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  1. Old vinyl double album by Boudewijn de Groot https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boudewijn_de_Groot
  2. Coming up with the next release of Poweramp, a new menu structure Here is a preview and a big thank you of course to @maxmp who actually does the hard work
  3. @andrewilley, settings are held in a text file called stable-ids.txt This file is not held in /data/data I cannot find where it is kept. sorry
  4. @maxmp, a brief update. Alrhough it appears to be working as expected there are 2 points I noted; 1 setting the font size in a style to 30sp appears to have a different size outcome when setting fonts to the same size using sliders 2. spacing of the text view seems to increase disproportionately when using slider values I have tried to capture both issues in attached sceenshots Having compared the sizes with text in Word, the slider size looks right Also I found that <style name="ItemTextLine2" parent="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:ItemTextLine2"> <item name="android:textSize">?library_font_size</item> <item name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:textSizeMultiplierPref">skin_library_font_size</item> </style> cannot coexist, setting one affects the other.
  5. Yes, I have been unable to resolve this issue with Huawei android 7.
  6. If you have subset of properties you want to control with seekbar preference, please list them here and I will try to iteratively add those, hopefully to the next (865) build. @maxmp my thinking is along the lines that a seekbar would return a value between min and max which is then passed to a variable listed in attrs. My main "variable" variables at the moment are <attr name="font_size" format="dimension"/> // used for Line2 <attr name="track_font_size" format="dimension"/> <attr name="library_font_size" format="dimension"/> <attr name="meta_scale_factor" format="dimension" /> <attr name="library_text_scale_factor" format="float" /> <attr name="waveseek_width" format="dimension" /> //bar width <attr name="album_art_aaMaxZRotation" format="float" /> <attr name="aa_round_factor" format="float" /> // degree of rounding of main ui albumart <attr name="album_margin" format="integer" /> As an example: <style name="set_30sp_library_font_size"> <item name="library_font_size">30sp</item> </style> <style name="ItemTextTitle_Text_font" parent="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:ItemTextTitle_Text"> <!-- library list tracks, artist,albums, genres etc --> <item name="android:fontFamily">?selected_font</item> <item name="android:textSize">?library_font_size</item> </style> Would something like this work? To make it truly independant, could attr_name preferences be set this way? <slider name="@string/font_size" defaultValue="@style/set_default_font_slider_value" key="yaps_font_slider_value" summary="@string/font_size_summary"> <option name=@string/font_size min="0" max="32" step="1" attr_name="track_font_size" /> </slider
  7. @MotleyG, if that is the case, there are over 100 colours to chose from, half of which are opaque
  8. you mean something like this? but the main UI has what is known as album blur (aka milk) which covers the whole screen. Blur is only vailable on the main UI screen and not in the libary. This question on album blur throughout the app has been asked and maxmp stated that to make albumblur available elsewhere would obfuscate text etc.
  9. Latest release v56 out now A new feature is the ability to set albumart animation when changing tracks I am aware that there are now so many options and settings, managing these is becoming a little difficult. However, once maxmp provides the ability to create collapseable menus and (hopefully) silders, the menu will be restructured. Sliders would allow the user to set any value so for animation for example the user would be able to fine tune it without having to select a discreet option. Setting font sizes would be another example.
  10. @maxmp, in addition to the menu, submenu enhancements is it at all possible to add a slider with a min and max integer value similar to or the actual SeekBarPreference. I have lots of settings where a slider would be useful as it provides more flexibility and reduces clutter. Setting font sizes would be a good example
  11. @Cpasley, yes the solution is to use a skin that allows you to set the android navbar colour to black, like my skins for instance
  12. Did this happen previously or are you new to Poweramp? If you did use earlier versions, did you encounter this behaviour too?
  13. @andrewilley, the new menu tags will just be ignored in lower versions
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