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  1. Well apparently not. In case you haven't noticed, he's missed at least a few deadlines. There's a lot of unhappy people on here, people who paid money for this app too.
  2. Yup lol Max needs to stop trying to perfect everything and just set and MEET a deadline already. Just imagine if everyone acted this way? You'd never have any new music, any new TVs, smartphones, headphones, cars, computers, etc etc. All I care about is that the bugs in Alpha 704 get fixed. Then it's just RELEASE the damn thing! So when I get a new phone I won't have to set my custom EQs manually once again like I have been over the last year. And as long as 1% incremental volume stays too. That is a MUST have for me. No more "too loud/too soft" crap for me.
  3. We'll see what happens. If that's the case, so be it, but man this is BS. lol
  4. I agree. F this talk about the next one being another Beta.
  5. RockStar2005

    PAv3 Import/Export / Lyrics / Album Art issues

    I tried it again and for a day or so it seemed to be working. But then earlier today I saw it display the previous album's artwork again. Ughhh! lol
  6. RockStar2005

    PAv3 Import/Export / Lyrics / Album Art issues

    3) It didn't work Arjun. I did what you said but it still displays the last album's cover art on the 2nd or 3rd track of the current album that's playing. Oh well. lol Thanks anyway.
  7. Yeah. While I don't want to complain if they really are hard at work, if their excuse is really "Well we can't ever get caught up as long as Google keeps releasing new versions of Android", then it's really hard to swallow because that's ALWAYS been how Google (and Apple, etc) have been handling things. So all of a sudden to say it's an issue................I have to say, I have a hard time believing that. Then the next logical question to ask is, why is it ALL these other music playing apps don't have this issue? I am grateful for having this new version of Poweramp with its cool new features, but give me a break already.
  8. RockStar2005

    PAv3 Import/Export / Lyrics / Album Art issues

    1) Sounds like a lot of work. lol But that's cool. 2) Yeah I could do that too but again for me it's not worth the effort if I can just Google them. Yes, that plug-in is def not working in Alpha 704. 3) Yeah now that you mention, even though I embed the album art myself, I still had Downloader on, so I just turned it off. If you don't hear from me within a week just assume your suggestion worked. lol Thanks! In the past I let it download cuz I didn't always put album art in, but now I always do so I guess no need for it anymore. Yeah hopefully what you said works and then that will be ONE less thing to think about. But we'll see. lol
  9. RockStar2005

    High Resolution Audio Processing discussion

    I agree, but it's not even about "struggling" with space. It's just that there's no difference in sound quality IMHO.
  10. RockStar2005

    High Resolution Audio Processing discussion

    What is upsetting Quade? Yeah.........the 2 things I typically notice when comparing the mp3 version of a song and the FLAC version (even sometimes when they come from the same master too) are 1) That the FLAC version tends to have a more full-bodied, tighter, and deeper bass range than the mp3 version 2) The mp3 version's cymbals tend to sound a lot more "wet" and artificial, esp if under 320 kbps. Sometimes I think detect other things too. It varies. Cool. Or you could try some over-ear headphones too. I also have a running list of great IEMs as well. PM me on Head-Fi if you'd like help. But my current Sennheiser HD1 Over-Ears are really something truly special. My review says it all. It also includes screenshots of custom EQs for the HD1s that I created in Poweramp! There's a main one, and also an optional "Bass Xtra" and a "Bass Lite" one as well. I think I know what you mean Quade.........I've noticed that a lot of times, a song I play on PA will show up with a slightly different bit rate. Like a 256 mbps AAC file might show up as 277. Or a 512 kbps AAC might show up as 522, etc. I think it even happens with FLAC files too. Everything still sounds amazing to me despite all that, so I can't say it's an issue. I currently use my LG V30 with its Quad-DAC and super powerful amp to play my music.
  11. RockStar2005

    High Resolution Audio Processing discussion

    That's cool. Yeah I ONLY play my music off PA, whether on my headphones or in my car (wired connection via Aux port). And I do use PA's EQ presets as well as custom EQs as well, so for me, it matters. I do agree.............PA always makes it sound better. lol From what I've read AND experienced, the reason why CDQ and esp Hi-Res albums sound better is not really so much the higher resolution, but that these other releases (esp Hi-Res) get the BEST sounding masters, where the worst ones tend to be released as mp3s. This is why I have no hesitation with regards to downsampling my Hi-Res and CDQ FLAC purchases to 256-320 kbps AAC.
  12. RockStar2005

    High Resolution Audio Processing discussion

    Yeah lol........... I was shocked too. I was payin' like $15-$20 per Hi-Res album, and now I realize iTunes Store has the same albums from apparently the same masters but for HALF the price! Just found this out a month or so ago. So been buyin' their MFiT Hi-Res albums instead of the ones from HDTracks, Acoustic Sounds, or 7digital (my "usual go-tos"). And the ones on iTunes that are not MFiT are STILL sourced from CDs, NOT mp3s! I always downsample ALL my Hi-Res and CD-Quality music to 256-320 kbps AAC as it has been statistically proven to sound no different than the same song/master in FLAC format. Keeping it in the larger formats is simply a waste of space IMHO. As long as it's above mp3 (AAC is mp4, or "next gen" mp3), it doesn't matter. See my thread on Head-Fi about this. Skim/read it all, then respond there not here please. MOST DEF see posts #1, 18, 21, & 29 if short on time.