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  1. JoseLoma

    Poweramp Build 810

    Oh okay. It is a pity. Anyway, congratulations for the application, for me the best there is.
  2. JoseLoma

    Poweramp Build 810

    I would like compatibility with streaming applications such as Mixcloud to be possible.
  3. Hello. Is it possible to support srteaming for Mixcloud for example? ?
  4. As of v3, the letters don't scroll. In v2 yes.
  5. Have the letters of the title and album labels been changed to be complete? Since they did not move before and they were incomplete when they were long names.
  6. We're going to see subnormal. First, on Youtube there are sessions of high quality
  7. @maxmp Can you put streaming support to listen to youtube or mixcloud songs? It would be a good idea to be able to listen sessions.
  8. It would be nice if it was compatible for streaming playback of sites like Mixcloud or Souncloud.
  9. Hello. The title of some songs is not see complete on the main screen or the lock screen if it is too long. Can you fix it so that it moves?
  10. Noises and clicks are heard in most songs. Especially when phone notifications arrive.
  11. Hello. I would like you to use the option to change the tags that you want to show on the main screen and on the lock screen. Remove the album and show only the title of the song and the name of the artist. Also let the letters slide, since you do not see the full name sometimes.
  12. The same happens to me.
  13. Have support for Chromecast?
  14. JoseLoma

    What Ui Do You Prefer?

    I prefer V2. The letters of the title and the artist move and you could see the full name. With the V3 not.