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  1. On the most recent two updates, the Pro Button colour mapping seems to have broken for the middle icon of the Poweramp Default icon set - Play symbol is fine, but the Pause icon is the wrong colour. By the way, is it possible to make the 'Gradient Grey' icons follow the rest of the chosen colour scheme, or are they pure bitmapped images (they do look like it)? Andre
  2. Have a look in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders and make sure only the location of your audio files is ticked, and that there are no duplicates. On one of the songs which shows as 'Failed to Play', long-press on the cover artwork and tap 'Info/Tags' to see where Poweramp is looking for the file. Is the tag info (Title, Artist, Album, etc) complete, which would mean the file's header data at least can be read. Can you play it manually (tap on it from the folders list for example)? Is that a phone, or some other gadget like a car headunit (you just said "on android" in your
  3. 'Shuffle Songs' only shuffles songs from the currently playing category (e.g. from one album or folder at a time) whereas 'Shuffle All' will pick from anywhere in your Music Library. Sounds like at some point your SD Card mount may have changed, and while the music has been rescanned in under the new name, the old entries still exit - although they won't work as they point to now-non-existent duplicate file paths. Try PA Settings > Library > FULL Rescan. That should remove any obsolete entries and rebuild the whole library correctly. Has your device recently updated to Android 11 by
  4. Not necessarily, depends on the skin. $YAPS$ supports the colour accented knobs for example: Andre
  5. PA doesn't autofill any tags, the contents need to be present before Poweramp scans the music. If present, text tags are assumed to be correct - why would they be there otherwise, they must have been inserted by someone - and are used to populate the Title, Artist, Albums etc listings for each song. Those items are also used to search online for cover artwork, assuming there is no image already embedded in the file. If no tags are present PA can (optionally, see Settings > Album Art) fall back to using the filename to search for cover art, although it is probably less accurate as namin
  6. Not quite sure what that would achieve, for 99% of songs, that's already what happens. And for the 1% with hard endings, you wouldn't want them to fade out anyway. Andre
  7. Just copy the original contents of the album_art subfolder on your old device internal storage (lots of JPG files) into the same subfolder on your new device. PA will have already created the folder and subfolder structure on first installation/run, don't make your own versions if it hasn't yet done that. On Android 11, the new destination subfolders should normally be located in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ in internal storage. Andre
  8. Fade in/out are not available for Chromecast manual track switching. I'm not sure of the technical reason for this. Andre
  9. Yes, I've got a load of CDs here too - many of which are bizarrely cheaper to buy than the MP3 files. There are also other options for @SM8 to use to download his own paid music if Google are making it impossible for him, as I'm sure we're all aware, but perhaps not really suitable for discussing in open forums. Perhaps Googling YouTube Downloader might help, or I seem to recall "WinX" is another term that might prove fruitful. Andre
  10. @Carst3n Cover artwork is not stored on SD Card at all - even though there are similar folder names there. It's on internal device memory. If you open the Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/ folder on internal memory in a modern spec file explorer app (or in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/album_art/ depending on the Android version) you should see hundreds of JPG files in the format "Artist - Album.jpg" and/or "Artist - Title.jpg" containing the cached downloaded images Those files are what you need to copy to the Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/album_art folde
  11. Poweramp caches its downloaded artwork on internal device storage, in the folder Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ On more recent Android versions (definitely for Android 11, and sometimes 10 too) it's in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ (without the underscore). Auto-downloaded images are saved as JPGs in the album_art folder at that location, while manually selected images are in the selected_aa folder. Find the relevant populated folders and copy the contents to the same folder names on new device (if it's Android 11, it's the path without the underscore that you'll
  12. If the songs were purchased on Google Music, and downloaded to your device prior to the switch to YouTube Music, were they perhaps downloaded to an original Google Music folder that you can still access? Clutching at straws a bit here I'm afraid. All this is why I only store my own music locally on my NAS and my owned devices, as non-DRM files that I control. Relying on online streaming systems you are always at the whim of what those external services decide to do in the future. Andre
  13. Might be worth trying a more sophisticated file explorer (e.g. Solid Explorer) that can access more locations on internal storage. You are stuck if YTM has downloaded to its folder your SD Card though, access to app storage in the SD Card Android/data/ hierarchy is blocked on Android 11. Even if you can find it though, the files may well be encrypted.
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