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  1. Before checking any further, could you ensure that all audio processing is turned off (EQ, tone, limiter, stereo effect, reverb, etc) and Settings > Audio > Output has been reset to default values. Andre
  2. Does this happen every session? Or how often? Once a file or files fails (like the one above) can you go back and play the broken item again after restarting the app, or does it fail immediately again? It does sound like filesystem read errors though, or the SD Card getting changed or renamed (or even corrupted). Either that or local database corruption. You could try clearing PA's app data completely and start from scratch, or reinstall the app, but you would lose any settings, internal playlists, etc (those can both be backed up before you start though). Another thought would be to backup your SD Card, reformat it, and copy everything back, and then try another FULL Rescan in PA (not just a basic Rescan, needs to be Full Rescan). Andre
  3. A bit late now, but If you have an Amoled screen, I would suggest not using the always-on option, and certainly not with the brightness up high. It's not only the battery that can get hammered. Andre
  4. The answer used to be no, as Poweramp would see the files on the new SD Card as 'new' audio files (as their path is different) and also assume that the original files have been deleted. I know Max has done a fair bit of work in that area to preserve things like Playlists (which would also be wiped by changing SD Card) but I'm not 100% sure whether ratings work the same way. As a precaution, I would back up playlists and ratings using something like New Playlist Manager before you do the swap-over., Andre
  5. If you tap the Repeat mode icon in the player screen until it shows as "Advance Category", playback should continue on after the end of one album directly with the next one in your chosen order (or the next folder, etc, depending on which category you use). Andre
  6. You should just over-install the old version with the new version, Google Play should do this automatically for you, there are no steps to take. You should not lose anything, unless there were already problems with your old database or other file system changes have occurred. Tags should never change as they are saving in your audio files, and can be re-read easily even on a clean setup. If you lost playlists and ratings, that would normally be either a corrupt database or you removed/replaced the SD Card while the (old) app was running on your phone - the new app is a bit more resilient to Google's file system changes, so it's less likely to happen with v3. You can export your Settings and internal Playlists before starting if you want, or use a third-party app like New Playlist Manager which can even back up ratings too. Andre
  7. [I've moved this to its own topic as it is no longer about a black screen on startup which was fixed for you in newer builds] Have you tried resetting all Output modes to defaults, and also turning off all EQ and other audio mods (stereo expand, reverb, etc) and also disabling any manufacturer-installed audio mods in your device to see if that helps. Then you can start adding features back in one by one. Andre
  8. Correct. You can Export the playlists that you crested within the app though, if you want physical backup copies (for example to use on a different device, or in case the app database ever crashes, etc). Andre
  9. No, if it's an M3U8 file, it will show as such. The only way to not show playlist filenames is to generate them internally in PA rather than loaded from a file. e.g. long-press on a folder in PA and tap 'Add to Playlist', give it a name, and then all of the songs from that folder will be added to a new internal (not backed up on storage) playlist. Andre
  10. A bit clunky if the folder contents change regularly, but otherwise should be a decent work-around. Andre
  11. You can't have different view types for different storage locations at the same time. Your selected Library Category will show you the whole of your song collection - as determined by your choices in the Music Folders menu - with whatever view type and sorting options you decide. As you say, the closest to what you want is Folders Hierarchy, but in that mode there is necessarily only one 'List Options' setting for the contents of all of the folders, subfolders and files. Andre
  12. Try turning DVC mode off in the Settings > Audio > Output screen for your output mode, see if that makes a difference. Andre
  13. Just just select Folders category instead of Folders Hierarchy from the main Library Categories screen., which will show you a flattened list of all folders (i.e. all of the displayed folders contain files only, no subfolders). Andre
  14. High-Res can still be turned on or off, but DVC appears to be required on this device for high-res to work. So if you turn high-res on, DVC is also turned on. Andre
  15. DVC is Direct Volume Control, where PA takes over a lot of audio processing that Android would otherwise be doing. Normally if you turn it off then the volume can get a bit quieter as PA can no longer control the headroom so will send lower levels to avoid potential clipping/distortion. You could always override it with the pre-amp gain, or honestly why not just turn the main volume up a bit? Andre
  16. It's not worth even trying to output high-res audio to the speaker inside a phone, they can't even reproduce FM radio frequency ranges, never mind CD or higher. Andre
  17. You have your answer right there. So yes, you can enable high-res output for the headphones/AUX socket on your phone. Give it a try if you want to make sure, it can be enabled with even the basic wired earbuds that came free with your phone. Of course it will sound better with better headphones, but the phone can output high-res to anything connected to the headphone socket. Andre
  18. Sounds like you have got 'Store/Restore Per Track Progress' enabled. This can be controlled either globally in Settings > Library (where you can enable this feature only for longer tracks if you wish) or locally to each separate Library Category by using the List Options screen (tap the three-dots menu icon) from any song list. Andre
  19. But that's the whole point - in Folders Hierarchy mode, there is no such thing as having an 'albums only' folder at the upper level, nor a 'songs only' folder at the bottom. As with any file system's directory structure - which is what you are viewing in this mode - any folder can potentially contain some files, some folders, or a mixture of both files and folders. So they all need to be dealt with in effectively the same way. To see this, try putting some music files inside one of your 'upper level' folders; you will see them shown as songs along with any other subfolders that the folder might also contain. The only way to avoid that is to flatten the list structure (i.e. use plain Folders mode) where folders can only show file contents, not any other folders, because all of the subfolders are displayed in their own right elsewhere in the flattened list. Andre
  20. Seems OK to me, I'll check again after I see unread posts though. Andre
  21. If anyone else has tried those particular headphones, they will be able to confirm their status for you. It also depends on your device and ROM version of course. As I said above though, cabled headsets ought to be fine as long as they are rated for higher frequency playback, it's whether your device and ROM supports high-res that matters - which you can confirm with any old headset. Andre
  22. You might want to drop an email to support at poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com in the meantime. I assume you have already read the FAQs at https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/purchase/ ? Andre
  23. Strange. Try a complete uninstall of both the main app and the unlocker. Then install the main app from the Play store, then install the unlocker (should still show as purchased and so be a free download). Otherwise we might need to wait for Max to suggest a solution. Andre
  24. I assume that on your device/ROM, hi-res output cannot function with DVC turned off, so PA disables the option when you are in high-res mode. Andre
  25. So what exactly are you saying the problem is, perhaps I have misunderstood? There is only one 'List Options' menu for the whole of Folders Hierarchy any all levels, and if you change the view type, or sorting mode, at any drilling-down depth, that new setting should be enabled for all of Folders Hierarchy - and it should remain so if you exit and restart the app. Andre
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