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  1. maxmp

    Wired Headset / Bluetooth Problem

    Yes, pulling 3.5 cable while playing over BT will cause that. This is due to AUDIO_BECOMING_NOISY event issued by the system which Poweramp should obey asap and pause. The event doesn’t contain any further info regarding what is disconnected and why. The details of actual audio routing switching become available much later (hundreds ms), so it could be a situation when actually nothing changed in audio routing but the player is paused already. I’ll may add some handling for this particular case, if it possible without breaking normal behavior, thanks for the request.
  2. Thanks for the request. Changing “fixed” equalizer this way may be not a good idea as it should be simple, but what is planned is parametric equalization with arbitrary number of bands, where you can go beyond those values and also apply same band multiple times (this doubling dBs applied and more).
  3. Technically it’s easily possible. But even introduction of album splitting by album artist upset number of users, so any change to library categorization should be optional, and the number of Library options is already out of any control... I’ll think about adding that though, thanks for the request.
  4. @Fitzian I have the device, but I still need a balanced 2.5 cable to test it. As it detects it as speaker, obviously system is not reporting output properly and some workaround are required. I hope that will be sorted out in the next build.
  5. Thanks for details, I’ll try to test this option on my 9T. Poweramp uses hi-res properly on this device without the switch enabled, I guess the option tries to roll own upsampling which may be not compatible with Poweramp at all (so probably some workaround to avoid using this option will be added).
  6. maxmp

    Not working on pixel 2xl with external DAC

    What dac model? What output do you use in Poweramp? Do you have sample rate selection there? You can also try AudioTrack output which will lock to 192kHz on most hi-res DACs automatically. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info. On devices like yours by default notification pauses Poweramp, as device (at least on android 8 ) can’t reliable play via hi-res output + DVC and notification sound on 3.5 at the same time). This is default setting (No DVC option for hi-res output for Wired/AUX device). This can be restored by using Restore defaults in Hi-res output settings, or No Duck option can be checked manually. Switching to open sl may happen when hi-res completely fails to load. Depending on ROM settings, only single hi-res (or actually “Direct” or “Offload”) output instance may be globally available, thus if some other player plays via hi-res output or holds it for itself (for example, other player recently opened/is paused/is in background), Poweramp can’t use it and resets to open sl. Thanks!
  8. @MataRatos your device/android and Poweramp build? Thanks!
  9. maxmp

    Poweramp Build 840-841

    @Chubby Doughnut no, actually Samsung improved hi-res support in latest “security” patches and that’s fully supported by 841. Try to use Restore defaults on Hi-rea output and adjust sample rate (Samsung still supports just 192kHz/24bit/DVC and 384kHz/32bit/no DVC). Thanks!
  10. @BMO it’s possible, but again you should know/get id of the folder first (it can be done via Poweramp API). Or alternatively, search can be used (provided that on android, esp. for latest versions you can’t use path to identify folder anyway). I’m open for suggestions to improve this, for example, I think it’s possible to add some 1-liner intent to search/play given folder by name (as it’s available now for albums/artists/genres/playlists, that will fail/play invalid folder if there are multiple of them with similar subpath, though).
  11. Just please try Settings / Library / Playlists / Export Poweramp Playlists (or while in Playlists / header menu / Export for latest Poweramp builds). This will create "file" playlists for any other playlists you have created in Poweramp. Those can be freely used later (they will appear with m3u8 extension). Just don't forget to move songs as well. Thanks!
  12. The uri would be Data:content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/folders/1 That means id is required (# == id). To know id you should query Poweramp database, etc. so it won't be easy if you want just to play something with a simple intent. Instead I suggest using android.media.action.MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH with free-form search text: Send Intent [ Action:android.media.action.MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH Cat:None  Mime Type: Data:  Extra: query: YOUR SEARCH STRING HERE Extra: android.intent.extra.user_query: shuffle Package: com.maxmpz.audioplayer Class: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.ListActivity Target:Activity ] But this is API is for free format/voice search, so it can't "focus" on folders, it supports targeting on genres/artists/albums or just songs. Also, for specific shuffle mode you need to send additional command, as search query supports just shuffle (and that android.intent.extra.user_query: depends on device system language).
  13. @Kingog thanks for the files. Based on these I’ve just added support for gapless wma tracks to the next build.
  14. maxmp

    Visualization on TV (streaming)

    You can share whole device screen, this will show complete UI including visualization. As for built in Chromecast, it's focused more on audio quality - it sends "raw" PCM and avoids any recompression (the screen cast will compress audio to something like 96kb/s aac).
  15. maxmp

    Skipping, Stuttering Songs

    @griff the problem is that there is no difference in audio subsystem between those builds, so it may be better just due to (some) some option reset to defaults (you can just do Audio / Output / Restore Defaults instead). In any case, is that Android Auto with USB connection? What is the output used by Poweramp when Auto is connected? (That's visible in Audio Info dialog - shown by long press on main screen or equalizer screen meta info). Thanks!