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  1. ok i did. What does stereo expand do exactly. And does it have a good impact on these files.
  2. hi everyone i just purchased my first album in qobuz and its carpenters with the royal Philharmonic orchestra. I downloaded it in 24 bit 192khz wav. Now whats the best way to enjoy these files.
  3. i downloaded tag scanner and im wondering how do you put album art into the file where do you get your album art from.
  4. Ok i went into the app that i use to edit the tags and removed them. I edited them inside Poweramp instead and it fixed it now i just need to find a way to embed album art into the file.
  5. Ok i did this i just played the song without touching anything and it played fine. I played it again and moved the seek bar to the 3:17 mark and what supposed to be sung then wasn't until 3:37.
  6. Yes like i mentioned the app i use is automatag that is what i used to edit the tags of the song. And i did a full rescan but it did not help. If you listen to the song there is a part of the song that happens at 3:17 without using the wave seek to get to it. If i seek through the song that part at 3:17 does not happen until 3:37. Hope this makes sense.
  7. How do i do that. Also all of my album art is 1200x1200 because i use an app called automatag which tags my music and sets the album art to that size.
  8. Only Poweramp seems to do this I've checked my computers file of the same song and samsung music.
  9. I think i found my issue i use mp3 automatag and whenever i apply the album art to the song the song goes back 10 seconds causing the time issue
  10. Hi im having an issue with one of my songs the amount of time that is played is 3:54 but it goes over this to 4:11 does anyone know why this happens. This does not happen on samsung music with the same song.
  11. I removed the 8 and it let me use it thank you.
  12. It ends in .m3u8 i use the export option that Poweramp provides. and i don't know how to do the other thing you mentioned.
  13. Hi does anyone have answer to why this happens when i try to play one of my playlist that i exported from my internal storage.
  14. Ok thank you also what does dvc do exactly. I have noticed that when i disable it on the headphones the songs get a bit louder. When i enable it they get a little lower not much though.
  15. Hi is it possible to choose the sample rate for the speaker output. Also what does disabling dvc do to the speaker.
  16. I was listening to the carpenters album of the same name otherwise referred to as the tan album. Such great music i love rainy days and mondays.
  17. @Cpasley when you choose the album art for a song. Look at the image check the box and choose the album art or image from your gallery you want to use
  18. Hi max i was wondering if you could add the ability to change the font style for the text on the player ui for example having the title of a song be in cursive or italic
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