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  1. Poweramp tries to read this from tags/header. If this data exists, it is shown as is. If there is no such data in header/tags, Poweramp calculates this based on the file size (minus tags/album art/header size). The latter may be not so accurate if file has other artifacts, like additional huge images or streams or other data concatenated to the end of file, etc. These calculations happen when tags are initially scanned. While playing some song in the real time Poweramp of course knows the current and average bitrates, but I choose not to update this info dynamically to save device battery. For VBR formats each block (something like 20ms for many formats) may have own bitrate.
  2. Build 877: new Import Ratings option new Network Stream Buffer option new Bookmarks category new zoom level: "List - no images" corner radius for small widgets Repeat/Shuffle icons for 4x1 widget Queue re-sorting Hide Status Bar option now ignores cutouts in portrait new Load custom .so library option (uni build only) bug fixes and stability improvements
  3. Thanks for the report, fixed for the next 877 build.
  4. New "List - no images" zoom level is implemented for the next 877 build. Thanks for the request and discussion!
  5. @LABB Artist Albums contains just that songs filtered by given artist + album, so some songs from that album may be missing (== songs from other artists but with the same album artist tag which is used for album grouping by default).
  6. @Capndirk The dialog is shown if Poweramp was killed during playback. This shouldn't happen on fully Android compatible devices, but in reality it happens due to the "battery" optimizers or some other app or device forced shutdown events. Poweramp will generally work OK, but it won't store (obviously) last playback position in the last played track.
  7. Added to the 877 build. Thanks for the request!
  8. The order matches Artists / All Artist Songs list. You can modify that sorting via header / List Options in the (any artist) / All Songs list. Thanks!
  9. @andrewilley Btw, this is already possible for skins, implemented and demonstrated in Sample skin. For the "stock" skins for now it will be checkbox to the right with the future probable change to highlight.
  10. @flyingdutchman right, 9.png were considered, but unfortunately it's very slow to draw 100x of them, so just plain png is used with the predefined proportions. The shrinking or stretching happens only for the middle part, and only vertically. Graphical explanation:
  11. Androids 5-9 were stable in this regard, in Android 10 the paths changed due to (enforced by Google) the "new" Storage Access Frameworks (SAF) API requirement to access files. For SAF you first hit that Enable button, find the desired storage and optionally a root folder and hit "ALLOW..." button. Depending on ROM, additional menu / Show Internal Storage selection is required + side menu should be used to select the target storage. Poweramp then either uses default Music/Downloads/Playlists folders on storage by default or selects the user defined folder. As previously, subfolders in the allowed storage/folder can be further checked/unchecked without extra permissions step. Google initially wanted to force this (quite slow and weird) API for any file access in Android 10, but later backpedaled to allow direct file access in Android 10 with Android 11 being the first version enforcing SAF. Poweramp is already optimized for SAF nevertheless. You can enable old way of accessing files in Poweramp via Settings / Misc / File Access Legacy Mode. I also recommend this in case device is "missing" core Android system file picker or external storage component. PS Many quotes here: - "new" SAF - SAF exists from Androids 4.x but was enforced only for USB-sticks previously - "missing" file picker - usually disabled via apps like Package Disabler or "optimized" out by ROM authors - "optimized" - I don't think removing critical core part and breaking updated apps is an optimization. Granted, non-updated apps built for previous Android SDKs will continue to work, but updated apps will be broken
  12. @Jack07 Poweramp doesn't need notification access permission as it doesn't "Read" other apps notifications. You can check how Poweramp processes headsets (and similar, e.g. lockscreen or bluetooth) commands in Poweramp Settings / Headset/Bluetooth / Last Processed Commands. If nothing appears there when you click buttons - system doesn't send events to the app, but events can be also ignored due to some settings or due to other causes. Thanks!
  13. @Birdman if you purchased before Summer 2018, you can reuse license on the another device, provided same (google or email) account. For the newer purchases we changed conditions so it's strictly per one user device starting from Summer 2018 (but you can move license to the new device if you upgrade, etc.). The website purchase is the most versatile in any case. Thanks!
  14. There is little point in adding list mode just for albums - if ever implemented, it should be available for all track lists. Poweramp stores these options by list type, so if that new "album art-less" mode is selected for Albums, it won't affect other categories. The main reason there is small album art in the "compact" list mode - it's a placeholder for the checkbox. But probably for this new mode checkbox could be moved to the right so it doesn't overlap labels in the beginning (I don't want to add extra item animations for the checkbox there). Thanks for the request.
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