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  1. Just install the (V803) APK. You don't need to erase any data, you don't need to uninstall PA first, etc.
  2. No, you didn't paid for PA, you paid for the unlocker, and V3 updates are free (otherwise, Max wouldn't be posting apk's here) So, if you didn't buy the unlocker in the play store, you can update the app using the apk's, and yes, you'll be able to keep your current settings.
  3. I've literally searched in the Play Store “Poweramp v3 Skin" and the first 4 results are PA V3 skins...
  4. So there's your answer... Well, what were you expecting? V803 it's just a Release Candidate. Check this, maybe you'll be able to find the perfect skin for you... or maybe not xD
  5. Mmm, yes? Do you actually know how to make a skin for PA V3?
  6. A. Yeah, that's what I wanted to say. B. Already tried that, and the mini player (ok, I've got a question: What's the actual name of that?) won't take me to the playing screen in that moment... eventually, after a lot of taps, Now Playing screen appears, but playing the “wrong" song.
  7. Same here, f*ck it's annoying... sometimes when I open PA, a random song appears in the “mini player" and PA “forces” me to listen to that song (Now playing screen won't open, swipes in the “mini player" won't do anything) until I reset the app.
  8. A mí no me sucede tu “problema"... Tienes activa ésta opción? (Settings-Look&Feel-Notifications) Usas alguna Custom ROM, o un Theme Engine (como Substratum)?
  9. Mmm, LOL? Thank Cthulhu I'm only keeping 2609 songs in my phone... I'd rather throw my phone against the wall before manually checking +12000 songs.
  10. Dude, that screenshot is from Poweramp... Aside, I'm using a HTC U Ultra; For anyone using the same phone as me, can you confirm that Hi Rez is working in V797? I'm not sure... yeah, I know it is a weird question, but I'm scarcely using the U Ultra (my primary phone is a SGS4 Mini, where Hi Res doesn't work)
  11. I can't replicate your issue, so it's probably a “single time bug"... maybe it's related to the “swipe left / right to previous / next track" action
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