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  1. ok, found it finally by reading the release notes carefully. By long pressing a preset the dialog appears. Not the most intuitive way to import though but once you know .... pretty amazing . Simply looking at the profile on the left gives you an idea of the preset effect
  2. @andrewilley are you referring to Github? as I cannot find a specific autoEq website
  3. some explanation about parametric equaliser https://www.therecordingsolution.com/use-parametric-eq-settings-like-boss/
  4. I now understand maxmp's post where he talks about future developments on importing .txt files and reading straight from the autoeq database 😃
  5. @MotleyG thanks, entering a few profiles now. I discovered that by pressing the text labels, you can enter new values but I guess I am on the same journey as other Poweramp afficionados
  6. @coolguy ok, finally did as you suggested , but when importing in Poweramp, I can find the correct files but these are .txt and are not available for import. I guess I need the "Creative Outlier Air ParametricEQ.txt. Is is the intention that I adjust the bands manually?
  7. @Sharimsejn my skin $yaps$ has an option to set the size of the play button from 30dp to 130 dp
  8. @maxmp, there have been several users reporting a larger button. On some test devices the default is fine, on others the EqReverbParam5KnobLayout shows too large. for example
  9. In the next release, the new parametric equaliser has been styled with the usualoptions to change colours, buttons, backgrounds etc
  10. @John Titor by the same token some skins replace the Poweramp flash for missing albumart. This would also rate as undesirable Although the whole subject under discussion is fairly trivial, thinking about it some more, I believe the fact it is skinnable is probably intentional. A user is well aware that he/she is using Poweramp but not necessarily which skin is active. As many users have multiple skins installed, the display of the skin name is therefore, in my opinion, a good idea.
  11. @giannisgx89 i agree, as it is available for "skinning" we can change it.
  12. @John Titor the next release will be after i have skinned the new parametric sliders in line with background and button options selected. At the moment it is too hot to sit in front of my pc 😎😎😎
  13. @MotleyG @John Titor @andrewilley problem solved hidden visible
  14. @John Titor $yaps$ is really the only skin you need 😎
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