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  1. Oh, ok, thanks for your quick reply. Update - letting you know everthing is displaying right now.
  2. It still looks like this,Poweramp and the skin are both updated to the latest builds. I'm using the $yaps$ skin.
  3. I also get this bug when I have hide menu and rating selected. and if I don't have menu and rating hid,I get this.
  4. I found out that if I have no album art blur backgrond toggled on, the title name and artist is over the album art in albums library grid views,and with it off and I choose black as background, I get a light blur color background in player view.ok I realise I have to have, enable main screen background off in Poweramp background settings to get a black background,I've never had to do that before.
  5. I use the $yaps$ skin in the albums grid, the album and artist text is over the artwork,it wasn't like that before the last update, I can't find the setting to have it underneath the album art
  6. I updated to new build of yaps, when I choose app default pro buttons the pause button stays white even though I have chosen a color, the play button will be colored,but just not the pause button, everything else is great.
  7. This is what I had before,I think it was the dark knobs,they are more3d.
  8. I had the circles transparent before the update I could see the default Poweramp knobs and the dark ones they weren't completely black,are they different with this update?
  9. Sorry I posted in the wrong skin,I was referring to the skin just updated in the playstore ,the alternative with 2 layouts.
  10. In the latest update the dark nobs and the Poweramp default nobs are just black,you can't see them at all on a black background.
  11. Ok thanks Max,no I didn't think it was high,it was just that I have never received a message like that before and I thought something was wrong.
  12. It's the first time that i got a message that Poweramp needs to close because of high cpu usage, I have a Samsung Note8 SM-N950F on oreo
  13. Thank you very much,everything is fine now,it allows me to set the minimalist look that I prefer.
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