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  1. Hi, When i connect a Bluetooth device, Poweramp loads and plays automatically. On my Wired headphone it doesn't load on lockscreen, only on the homscreen. All audio and headphone setting enabled. Also, when we're in the folders list, can we make the play button bigger as i put my device in landscape in the dashboard and it's kinda small to click the play in the folder list. I think we can even have the option to hide the control icon in the player view since we can for through songs already or make it transparent in the album cover to change folders etc
  2. Is there a way to search album cover manually with artist or song in the app?
  3. You did an amazing job on the app UI design. Thank you Only issue I am having is the lockscreen on android 8.1. Playstore version works but 795 beta has no Poweramp lockscreen. Can you please fix. I want to be able to change track on the lockscreen with your new design instead of android lock. Thank you for your hard work
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