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  1. Just want to ask which version is the one with visualizer already implemented but doesn't have the UI overhaul yet? I think I'm going to go back to that version until v3 officially out of beta. New UI is good, but kinda miss the v2 looks... maybe I'm just being silly
  2. I don't know if this is a bug, so I don't want to report it as such, maybe it's intended behavior. It seems that the tag editing I've done in Poweramp is just for the app, in other words the tag just updated in Poweramp database and it doesn't really update the music file itself. I found this when I'm comparing 2 music app and found the songs that I've edited in Poweramp don't show the updated tag in the other app. Basically, the tag editing doesn't really update the music files I have. Permission to write to storage is already given. So now I'm using AutomaTag for permanent tag editing.
  3. yes, I also want this keep the visualization behind but don't fade / completely remove the control
  4. like in v2, you can hide elements like shuffle, repeat, etc. on player UI. I remember you can set it to auto hide, or just tap the screen to manually hide. a v2 feature that i wish to make a comeback
  5. Would love an option to hide album names in track list and player UI, make for a simpler interface
  6. lu punya kesempatan lebih bagus kalau lu post di reddit r/indonesia
  7. is it possible to hide album names?
  8. great skins, would consider buying when payday comes lol. is it possible for the skin to have tracks display text only, as in there's no album cover thumbnails on track list... just title and artist
  9. HOLY CRAP, my request has been fulfilled Thank YOU
  10. can we have Track Name Artist - Album display format? kinda weird when album - artist
  11. not andre, but I think that's unlikely. Poweramp is the beast in mobile platform, it doesn't need to compete on windows which already have too many options anyway, like AIMP, Winamp (still kinda good), and Foobar2000
  12. also lyrics can be displayed on player UI, replacing visualizations (options to pick one, of course, wouldn't want to see a blank screen while listening to some instrumentals). Or the visualization can dim, while lyrics displayed on front...
  13. Kinda conflicted with thumbs up/down, I feel it like a like/dislike system... because I'm the one that put the songs, of course I like them all. With 5 stars system, I can just show how much I like a track...
  14. I like v3 player UI but prefer v2 track list UI without the album art... Really like the simple list.
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