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  1. @doctorman you can hide any or all of those buttons. As for the tempo knob, i do not think it is possible. Knobs etc are part of a given layout which a skin cannot change.
  2. @BigGuy101 you could try and create playlists using (Free) New Playlist Manager. It has a feature whereby you can provide a date before creating the playlist
  3. @jayson rivera it is a bit like asking Microsoft to maintain Windows 2 or DOS. The world and especially technology moves on. Some people still like driving a Ford T but they would not expect Ford to develop new features for it.
  4. @Fitzian thanks, found it. Would have thought it more logical to have this option under Hide ui elements
  5. just updated to the latest release but do not see any option to hide library icons (Extra Options). what am I missing?
  6. @andrewilley my problem is that i use an external library called jid3 https://github.com/ericfarng/jid3lib which has not caught up ( probably never will) with the new requirements. The whole file i/o with 10+ is an unmitigated disaster and many older app have been broken, especially those using external libraries. Although maxmp will also use external libraries, he has the necessary skills to resolve permission and file io issues. I will have to wait until someone publishes an up to date mp3 tag editor on github.
  7. @andrewilley @İbrahim Yiğit with one proviso under android 10+ as long as your tracks are located on the internal memory. Permission restrictions on external sdcards with these releases prevent writing to those tracks
  8. @monkeybutt, download the development kit on github, install Android Studio (free development environment) and import the sample app. You can also create your own android emulated device for testing. Get the sample app to work first. Max has documented the steps required
  9. Latest release published on Google Play - small bug fix for grid library views - 2 new equaliser sliders, my interpretation of the default Poweramp slider and a diamond shaped slider
  10. @maxmpfound a small error in the attrs-styles-powerui.xml <!-- Parametric --> <attr name="EqParamColorCircleSelector" format="reference"/> <attr name="EqParamGainLinearKnob" format="reference"/> <attr name="EqParamGainLinearKnob" format="reference"/> <attr name="EqParamPlaceholder1" format="reference"/> <attr name="EqParamPlaceholder2" format="reference"/> and in styles-powerui-styles.xml <!-- Parametric --> <item name="EqParamColorCircleSelector">@style/EqParamColorCircleSelector</item> <item name="EqParamGainLinearKnob">@style/EqParamGainLinearKnob</item> <item name="EqParamGainLinearKnob">@style/EqParamGainLinearKnob</item> there are 2 EqParamGainLinearKnob references
  11. New Playlist Manager offers the following options for a Poweramp playlist
  12. @aalfaruque1 it will recognise you have already used your trial period so a reinstall will not give you another trial period
  13. @andrewilley the grid views were showing metadata whereas the default Poweramp skin does not. I have now hidden the metadata field in the grid views to bring it in line with Poweramp
  14. @mark586 just send me an email please so I can respond that way
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