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  1. You could try turning off PA Settings > Misc > Keep Service. Andre
  2. @Brit Even if you use the Album scanning mode, foobar will still add Track Gain values too, so you get both options in the player later. I only use pure 'Track-only' scanning for singles, or other items that have no real concept of an Album status (such as random song Collections). As @6b6561 mentioned, it would be handy if PA had an extra Reply Gain setting where 'Album' gain settings are only used when you are playing in album-oriented modes, otherwise 'Track' gain is used (for All Songs, folders, Playlists, etc). Andre
  3. The trouble is, you don't add albums, you add songs (which may or may not be grouped into Albums for display purposes) Andre
  4. What has this got to do with playlist filters? Please can you post new conversations in new topics, and in English if you want to get a wider response. Andre
  5. For listening to Podcasts, which are generally longer tracks, you could enable the "+/- 10 secs" buttons, and tap -10 before pressing Play. Andre
  6. If you have Android Auto on the head unit, try using that. I thought CarPlay was more for Apple devices? To activate Developer Options on your phone, go to Android Settings > About Phone > Software Information > then tap seven times on 'Build Number'. The option will then be permanently available in Android Settings. Have you tried turning DVC off as I suggested, or using a different output method for Bluetooth in PA Settings > Audio > Output ? Also worth changing PA Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks > Volume Levels back to system default. Andre
  7. I tend to leave it on Track Gain, as I rarely listen to whole albums in their entirely - and even when I do I prefer each track to be level-matched anyway. The only time I would find it useful is for concept albums or other gapless material. But yes @6b6561 , I did the same as you and spent a few days adjusting all of my tags to tidy up after years of mess. Multiple-Artist tags now all tidily semicoloned, Album Artist tags are all correctly set, Artist names tidied up so they are consistent (for case, usage of "The", etc). Then I threw everything into foobar2000 and cleared all existing ReplayGain tags and re-built them all. Some (such as my Singles folder) I removed the Album Gain tags completely, as they are pointless in that situation. Andre
  8. I'm pretty sure the Equalizer can only modify audio that's created through the regular Android audio channels, which I'm guessing would preclude most high-res implementations. And you could push the preamp level higher if you want, but all you'd be doing is adding clipping distortion. Gain matching systems tend to REDUCE gain to allow processing headroom, not increase it. Just because you can wind a knob up to 11 doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea. Andre
  9. I think we'll need some input from @maxmp on this, the setting used to be in the Headset/Bluetooth menu but it's not there now. Andre
  10. ReplayGain depends on small packets of data stored inside each audio file which tell the player the maximum levels that will be found within the file, and what adjustments need to be made to normalise the gain setting. To check if a file contains this data, start a song playing in PA and long-press on the artwork area and select 'Info/Tags' and you should see the Track, Album and Peaks values. If they are not present, you'll need to add them yourself, externally to Poweramp. I use foobar2000 on a computer to do this, you can drag your whole music collection folder onto it, select all, and use the right-click menu option ReplayGain > "Scan as Albums (by tags)". Once it has worked out all the values, click "Update File Tags" to write the data back to all the selected files. Each stage of this process could take a while with large numbers of files (could even be several hours for big collections) so just leave it to run. M4A is an Apple-centric format for which tag standards have never been formally published, but the details were reverse-engineered ages ago and ReplayGain should work fine with it. Andre
  11. I was just about to suggest that, it's an easy mistake to make. Andre
  12. It uses the car's microphone and speakers in Android Auto (just like for making phone calls) but the actual voice analytic logic is done on the phone and your words are processed online via Google. Andre
  13. That looks like the default skin, so use Settings > Look and Feel > Skin > Alternative Layout. But why not import all of your settings from your old device? Settings > Export Settings on the old, then copy the file over to the new and Import Settings. Any Album Art that PA has downloaded will be saved in PA's data folders, which you can copy over to the new device with any decent file explorer app (or via USB cable to a computer). If PA was first installed on older versions of Android, the folders will be found in Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (note the underscore), while on Android 10/11 installs the folders will be in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ (no underscore). You can copy all of the subfolders over if you want, but album art is stored in album_art (for auto-downloaded images) and selected_aa (for images you have manually chosen). Andre
  14. I know there were some issues in some skins with devices that are closer to square pixel ratios, rather than being the more normal rectangular layout, could that be the case here? Andre
  15. Check that the MusicFX item is still enabled in the second tab of the Equalizer screens. Andre
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