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  1. @andrewilley fixed the pause issue and button animation (which was not working correctly). V140 published on Google just now
  2. @andrewilley i did work on the playbuttons. Now each button uses one defined parent style rather than each button having its own. Code becomes a lot easier to maintain that way. I will check the pause button. As for the gradient grey, i created those using adobe illustrator which creates vector images. These types of images can scale without losing definition, unlike bitmaps or .png. Android Studio is able to import these but then you cannot change them.
  3. @maxmp one user reports waveseek was misbehaving too, now fixed with my new release reverted to previous gradle
  4. @maxmp, I was not able to post in Developers area hence this post here. Basically a request for help/assistance After my latest upgrade of $YAPS$ skin (v138) recently some users made me aware that the spectrums no longer loaded and defaulted to Poweramp - spectrum-centered. To make a long story short, it turns out that the Gradle update from classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.1.3' to classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.2.0' causes the problem. below some stacktrace 05-14 10:24:50.796 3579-3579/? W/SkinnableThemeManager: Loading skin=/data/
  5. @tdas777 @Prosenjit and of course yaps (free) and $yaps$, the liv skins and $yaps$ are the only 2 skins with regular updates.
  6. Currently working on dynamic playlists but i already have code to export equaliser settings (Poweramp has this so not active in my app), ratings and times played and playlists. I can easily add other data such as last_played. If i can have an exhaustive list then i can look at this to add to New Playlist Manager
  7. @andrewilley it is a particular setting in the item Listsubstyle, my car mode uses this.
  8. @Scorpion It produces a comma delimited file . Below an example is what it produces at the moment track,artist,album,duration,rating,times played,year,path Hey Ho,Hinder,All American Nightmare,213943,0,0,2010,1600-3612/Music/music/[2010] All American Nightmare/Hey Ho Horsell Common And The Heat Ra,Jeff Wayne,Jeff Wayne's War of the World,695615,0,1,2009,1600-3612/Music/music/Horsell Common And The Heat Ra Good Life,Hinder,All American Nightmare,215615,0,0,2010,1600-3612/Music/music/[2010] All American Nightmare/Good Life The Life,Hinder,All American Nightmare,217208,0,0,2010,1600-3612
  9. @Scorpion yes, my new playlist manager can. I would have to check if it all works as expected under android10/11
  10. @Scorpion so what exactly are you looking for, your initial post is not clear
  11. @Scorpion do you mean, the full list of your music's file paths?. simplest is to create a playlist of all tracks and export as .m3u
  12. @helloman123 interesting, it expands the range of "locations" <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <playlist version="1" xmlns="http://xspf.org/ns/0/"> <trackList> <track> <title>Windows Path</title> <location>file:///C:/music/foo.mp3</location> </track> <track> <title>Linux Path</title> <location>file:///media/music/foo.mp3</location> </track> <track> <title>Relative Path</title> <location>music/foo.mp3</location
  13. Next release V137 (subject to Google's release) - additional option Poweramp V2 style play buttons - additional option to apply PowerampV2 style to the front 4 buttons, time elapsed, duration, play count and metadata - improved graphics for the silver button in the equaliser screens (a more skeuomorphic design)
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