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  1. @iAsriel looking at the icons, it looks like this is Aurora skin from Mixified. and on the walkman logo, it is no doubt copyright so cannot be used by third parties
  2. @iAsriel what do you like specifically? The fact that albumart has been replaced with walkman logo, colours?
  3. @andrewilley I finally got to the bottom of this. As long as your tracks are on the internal sdcard there appears to be no problems. However, for android 10/11 where your tracks reside on the xternal sdcard, permission requirements prevent the creation of Android playlist. Poweramp playlists are not affected as these do not use the android media database.
  4. I have rewritten the copy routine and the op has confirmed it works,The latest version has been released
  5. @cyberchulo I just released a new version where you can copy the tracks on a playlist to another folder. You can find it on the playlist context menu (3 little dots)
  6. @WhatABoringName @andrewilley had a look at providing this but it cannot be done through setting styles (which is effectively what skins are). It will be something max can add though
  7. @cyberchulo i will check the code. I will let you know the outcome.
  8. @cyberchulo i believe my app new playlist manager can do this as long as you have not got android 11. It has been a long time ago i added this functionality so would need to check if it still works. If you are interested let me know
  9. @yeahhbuzz ,@andrewilley the latest release of new playlist manager has a much improved module for creating "smart" playlists. You essentially build sql queries and execute them against the Poweramp mediastore. For sorting, you simply add the tags so in the op's case sort by album, by track number
  10. @maxmp this is what I am trying to achieve.. Everything is in position using normal margins etc apart from track title and artist/album. These are positioned with dimens definitions <dimen name="ItemText_width">300dp</dimen> <dimen name="ItemText_negative_width">-300dp</dimen> Ideally, attaching the left side to <inset> would be preferable as the landscape width varies and the text does not always fit perfectly
  11. @maxmp "The item is the container view which contains cover, title, line2, meta, and few other sometimes dynamically loaded elements, such as rating." The way I understand this that there are 4 possible candidates to represent "the item": <attr name="TopContainer" format="reference"/> <attr name="TopMilk" format="reference"/> <attr name="TopListWidget" format="reference"/> <attr name="TopAABounds" format="reference"/> "first the item itself should be aligned to the side " I applied the layout_attachLeft to
  12. @lifeless @MFenn my app New Playlist Manager (free or paid) has that functionality
  13. @MotleyG i appreciate the suggestions. For the moment i am sticking with this as you can hide albumart and also hide the overlapping text. I want to keep this as simple as possible. I am currently working on the reflective layout in landscape
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