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  1. For those interested in milk presets, here is an interesting selection. Some you will find in the next release of $YAPS$ http://forums.shoutcast.com/showthread.php?t=57068
  2. @Prosenjit, would you mind if i added some of these in my app $yaps$ ?
  3. Layout adjusted. It may need some fine tuning. Better to do this via email Will publish later today
  4. @monkeybutt, could you do me a favour and download and run a little dimensions utility and send me a screenshot http://www.theo.klinkweb.nl/poweramp_skin.html It will show me the configuration of your device allowing me to fine the layout
  5. @monkeybutt, positioning those 2 fields low down is a bit of a nightmare. Can you email me your device model and i will se what i can do. Yes the artist album are one field. Skins are a collection of styles and do not allow for coding logic.
  6. @monkeybutt, try: to move the timings. as for the menu, long press albumart will bring up the menu,. Yes the search icon border...., it was on all views and fixed too
  7. To clarify, .m3u playlists do not have an id in the Poweramp media database so you need to ensure Poweramp is able to scan the folder where you have them. It will recognise them and rebuild a new internal playlist which will have an id and will be displayed in my app
  8. @andrewilley, I fully agree. google is trying hard to eliminate the external sdcard, I believe this is their long term (covert) strategy. The poor implementation of SAF is also a disaster imho, for instance _DATA was deprecated in 10 (where the full path is held) but in Android 11 it is discussed again. I am still unable to add playlist entires to playlists in android (so is the rest of the world would you believe). They are forcing all apps to target api29 or higher by the end of the year. I think a lot of apps will dissappear.(unliess they change their mind of course) It feels a bit like bullying.
  9. @monkeybutt, it seemed a good suggestion and was dead easy to implement 👍 thank you for your support too
  10. V88 just released (depending on Google publishing it) A few user requests: = New shortcut commands (add to playlist and delete track) on the main ui. Their default state is hidden. = A new "hide Library Icons" option as suggested by Monkeybutt on the Pamp forum. = new set of simple play buttons
  11. Yes @monkeybutt that should be easy. Might even try and fit this in in the next release this afternoon
  12. @andrewilley, no it does not. The whole writing to mp3 tags is probably up the spout with all the security restrictions under android 10. I use jid3 and jaudiotagger libraries which are quite old and have not seen any development for years so unless those developers or someone else updates them, it is the end of the road for updating popm tags.
  13. @MotleyG, added new option slider. so now you can let it zoom in or zoom out. I have provided scales in steps of .01 from .9 to 1.1 Setting of 1 ensures no change.
  14. Sure, i will have a look. When scaleable, it could go smaller or bigger i imagine
  15. Best thing is to try them out. Free yaps is a "cut down" version of $yaps$ , showing some of the functionality and options from the paid version
  16. Yes, with my skin $yaps$ you can place the control on the left, right, below albumart or instead of the seekbar
  17. @doiredus, any feedback or response?
  18. Well @Kachadurian, did this fit the bill? With my $YAPS$ skin you can hide almost everything to give you your slimmed down skin.
  19. @maxmp, thank you for the Github update. However the new bookmark icon is not accessible and produces the following error AAPT: error: style attribute 'com.maxmpz.audioplayer:attr/bookmarks' is private.
  20. flyingdutchman

    ear phone

    Translated: I was able to use headphone function one day ago, today i have reset the function after it refused to work, but without any effect. Meanwhile no rom or app updates, so yes, i am flabbergasted that the app refused
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