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  1. @YouNme https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=skins.v3.Poweramp.apowerampskin&hl=en
  2. @giannisgx89 not sure if you are aware but you need to style for each scene. The naming indicates which scene it applies to <attr name="ItemTrackLine2" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_Text" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_small" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_1" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_1_small" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_zoomed" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_1_zoomed" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_grid" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_grid_1" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_grid_1_alt" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_grid_zoomed" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_grid_1_zoomed" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_grid_1_alt_zoomed" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_aa" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_aa_vis" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_aa_playing" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_item_menu" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_item_menu_lu" format="reference"/> <attr name="ItemTrackLine2_scene_header" format="reference"/> so for example, the front ui you need to style "ItemTrackLine2_scene_aa" "ItemTrackLine2_scene_aa_playing" etc.
  3. @MotleyG it would need a complete redesign of the layout which is probably possible but will require a lot of work. At this point in time I am not planning to do this, sorry
  4. I could give this a try of course. However it is often a case of when you touch one thing, the rest falls apart. Other artifacts may be attached to these buttons so they would move as well, I 'll give it a go though
  5. @andrewilley at the moment it takes the background colour of menus. I have changed it to take the icon colour and suddenly it does no longer show ...... chasing my tail ..
  6. Latest release V109 is out From simple to more elaborate .... Anything is possible
  7. @giannisgx89, I am afraid I cannot help here as it is getting too complicated. ActivityTheme_White has Base_ActivityTheme_Default as parent which in turn has _Core as parent. I think these are the areas to investigate <!-- NOTE: need additional level of indirection due to e.g. values-v29 overridding which should be used by skins which derive from Base_ActivityTheme_Default --> <style name="Base_ActivityTheme_Default" parent="Base_ActivityTheme_Core"> </style> <style name="ActivityTheme_White" parent="Base_ActivityTheme_Default"> </style> My approach to this sort of thing is to set the artifact to >invisible< to ensure it has the style applied. Once you are certain it gets easier to change attributes. You are probably already doing this though
  8. In my skins I use <item name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:lineBackground">@drawable/rounded_text</item> where rounded_text <shape xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"> <corners android:radius="?com.maxmpz.audioplayer:corners_large"/> <solid android:color="your colour"/> </shape>
  9. @giannisgx89, what is meant by a "light version"? you can simply set backgrounds and other selected artifacts to white.
  10. In android there is no longer the concept of exit like there is on windows for example. Android will manage memory for you and if it needs it it will kill running apps in the background. The user does not neec to manage this
  11. I think this has fixed it from the documentation <!-- Space to reserve for moveable toobar on bottom. Should be large enough so toolbar doesn't overlap last item --> <attr name="bottomReservedSpace" format="dimension"/> <item name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:bottomReservedSpace">100dp</item>
  12. @andrewilley easily checked once i find the option to export 😃
  13. I do not think that skin settings are exportable. I will have to try and recreate the issue by trial and error
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