an unsupportable custom ROM on an unknown device, with an SSD drive connected to a USB port rather than device internal memory or normal Android SD Card access. There are so many possible variations there that it's hard to even work out where start. It sounds like file access is not occurring fast enough, but that's really more of a guess than anything. Are these regular MP3 files, or high bitrate/FLAC/etc? What happens if you try some tests using internal memory, or a more normal Android storage method? You could try running a manual FULL Rescan and see how many songs are recognised compared the number that are present on your drive, and then immediately submit a log via Settings > Get Support > Send Log > email to gpmaxmpz @ gmail.com. Post a message here to say you have done it (or DM @maxmp so he knows to look for it). Andre
  2. Sounds like a plan. Or use something like "//" as a separator (or something you can easily assign or batch edit again later). Andre
  3. It is specific to your Android version, but try either the Android Settings > Apps menu, or Android Settings > Device Care > Battery > App Power Management > Apps that won't be put to sleep. You may need to add both Poweramp and the unlocker. Andre
  4. It looks as though that sync program (or something else) really made a mess of the database, and if even a Full Rescan does not resolve it then I suggest you clear all app data for Poweramp in your Android app settings and let it rebuild everything from scratch. You may want to Export your Settings and any internally-created Playlists first, as those will be lost otherwise. Andre
  5. Try long-pressing on one of them in the list, and show 'Info/Tags' to find where the problem files are supposed to be located. Andre
  6. What file format? If MP3 (so using ID3 tags) you should see the whole string with semicolons as currently Poweramp does not parse the string at all. If FLAC (so using Vorbis tags) then there may be multiple individual ARTIST tags in the file, and PA will only read the first as it does not yet process multiple artists. Andre
  7. I think it's most likely a problem with the device, but you could just check that Settings > Misc > 'Use Wakelock' and 'Keep Service' are enabled. Also make sure you have PA whitelisted in your Android App Settings so it can't be disabled when the device goes to sleep. Andre
  8. Updating the lyrics feature is on the to-do list, but won't be before the next set of EQ updates. Andre
  9. Correct, if you start playing an album (or a song in an album) from the 'Albums' Library Category, and you have Repeat Off and Shuffle Off, then all the songs of that album will play in order and playback will stop at the end. Think of the term 'Repeat Off' as really meaning 'Play Current Category and then stop'. If you want to continue to play onward (so the next album, then the next, etc and start again after the last album) then you should use Advance Category which basically means 'Repeat All Categories'. I have been asking for a while if we could maybe have the Repeat options renamed with slightly more user-friendly wording (such as 'Play Current Category', 'Repeat All Categories', etc), but it's not something that has found time as yet. Andre
  10. Playlists don't really have a List Options sorting order, as they are designed to be played in the order specified in the file. You can re-sort the whole file/list, but it will be written back replacing the old sequence. There are also external apps (such as New Playlist Manager) that can handle doing that. Andre
  11. A question that was asked a while back (I can't remember which thread) was whether it is possible to create visualisations that have transparent backgrounds rather than solid black or white, so something like an EQ pattern can be overlaid over the existing PA blurred background layer for example. This is a little bit different from PA overlaying its own elements over the vis background, which is already provided of course. Andre
  12. (1) It has been suggested previously to make tapping the Shuffle (and possibly Repeat) icon work as a simple on/off toggle, which would enable or disable the user's most recent selection. Long-press can still be used to select from the various options. There does seem some merit in that logic to me too, as I more often want to simply turn Shuffle off (or back on again) rather than having to cycle through five choices (or ten, as I usually overshoot) to get to where I want. (2) Google Voice Commands can be a bit hit and miss generally to be honest, and while basic commands like "play [song] by [artist]" work, more complex sequences often do not. I don't know if this is down to Poweramp or Google though. Andre
  13. I've just noticed the same (build 880). Google Assistant on the phone launches PA immediately, with the right song displayed ready to play, but there is a delay of around 15+ seconds before the actual playback commences. I'll create a log and sent it. [Log sent to @maxmp] Andre
  14. Android Auto shows the album image rather than the Album Title text, that's just the way its interface is designed. I would prefer it did both too, as there's plenty of spare screen space. I'm not sure if it's possible to override it in some way - perhaps by sending the Artist string as a concatenated version such as "%artist% - %album%". Andre
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