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  1. Re: back button. The back button (and navigation paths overal) is the same is Poweramp v1/v2/v2alpha - that's not changed. Poweramp by default starts on main now playing screen. Back button returns (eventually) to that screen, next back button press returns to launcher. If Start at Library option is activated, Poweramp starts on Library screen. Back button returns (eventually) to that screen, next back button press returns to launcher. This may be confusing if previously some other players were used with the concept of List first, when now playing is just a secondary panel. In Poweramp now playing is a primary screen.
  2. 1. Hierarchy (and many other categories) are hidden by default, but can be enabled via Library => menu => List Options 2. Right, one some devices with rather low DPI (or raised scaling), font sizes are not ideal, that will be polished. 3. That is why skin dev. documentation for 3rd party skin developers is my priority after the v3 release.
  3. Please disable Blur Background in Lock Screen Settings. Use menu on main screen (3 dots on album art) for Albums / Artists / Folder buttons.
  4. maxmp

    Bring back "keep controls" visualizer method

    Just set Faded Controls Transparency to ~100% in Visualization settings and controls will be visible.
  5. Yes, but nowadays it's not easy to quickly release to Play even on beta channel as it rejects builds, so it takes a bit more time to get APK there.
  6. Poweramp-beta-build-792-uni.apk https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer Beta: This Beta is feature complete release. Few things are missing though, like incomplete translations Changes (from Beta-preview): • all Library categories, including all the actions • Dark Skin + per skin options - Pro Buttons, Static Wave Seekbar • Poweramp can be shown on lockscreen (vs separate lockscreen UI previously) • support for multiple item selection / actions in all categories, including Search • new per-artist selectable and downloadable images • new Low Rated category • Folders Hierarchy (and many others) category can be enabled via Library menu => List Options • removed ringtone action / removed per-song equalizer preset assignment • per-output assigned presets now applied on output change and Poweramp start (previously were applied on each track change as well) • improved headset button handling for Android 8.0+ • dynamic playlists (e.g. Recently Played, Top Rated, etc.) now can have more than 200 items as in v2 • Lenovo X3 ESS DAC 24bit support • OpenSL HD Output renamed to OpenSL Hi-Res Output • settings were reorganized slightly • landscape layouts added
  7. No, unfortunately, build 790 won't help (despite showing 192k 24bit label), as it's a device+ROM limitation. This will just eat your battery faster and produce slightly worse audio due to resampling back from hi-res.
  8. Hi-Res (via Open SL HD) works fine on any capable Samsung @ 8.0, S7E included. (I should probably rename Open SL HD to Open SL Hi-Res :))))
  9. maxmp

    Alpha 709 - Hi-res output bug

    Right, so let's hope next ROM update fixes that. Also if you prefer DSP-processed sound, deep basses, or other equalization, non-hi-res output with DVC enabled is just OK
  10. @zf550user Axon mini doesn't support hi-res and custom ROMs generally don't support hi-res either. Distorted sound means DVC doesn't work, or ROM clips float by -1/1 not allowing extended dynamic range - I suggest disabling DVC per Hi-Res outputs (but most probably, your devices don't produce hi-res anyway on these ROMs).
  11. maxmp

    Alpha 709 - Hi-res output bug

    Thanks for the report. Yes, it seems DVC is not compatible in Hi-Res mode on this device - you can switch DVC off in Wired Headset/AUX options for Hi-Res output. DVC works properly with non-hi-res outputs on this device though. There is no such issue on Redmi 5 plus (same SOC, but little ahead Android version - 7.1.2), thus I assume it may be resolved by future ROM updates. If not, I'll certainly have one more pass on Redmi 4 - may be something can be done about DVC+Hi-Res on it.
  12. Unfortunately, this device has no software support for Hi-Res (no qualcomm patches), despite capable hardware.
  13. Poweramp doesn't have any code to change sampling rate without full track stop-start cycle - your certainly didn't have that. I would suspect viper4android - I suggest temporarily disabling it. Both of those devices are in my test lab (though, Note8 is on Oreo and both are non-rooted OTA ROMs) and they never shown behaviors like that, of course.
  14. Snapdragon 6xx series SOCs, including 625, do support hi-res via wired headset/aux 3.5, and usb-c analog audio (usually, detected as wired headset as well), specifications your posted are correct. But not all Android devices on hi-res capable-SOCs support hi-res, as firmware should support that too. In case of generic snapdragon SOC, Poweramp tries to detect that via /etc/audio_policy.conf, /vendor/etc/audio_policy.conf, /vendor/etc/audio_output_policy.conf (depending on Android version) - as previously described in this thread.
  15. maxmp

    Song Que Frustrations

    Hello, do you mean you want some unlimited history like queue at all times? As if queue is not auto-cleared (all files should be played once), then it can be only manually cleared, basically becoming a persistent history. Poweramp queue is somewhat secondary vs. direct category playing, which is a primary way of playing tracks there.