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  1. I use $yaps$ skin and after the update i have lost having the text below the artwork in albums view. EDIT : I found the setting that restores the text to be under the artwork in album grid view,it's in $yaps$/skin settings/miscellaneous/No Album Art Blur Background,you turn that off.
  2. I knew you could and would,thanks for all your work in making a great skin so i can have Poweramp looking just how i like it,dark and uncluttered.
  3. Version 42. I have all the same settings as before,including track elapsed and duration hidden,but i now have this showing,everything else is as it should be.
  4. I have it set as MD black 1000 opaque,it still shows as what's shown in the pictture,but as i said,that only happens when i have menu and rating hidden.
  5. You actually had that bug fixed in the previous build,and i have the dialog background set as MD black 1000 opaque as you can see with the other icons on the left next to the white menu icon
  6. Sorry to be a pain but with the latest build, if i have menu and rating hid, this happens.
  7. After the last 2 updates I'm having a problem with playlist i click the shuffle songs in playlist page and nothing plays,i click the play icon next to the shuffle icon and nothing plays,i now have to open the playlist and then click the first song for it to start playing the playlist. Samsung A70 android 9
  8. Oh, ok, thanks for your quick reply. Update - letting you know everthing is displaying right now.
  9. It still looks like this,Poweramp and the skin are both updated to the latest builds. I'm using the $yaps$ skin.
  10. I also get this bug when I have hide menu and rating selected. and if I don't have menu and rating hid,I get this.
  11. I found out that if I have no album art blur backgrond toggled on, the title name and artist is over the album art in albums library grid views,and with it off and I choose black as background, I get a light blur color background in player view.ok I realise I have to have, enable main screen background off in Poweramp background settings to get a black background,I've never had to do that before.
  12. I use the $yaps$ skin in the albums grid, the album and artist text is over the artwork,it wasn't like that before the last update, I can't find the setting to have it underneath the album art
  13. I updated to new build of yaps, when I choose app default pro buttons the pause button stays white even though I have chosen a color, the play button will be colored,but just not the pause button, everything else is great.
  14. This is what I had before,I think it was the dark knobs,they are more3d.
  15. I had the circles transparent before the update I could see the default Poweramp knobs and the dark ones they weren't completely black,are they different with this update?
  16. Sorry I posted in the wrong skin,I was referring to the skin just updated in the playstore ,the alternative with 2 layouts.
  17. In the latest update the dark nobs and the Poweramp default nobs are just black,you can't see them at all on a black background.
  18. Ok thanks Max,no I didn't think it was high,it was just that I have never received a message like that before and I thought something was wrong.
  19. It's the first time that i got a message that Poweramp needs to close because of high cpu usage, I have a Samsung Note8 SM-N950F on oreo
  20. Thank you very much,everything is fine now,it allows me to set the minimalist look that I prefer.
  21. Well it doesn't matter if it isn't fixed,I have other options and can use another skin that has a consistant look.
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