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  1. Can't think of a better way really. Just long-press and select any playlists you want to listen to, Add to Queue, and sit back and enjoy. Andre
  2. In addition to the above suggestions, by default the Queue may ignore the current Shuffle settings and play songs first-to-last - but that can be changed so the Queue can he shuffled by turning off Settings > Library > Queue > Ignore Shuffle. Andre
  3. You haven't got anything left in the Queue which is still playing through have you? Because otherwise, viewing a playlist and tapping the Shuffle icon at the top should start playing that list in random order, that's what is meant to happen anyway. Andre
  4. There is a per-category setting too (in addition to the global duration-based setting which you have already checked). So when you are looking at the list of songs in one of your Playlists, tap on the three-dots menu icon and select List Options and untick 'Per Track Progress'. (This is not a legacy Poweramp feature by the way, I assume you just posted in the v2 subforum by accident?) Andre
  5. I agree, it would make sense if it followed the same logic as for the lists option as to whether it stays on the current screen or switches to the player screen.. Andre
  6. And you're sure there's no Replay Gain in action? It does sound like something is making your processing levels too high, so any over-loud bass is forcing the overall volume to dip. Maybe Max can offer some insight? Andre
  7. You have a Bass boost of 20%, try turning that off and see if it makes a difference. Also try turning the preamp down as low as it will go and see if that changes the random ducking. You could also turn the Limiter off, and see if any distortion that occurs is actually audible to you. Andre
  8. Somewhere you have you gain set too high, so when there is a high level of bass the overall volume is being reduced to avoid clipping. Have you checked the preamp setting in EQ, and also ReplayGain, to ensure the overall levels are not too high? Andre
  9. Poweramp is not a file manager app, so moving and copying files and folders is a bit beyond its scope. Andre
  10. The average phone probably doesn't have a S/PDIF optical output port though... Andre
  11. There are two options to control this, one global and one per-track. You must have turned one of them on. The global setting is duration based, and can be found in Settings > Library. 'Store/Restore Per Track Progress' turns the feature on or off, and you can also adjust the song duration needed for this feature to kick in with 'Track Duration for Per Track Progress'. You can also enable this for all songs in certain listening categories - e.g. Folders - by tapping the three-dots menu icon in the songs list, select List Options, and untick 'Per Track Progress'. Andre
  12. Yes, I think the playlist option would be the best. Exporting settings does not export any music sources at all, just the app settings. I just collate my audio streams in an external playlist file anyway, rather than typing / pasting long URLs into Poweramp itself. Andre
  13. As long as it's given enough time to shut down cleanly, settings should be remembered between sessions. Andre
  14. If you always listen that way though, the PA on your head unit should remember the previous playback Category and Shuffle mode (All Songs) anyway, so as long so you don't change it that's how it will come back next time you start the car. Andre
  15. It is something Max is planning for the future. Andre
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