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  1. No, your licence is fully valid for all new updates. What sort of licence, Google Play Store or website purchase? And what sort of error message when it tries to authenticate online? Please see the FAQs to see if anything there helps: https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/purchase/ Andre
  2. The Interstellar track plays OK for me, same levels as my own copy. Try restoring defaults in Settings > Audio > Output. Also check ReplayGain (although this track doesn't have any RG info embedded) and also pre-amp gain setting in case you've accidentally assigned a per-track EQ value to it. Andre
  3. Of course, given that there are only two or three real-world cases of "/" occurring in a genuine band name ("AC/DC" and "+/-" are the only ones I've found) maybe the Microsoft approach of hard-coding those names as exceptions isn't such a bad idea after all. Does anyone know of any others? Although the ID3v2.3 spec is kinda badly thought-out in this area, there must be some MP3 files in the wild that do use "/" as a real artist separator, and it'd be nice to be able to support them. Andre
  4. Yep, Full Rescan is the answer. Android assigns a new name to the SD Card, so all of the files on it are 'new' and PA can't find the 'old' files any more. Full Rescan removes all the existing entries and scans the new card from fresh. Andre
  5. Even then, does sending the screen to a HDMI device also force the audio to go with it, rather than allow the sound to go through the USB-C DAC? Would need to test it I guess. Andre
  6. There is, it was introduced in the v2.4 spec and uses a null character. Prior to that, "/" was recommended - but that of course broke "AC/DC" and any other band names which contained a slash character, unless those names were specifically whitelisted in code. The artist names in both of the sample files that you provided would end up being split by PA if it were to use "/" as a separator. Some apps, such as foobar2000, coded around this by requiring " / " (with a space either side) to act as a separator, which would be easy enough to implement. The ID3 spec has never been too clever
  7. I don't understand what you are getting at. You seem to be using "AC/DC" as an example, which is actually one of the main reasons for NOT using a plain "/" character as a separator as that would cause their songs to be attributed to two bands, "AC" and "DC". Hence my original statement "I think we're all in agreement that using "&" or "/" as default separators would be a VERY bad idea" Andre
  8. And in v2.4 that was superseded, which now suggests using a null code. Using a single slash (with or without an enforced space) as a separator by default is just not a good idea. However the configuration facility would allow a user to enable if it they really wanted to. Andre
  9. @flyingdutchman Really? How strange, if I wanted to see a full-screen pattern I don't think I'd want to see a random line drawn through it... Andre
  10. Just noticed, when using a Visualisation in Full Screen mode, the linear progress/scroll bar does not hide itself along with the rest of the player visual elements. Andre
  11. I'm pretty sceptical that casting to a Chromecast device and using the USB-C audio output at the same time would work. Windows 'Your Phone' app would do fine (it only shows an app's screen output on the Windows PC) but it's not full-screen. Andre
  12. Are you using the latest version of Poweramp (build 890) as 888 had some issues when fine-increment volume steps were enabled. Andre
  13. I think we're all in agreement that using "&" or "/" as default separators would be a VERY bad idea. IMHO the defaults should be ";" "//" "\" and "\\" (and possibly also "feat." - yuck, but people do use it a lot) and let users add or change that list should they have any particular need to. Also multiple same-name Vorbis tags need to be supported, plus embedded null characters within ID3 T*** tags (as per the newer ID3v2.4 spec). I see no reason why the Album Artist tag cannot support multiple names too, which someone suggested earlier. Admittedly it would be a rare usage, but I c
  14. I'd suggest remove and back up your SD Card, reformat it, and then copy everything back again. Do a Full Rescan while the card is out of the phone (to clear down completely to zero songs) and then re-insert the card and see if that has helped. Andre
  15. I agree. I think your best solution all-round would be to reduce the size of the files and save yourself some space. 4Mb is pretty excessive for what are basically intended to be thumbnail / small cover images on a phone screen. I tend to use between 500x500 and 1000x1000 mostly, moving towards 1000x1000 as my overall goal. I do have a few images as large as 1500x1500, but I feel that is a bit redundant as that is larger than even my 32-inch WQHD primary PC monitor can display. With reasonable JPG compression, those images vary from under 100Kb up to a maximum of 1Mb or so in a few rare i
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