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  1. @aiagm given no one has responded, no it is not possible as a font requires specific information and its namewould need to be part of the skin definition itself
  2. @TariqR those 2 needs some more work. At the moment they are limited in functionality
  3. @BoringName query seems ok. FIY Music Playlist Manager will work with the Poweramp database when Pa is installed. otherwise it will query the andriod Mediastore. If you simply want to check values, counts etc, there are a number of criteria such as ratings and times played etc, but also a query builder "Smart Playlist" FWIW this is wat some uris actually execute // uris public static final Uri powerampuri = Uri.parse("content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/files"); //powerampuri = SELECT folder_files._id FROM folder_files //INNER JOIN folders ON folders._id=folder_id //LEFT JOIN artists ON artists._id=folder_files.artist_id // LEFT JOIN albums // ON albums._id=folder_files.album_id ; public static final Uri powerampfoldersuri = Uri.parse("content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/folders/files"); // powerampfoldersuri =SELECT folder_files._id FROM folder_files //INNER JOIN folders ON folders._id=folder_id //INNER JOIN albums //ON albums._id=folder_files.album_id //INNER JOIN artists ON artists._id=folder_files.artist_id public final Uri powerampgenreuri = Uri.parse("content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/genres/files"); /* SELECT * FROM genre_entries INNER JOIN genres ON genres._id=genre_entries.genre_id INNER JOIN folder_files ON folder_files._id=genre_entries.folder_file_id INNER JOIN folders ON folders._id=folder_files.folder_id LEFT JOIN albums ON albums._id=folder_files.album_id LEFT JOIN artists ON artists._id=folder_files.artist_id ORDER BY genre COLLATE NOCASE , album_sort COLLATE NOCASE, track_number, title_tag COLLATE NOCASE */
  4. @pauldavid1 did you try it on other devices?. I will help if you send me your skin settings.
  5. sometimes artifacts are moved too much and I have found they no longer react. Send me a screenshot please
  6. @andrewilley thank you for letting me know. Sometimes things dont go as expected 😎
  7. @Truthunter very nice. One little tip, the edge on the small buttons gives a tiny distortded look. You can experiment with changing the gradient "light" angle . Circle Custom Gradients, Gradient angle, X and Y position. Sometimes you get an amazing effect
  8. All elements can be moved to create a reflected layout as shown for example but it is down to the user to create the preferred layout
  9. @Truthunter 1. Can't figure out how to move the repeat and shuffle buttons to the left with the others. 2. I'd like to move the artwork further right but it's currently maxed out. I can replicate your issues. I will fix these in the next release 3. Is there a way to increase the size of the "Switches" and Font size of the "Equ", "Tone", "Limit", "Preset" buttons on the equalizer screen? perhaps, need to check this 4. Is it possible so that the equalizer slider color will remain transparent if it's at 0db and only turn color if gain is applied? I do not think this is possible
  10. @Satish999 have a look here https://gist.github.com/Pulimet/5013acf2cd5b28e55036c82c91bd56d8
  11. @6b6561 great, thought you might like it 😎😎
  12. @6b6561 latest release now has an option to start in a library view, album, artists, tracks or genre
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