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  1. I think you may have stumbled on a bug. The List Options > View As (the choice of grid/list and sizes) correctly isolates the settings for folders that contain only files versus folders that also contain subfolders. If you change from Grid to List in a files-only view, it does not change the view used for folders, as expected. However the Sort Order appears not to separate the two, and changing one changes the other also, even with the Hierarchy Files Zoom Level enabled. @maxmp could you check on this please? Thanks. Andre
  2. Does it work with the screen off too? That's when I would find that most useful (I really miss my rooted Note 3 and the most wonderful Physical Button Master Control app, which ran under Xposed). Andre
  3. Song files and further subfolders can exist in any mixed combination at any level (it's just a directory tree) so they have to use a common sorting method while you drill down. However there is a slightly obscurely named feature called Hierarchy Files Zoom Level in Settings > Library > Lists which allows you to assign different List Option values (such as view and sort order) for directory levels which contain only song files (i.e. no further nested subfolders). It's actually the same set of options that you see for the songs level in the plain 'Folders' view. I think that should allow you to do what you want. Directories / folders don't have dates or any other musical tags associated with them - apart from the file-system creation date for the folder, but that's probably not what you want here. So if you use the 'Years' sort order for folder levels, only any songs at those levels will get sorted by year tags, subfolders won't as they don't have tags. When you view folders, the displayed name will be the folder name along with any parent folder name. That's the point of that category, it's basically a directory tree just like viewing files/folders on your PC. So the best way to handle what you want would be to not have mixed contents inside one artist's main directory - unless it's a miscellaneous kind of directory, such as one just for assorted Singles for example. I do the same as what you appear to have done by the way, I prefix any folder names that I want to sort with the relevant four digits for the year. I also prefix song files with zero-padded track numbers where applicable. Then I use path/filename sorting. Andre
  4. If setting BT to 96kHz works better for you, I'd use that. 48k>96k is a simple doubling, so probably the cleanest upscale you'll get. Andre
  5. Go to https://pay.google.com and you can see your Play Store purchase history, including the internal Google purchase IDs, payment method, and download a tax invoice if you need one. You don't really need the transaction ID though, you can reinstall PA on any device that's running the same Google account via the Play Store anyway. Andre
  6. You have bought a Huawei phone, which does not support Google services out of the box (Blame President Trump in the USA, it's not Huawei's fault). If you bought the Poweramp Unlocker - or indeed any other app - from the Google Play Store then you can only reinstall that purchase on devices that have the Google Play Store app enabled. Huawei have their own separate but similar App Gallery, but you'd need to purchase your apps again there. There were some workaround hacks to sideload Google Services and the Play Store onto these sort of devices, but I'm not sure whether those loopholes have been tied up. A Google search (or other search engine of your choosing) might help. Andre
  7. That does seem strange, the BT device is obviously capable of 48kHz so I don't know why the interim processing is resampling down to 44.1. Does enabling or disabling DVC for Bluetooth and/or the Absolute Volume dev option make any difference? Otherwise I think we'll need @maxmp's thoughts on this one. Andre
  8. Correct, BT sends the details as separate fields. It's up to the receiving device as to how it handles them. Andre
  9. Excellent, glad you worked it out. The FAQs list may help with tips on other things too: https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/faq/ Andre
  10. As it says in the info box next to my posts, Birmingham UK. Andre
  11. Sounds like your device has updated itself from Android 10 to Android 11, which can break some file permissions (thanks Google). Please have a look at: and To get to to the Music Folders list, go into Poweramp Settings (via the three-lines icon at the bottom-right of the player screen) and tap Library then Music Folders. Andre
  12. The Pixel 4 has no SD Card, so your music must be stored on the main device memory. How do you download your music onto your phone? Has Your phone needed to reset itself recently, to 'update the system' for example? You can see what version of Android you are currently using by going to your device's Settings page (usually you just pull-down the notifications area from the top of the screen and there will be a little cog-wheel icon in the top-right) then choose About Phone and then Software Information. If there has been an update, rather than fiddling with settings it might be easier to Uninstall Poweramp and then re-install it again (from the Google Play Store) to let it pick up any new device updates. (Don't do this if you have created any Playlists of your own, as these would need to be exported first) Andre
  13. There isn't a colour to the bounce at the bottom of the screen, or if there is it's hidden behind the Android & PA Navbars and the miniplayer. There is a slide-in oval bounce area when you go past the top of a list though, which which always seems completely redundant when there is a proper bounceback effect, as that is more than sufficient on its own to indicate when you've reached the end of a list. I thought the slide-in oval thing was a throwback to when Apple were trying to sue over the bounce effect being owned by them. (Petty or what?) Andre
  14. Has your Android version updated itself recently? Where is your music stored, internal memory or on an SD Card? Check that the relevant folder for your music is ticked in the Settings > Library > Music Folders list. Then try a Full Rescan. Andre
  15. Great, glad I could help. Google is your friend. Andre
  16. So the covers do display, but they take a second or two to load when you open a folder/album/etc? That's what I would expect to happen - as I said, embedded images are not cached, they are read from files on-the-fly. Andre
  17. Bounceback padding at the bottom of lists works perfectly now, thanks. Andre
  18. You do have USB Debugging enabled in Android Settings > Developer options don't you? Also check to see if you have a 'Disable Permission Monitoring' option in that menu, and if so activate it. Andre
  19. First tap opens the Recent Apps display, then tapping the icon again while the list is already open goes to the most recent app on the list. The exact functionality of that list is a bit Android-version dependent though. Andre
  20. 302 is the unlocker build number, not the Poweramp version (which can be found in PA Settings > About ). Andre
  21. As far as I know, Poweramp does not cache embedded artwork to device storage, covers are read from audio files and displayed on-the-fly when you open each view. If you do have any downloaded art (automatic or manual selection) that will be cached to internal device storage in Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/ or Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/selected_aa/ . Note the underscore before 'com'. Are you saying that you see no artwork at all, or that covers gets re-loaded each time you navigate and scroll through a category view? You haven't accidentally enabled Settings > Album Art > Force Default Image have you? Andre
  22. That was kinda my point, normally Back means go back to the previous screen you were viewing. That's the way Android users are used to their devices operating, and PA follows that same guidance everywhere except when you get to the songs list from the Player screen. Andre
  23. To clarify, @Absinthequ means the system 'Recent Apps' icon. Its design varies a bit from device to device. Andre
  24. FYI, the intention at the moment is to release the first open beta sometime around the middle of November, although timescales can sometimes slip of course. This will be via the forums here, and via the Play Store too (which may take a little longer). The app will basically be the Equalizer section of Poweramp, allowing as many Poweramp features and perks as possible to be used with other streaming services - e.g. DVC implemented, visualizations, reverb, etc. Andre
  25. The default settings are normally fine, but take a look in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus and see if adjusting those settings helps. Andre
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