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  1. After the last 2 updates I'm having a problem with playlist i click the shuffle songs in playlist page and nothing plays,i click the play icon next to the shuffle icon and nothing plays,i now have to open the playlist and then click the first song for it to start playing the playlist. Samsung A70 android 9
  2. Ok thanks Max,no I didn't think it was high,it was just that I have never received a message like that before and I thought something was wrong.
  3. It's the first time that i got a message that Poweramp needs to close because of high cpu usage, I have a Samsung Note8 SM-N950F on oreo
  4. I know you have had updates,I have been waiting to be able to change the text color,but I have now found a skin that has that option
  5. Same here,soon as I touch volume hard button the onscreen dial bottoms to zero.note8 on pie
  6. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.folginar.material2pa this is the material theme,which I think you may like.
  7. This build has fixed the 3rd party skins not staying applied after closing android auto on my phone where PA was the media player in AA.
  8. Doesn't anyone else have a bug where if you are using a 3rd party skin and open android auto on your phone then after you exit it then open PA the skin is reverted to the default light skin? Oh it's fixed now with build 818,thanks Max for your hard work.
  9. A bug I have is if I have android auto open on my phone and go to PA in music section then close android auto and open PA, it has reverted to the default light skin,even though I was using a 3rd party skin,if I have the default dark skin selected it will stay on that even after I exit android auto,its the third party skins that are not staying applied.,so it seems for now I have to use the default dark skin.i tried the always reload skin setting and that doesn't help.
  10. Yes I have seen this theme,I use PA on a phone and use dark theme through out,i was just looking for a dark theme with same colored text and pro buttons and with alternative layout.
  11. Ok thanks andre for answering,I realise they must be hard to make,I was wondering if it was harder for V3.
  12. Just wondering is there a reason why most of the new skins aren't as good as the ones that are for the older V2 PA, is it harder to skin? Was looking for a skin with colored text,alternative layout,and skinned pro buttons,but can't seem to find one skin with these options,seems one skin will have one thing,and another skin will have the other thing but not one skin with all, like the V2 skins did.
  13. You can hide unknown album with the PA settings/look and feel/player ui, but wouldn't it be better to tag your music files, I use a free program on my computer called - mp3tag.
  14. PA of cause, plenty of options for seek bar in skins.
  15. My skins are working, are you trying to use skins for v2 on v3 PA.
  16. I have 320 g on my phone, and don't really need to delete songs to save space,I actually have different Playlist on my phone to what's on my pc, I usually put artwork and tags with mp3tag on my computer than just drag albums or songs to SD card.
  17. I just transfer straight to my SD card using es file manager, and just use groove on pc.
  18. Sorry I can't help more, I just tested the forum to see if it was working, I'm not a member and don't use musicbee. PA has been the one and only player I've used from the beginning.
  19. Why not use alternative layout setting where the album and artist name are below the artwork?
  20. I just tried it, and I could access it, firefox/note8/android 8
  21. The background sliders in PA settings is for adjusting for this.
  22. Wow, thanks max you even applied an idea I put forward for the album art to be visible during visualizations.
  23. Thanks for fixing the verticle scroll bar, and the bronze color is cool,just noticed that the no blur setting changes the layout.
  24. Alternative layout with the title below album art, I like dark orange accent but maybe a color wheel to pick own accent color, plus the color highlight to be on the verticle scrolls handle, not the track it runs in.
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