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  1. Poweramp saves state when it’s paused. It also listens for ACTION_SHUTDOWN and couple of other custom shutdown events, but as almost each headunit OEM for some reason invents own shutdown event, it’s not possible to guess and add it unless user extracts it somehow from the device (logs, forums). Thanks!
  2. Poweramp is using dark skin by default, if you mean you want to switch light/dark theme according to Android 10 night/day mode - I think it’s possible and that’s in TODO. Thanks!
  3. When Poweramp Settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control (DVC) / No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume option is disabled, Poweramp doesn't touch bluetooth at all. Please note that is not related to your end device (car headunit), but to your phone/Android version you have, so no extra recommendations can be given without that info. There are similar "No DVC" options per Audio Output - those are not related to bluetooth.
  4. Actually, Poweramp scans (fully) device once, then it just looks for changes. Are you sure card was ever fully scanned. Sometimes, if there is broken block on sd card, scanning may never complete, also, no any files after the failed one will be scanned and will be missing from library. In this case sd-card check or reformat on computer may help (or a new card). Thanks!
  5. Poweramp converts DSD to PCM and processes if further as usual - the same way any other format is processed. Thanks!
  6. On Huaweis, Hi-Res + DVC uses Ring volume. Workarounds: - don't use Hi-Res + DVC - or for Hi-Res + DVC set Ring volume to non-zero
  7. @Chutyov can you please share the cue file from the device (gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). Thanks!
  8. As a side note, skin sample project was updated with the main screen volume controls in addition to the main screen spectrum. Thanks!
  9. Advance list is auto enabled only for folders hierarchy header play button, any other category will keep the current repeat mode as is. Thanks!
  10. What is your phone/device and most used headphones type? Thanks!
  11. @otomakascram that can be: - broken storage (Poweramp won’t play it even if track is opened from file manager) - no permissions (Poweramp actually checks them on start, Poweramp can play files opened from file manager) - path to files changed (e.g. due to the recent ROM update). This is easily fixed by Full Rescan (last item in library settings) - for non stock roms or any system level mods, something can be broken elsewhere, logs may help to investigate/fix the issue - hacked/modified Poweramp apk. No fix here Thanks!
  12. @Doomer it’s a good idea in general, but there is a problem to find a place for such action in menus. So the request is noted and next time buttons/actions are touched - will be implemented. Thanks!
  13. @Loxo99 on OP, built in dolby effect forces standard resolution output, so please disable dolby before using Hi-res in Poweramp. Thanks!
  14. Please check if you need to increase Gapless Preload in Poweramp settings. If there is a particular couple of tracks which always fail to play gaplessly for you, please share them for tests (gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). (There is no gapless “standards” for many formats, gapless detection for them is based purely on the tracks “in the wild”).
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