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  1. If you originally installed from the Play Store then updates will come from there too. You can install another version from the website in the meantime (for example if that's more up to date than your local Play Store) but once the Play Store gets a newer version that you local version, it will auto-update for you. Andre
  2. andrewilley

    show track number and disc number

    I think the question was about multi-disc albums, where you might be listening to track 4 of disc 2 for example. Andre
  3. andrewilley

    Current playlist | feature request

    I answered what you asked, so what did you actually mean then? If you still care anyway. Andre
  4. andrewilley

    PA assigns sub-folder icons to main folder

    That would be the same functionality as songs in a folder/album, where the folder (or album) would be assigned the artwork of the first song that it contains rather than leaving it blank. I assume the same would apply up a level too. To override this, put some generic image file in the upper level folder. Andre
  5. andrewilley

    New skin request

    Just uninstall v3 and download and install the old v2 APK file from the Downloads tab at the top of this page. If the app is still linked to your Google Play account, don't forget to turn auto-updates off for it. Andre
  6. The Play and Uni versions are the same, except that the Play version can only use the Play unlocker app, whereas the uni version can use either purchase method. Completely manually installed versions need to be updated manually, Play Store installations (even if you then put a website download over the top) will update via the Play store if a newer version becomes available. Or at least that's how it used to work, I know Max adjusted the validation code a few builds ago to make it more flexible. Andre
  7. andrewilley

    Current playlist | feature request

    Library > Queue shows you the complete list of queued songs, and you can remove songs or re-order them from there too. Andre
  8. andrewilley

    MUST HAVE for Android Head Units

    Or even an odd "please" here and there wouldn't go amiss. Andre
  9. andrewilley

    Playlists are always "not loaded yet"

    I assume all of the filenames are regular plain ASCII text - letters, numbers, dot/dash/underscore/etc - with no special characters (accents, symbols, etc)? Andre
  10. andrewilley

    Can't read albums with symbols as name in playlists

    Try changing your playlist files to UTF-8 (Unicode) text encoding, which means a .M3U8 extension rather than just .M3U, and see if that helps. Otherwise PA is expecting plain ASCII characters only. Andre
  11. andrewilley

    Style anomalies

    Centred like that and with a transparent background certainly looks a lot nicer and more polished than left-justified black boxes. All we'd then need would be for Max to implement auto-scrolling for long titles. Andre
  12. Gapless playback should now be enabled by default, I don't think there is any way to turn it off. There is no longer any separate option for Cut Silence though, which previously might introduced gaps or clicks if files have any initial or trailing silent portions. Andre
  13. You could export your playlists to files before you roll-back, then PA can read them back in again as File-Based Playlists from any scannable location after the reinstall. The export option is in Settings > Library. Apps to backup/restore internal playlists directly, such as @flyingdutchman's New Playlist Manager, tend to work the other way round - i.e.for importing old v2 playlists into v3 installations - and I'm not sure if they'll do it the way round you want. Andre
  14. andrewilley

    2 Bugs since V3 and last update

    That sounds like you've accidentally saved an EQ preset for that device (or for multiple tracks). Andre
  15. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 814

    There has been no major change to the Shuffle modes since v2, other than a terminology change to use the word "Category" instead of the older "List" (which people often got confused with the more specific term "Playlist"). Andre
  16. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 810

    I'm afraid that ship sailed several years ago, starting when the userbase voted in a poll (very decisively) that a snazzy new Material Design interface was what the Poweramp app needed most, so that's what Max has spent two years working on. Andre
  17. I probably should have said landscape or tablet mode, sorry. PA definitely works better on a taller portrait screen. I too wish that the header artwork was smaller, to me it seems far too big and serves no useful purpose (especially in landscape). Andre
  18. andrewilley

    Queue features

    Please remember that the queue is not a normal playback category (like Folders, Albums, Artists, or Playlists). Is is designed as a way to briefly stop your normal playback method to listen to an odd specific song or two, before returning to regular playback. It should not really be used as your regular music listening system. Andre
  19. andrewilley

    New skin request

    I see what you mean, but that example indeed does look awful. Andre
  20. andrewilley

    New skin request

    That's fine, feel free to continue to use v2 if you prefer not to use a skin (which is how you change the look of apps, which is what you were asking about). Do remember to turn automatic updates off for PA in Google Play once you've re-installed v2. Good luck with finding a monochrome phone these days though, mine have all had colour screens for about 15 years. Andre
  21. Then change the view style, there at least six or seven to choose from. Tablet viewing is not especially optimised for large screens yet by the way, it really just treats the screen as a scaled up phone. Andre
  22. And don't forget to set Google Play to disable automatic updates for PA, as it will otherwise try to update you again. Andre
  23. andrewilley

    Album Art Image Quality

    I agree that 3000x3000 is probably wildly excessive, that must be making the file sizes a lot larger than necessary for no practical advantage that I can think of. Cover images are mostly used for thumbnails or displayed no wider than about 4 inches even on a large phone, or 6 or 7 inches on a tablet. Even on a large PC screen, 3000 pixel images are not necessary nor displayable. Andre
  24. andrewilley

    New skin request

    You can select which categories you wish PA to display, just showing your four top favourites if you like (and there are others available in the List Options that are not shown by default too). The above colours look pretty muted and tasteful to me - hardly "colour puke"! - but you're right that the default icons are not just boring monochrome. However if you want to use a skin that shows them in black and white only, you are perfectly free to do so. Here's my current category display format for example, which just happens to be single colour: It's always worth doing a bit of looking around the options in a new app (and PA is very configurable) before throwing your toys out of the pram. Andre
  25. andrewilley

    Add net/cloud player (SMB)

    Poweramp is a Library based player, not suited to playing random content from sources it can't scan. You could make a virtual directory of your LAN-based NAS and allow PA to scan that into its Library, but as soon as that directory became unavailable for any reason (when you are away from home for example) then the content would be removed from the library until that folder was found again (in effect PA would assume the content has been deleted and then re-added at a later time). Andre