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  1. I removed the 8 and it let me use it thank you.
  2. It ends in .m3u8 i use the export option that Poweramp provides. and i don't know how to do the other thing you mentioned.
  3. Hi does anyone have answer to why this happens when i try to play one of my playlist that i exported from my internal storage.
  4. Ok thank you also what does dvc do exactly. I have noticed that when i disable it on the headphones the songs get a bit louder. When i enable it they get a little lower not much though.
  5. Hi is it possible to choose the sample rate for the speaker output. Also what does disabling dvc do to the speaker.
  6. I was listening to the carpenters album of the same name otherwise referred to as the tan album. Such great music i love rainy days and mondays.
  7. @Cpasley when you choose the album art for a song. Look at the image check the box and choose the album art or image from your gallery you want to use
  8. Hi max i was wondering if you could add the ability to change the font style for the text on the player ui for example having the title of a song be in cursive or italic
  9. This sounds like a good idea hope it gets implemented
  10. No not at all I just want to know why the buttons are on the album art and not at the bottom.
  11. Hi max this is what I mean
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