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  1. Thanks for the comments about the Czech translations. Translations are mostly crowd-sourced, so if you are unhappy with what's currently there it would be really helpful if you could contribute more accurate translations to improve the product generally. Thanks! Andre
  2. I made sure my music collection is fully tagged with Album Artist tags as well as Artist tags, but I agree that can be a bit of a faff - although it really doesn't take long in decent batch tag editor, even for my 7,000 or so files. Also some audio files don't belong in albums anyway - singles for example, for which I just set the Album Artist tag to "(Singles)" for completeness and tidy sorting. I have a couple of other similarly customised Album Artist tags where I don't want separate album names for one-off tracks - such as "(Film Music)" and "(TV Themes)". It is a tricky one though,
  3. Correct. Poweramp does not support reading ID3 POPM tags from MP3 files, nor similar Vorbis/etc tags for other file formats. It also does not modify those same tags when you create your own song ratings within Poweramp. The ratings system used by Poweramp is purely saved in its own internal database and not routinely imported or exported. There are two ways to backup/restore Poweramp's internal ratings: 1) Create a playlist containing everything in your library and export it. To do this, long-press on any song in your 'All Songs' list and tap 'All' to select everything in th
  4. Sorry, I'm a loss to explain this. Your remote is generating normal KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT events, which PA seems to be resolving as 'PlayerService NEXT' as expected - i.e. move to the next TRACK, not Skip by +15s. Even if you did have Pro Buttons mode enabled, and it was somehow triggering the special skip feature for longer tracks, that would only be a 10s jump. Any anyway, the +10s feature replaces the ">>>" button (i.e. next category) not the ">>" button (next track). The track-duration threshold for this feature to trigger can be configured in PA Settings > Library by t
  5. You need to open a view to the specific Playlist for which you want to save playback positions, then press the three-dots menu icon and choose 'List Options' from the menu: Then enable both the 'List Position' and the 'Per-Track Progress' tickboxes: Note: You need to repeat this selection for each individual Playlist (or Folder) in which you want this feature to work, it's not a global setting for all Playlists/Folders. Andre
  6. @maccabi lifschitz Open the Poweramp Settings page (via the three-lines 'hamburger' menu icon at the bottom-right of the screen) Choose 'Misc' Scroll down to 'File Access Legacy Mode' and turn it off. Andre
  7. Sorry, the only way to get the limit reset is by emailing support, poweramp.maxmpz [at] gmail . com , which I assume you've already done and are awaiting a response. Andre
  8. That would depend on the particular device. If I understand it correctly, audio doesn't actually go via the USB connection anyway, but is routed through the Bluetooth connection, but I could be wrong. Some high-end BT devices support high-res, but most don't. Andre
  9. Don't worry about it, it just seemed maybe a little bit early to be chasing. Hopefully your log will give Max some ideas, but if the hardware required specific code to drive it directly, that may not be something we wants to do for lots of individual products. Andre
  10. You take four weeks to reply, and then expect a solution in 24 hours? As this is a very specialised and expensive bit of kit, I doubt Max has one to hand to do any testing. Andre
  11. If you don't have Pro Buttons enabled then the -10s/+10s feature I was talking about shouldn't be enabled either (it's track-length controlled, in PA Settings > Library). We need to wait for Max's input on this, as I don't know of a 15s skip feature - I wish I did, it would be great if I could get my own car headunit to do it! The command list would still be interesting to see. P.S. In the UK (which is where you registered from) a hand-held remote device would be illegal to use while driving, so hopefully you've got it stuck down to the dash or steering column somehow. Andre
  12. As far as I know you can't change the "per app" DPI via Android without rooting. However you could use something like Tasker to change the DPI when a given app is started, and then change it back again afterwards. e.g. https://forum.joaoapps.com/index.php?resources/per-app-dpi-display-density-no-root.347/ I'm still puzzled as to how you are getting a 15s skip (I assume your original mention of 5s was a guesstimate?). As I said, normally if PA does a skip it is 10s. Do the skip buttons appear on your screen, as per my screenshot above? And WHICH media events are being sent (there
  13. It will happen at some point, but I don't know how soon I'm afraid. Andre
  14. Poweramp version, device, ROM version (any recent updates), listening method (headset, speaker, Bluetooth, Android Auto, Chromecast, etc), Output method (OpenSL ES, Hi-Res, AudioTrack, AAudio, etc)? Could it be related to this post: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/21076-aa-playback-continously-pauses/ Andre
