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  1. Not sure how Max does it, but in the "good old days" I always used to seed my randomise functions with a millisecond value from the system clock, just for a bit of extra mixedupness. Andre
  2. @maxmp Yes, those are the actions that I think people would like to be able to customise to their own ideas (along with tap/long-press/etc). Andre
  3. Not and remain within the ID3 spec for file tagging. In the original ID3 spec, Genres were only available as a single byte of data which referred to a simple pre-defined list of words (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3). More recent implementations (such as ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4) allow for free-format text, and even for multiple versions of the same tag (so you could assign two different genre tags for one song for example, such as "Electronic" and "Pop"), but there is no concept of a genre 'tree' with sub-divisions within the spec. Andre
  4. So what do you mean by "all showing as playlists, ie full albums." and later "no playlists in the app, or on the device" ? Could you maybe include a few screenshots to illustrate what you are seeing? Andre
  5. I guess the object in these cases would be the album art itself. Left/right/up/down swipes actions could be chosen from a Settings menu, plus tap/double-tap/long-press actions. Andre
  6. You can play around with things like turning DVC on or off, turning high-res on or off, adjusting the pre-amp gain, turning the limiter off, etc. Andre
  7. Genre is a single item though (picked up from the file's ID3 tags), the tag spec does not provide for any sub-categories to sort by. Andre
  8. No, PA has not developed an AI of it's own to deliberately mess with your music listening. If it is a "fact" please provide some objective evidence, as so far everything you have said is completely subjective. For example you could make a short playlist of ten songs and play them all in Shuffle Songs mode (with Repeat Off). Keep a record of the order they play in, and then reshuffle the list and listen again and try to determine any repeating patterns. Andre
  9. Genre tags do not have sub-categories as a general rule. Folders can though, is that what you mean? Andre
  10. What format of music files? Are there any Playlist files there too (.pls or .mu3) and/or any unnecessary .CUE files (ones which are not there solely to break large album rips into different segments)? Andre
  11. Oh, and if you can't access Poweramp for some reason, another option would be to try the New Playlist Manager third-party app. Again, you need to have the device working to run this of course. Andre
  12. Does DSD support Replay Gain? I know it's a seriously niche format developed for SACD/etc use, using a single-bit model, so possibly not. Andre
  13. Agreed, FLAC is a much better option than WAV, and is still lossless. Longpress on the metadata line (under the track control area) to see the current audio path being used. However to play devil's advocate for a moment, if your ears can't tell the difference (i.e. blind test) do the technical details really matter? Andre
  14. No, it may not bring you back to the same level. By reducing the gain on my Note 3, I got rid of the background noise from the audio circuit, but it did have the result of making the maximum possible sound level a bit lower too. I wasn't too bothered about having 'bleeding-ears' maximum volume available, I just wanted to be able to listen at minimum levels at night without hearing a background hiss. Andre
  15. Backing up play counts and ratings etc could make a pretty big file. Not as bad as if people wanted to back up artwork too though. Andre
  16. Remember that volume is not the same as quality. Just because it goes up to 11 doesn't necessarily make it sound any better - indeed, the reverse is often true. Andre
  17. "Weighting" means to give priority - or "weight" - to some tracks over others. For example in order to make it more likely for you to hear songs rating as 4+ stars, or to reduce the likelihood of you hearing recently-played tracks again. Poweramp has no facility to do this though, the shuffle process is truly random. However the nature of random means you may hear the same track again next time (through probably not in the exact same position in the list) or you may not. The mind has a habit of noticing the occasions when this happens, and ignoring the times when it doesn't, though. Andre
  18. Yes you can export all of your internally-created Poweramp playlists using Settings > Library > Playlists > Export Poweramp Playlists. Each list will be exported to a matching .M3U8 file. You obviously need to still have sufficient access to your device to get into the Poweramp app though, or have done it as a routine backup before your phone was damaged. Andre
  19. Poweramp does not store or move any music files on your device, it simply reads whatever you have placed there yourself. Your music files will be wherever you saved them. It does have a data folder though, which saves things like downloaded cover art. That is located on your device's internal storage in /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (note the underscore) which you may want to make a copy of. I assume you don't have your music stored on an SD Card by the way, as that makes the task a lot easier as you can just take the card out and keep it safe until you need it again, no need to mess around with copying to a PC. Andre
  20. Yes, if you tap on any song to start playback that will commence a new shuffled sequence, but it won't change your chosen Shuffle or Repeat modes. If you use the upper icon controls, they need to change the mode in case it's on something odd like 'Shuffle All Songs' and 'Repeat One Song'. Andre
  21. If you choose a USB DAC as the Output method in PA, the audio will be sent digitally to the DAC. There's no point in trying to send an analogue audio signal to a DAC - there's a clue in the title "Digital to Analogue Converter". Andre
  22. Shuffle and Repeat settings remain as you set them and will not get changed when you start playing new content from any song list (including songs from folders, albums, playlist, etc). However Shuffle/Repeat will get modified when you use either the Play or Shuffle small icons at the top of any song list or category, as those buttons (by definition) need to configure the way playback functions in order to do what they are meant to. But just tapping on a song to start playback (which is pretty much the only way I ever do it) won't change anything apart from the current-category mode. Andre
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