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  1. Settings / Look and Feel / Player UI / Rating Type (select 5 stars).
  2. PM me if you want to test next build with this option implemented earlier. Thanks!
  3. maxmp


    I made the toast at the bottom to flash for a longer time with a bit longer description ("Visualization - Fade Controls" instead of just "Fade Controls"), so users may notice and understand this button better.
  4. maxmp


    Right, there are hooks in Poweramp decoding, DSP and output logic, so embedding plugins are possible. It's a matter of writing APIs documentation and sample project - this is in a short term TODO list. Sample project demo'ing lyrics appwidget-like views over main player screen is also planned.
  5. maxmp

    Poweramp Build 814

    @kobayashi_reiko v3 scrobbling tested and works fine with last.fm and simple last.fm scrobblers. If you have issue with these, please be more specific regarding your issue (e.g. scrollber app used). If v2 works for you this may be something regarding modern Android security tightening around intent APIs and you need to update your scrobbler app. @w3wilkes there is no point in such sorting (due to intermixed artists with album artists tags not giving the sorting results you expect to see for such sorting). But the updated Album Artist Label option in the next build 815 also makes "by artist" option to sort by "album artist" - when such tag "exists" for an album (in quotes as there are no albums physically on storage, just tracks with tag, tracks grouped by some logic).
  6. maxmp

    search within a list or folder

    Full library search now is the priority (it’s always readily available, you can play or shuffle all search results or manage songs from there).
  7. maxmp

    Not Pulling All Music Files

    - ensure music folders (or just whole storage(s)) are selected in settings / Library / Music folders and hit Full Rescan on the bottom - rarely some files have incorrect duration specified in them and get filtered by settings / Library / Ignore short tracks options
  8. Do you use hi-res output? Your device and android version? Thanks!
  9. maxmp

    Start/Pause Notifications are not correct

    What is the System Notification and how exactly it’s incorrect? May be you have a link to a discussion or some other details as currently there is nothing to fix. Thanks!
  10. maxmp

    Cannot control Poweramp from Pebble

    Many things changed between v2 and v3. Try normal audio output (Not hi res) - if it works with this output - the problem is with the old apis usage. Also Google pushes new/updated apps to higher target sdks, while some old apps stay on lower sdks. Higher target sdks have much more limitations.
  11. Do you mean you want to force Poweramp to use just the selected source(s) for cover and disable others? (The image selection logic differs for tracks, folders, albums, etc. categories, so that’s why giving full control over that can be even more complicated and confusing. But some in-app description of that logic + probably better options may be useful, unless there are upset users “Which paid just for that option” :-) ). Thanks!
  12. Android provides only 3 buttons in the compact form, but you can swap x to << in settings / Look and Feel / Notifications. Thanks!
  13. maxmp


    Your device/android version/ROM if any? Poweramp build/output settings/output device? Also you may try No Duck option for active output/device settings. Thanks!
  14. maxmp

    File name in list view v3

    Scrolling (horizontal marquee animation) text won't work in lists anyway - it's planned for main screen only (and it's not trivial due to transitions to/from lists). Collapsing in the middle with ... may be a better idea for lists (though transition between marquee animation and such collapsed label is non trivial 🙂even more).
  15. @parts why do you think it doesn't work for you? It perfectly works for my latest stock rom v10 and from your screenshots - it's available for you too. @lantian if you can you extract (in /etc/ or /vendor/etc) audio_policy.conf, audio_output_policy.conf files from the device + build.props (as a / file or as output from "adb shell getprop"), I can try to make a custom build for that device for further testing. Thanks!