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  1. Looked up the word. Looks pretty skeuomorphic to me 😃
  2. @Geedlet the smart playlist feature of my app new playlist manager can do this, for example select artist equals aerosmith Sort by Album Track no Year
  3. @DevilSlayerDante try my skin $YAPS$ it has options to size your play buttons as well as vary the spacing. (not to mention a million other things you can customise)
  4. @Kronep a few points, ratings are saved by Poweramp but only in a playlist. The number of times played is not though. However my app new playlist manager has functionality to backup and restore ratings and times played. It also has functionality to read and write ratings to the popm tag of the track itself. You may find reading and writing to the popm tag does not work for music located on an external sdcard under android 11. Update: just tested the reading popm and update Poweramp Ratings and it works fine. (one small issue under android 11 wjich does not affect the updating, but will be
  5. @mite_jan the only skins with layout adaptations for cars are my skins Bigyaps and $yaps$. The latter even has a special layout called car mode. I am not aware of any others
  6. @Xander71 it was not suggested that no one uses these buttons, just that i do not. Anyway, issue has been identified so no doubt will be fixed in the next release
  7. @Xander71 yes, these icons always showed like this. I do not use the buttons myself so have not paid much attention to them. Clearly not correct so will be fixed. Thanks
  8. @emmerich and all others posters, you may want to experiment with creating smb playlists from your nas with my app new playlist manager. I would be interested to get some feedback on its usefullness. I know there are a few users out there using it
  9. @greynolds remind me again by email please to make sure i understand what you are after. (I do not like to use the forum for support conversations)
  10. Not just a skin with pretty colours In the next release, set the size and/or shape of the seekbar thumb and volume slider thumb.
  11. @itkbutt3rs to what purpose? Can you explain please
  12. @andrewilleysorry to have orphaned your response, it was a matter of RTFM which explained it all
  13. @monkeybutt yes, i would like to think this is aleady possible with my skin
  14. @Paul Heasman i suspect the equaliser screens also have issues. This skin needs to be compiled against the latest Poweramp release to correct this type of issue
  15. If Anybody can supply the artwork, ie graphics for the buttons etc, i would be able to create a similar skin.
  16. @andrewilley implemented with a slightly different tint for each colour
  17. @andrewilley even default has it, god knows where it comes from .the hunt is on .. UpdateL found it. <item name="android:textColorTertiary">some_colour</item> I will set it to whatever colour is set for text
  18. @Scorpion my app new playlist manager offers the composer tag. Selecting it will display your track collection by composers found. I there is interest, i can also add it to the tags available in the "smart query" tool
  19. @CapH my skin $yaps$ has an option to put the delete button on the main screen. Yoy still need to confirm but it requires far fewer steps
  20. @ludisus you reference Powermilk which is an additional app. Simply uninstalling it should remove its .milk files imagine. @andrewilley is referring to visualisations built into Poweramp itself
  21. Have a look in About> Open Source Licenses, there you will find lots of details and references to github projects too.
  22. @andrewilley google seem determined to get rid of the external sdcard. With android10 they had screwed things (up badly) down so much that they had to release android 11 to repair the potential damage. For example, lots of apps use libraries from other developers.They quickly realised that unless all developers updated their code, around 90% of apps would stop working. This was never going to happen. As an example, my app NPM uses the jid3 library which alows editing of mp3 tags.This library s quite old and has not seen any development for a long time so not allowing certain file io operation
  23. @Mojopowaman my app New Playlist Manager can create playlists based upon your Poweramp ratings... and a lot more
  24. @andrewilley had yet another look at this. My resolution, no separator, all sections take the app background color
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