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  1. Now I have oneplus 6t, the 804 version works fine, but I would like Max to fix the dvc + hi-res problem on Android Pie
  2. The update did not fix anything. There was an error with the hierarchy, errors were added with the notification color in the blind, well, it still does not work on Android Pie DVC + hi-res, although Max has Oneplus 6 Out from 797 version.
  3. The 797 version works almost perfectly, but Max broke something again, although I believe that the interface is debugged, with the exception of headers that spoil the cover. I would like Max to adapt DVC to Android Pie.
  4. Well, you need to fix it, right, dear Andre? And then we fix one, and break the other. Prka 797 version, there are no problems.
  5. So far the best, this is version 797. Max broke in new versions for clean sorting. It seems to me that the interface is debugged, here you need to deal with problems on the Android Pie
  6. Max, so what about sorting folders across the hierarchy? In the new version, everything is broken, will there be a fix?
  7. I had to roll back to version 797, there are no problems with sorting.
  8. The error with the hierarchy was not fixed in version 799. New folders did not become on year.
  9. Max, will the work of DVC on Android Pie be fixed, when hi-res is running?
  10. Max thinks to release a fix? 796 version is simply impossible to use, rolled back to 795.
  11. Such a problem with the widget, Oneplus 6, Android Pie, although before there were no problems
  12. For amoleed screens is the best. Well, look, that the file name is lowered down and you can see the entire cover.
  13. complete nonsense, only the choice of color, not more. Moreover, it also falls with crash. At 4 pda there is an excellent skin, and for free ?
  14. Maxim, I really hope that in the near future, you will correct this problem. Thank you for understanding
  15. After upgrading to Android Pie on Oneplus 6, stopped working hi-res when DVC is on. As far as I understand, now this problem will also be solved for 2 years?
  16. ужасная работа, автор должен оторвать руки за это. Он сломал все работы Макса.
  17. gestures on oneplus work, sorting files in the library works fine, Max fixed it. I generally think that this is most likely a RC version.
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