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  1. Low Rated and Top Rated (along with Most Played, Recently Added, Recently Played, etc) are top-level Library Categories just like Albums, Folders, Artists and Genres. They are not Playlists, hence do not appear within the Playlists category list. You might be able to do something like what you want using an app like Tasker (or maybe even MacroDroid) along with the Poweramp API, but it won't be a simple one-click function to set up. Andre
  2. Please check that the 'missing' song actually exists in Poweramp's music Library, and that the filename & containing folder exactly match with the relevant text line in the .m3u file. Andre
  3. Try using Rescan/Resolve Playlists, in the three-dots menu in the main Playlists Library view. Andre
  4. Yes, I think all that's needed is for the Tempo value to be included within the existing save/restore process. No extra buttons or selections needed, just include Tempo in saved presets. Andre
  5. As far as I know, a number of versions prior to 8.0 are still supported, but I know 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) support ended a bit over a year ago (not sure about JellyBean and KitKat). But yes Android 2 FroYo/Gingerbread/etc is sadly somewhat too old (ten years or so) for the current versions of the Play Store. Andre
  6. Thanks, just waiting for the Googles to catch up. By the way, I've renamed this thread, hope you don't mind. As everyone calls this skin $YAPS$, it seemed to make sense to have it referred to that way in the thread title too. Andre
  7. Try re-installing the current version over 874 and see if the problem comes back, and if it does also try the in-built light skin too for comparison. Andre
  8. Could be Windows Media Player messing with your files? Personally I use the rather more long-winded - but always reliable - method of simply dragging my audio folders & files manually from one window (NAS hard drive) to another (phone with USB or wireless FTP) using my PC. A bit more laborious, but I know exactly what's going on. Andre
  9. I agree with Max that any such new List Option view ought to be available for use in any Category - it would be very handy in both Folders and Playlists views for example - and should be available for both the Category level views and at the Songs level. For multi-selection tickboxes in list views, I could see two ways forward for such a new Text-Only List view: Move the tickboxes to the right hand side, and have them overlaid over the end of any longer titles. This could even function in the same way as the Music Folders selector already does, with very long items scrolling back and forth as needed so you can see the whole of any titles you are selecting (such as in the ringed lines below): Rather than using tickboxes at all, highlight the user-selected lines in a different colour, in the same way that multiple files are selected on Windows on PCs, or on some other Android apps (Solid File Explorer for example, as below): Whichever method you decide upon though, I think it would make sense to use it going forward for all List-format views, including the current ones, for better interface consistency. Personally, for what it's worth, I favour option (2) as it fits better into a clean Material Design look. It would also avoid any clashes with the small re-positioning slider gadgets that already appear on the right in Playlist song-selection views. Andre
  10. As Max said, the direct website purchase licence terms changed in Summer 2018. Prior to 2018 purchases, a licence can be used on multiple devices at the same time as long as you validate each one with the same email address and personal ID. After Summer 2018, a licence is purchased for one device at a time, still validated by email address and ID. You can still install again on a new device whenever you want, but doing so would revoke the licence on the old one. If you want to purchase two licences for use at the same time, you could use two email addresses. Google Play Store purchases are still available to be installed on as many of your own devices as you like, as long as they all use the same Google account. That's up to a fair-use limit, but the only time you are likely to hit that is if you are installing new test ROMs all the time. Andre
  11. Why not just include the Tempo value along with any other adjustments in all saved Presets (which would then include them in by track, folder, album, playlist, whatever)? Andre
  12. Latest build is actually 876, but probably not relevant to this particular issue. Andre
  13. Off-topic discussion moved to the Skins subforum, as the Feature Request has been addressed by @flyingdutchman for now. Andre
  14. I think basically all you are asking for is for Tempo (and later Pitch) to be included within the various audio parameters saved/restored when you create a preset, yes? Andre
  15. Actually the bottom bar is one area I've never especially liked, particularly for people still stuck using smaller screens. The need for two Menu buttons also jarred, the 'system menu' vs. 'overflow list' of Android's Material Design concept never sat well with me, still doesn't. Max has plans to make several of the icon controls under the artwork area user-configurable, but not sure if that will go far enough to allow the lower bar to be hidden for general use. If you want to make the artwork bigger on a very small screen, don't use Alternative Layout. The reason the main control buttons are now a bit smaller and have more space around them is that's where you are meant to be able to swipe your finger over the waveseek bar (PA v3's main navigation method) but you have hidden it, thus creating the extra blank space. It's skinnable anyway. I'll separate these out into a separate thread as you suggest, as you're right that it's way off topic and the original request has been adopted by @flyingdutchman's skin anyway. I will move this into the Skins subforum, as most of what is being discussed really comes down to skinning suggestions, as I'm afraid the base product is never going to look like you want it to. "READ CAREFULLY:" Really? In bold and underlined? You do have a rather unique way of trying to gently persuade people round to your personal way of thinking don't you? I suspect many people probably tuned out long before you started itemising your device's Home Screen contents though. I said I liked some skeuomorphic elements by the way (such as buttons with more 'real-world' imagery, and shadows/shading/panel lines - like Windows 7 windows and icon themes), not that I want my phone screen to become a photograph of my hi-fi amplifier, complete with faux brushed-aluminium panel background. What works on a 19-inch rack sized device doesn't necessary work on a tiny phone screen. Andre
