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  1. Thanks for the report, it's Artiste de l'album now. As for uppercase, it's interesting as Poweramp doesn't actually change case. Can you upload exactly this track for tests? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the report. Probably something related to MIUI10 @ Pie, as it works OK on MIUI10 @ Android8. Do you use non-default number of volume levels in Poweramp?
  3. Fixed in 803. Thanks for the report.
  4. maxmp

    Power V3 sound clarity not good

    Try going to Poweramp Audio Settings => Audio => Restore default (it will restore outputs to base one). Does this help?
  5. maxmp

    No auto track switch

    Can you please install this build and comment here if it helps?
  6. This is v3 forum. I don't think anything can be done regarding v2, please update to v3))
  7. maxmp

    No auto track switch

    This is caused by optimization introduced somewhere near 797, which, while may be useful in some cases, causes issue like this for some users. I can't reproduce it on my devices, I guess, due to most test devices being in "virgin" state (no apps, no Android or storage slowdowns, no tweaks). Probably I will prepare private build for such users with the issue, as again, I can't be sure it's actually the issue I will be fixing))
  8. maxmp

    MusicFX doesn't work

    Right, Finnish removed ATM as it's incomplete and heavily intermixed with English. Waiting for crowdin contributors))
  9. Hello, thanks for the report, can you drop few more details: - Poweramp version - your device and android version - does Poweramp pauses or visually continues playing with no sound? - what is the output device (BT, wired headset, etc.)? - what is the track format - is this Hi-Res output? Thanks!
  10. @YimingWang Your actual account starts with yimingw****@gmail.com, please use that.
  11. maxmp

    Лицензия beta 800

    Если у вас есть номер заказа: просто попробуйте снова. Был небольшой даунтайм во время апгрейда серверов. Если нет: нажмите Поддержка в этом диалоге и отошлите сообщение - вам пришлют ваш номер.
  12. Re: gapless on slow sd cards - this will be definitely polished. PA doesn’t cache anything related to gapless: when track is loaded gapless state can be shown, for the info in lists decoder is not used.
  13. Re: hi-res, please specify your device/android version/rom if any, also the actual output device (e.g. wired, bt). Thanks.
  14. Right, long press now opens selection menu. I will think about something else for this use case.
  15. Poweramp-v3-build-802-uni.apk https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer Build 802: • support for MusicFX on MIUI • visualization state is saved more frequently • folders hierarchy shuffle improvements • hardware menu button expands navbar • fixed widget color selection on smaller screens