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  1. @Cpasley when you choose the album art for a song. Look at the image check the box and choose the album art or image from your gallery you want to use
  2. Hi max i was wondering if you could add the ability to change the font style for the text on the player ui for example having the title of a song be in cursive or italic
  3. This sounds like a good idea hope it gets implemented
  4. Oh ok so I should use 4x4
  5. No not at all I just want to know why the buttons are on the album art and not at the bottom.
  6. Hi max this is what I mean
  7. I am also experiencing stuttering while casting the visualizations but not the song.
  8. The carpenters let me be the one From their self titled album carpenters otherwise known as the tan album released in 1971.
  9. @newguy19I would also like this idea.
  10. I listen to the carpenters and I want to know of any good preset suggestions that I can use for their type of music. I may be 19 but I love their music. One of my favorite songs of theirs is superstar and reason to believe.
  11. You should include a list of the names of the new visualizations that would be nice because we would not have to try and figure out which ones are new
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