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  1. Martin Medrano

    Playlist cover option

    Does anyone know of a good preset for the sony 1000xm3
  2. Martin Medrano

    Playlist cover option

    Hi I'm wondering if max will add an option to let you choose the image of a playlist. I know you can do it to artist.
  3. Martin Medrano

    Can we get Poweramp on win 10

    I wonder If it would be possible to have Poweramp on windows 10.
  4. Martin Medrano

    Software used to make visualization

    Does anyone know what software is used to make the visualization
  5. Martin Medrano

    Poweramp Build 811

    Will version 811 have new reverb presets.
  6. Martin Medrano

    Poweramp Build 797 (Release Candidate)

    Hi andre do you think Poweramp will ever come to a windows machine
  7. Martin Medrano

    Poweramp beta build-796

    Does the new beta have a hapless option
  8. Martin Medrano

    Wrong number of total tracks displayed

    No I dont have any tracks that are short in duration.
  9. Martin Medrano

    Wrong number of total tracks displayed

    Does anyone know why Poweramp shows the wrong number of tracks eg. In my internal storage I have 472 and in the Poweramp library I have 468. Can someone help . For samsung music look at the recently added playlist number..
  10. Martin Medrano

    Poweramp beta build-795

    @andrewilley Do you know where I can get a visualization similar to one that is called babylon warp resurrection. Sorry for the bad screenshot. Also do you know any good reverb settings. Thank you
  11. Martin Medrano

    Good preset for reverb

    Does anyone know of any good presets settings for reverb. Also any visualizations like lights pulsing to the track. Thank you
  12. Why does my playlist go back to all songs after some time of not using the app.
  13. Martin Medrano

    List options keep changing

    Why is it that when I'm on my playlist I pause the song and when I go back in after a while it goes back to all songs and not the playlist I had before.
  14. I have already looked at my folders for music and there are no duplicates or missing files but in Poweramp the number of tracks is still unaccurate
  15. Martin Medrano

    Music numbers not the same as in internal storage

    Thank you what do you mean by anything in common most of my files are m4a and mp3. I also checked samsung music and it has the same number of tracks as my internal storage which is 465 and 461 for Poweramp. I also do not have any duplicates of my tracks.