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    Can you support Simplified Chinese?

    You can contribute yourself. There is a site where you can translate the words in your language. Once this is complete, it gets incorporated into Poweramp. I cannot remember the link but I am sure by searching this forum or the Po website, you will find it.
  2. flyingdutchman

    Earbud Recommendations?

    I think these may fit the bill, https://uk.creative.com/p/headphones-headsets/creative-outlier-sports#buy-menu They have a silicone extension which neatly locks the earpiece in your earshell
  3. flyingdutchman

    Top Rated in Library

    One of the users of my app was confused that the totals in Top Rated did not reconcile with those actually held in the pa database. To illustrate, Poweramp shows: : but when running New Playlist Managers, Rating criteria the following shows: which is confirmed when running an sql statement against the same database: Question: what does the Top Rating represent?
  4. @dipanjan maity Google is a large company with thousands of developers. Max is a one man band. It is simple really
  5. flyingdutchman

    Unable to import Playlists on new phone

    Glad I could be of help
  6. flyingdutchman

    Unable to import Playlists on new phone

    Can i suggest you export your playlists as .m3u rather than the mysterious .pla format. Copy these to your new device and use a text editor to bulk replace the pc path with the path of your device. There are many posts on this very subject on the forum. Alternatively, use my app to import the .m3u playlists. It will recreate a android playlist which you then import into Poweramp. By the way, always export your playlists as .m3u8 as backup.
  7. flyingdutchman

    Song Que Frustrations

    Sounds like you need to create a playlist rather than a queue
  8. flyingdutchman

    Automatic downloading of audio and video from whatsapp

    Just make sure that the folder where whatsapp downloads to is not scanned by Poweramp. Go to Settings》Folders and Library》Music Folders. Only tick those folders where your songs are, untick all others. Finally, rescan
  9. flyingdutchman

    Feature Request

    The reason is that to be able to use the latest features in android, (not just material design) you need to use the most up to date what is known as an sdk (software development kit), as android moves forward, support for older versions is dropped as fewer and fewer devices will be on these older versions. If you run pre lollipop, google play will only show apps compatible with your device and will not show newer apps.
  10. flyingdutchman

    Playlist loading

    I assume you are referring to .m3u8 playlists. they are text files holding the full path of a track but your new device's sdcard is now called different so the path is no longer valid. You can verify the details by using a text editor. The common way to fix this is to search for the old sdcard reference and replace with the new sdcard reference. You can also use my app to import the playlists as android playlists and import these into Poweramp. Search the forum as this is a common problem.
  11. flyingdutchman

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    You posted this elsewhere too. The problem is not with Poweramp but your m3u playlist. Make sure that all tracks in the playlist a tually exist on your device. I suspect some are either missing or corrupt.
  12. Poweramp has its own media database where it holds its playlists and you will not find these outside Poweramp. The file based ones are just lists of tracks mot necessarily created in Poweramp. My New Playlist Manager for instance and other music players produce these too as it is an interchangeable format. You should always export Poweramp internal playlists as a backup as you will find many users have lost their Poweramp playlists when for instance you remove your sdcard whilst the device is switched on. Lots of posts on this on the forum.
  13. When you export your playlists, Poweramp creates a text file for each playlist with an m3u8 extension. Simply copy these to your pc, open them in a text editor such as wordpad and rearrange the lines. Once completed, just save it ensuring you keep the .m3u8 extension, and copy back to your device. Make sure you place them in a folder which is scanned by Poweramp. Additional, you could use excel if you are familiar with saving as text format. Avoid using editors such as Word as they may add their own codes to the document.
  14. flyingdutchman

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    @peeshow, when you buy an app you are entitled to use the app, nothing more. If and when the new version gets released it will be under the current license but it would have been acceptable to have to pay for this.
  15. flyingdutchman

    Some realistic demands

    No 9 can be found in a number by the Beatles Revolution 9
  16. Want to backup your Poweramp app but do not have a rooted phone ? I found an app called Helium (formerly known as Carbon) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.backup&hl=en which does this fairly easy. You need to install a desktop version on your pc, (or Chrome extension),and the android app on your device. Once the two connect you can backup Poweramp to your device. If you want to reinstate the Poweramp app, including its database, simply copy the resulting folder (called carbon) to the internal memory of your new device. Again install Helium, fire up the desktop versin and connect. You can now restore Poweramp. (or any other app of course) It worked for me preserving Candy Crush rewards etc. You can read more here: https://en.softonic.com/articles/how-to-backup-android-app-files-with-carbon
  17. flyingdutchman

    Send to top of the Playlist option.

    This specific functionality is available in my app New Playlist Manager. It has lots of integration with Poweramp too
  18. flyingdutchman

    Lost Playlists after changing SD-Card

    @gtb7878, i assume you backed up your playlists as .m3u8 format. No need to edit the paths, simply use my app to import the m3u8 playlist, this will create a new playlist in android which you then import into Poweramp.. The free version has this functionality too.
  19. flyingdutchman


    If you refer to editing mp3 tags,in your case genre, yes you can name it whatever you like. It will show up in libary genre view.
  20. Yes, you can. The behaviour is slightly counter intuitive but first select the function, in your case " add to playlist" , and continue to select tracks, albums, artist etc. You will see that Poweramp will keep score at the bottom. When done tap add (n) and create your playlist or add to another one.
  21. flyingdutchman

    Apply Ratings to a playlist

    Yes, all other functionality will also work such as export ratings, update popm etc.
  22. I have added further functionality to New Playlist Manager and It is now possible to apply a rating to a whole playlist in one go. If you for instance have a playlist you really like, simply select the "Rate Playlist" from its context menu in NPM, tap the number of stars you want to give and click OK. That's it.
  23. Poweramp creates m3u playlists and i do not understand how you can have specific playlists which do not allow the creation of m3u playlists. The export facility in Poweramp does what it says on the tin, there is no "more convenient" way. My app also creates m3u playlists but does it in the same way as Poweramp. Be aware that even with m3u playlists, you will still have to endure the re scanning each time you remove or add an sdcard. If you do this a lot, then you must create m3u playlists otherwise your normal playlists will always end up empty. On the reference to pls, i am not sure these would survive sdcard removal and insertion, m3u certainly will. Ps i assume when you talk about mp3 player, you mean an android device and Poweramp is your preferred music player
  24. As a result of this thread, I have added more functionality to New Playlist Manager. In the next release (2.19) you will be able to rate a complete playlist with one click. For instance you have a favourite playlist, just select Rate from the context menu, click the number of stars when prompted and click Ok. That's it.