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  1. Why does Poweramp mot display the same number of tracks as in my internal storage s8.
  2. Martin Medrano

    Poweramp beta build-792

    How do you delete music duplicates on v932.
  3. Martin Medrano

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Does anyone know why the track counter is missing on v 793.
  4. Martin Medrano

    Recently added sort

    Hi I want to know if v3 will give the recently added section the ability to sort the way you can for playlist.
  5. Martin Medrano

    Good echo preset for reverb

    Does anyone know a good echo preset for reverb settings
  6. I want some suggestions for reverb settings
  7. Martin Medrano


    When they are scanned some music Is lost that I have to add to the playlist again meaning they are not in the playlist
  8. Martin Medrano


    If I export my playlist and import them back in why do I lose songs
  9. How do you save playlists so the songs don't go away when I import my playlists
  10. Does anyone know when the next update will release or if you know a work around for keep screen on which does not work
  11. Martin Medrano


    Does anyone why keep screen on option does work on latest build 790
  12. I meant for visualization so it doesn't turn off when I look at it for a long time
  13. Is there a way to keeps Poweramp on all the time without turning off