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  1. Now playing should be miniturised at the bottom of any screen ,just tap it.
  2. pauldamo

    Randomly goes back to first song..

    One is the unlocker for when you buy the app.
  3. Ok,thanks for your quick reply
  4. Is this is still happening?
  5. I don't know why you wanted to tap the bottom of the now playing screen,I thought were trying to get back to the fullscreen player from the equalizer, search and the settings page.
  6. The now playing song should be on the bottom of those screens ,just tap it and it opens now playing full screen and when on settings screen the arrow on the top left takes you back to fullscreen now playing
  7. It even uses the background from my theme in pa settings when I use default option
  8. Ok sorry yeah I see your point ,on my note8 the now playing song area is fairly thin compared to the other songs in the list,
  9. I really like the option using the default theme for settings it actually uses the theme that I have downloaded and used from Samsung themes.
  10. I just tried out retro,didn't stay on my device for very long,you can really notice PA is way superior,as for the update I'm patiently waiting,but I'm happy with it now on my note8 with oreo even though I don't have hires at the moment.
  11. Strange that you are having problems,I have note8 and s8 with oreo on both and PA is working fine but I don't have option for hires on both.