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  1. andrewilley

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    See if rolling back to build 820 fixes it for you, as some other people have observed. Andre
  2. andrewilley

    Folder Not Recognized

    What happens if you move one of them to a location that you know works correctly (you main music folder for example)? Does PA pick it up from there? Andre
  3. andrewilley

    Songs changing in delay after the 'big' new update

    Unless you are using Chromecast, that one is not relevant. Check the buffer setting in the output option you are using (Settings > Audio > Output and then choose your output method and tap the cogwheel icon) Andre
  4. andrewilley

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    Could you perhaps try each update since then (821, 822, etc) to see which one introduced the issue for you? It might help Max work out what might be causing it. Chromecast is the biggest recent change of course, which was added in 821. Andre
  5. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 826

    Personally, now that the code is there, I'd like to see that info shown for every category's song list - even All Songs (now that would be a fascinating number!). There's a nice big empty space between the 'Select' button and the three-dots icon in the header area at the top of every songs list, and I think that would be a great place to display the total number of tracks in the current list and its total running time. Andre
  6. andrewilley

    Why no album length?

    I think a lot of users would like this, and as you say it should be a simple enough item to add, given that PA already has track lengths cached in its database so no need to rescan the files. And it's not as thought there's any restriction on screen space in that massive header block at the top of song lists... Andre
  7. andrewilley

    v3 build 823 - Mini now playing bar showing wrong info

    Give it a try in 825 and let us know, it only seems to affect some users so I can't test it for you I'm afraid. Andre
  8. andrewilley

    Lists - A-Z - Albums

    The A-Z list is only enabled for certain view sort orders. I'll move this to Feature Requests for you, for adding the A-Z scrollbar to more types. Andre
  9. andrewilley

    Songs changing in delay after the 'big' new update

    Check the Settings > Audio > Output section to see if the buffer is too large, and also disable any crossfade/pre-load settings as that could cause such a delay. Andre
  10. andrewilley

    Chromecast casting not working

    Chrome 62 again. It seems like a lot of these third-party device implementations are using the same variant, perhaps it's based on some Google-supplied toolkit? Andre
  11. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 826

    Same here, this control seems to be broken in 825. Clicking on the song title always restarts the track regardless of the setting of this option. Andre
  12. As @blaubär says, there are separate List Option controls for the higher sorting levels vs the songs level list. The song-level sorting order can be changed independently for each library category too. For example songs can be set to be sorted by filename when you are using Folders view, but sorted by Track# when in Albums mode. Andre
  13. andrewilley

    Headset buttons

    I've only ever been able to solve that problem fully via rooting my device. One issue is separating the sensing of the headset buttons from the device volume buttons, which is still a complication. You used to be able to just edit the generic.kl keymapping file (which is how you are meant to change that sort of thing) but Samsung broke that control somewhere around their Marshmallow release (it worked fine up to Lollipop). I'm getting a Pie device shortly (by Note 3 finally died ) , so I'll have to work out a solution myself too, not sure whether I'll need to root or whether any of the Play Store apps will work on Pie, time will tell. Andre
  14. andrewilley

    Lists - A-Z - Albums

    Can you check if you get the same issue with Title sorting, as not every sort method supports the A-Z scrollbar at present. Andre
  15. andrewilley

    Ikorolkov skin

    I actually agree, I much prefer realistic 3D-effect renderings of control icons, and clearer delineation of buttons and shadowed panel areas, etc. I also far prefer the look of the desktop in Windows 7 to Windows 10 (I skipped 8, which was an even worse dog' s dinner). Unfortunately, every company seems to have acted like sheep and gone the same way with this flat and uninspiring design choice, and the PA userbase voted to follow the design trend to keep up and make the app "look modern". Oh well, I'm sure Google will go full circle again at some point and change everything again, but for now we're stuck with Material Design being the default for app design. Andre