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  1. I removed the 8 and it let me use it thank you.
  2. It ends in .m3u8 i use the export option that Poweramp provides. and i don't know how to do the other thing you mentioned.
  3. Hi does anyone have answer to why this happens when i try to play one of my playlist that i exported from my internal storage.
  4. Ok thank you also what does dvc do exactly. I have noticed that when i disable it on the headphones the songs get a bit louder. When i enable it they get a little lower not much though.
  5. Hi is it possible to choose the sample rate for the speaker output. Also what does disabling dvc do to the speaker.
  6. I was listening to the carpenters album of the same name otherwise referred to as the tan album. Such great music i love rainy days and mondays.
  7. @Cpasley when you choose the album art for a song. Look at the image check the box and choose the album art or image from your gallery you want to use
  8. Hi max i was wondering if you could add the ability to change the font style for the text on the player ui for example having the title of a song be in cursive or italic
  9. This sounds like a good idea hope it gets implemented
  10. No not at all I just want to know why the buttons are on the album art and not at the bottom.
  11. Hi max this is what I mean
  12. I am also experiencing stuttering while casting the visualizations but not the song.
  13. The carpenters let me be the one From their self titled album carpenters otherwise known as the tan album released in 1971.
  14. I listen to the carpenters and I want to know of any good preset suggestions that I can use for their type of music. I may be 19 but I love their music. One of my favorite songs of theirs is superstar and reason to believe.
  15. You should include a list of the names of the new visualizations that would be nice because we would not have to try and figure out which ones are new
  16. I spoke to max and he said that this will be a feature included in the next update that is not a bug fix build.
  17. Hi I was wondering if max plans to add new widgets
  18. I am buying a Samsung Galaxy s10 plus and I was wondering what is the output that is defined by the device when using the included earbuds tuned by AKG that come in the box.
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