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  1. @Kundun the multiple artists tags support will be definitely implemented, in fact this is the goal for the next PA betas with new features. It will be optional - as it changes Albums/Artists tag based splitting and few iterations will be definitely required.
  2. Thanks again for the comment/request. Please note that translation is done here (https://crowdin.com/translate/poweramp-player/6927/enus-zhtw?filter=basic&value=0#q=composer ) you can vote/mark the translation as invalid/etc.
  3. @SamPA the Apple music bug is less pronounced and worked out already in Equalizer.
  4. @SamPA the best way to fix it is to report the bug via YTM support in their settings (you can copy the bug description text from Equalizer settings / Equalizer / Known players / YouTube Music.
  5. @Edgie70 it’s YTM bug. Other equalizers probably use global session 0 - deprecated and not supported for DVC.
  6. @SamPA it works on Miui too, but ADB requires extra miui specific developer settings “USB Debugging” option set.
  7. The Poweramp Equalizer app which works with Spotify is here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/25-poweramp-equalizer-releases/
  8. @Edgie70 no. YTM changes session (bug #1) and doesn’t send it (bug #2). The new Advanced Player Tracking option can handle this, but it requires hard to set permissions. Hopefully YTM devs will fix the bugs shortly, especially if users report it to them via YTM in-app support. Thanks!
  9. Build 890: added advanced experimental audio session tracking Allows equalization for players that don't expose their audio session (such as Tidal), and fixes issues for players with audio session bugs (such as YoutubeMusic), but requires ADB and notification permissions Some players still may fail to be detected (Oppo built-in player, players using Direct/Offload output) translations updates bug fixes and stability improvements
  10. Some LGs have always-enabled compressor on all Android mixed audio (except specific DVC/Hi-Res modes in Poweramp player), thus it makes higher than few dBs band amplifications impossible (esp. noticeable for bass bands). This is the only OEM forcing compression on all audio. As for reverb, it's current implementation in Androids 9+ just adds noise to the audio and has no point at all.
  11. @Edgie70 drag it to the right, use gear icon and hide it.
  12. Disable ‘No dvc for absolute volume’ option in Poweramp. Your rom is partially incompatible (OEM modified bt stack) with Android in this regard.
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