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  1. @mark586 just send me an email please so I can respond that way
  2. There is no point really as with a skin the user would have specific backgrounds, colours etc. A switch to light or drk mode would achieve what exactly?
  3. @Oliver Simon New Playlist Manager has an option to move selected tracks to the top or reverse the order of a playlist
  4. @andrewilley done. Also note the new option the resize albumart in Library Listview @Ash Roarshock
  5. @Ash Roarshock in the next release you will be able to size your albumart in library list views as shown in the example below: This is List-small
  6. Just fooling around 😃😃 let any other skin beat this
  7. @Ash Roarshock do i detect $yaps$ as skin??, maybe i can do something here
  8. @andrewilley i am slightly puzzled by user insistance on core app functionality and the apparent willingness to forego additional features if they are not in the main app. In android, apps are "running" most of the time and switching is just 2 taps, probably the same "effort" as selecting this option in Poweramp should it be available. The notion you would need to exit Poweramp is false. As you know my app creates playlists directly in Poweramp so you could see npm as an extension rather than a separate app. By the same token, user do not use Poweramp as their main mp3 editor, they use an external app which does the job a little better. Although these npm smart playlists do not react and update on changes by themselves, i have recently provided an option to update them so one click will suffice to update all your smart playlists. (No doubt this process could be triggered by some event)
  9. @andrewilley you can build your own queries using my tool
  10. @Shafeer Painkal correct. Email me if you have further questions
  11. @Shafeer Painkal this is a feature i recently added to New Playlist Manager. It has the query builder where you link the query to a playlist. and an option to update those playlists.
  12. @CrimsonBird in powramp albumblur is only available on the main screen. I have in the past tried to get it to work elsewhere but it was not possible.
  13. @node1634 it even produces playlists with relative paths. You would not even have to edit them, so yes I fully understand your point of view 😄.
  14. @Hicham Minihisht great, this one is free but you may want to have a look at $yaps$ and support the developer 😃.. me
  15. @Joe Tsai it is not a matter of space but more the way it is implemented. Poweramp itself handles the logic to switch the button display. A skin cannot change this.
  16. @drftr you will find that with $yaps$ the track title and album/artist will center where albumart was showing. It gives a better balanced view. Of course you can show or hide all other elements too as in the second screenshot
  17. @node1634 this is easily achieved with my app New Playlist Manager. Even the free version has the export function for 1 or more Poweramp playlists.
  18. @maxmp, I encountered a "duplicate key" issue in stable-ids.txt after the recent update to Artic Fox and gradle 7. I cleared the stable-ids.txt file in the knowledge it would repopulate. However, after the recent release of my skin I have had reports of users, unable to apply their backups to restore the skin settings. The question is, is there a relationship between the ids in stable-ids.txt and a user exported settings? If so this would mean i should never change stable-ids.txt I hope you can shed some light on this,
  19. @Hicham Minihisht my skin $yaps$ has an option to hide albumart. There are also 2 landscape layouts that meet your requirements. In addition, i have a free skin bigyaps which has no albumart and large play buttons. I do not think there are any other skins that hide albumart
  20. @Xander71 applied the following changes: Text colour to adopt text colour set for app. Some text takes its colour value from android itself, "textColorSecondary" background is taken from the settings of the front 4 buttons, metadata and timings
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