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  1. @FlintSG Right, Samsungs have format forced and tied to sample rate on Android 9 and 10 (3.5 output / USB dongle): - 48/16bit (DVC works) - 192/24bit (DVC works) - 384/32bit (DVC doesn't work)
  2. @MarkusMarkt 16 bit - this is how Meizu implemented it. Higher sample rates not accepted.
  3. @FlintSG On Note 9 (and generally on mid and high-end Samsungs) hi-res works fine in Poweramp.
  4. Alternative album art sources (+ simple API to add 3rd party sources) is a planned (short term) feature. Thanks!
  5. На Android 10 для кнопок "Включить", "Изменить" в выборе папок используется системный диалог доступа к папкам. Этот диалог мог быть отключен ранее, или может отсутствовать в некоторых прошивках, либо может не функционировать по другим причинам. Пожалуйста, убедитесь что данное системное приложение не отключено на вашем устройстве (потребуется открыть список системных приложений / всех приложений в настройках устройства): Файлы (Files, com.google.android.documentsui) Данный системный диалог можно также восстановить путем установки приложения Google Files из Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.nbu.files&hl=ru
  6. @6b6561 you're not wrong about the possibility of non-fully copied files being scanned. Unfortunately there is no way we can know if file is fully uploaded or not (unless another we scan again and compare file sizes). This is why by default Poweramp waits for all uploads to end and only then it tries to rescan. You can have better results by disabling auto scanning options in Settings / Library / Scanner to prevent auto scans and then simple rescan from Library header menu will be enough - no full rescan will be needed.
  7. In Poweramp settings / Background you can set single resulting color (image will be blurred down to 1 pixel).
  8. First, something is wrong with your text colors, is this some 3rd party skin? Poweramp works ok on Samsung version of Android 10, but as always, after the major update, Restore Defaults is recommended for Poweramp settings / Audio / Output page and Direct Volume Control (DVC) page. Otherwise some Android 9 specific settings may be carried over. Sbc label there is just for informational purposes. Poweramp just displays what is used by Android bluetooth subsystem. In your case most probably Absolute volume control is in effect, making DVC and equalization non effective (see Poweramp settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control for the details).
  9. @magixian try to exclude Poweramp from battery optimization as it’s xiaomi.
  10. If it clips for flat equalizer preset and other settings like preamp tone/reverb settings reset to 0 - then I guess issue is outside player (dvc or no-dvc won't matter). Thanks!
  11. maxmp

    Cyrillic names bug

    It works this way: - utf-8/unicode encoding - works out of the box, no settings - 8-bit encoding - supports just one language. To select encoding, use Settings / Library / Scanner /Tag Encoding (e.g. win-1251). By default this is set according to the phone region settings at the moment of Poweramp installation. Thanks!
  12. @Fennec Enabled absolute volume means Android sends 100% volume audio samples to BT device. BT device then changes volume on its side. While it has added benefit of one point volume control (your end BT device), it makes signal processing on phone side less viable, as almost all tracks out there are already using all available dynamic range. So there is no headroom to increase basses and otherwise do signal processing which increases signal amplitudes. If you don't use Equalizer/Tone or use them moderately you'll be good with no-dvc and the default settings (-6dB headroom by default) or even with no headroom (0dB - so no default decrease of volume). This is fine for e.g. car headunit with own tone controls and DSP. For headsets, if you're going to use Bass tone or substantial equalization (>6dB) I recommend disabling Absolute volume control (Media sync on Samsungs @Android 8-9). In this case full dynamic range is available to Poweramp with DVC On, and no need for extra headroom, but you'll get 2 points of volume control (phone and end BT device). In your case, Absolute volume is enabled. Either it's enabled or not becomes known when BT device is connected (or even only when it's actively playing). Thanks!
  13. @Lando Both Poweramp and Samsung ROMs have many builds for the year passed from Jan 2019, so yes a lot of development there. As for possible issue with sound on Samsungs, it's usually incorrect audio output, DVC, Media Sync (absolute volume) settings. Restore defaults + disabling media sync should resolve everything. Thanks!
  14. @Devilo Is this for some specific tracks, for all of them, or just happening randomly? What is your audio output and output device? If it hi-res have you tried non hi-res output? My test Huaweis (wide range of devices up to Mate 30 Pro) work OK with latest builds. Thanks!
  15. @MotleyG Interesting, I tuned that specific behavior for navbar toggling on LGs - I can't reproduce any artifacts now on my LG6/7/V30 (Android 8/9). Do you use 3rd party skin? Thanks!
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