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  1. @Osiris you can’t cast how exactly? No chromecast button, no chromecasts in the list, chromecast is there but no sound, something else? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the report. I will try to reproduce this shortly with the Sample skin + preset.
  3. Purchase on Google Play requires Google services + Play app (and the appropriate registered Google account) for unlocking. All that is required for a day or two, the license is stored one the device permanently and services are not required anymore, until the next Poweramp reinstall.
  4. https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/20947-aktivation-issue-on-headunit-with-v3-893/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-96664
  5. @davidxjonas I can get results very close to Poweramp (player) in Equalizer, but please note: - the actual resulting frequency response will be a bit different just due to completely different (both technically and in math behind those) filters (player uses set of IIR filters, equalizer uses FFT based FIR implementation) - Equalizer has a bit more accurate gain control on high band amplification levels (Smooth Equalizer/Tone Gains option is more pronounced) to avoid overloads - Equalizer strictly follows devices volume curve, while Poweramp has AOSP volume curve on all devices (that d
  6. Poweramp doesn’t switch outputs, but various ROM issues and/or system tweaking apps (in case of Samsung - Sound Assistant) may cause issue like this. Please try: - if you have Sound Assistant installed, temporarily uninstall it and check if it helps - try different type of Audio output in Poweramp - switch between AudioTrack/OpenSL/HiRes/Aaudio - try to disable “No dvc for absolute volume” option in Poweramp - enable “Switch speaker off” option in Poweramp (though this one is a specific Asus/Xiaomi devices workaround)
  7. @Lorelock the development “queue” is not empty - there are few previously requested features in the works. Small tweaks often can be pushed quickly, but the virtual now playing list is a bigger one - still I’m considering implementing it short term. Thanks!
  8. @sho_Ony could you please share couple of such tracks, preferable from within Poweramp itself via Send action / Gmail / gpmaxmpz@gmail.com Thanks!
  9. @andrewilley I guess this could be done when (planned) Settings revamp happens. This is mostly about UI (Settings will be better integrated into Poweramp UI, now they follow system UI theme, though, gradually changing with releases). Additionally, each output also will have options for auto start, audio focus, Eq preset, etc. The revamp is planned right after the parametric Eq release - which is the next big feature for the Equalizer and Poweramp beta builds.
  10. Tone/Equ on/off status is set per output (via No Equ/Tone per output type option). The value of knobs are stored in preset, so if knob value is 0, it's effectively disabled.
  11. @JeffP you probably perceive default -6dB "headroom" for non-dvc mode as "not great". It's known that most humans perceive louder sound as "better". In blind tests, 128kB mp3 +6dB will win vs 192kHz/24bit flac 0dB. So if you may start with Flat equalizer and Bass tone on 0 + headroom set to 0dB ("No DVC Headroom Gain" option) for the fare comparison.
  12. @andrewilley actually, purchase via website is available for the website (uni) edition.
  13. @lockdown it’s good to have, but Poweramp has same labels in main screen and library lists as main/now playing screen is a part of the library - the list “snapshot”. The suggested formatting will change labels everywhere.
  14. Disable “Use default image” option. Also “Restore defaults” on each settings page is safe to use for the cases like this. Thanks!
  15. Mtk hi-res implementation supports AudioFX (music fx). This is not the case for the Qualcomm devices, but Samsung also does that. The appropriate audio effect should also support hi-res.
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