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  1. Sounds like you have the Category version of this feature turned on too. In addition to the overarching Long Track position memory, for can also enable this feature for any given Library Category. Go into the category then drill down to its song list, and tap on the three-dots icon an in List Options you can enable or disable the feature for that category only. Andre
  2. Sorry Max, I always thought that option was for sending a previous-crash log, not a recent usage catlog. You learn something new every day! Andre
  3. Are you able to get into the skin settings screen? (A quick shortcut is to long-press on the three-lines menu icon in the lower-right corner of the screen). Andre
  4. @maxmp Do any of the current catlog apps provide enough info for you on non-rooted recent-ROM devices, or would the log file need to be captured via an adb terminal session (which might be a bit complex for a non-techie user)? Andre
  5. Then stop doing that, as it could force-close apps which might be running without allowing them to save their state, You shouldn't ever need to do it anyway, unless you have some very specific reason such as a locked-up app. Andre
  6. First, did know that for longer tracks, PA can permanently remember your last played position, even if you return to the track after listening to lots of other stuff in the meantime? Settings > Library > "Store/Restore Per-Track Progress", and you can also adjust how long any track needs to be before that feature triggers. For the Bluetooth issue, after this incident happens please could you check Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands to see a list of what actions have been requested by the BT device. Andre
  7. I would have expected it to have been the app that is being shared TO that would have the default action set (it's more of an Android stored setting, not Poweramp doing it) but perhaps @maxmp can throw some light on this one? I've just tried it on my phone, and I get the expected 'Just Once' or 'Always' choices at the bottom of the list of sharing options. Andre
  8. Does your Samsung TV have a Chromecast receiver function built in? If so, you should be able to connect to it in the same way. Andre
  9. And what about the app permissions, is Storage enabled for Poweramp? Andre
  10. The above tweaks enable wifi, so you can connect to the internet via your home network and authenticate a purchased licence. However unless you have also managed to install the Google Play Store on your device, you won't be able to authenticate anything that you purchased via that store. Andre
  11. You should't need to Grant Access for reading permission to the SD Card (only for writing). I assume you've already tried the advice of uninstalling everything, rebooting, and re-installing? If you go into Android Settings > Apps > App Permissions check that the Poweramp app is set as allowed in the Storage section. Andre
  12. Tap the small-text metadata line at the bottom of the Player screen, it can be cycled through several options including exactly what you want. Andre
  13. Probably wouldn't help much, some Android devices don't even support 44kHz anyway and force 48kHz. Andre
  14. Works fine on Nova for me, always has done. Andre
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