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  1. Please add an option for black and red.
  2. Is there an issue only with galaxy s7 qualcomm? I just insalled new version on exynos galaxy s7. I see that HiRes is enabled with 192Khz. Previously when HiRes disabled, volume was less. Now w or w/o HiRes volumes are almost same.
  3. @maxmp @andrewilley Is there a way to display artist name first and then album name in now-playing screen? Its now like Song name Album - Artist name Can it be changed to Song name Arrist name - Album Notification bar shows the way i prefer.
  4. @maxmp can you please provide us an option for disabling track info on album art? I hope many of users would like it.
  5. NEW one is better if there is an option to remove/disable displaying track name and artist name on the album art.
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