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  1. I'll close this topic now, please refer to and post discussions about more recent builds (e.g. 792/793) Andre
  2. I've presumed that this was a sock puppet account for a while, but up until how he was just trolling rather than directly abusing other users, so I had no cause to ban him (I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, and hey I don't need the hassle when I'm on vacation). However he has been sending highly obscene messages to me and I believe to other users, so garry_man has joined peter_falk in the bit-bucket and I've removed his messages. I wonder what name he'll come up with next so I can ban him again? Andre
  3. Someone with some common sense, thank you. Other members please take note. Andre
  4. No you didn't, you paid money for v2 (latest build is 588/589). You had two weeks to test it for free on your system, and if it didn't work, don't buy it. If it now does not work for you on an Android update and cannot be resolved, you are welcome to a refund and to leave this forum. Anything beyond that is a bonus, and while Max has given some estimates of development timescales, has has not "promised" or guaranteed any dates. Now everyone please stop moaning and squabbling and let me enjoy my vacation without having to come back and delete anyone for spamming the same thing time and time again, or for abusing the dev or other users, which has already happened to "another" user here, as you know. Andre
  5. Just dropped in while on vacation to find a ton of insulting, abusive and even political comments between users. Now deleted. Grow up people, this forum is for discussion of a music player app. Andre
  6. Just thought I should mention that I'm away on vacation at the moment, and will only have time to look in on the forums very occasionally for the next few weeks. Max is aware. So play nicely and behave while I'm away... Andre
  7. Hi, is there any date expected to give a new release for the 790 version?.. thanks


  8. That should support CUE files (790 does not). Is the CUE file in the same folder as the FLAC file, and does it appear but with no contents or just not appear at all? Andre
  9. Long-press on the icon to the left of the title, and you can view the source Album, Artist or Folder and set playback in any of those modes. Andre
  10. What version of Poweramp? Andre
  11. andrewilley

    Sound Check

    Replay Gain should do that, as long as your music is appropriately tagged. That does not normalise "on the fly" though, it just knows the peak level for any given track and adjusts the whole track's gain to match with other tracks' peak levels. Andre
  12. andrewilley

    Нужна помощь.

    You do not really provide any information about what the problem actually is other than "frequent hangs" (according to Google Translate). Please can you post in English if you use these forums? Thanks. Andre
  13. andrewilley

    Import playlist

    I think the asterisks were just used to denote multiple files - similar to writing M:\Music\<anyfiles.mp3> - rather than a specific wildcarded path. Andre
  14. No, see first post in this thread. Some themes will be available in the next beta release apparently. Andre
  15. You may have switched your playback mode at some point (maybe played a track via an external file manager, or via search?). You probably want Folders more from what you describe, so just find a track you want to play in the Folders View and tap it to start playback in that mode. Either that or you have turned Shuffle mode of (tap the icon in lower-right of artwork area on the player screen). Andre