  16. Strange. Have you tried a different skin to see if it happens there too? Andre
  17. There are already independent List Options settings for every separate Category, and for each of the songs lists within those categories. None offer quite what the OP was asking though, which was a very simple text-only list of just the song Titles - presumably with track numbers too, which can be enabled in Settings > Library > Lists already. I agree that sort of view would be very nice to use within Album views, where every track probably has the same cover art, Album Title, and Artist name (other than compilations, but the only way to handle every possibility is to always show everything). Andre
  18. 256GB SD Cards (or bigger) should be fine as long as the device supports them. You would definitely need to check that the new card appears in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders though, and that the folder which contains your music is ticked. Permissions could also be an issue, but you say you've checked that. You may then need to request a FULL Rescan in PA to clear out the old entries which no longer exist (as Android will have given your new SD Card a new absolute path name). Uninstall/reinstall can still pick up you original settings and database from Google's cloud backup system, so might also be worth doing that followed by a Clear App Data to ensure you are really starting with a clean slate. Andre
  19. There are multiple different views available. In the album songs view, use the three-dots menu icon in the top-left and select List Options and near the bottom of the menu you can change the 'View As' setting. You can also change this by using a pinch gesture in the song list itself. You can also remove the disc and track numbers from the meta info (via Settings > Library > Lists) leaving just track-duration and file-format showing in that area. There is no 'ultra compact' list view that removes the cover artwork thumbnail though, or Artist/Album Title. Removing the cover thumbnail especially is something that has had regular requests over the years, but can currently only be achieved in some third-party skins (such as $YAPS$). Andre (two identical threads merged, as I was replying to one while others to the second thread)
  20. Each visualisation uses it own settings, mostly pretty random colours although this one just happens to have been designed by its author to show in black and white. It would definitely be possible to create a monochrome milkdrop preset which works the other way round though (black bars on a white background). Maybe someone has done it? Have a search around for downloadable presets and see if one works the way you want. Milkdrop was originally a feature of Winamp on PCs by the way, and preset editing can still be done in that program if you are able to download it, but the overall format gained a much wider acceptance and it is used in a number of other applications now, such as Poweramp. Andre
  21. Poweramp always does a true shuffle by building a full list of randomised songs - like your deck of cards example. It never randomises on-the-fly after each track. As long as you let Poweramp continue to play its shuffled list - and don't change the shuffle mode, manually launch a new track or change playback category, etc - then PA will play the entire list to the end without re-randomising. You can can still use the next/prev track buttons without causing a reshuffle. To confirm, you can watch the play counter incrementing as it works its way through the shuffled list; if that counter ever goes back to 1/nnnn again then you know the shuffle order has been re-randomised. Repeat Category will cause a re-randomised list to be generated after the current category (e.g. current album) has been completed, so the next time round it will be in a new order. Note: in this case, the final track of the first playback order will always be treated as if it had been the first track of the new shuffled order - otherwise you could sometimes hear that final track again twice in a row. Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle can be used to make the shuffled order even more resilient, allowing the user to manually select a different track from within a forthcoming shuffled sequence (e.g. by tapping on a song title within the All Songs list if that's the mode you are in) without triggering a re-randomise. @maxmp In testing this, I've noticed a minor glitch when using No Reshuffle mode. This mode automatically enables 'Advance Category' playback, but the player-screen icon continues to show the old setting - e.g. Repeat Category - and allows the mode to be changed using the icon even though it will be ignored, which could be confusing to users. Andre
  22. I think this was addressed a few years ago: Andre
  23. If PA isn't being sent the commands, it obviously cannot respond to them. If they are being picked up by Musixmatch instead, try uninstalling that and see what happens. Andre
  24. There used to be a PA feature for assigning a song as a ringtone, but it was removed when v3 was being developed. I guess it's really an Android OS function, not a music player's job. Andre
  25. When you say you 'sync' new albums to your phone, how are you doing this? Some automatic software has been known to cause issues in the past, so could you try manually copying the files to your SD Card with a file explorer or via USB cable? You also say you have your SD Card mapped as internal memory, what happens if you use a normally mounted SD Card? And what happens if you add the new album folders that don't currently scan into normal storage rather than SD Card? Andre
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