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  1. andrewilley

    iTunes Music to Poweramp Android

    Piracy/hacking tool links removed. Andre
  2. andrewilley

    793 user interface too congested

    I personally agree too (for what it's worth). For many years people have been asking for a less cluttered album-art area, and the ability to hide secondary controls (i.e. non directly playback related) when not in use, but this new interface seems to have actually gone the opposite way. I'm not quite sure why we need so many rows of scattered buttons, and then have to put the two most regularly used elements (playback/track controls and the timeline bar) overlaid on top of each other. As I said, personal opinion there, obviously not PA policy! Andre
  3. I actually didn't know it had gone away until I just checked, nor why. Very strange! I know a lot of people prefer using a drill-down navigation system for folders (just like any other folder navigation system) - especially when they've got a lot of items, which can make the long-list system very long-winded. Andre
  4. I'm still in catchup mode here after my vacation (still got what seems like thousands of posts to go through) but there seems to be a lot of dislike for the new Like/Dislike thumb feature. I must admit, if I disliked a song it wouldn't be on my phone in the first place, so I can't really see the point either. Would folks like a poll on this, to see which option is really the most preferred? Andre
  5. andrewilley

    Chromecast support still coming?

    It's still on the long-term list I believe, yes. Andre
  6. andrewilley

    Add a volume button

    Do your device not already have hardware volume buttons? Andre
  7. andrewilley

    Quick Access to Random Music

    The queue is designed merely to interrupt regular playback and play a few songs that you want to listen to immediately, and then return to regular playback once the queued songs are done. It is not designed as a regular playback mode (which is what the library modes, sort system, and playlists are for). Andre
  8. andrewilley


    Third-party skins will start to be released for the new v3 of Poweramp once Max refines the interface. Old v2 skins will not work though. Andre
  9. Set the Startup screen as Library rather than Player, then fully exit and restart the app. The Back button will exit the player from the screen where it was started. Andre
  10. andrewilley

    Poweramp no reconoce la licencia

    Please see http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required , or if that does not help email poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your device and purchase details. Andre
  11. It's an Oreo 8.1 issue. Please either upgrade to the latest beta-test releases of PA v3, or see https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11033-quick-fix-for-notification-on-android-oreo-81-v140/ Andre
  12. andrewilley

    Shuffle mode auto starts

    The last selected mode should be remembered. Andre
  13. andrewilley

    Controls dosent work on drop down

    Please either upgrade to the latest beta-test releases of PA v3, or see https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11033-quick-fix-for-notification-on-android-oreo-81-v140/ Andre
  14. andrewilley


    I believe this might be a Huawei related issue, I've seen this reported a few times on their devices. Not sure if it will ever be fixed though at PA v3 is almost ready for release and there will be new skins for that. Andre
  15. Notifications do not work on Oreo 8.1 properly with the old v2 release of PA. You'll either need to use the helper app or update to the latest beta release of v3 (both are available as pinned posts in the v3 testing forum). Andre