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  1. +1 for the opaque, asked that when he introduced the alternative layout with that opaque instead of back boxes. And here I canot use the alternative layout because it doesnt rescale the albumart well. It make lot smaller than the default one.
  2. Merci @maxmp 822 build works well on device without Google bundle 👍
  3. Hey @maxmp any news on that 822 build for us without Google play services? Are you holding to add other bugs fix too maybe?
  4. As stated earlier and by other users too, no Google stuff there at all (chinese phone by choice to get ride of the Google bloat) Thank you very much, I was afraid that us without Google play services would get kicked out. Merci beaucoup 👍
  5. No problem, I understand. The goal was it reach @maxmp and it did, so all good, merci.
  6. OK, so that should be something else. Because I can't run Poweramp anymore here 😭
  7. @maxmp thanks for the update, but canot start your app anymore. Is this because I don't have any Google stuff nor Google play services? Btw tried on a Blackberry KeyOne, android 8.1. I hope that the app isn't depending on Google stuff now...
  8. Working hard on Chromecast support we can guess...
  9. Thanks for the hint. 👍 @maxmp should had them to the default theme since it seems no-one likes those black boxes. Those semi transparent buttons are far better.
  10. Please @maxmp merge your 2 styles to get ride of those black boxes. In your alternative displaying, you get those boxes semi transparent quite well. I just can't use the alternative display because it reduce to much the album art. Pitty, as I like to have names at bottom in browsers as in the alternative layout.
  11. Yeah, the screen can be better used in my opinion too.
  12. Pitty as 2 lines for artist and track name waste space too. Those could be on 1 line only no?
  13. Hey @maxmp thanks for the good works. There is a resizing problem there, I had it with a 3rd party skin too and thought it was skin related, but I have it too with your last change. Plenty of screen real estate lost imho, check the screenshot:
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