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  1. Check that Poweramp is excluded from the list of apps that your device is allowed to stop for power-saving purposes. Andre
  2. As you can see, Poweramp is being sent continuous Fast-Forward actions from something in your system. I don't know why I'm afraid though. Andre
  3. Updates are automatic, but the downloadable version on the website can be a release or two ahead of the Play Store. Currently Play Store (UK anyway) is at build 853 though - perhaps you have auto-updates turned off? Andre
  4. 'Play Filtered Songs' has been replaced by the newer and more flexible queued-based system. The rough equivalent process using the new method would be to tap the 'All' tickbox (instead of selecting multiple individual songs) then all of the displayed search results would be played. Andre
  5. Check Settings > Library > Music Folders. You may have an extra 'phantom' symbolic version of your music folder somewhere in your device's file system. If so, untick the extra one. Andre
  6. You need to look at the Commands list a short while after connecting, to see what has just been sent. Andre
  7. What happens if you select "Rescan / Resolve Playlists" in the three-dots menu in the Playlists library view? Andre
  8. Have a look at PA Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands to see what it has been sent by the remote device, Andre
  9. Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Resume on Bluetooth (disable). If it still happens with that disabled, it's probably because the car headunit is sending a Play command when it connects - check Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands to see what it has sent. Andre
  10. If old data is persisting when you edit files externally (and especially via a sync program) it may be that Android is not notifying Poweramp that the file has been modified or changing the last-modified stamp, etc. Try a Rescan, or a Full Rescan, and see if that resolve the problem. Andre
  11. Make sure you are logging in using your username, not your email address. I can do a password reset for you too if you like, which will probably fix both access methods. Andre
  12. Playlists are all saved in an internal database, and it sounds as though the crash corrupted that library database and so Poweramp had to re-scann and re-built it. Sadly that won't restore playlists, ratings, most-played info, etc. You can export playlists to backup files, but of course it's a bit pointless telling you that now after they've been lost, sorry. Andre
  13. Have you got the option to clean up unresolved playlists enabled? In Settings > Library > Playlists ? Are all three playlists different files (i.e. different source files and/or contents?) Andre
  14. I just did some Googling after posting in the other thread, and MP3Tag might be able to do it as a batch process. See https://cects.com/retrieve-audio-files/?cn-reloaded=1 . Also worth looking at https://sourceforge.net/projects/album-art/ Andre
  15. Manually as far as I know, unless there's a new clever piece of software that matches up image filename and audio file tags and embeds them automatically anyway. I usually add images at the time of ripping or downloading (if they are not present already) but doing them retrospectively could be a pain. Andre
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