  15. @NickIst Both files contain separate COMPOSER tags, one tag for each name - among a number of obscure tags that will be rarely seen outside of a specialist tag viewer: + [Vorbis comments with 48 entries] | 0) Artist = Dropkick Murphys | 1) Title = Famous For Nothing | 2) Album = The Meanest of Times (Limited Edition) | 3) Date = 2008 | 4) TrackNumber = 1 | 5) Genre = Celtic Punk | 6) Albumartist = Dropkick Murphys | 7) Discnumber = 1 | 8) Disctotal = 1 | 9) Encoder = reference libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917 | 10) Composer = Al Barr | 11) DisplayComposer = Al Bar
  16. Yes, sort the Folders list 'By Name' rather than 'By Path'. Same with the files level, set to sort it 'By Title' rather than 'By Filename'. That won't work for the Folders Hierarchy category though, as in that mode each layered list can contain both files and further subfolders so a simple A-Z order can't apply as it's not a simple list. Andre
  17. Probably. As I keep saying, Last Processed Commands would most likely tell us what is being sent to PA - perhaps KEYCODE_DPAD or KEYCODE_BUTTON events rather than KEYCODE_MEDIA events (see https://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/KeyEvent). Maybe Max could modify functionally to allow setting different values for the -10s/+10s feature, if that is actually what is being triggered. Presumably you already see those two symbols on the player interface? Andre
  18. Looks like your BT is disconnecting after a short time. Try using a different output method (such as AudioTrack or AAudio) for your Bluetooth device. Go into PA Settings > Audio > Output > [AudioTrack Output] or [AAudio Output] and enable it for Bluetooth. Andre
  19. For each Playlist where you want the position to be remembered, go to its menu > List Options and tick the memory feature for 'List Position' and 'Per-Track Progress'. There is only one shuffle sequence though, so if you later return to your A-Playlist and tap Shuffle, it will continue playing the same song and remembered position, but with a newly re-shuffled order. One way to avoid that would be to physically Re-Sort the whole playlist into a new random order before you ever play it (a function available in the menu for each Playlist) and then listen to that newly-jumbled playlist us
  20. Right, so your earlier comments about not wanting to take the phone out were not related to music playback, and your phone is not being used for music at all (expect maybe for external file storage and Bluetooth phone calls). PA runs on your Android headunit, and your air mouse controls that. You could still run Android Auto as an app on the Android car headunit, and run PA within that, but while the buttons would be bigger it is intended to be a very much more simplistic interface and as far as I know has no skip function at all. Skins such as Bigyaps or $yaps$ in car mode would probably
  21. @mite_jan I'm a little unclear, if you don't want to take the phone out then why are you concerned about the button sizes? Are you running PA directly on your 9" in-car headunit (assuming it's Android) or are you running PA on your phone, and using Bluetooth to send the audio to the car stereo? And how are you using this air mouse in your car, does it control the headunit or the phone? The reason I was asking about the commands list is I wanted to understand how your air mouse is triggering the 10s skip feature at all, which key event is being sent, as normally control devices send
  22. Correct. PA reads the Artist name from ID3's TPE1 or Vorbis's ARTIST tag, and the Album Artist name from ID3's TPE2 or Vorbis's ALBUMARTIST. Vorbis allows for multiple instances of the same tag name, and they are treated equally. Tags such as TPE3, TPE4, etc are not read. Looks like your Composer tags are possibly separated by carriage returns, which you can't use as a Separator Symbol in PA. Would need to see the actual file to be sure though - is it a FLAC with Vorbis tags, or M4A format as another file was showing in your underlying list. Andre
  23. @maxmp Good idea. There are lots of startup/pause/resume options scattered around Audio>Audio Focus, Headset/Bluetooth, Audio>Advanced Tweaks, etc. sections, which would make sense to all be in their own area (perhaps with Audio Focus controls in submenu of that). Andre
  24. Allowing sorting by Album Artist makes sense to me too - although there would need to be a fall-back to using the plain Artist tag for any albums where the included songs don't contain Album Artist tags (which is something that would make sense applied generally for all uses of Album Artist to be honest). @Fitzian Multi-level sorting like that is heading towards a feature I suggested a while ago, which was to be able to define customised Categories where you can specify your own sorting layers in detail - e.g. Album Artist -> Year (Reversed) -> Album Title > Disc# -> Track#
  25. There is a separate 'Album Artists' category which does that. You may need to enable it via the Library's List Options menu. Andre
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