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  1. @andrewilley google seem determined to get rid of the external sdcard. With android10 they had screwed things (up badly) down so much that they had to release android 11 to repair the potential damage. For example, lots of apps use libraries from other developers.They quickly realised that unless all developers updated their code, around 90% of apps would stop working. This was never going to happen. As an example, my app NPM uses the jid3 library which alows editing of mp3 tags.This library s quite old and has not seen any development for a long time so not allowing certain file io operation
  2. @Mojopowaman my app New Playlist Manager can create playlists based upon your Poweramp ratings... and a lot more
  3. @andrewilley had yet another look at this. My resolution, no separator, all sections take the app background color
  4. @greynolds thank you for all the work you have put in. I found the library screens quite difficult to manipulate but will take some of the common ideas on board. eg centering, hiding labels.For example, whilst working on the previous suggestion to move the text, I was not able to centre those labels so ended up by setting left margins . Neither waas I able to align their bottoms and alongside eachother. I will experiment some more. As for album blur on/off, this now works for all the screens where it is applicable. Consistency, colours, all the colour, background colours etc are a
  5. @greynolds no idea what Android Auto ui looks like so feel free to send me some screenshots. To hide albumart in Car Mode, simply select Hide > Albumart
  6. @Nevyn miniplayer size has not come up before but can be looked at of course. you can set the text size for track and album/artist separately,resize the library texts too. As it so happens, I am currently working on providing an option to hide albumart in the library headers as well as moving the ovrlapping text towards the middle.
  7. @Nevyn have you had a look at my skins? Bigyaps (free) and $yaps$ as this has several option such as car mode
  8. @greynolds looking at hiding the albumart in the header, I realise this had already been implemented previously but when maxmp introduced a similar feature in presenting the library views, my approach became redundant. I have revived it but just for the albumart in the headers as for thext sizes, It is almost (if not totally) impossible to ensure items do not overlap when large fonts are used. There are just too many display sizes out there. The only solution is to hide certain artifacts. Quite willing to look at maximising it for your device(s) so please send sceenshots by email. F
  9. @greynolds Perhaps it is available. You can set the background of the buttons etc by selecting folloed by would gve you
  10. @greynolds hiding those top displays is possible but I will need to add those options. It is not available at the moment. On the ToDo list
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