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  1. To be honest, when I'm listening at night the screen is always off anyway. Andre
  2. I've moved this to Feature Requests as it's not specifically build 893 related. There are lots of skins that allow you to change the artwork size. I use $YAPS$ which supports all sorts of tweaks like that. Left/right swipes are inherent to the way PA now works, if you don't use the added Pro Buttons feature there would be no other way to change tracks. There has been some talk about making the swipe features user-configurable though (for Pro Button users) so maybe that and A-B Repeat might appear at some point in the future? Andre
  3. Sounds like your device is not giving Poweramp enough time to save its current status before the system is powered down. Try pausing playback and/or exiting the player interface before you turn the power off. If your device re-launches the Poweramp app when it is powered back on, you could use: PA Settings > Audio > Audio Focus > Resume on Start. Andre
  4. This has been requested a few times in the past, and I believe it's on the to-do list to implement a threshold duration before a track is considered as 'played': Andre
  5. The 'Year' category allows the albums within any given year to be sorted using the List Options feature (found in the three-dots menu). You can choose from: Name (i.e. sort by Album Title) ; Artist ; Year (not sure why this one is present, given that all of the items are already from one year anyway?) ; Date Added to Library ; Number of Tracks. Andre
  6. As stated before, including in the first post in this thread, the equaliser app requires Android features that were only introduced in release 9, so it cannot be used with Android 8 or earlier. Andre
  7. Yes, you need to start by connecting your phone to a PC with a USB cable. For details, see: Andre
  8. Direct Volume Control merely means Poweramp bypasses a lot of the Android/manufacturer added audio processing code and gets cleaner access to the hardware and better dynamic range. This may result in higher volume on many devices, but that's not the main goal. Some devices support it in certain of the high-res modes only - so for example 384kHz on Samsung devices often needs DVC disabling. The stepping/jumping is probably caused by the number of system volume steps. Have a look in PA Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks > Volume Levels and try a non-default value. Andre
  9. @clriis No, on Samsung Android 11 you should turn File Access Legacy Mode OFF. Then revoke whatever permissions had been retained, then set your Music Folders up again (which should require you to Grant Access again) and/or do a Full Rescan. You should also check in the Android app settings for Poweramp to ensure that any option to remove permissions if the app isn't used for a while is DISABLED. Andre
  10. Does this happen when you turn the screen off? I very occasionally (maybe once in one or two months) get this message when I turn the screen off at night. When I turn the screen back on, PA is still there but with the Killed message in front of it. I just need to tap Play (or press the equivalent headset button) to resume listening where it stopped. Andre
  11. Just use the Queue. When you want to listen to a specific song or songs, album, folder, etc just long press on its title and tap ">> Queue". When the queued items are finished, normal playback will resume wherever it left off, still using the original shuffle mode. Oh, and make sure Settings > Library > Queue > Ignore Shuffle is turned on, otherwise your nice new queued items will get shuffled too. Andre
  12. @maxmp I just noticed a minor bug in the player interface. When you long-press on the Play/Pause button, the current track correctly resets back to its beginning as expected, and the seekbar also returns to show the start of the track. However the playback position counter (time) doesn't refresh and remains stuck at the old value, and the seekbar (either static or wavebar) stops responding to any user interaction until you change to another track or commence playback again. Andre
  13. Poweramp never really goes into a 'stopped' state, it needs to have a currently playing track which is in a paused state. However you can long-press on the Play/Pause button to rewind the current track to the beginning rather than pausing where you left off. So whenever you finish listening to a song, long-press on the Pause button and the counter will return to zero before it pauses. Obviously that can only work inside the main app interface though, as notifications and widgets are not able to accept long-press functionality because that triggers Android/homescreen adjustment settings. O
  14. I've just checked it and you are right - even with the 'Ignore Video Files' option enabled, the PA scanner is still detecting MKV files and putting them in the library (marked as MKA, which is the audio element). It does correctly ignore MP4 files which contain video & audio elements though. Andre
  15. Max was saying that even if the internal chip supports high-res, Poweramp also needs the device firmware (i.e. the Android version) to provide a driver interface via which apps can connect to send high-res audio to the 3.5mm socket. It's unlikely a log would help, he would need to have an example of that phone and your specific ROM to test to find out anything more. Maybe a new ROM might help though? Andre
  16. App tweaking settings can be found in PA EQ > (tap the three-lines menu icon) > Settings. As for your audio adjustments, move the various sliders up and down for each frequency band, or just use the coarser Bass and Treble knobs. What values you arrive at are up to you; unless you have an external frequency analyser and appropriate audio samples to test the frequency response curves of your device, your speakers/headset, and even your ears, it's mostly a case to play around until your music sounds how you like it. There are no one-size-fits-all answers - if there were, all audio app
  17. @Someguyonline Those appear to be .mka (Matroska Audio) files, not video files. Andre
  18. @BluefluffyFusky I thought you'd already tried reducing the preamp gain, as I suggested back in https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/20589-bass-is-terrible-when-headphones/?do=findComment&comment=93611 ? Andre
  19. There are some other legacy options that help with older, less well-tagged, files - but by far the best (and most correct) modern solution is the one you mentioned, which is to ensure that all tracks in any given album have the same Album Artist tag. Otherwise PA has to rely on solely the Album Title tag matching, which would cause problems with (for example) albums entitled "Greatest Hits" but by different artists. Andre
  20. If your device updated itself to Android 11, try going into PA Settings > Audio > Outputs and reset to defaults. That may help. Andre
  21. MP3 is lossy, but that's not the issue being discussed here - and above about 200k bitrate it's pretty close to the original material for most cases. However PA unpacks any format back into an uncompressed bitstream before starting to process it, it doesn't try to process the still-compressed data. Andre
  22. They both stream from the cloud directly to the Chromecast. PA has to send full uncompressed WAV-style audio from your device to the Chromecast. Andre
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