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  1. My latest release of the free skin completely replaces the previous one. It is actually the paid for version but with some options removed or options reduced. The colour palette is fully available though.
  2. And you are trying to play thhis using Poweramp or some other method? Poweramp and any decent music player should recognise this type. Perhaps try and rename it by removing the 8 from .m3u8 so it becomes .m3u
  3. @MotleyG, nice screenshots, wrong thread though. This is the paid app, not tge free one. Thank you for posting though
  4. A few qyuestions for you. What do you use to export? Does the end result have a .m3u extension?, what does it look like when you open it up with a text editor?
  5. Just one note to this. Although npm can back up your ratings, the version has moved on and no longer supports Poweramp v2 so you can no longer backup Poweramp v2 ratings. Best way forward is to contact me as op has done as i can provide an older version which does work for Poweramp v2
  6. It seems to have got worse. Now marking the site as read no longer marks the posts as read. They reappear
  7. @M Akmal i will have to revisit the code. It was developed quite a while ago. Please get in touch by email rather than through this forum.
  8. Select a playlist, then from either the menu at the top or context menu on the playlist itself, select "sort by."
  9. @andrewilley, yes it does use the full path
  10. Sorting a playlist by filename is available in both free new playlist and New Playlist Manager
  11. @Savage please contact me directly by email and i will try and help
  12. If anyone has a well designed spectrum or visualisation, i will happily integrate it into my skin $yaps$
  13. thanks, just realised had to compile against 857 of course
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