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  1. Yep, I can confirm happening to me too.
  2. I been using it for many years too and it works more than replaygain does. There is aacgain too.
  3. Where is this kit at? Searching on this forum and nothing about developing own skins that I see except this thread, and you did not point out where this kit is.
  4. Or just do what I just said, and be done with it.
  5. Well, even with DVC disabled it still puts 100% volume. So it is still broke. Just never use a feature that doesn't work right?
  6. Another thing I am confused at Poweramp being finalized is hi res is not finalized in the app. Still says experimental. That is not finalized. It would just say it is hi res and nothing else about experimental. You would not go buy a television at best buy and have it say it was a experimental testing tv, and people would buy it right? Oh and to expand on last problem. Went from volume randomly loud problem, but to fix that is to do another problem. You go from randomly loud, to turn DVC off to lower the volume, to compensate for the lower volume, and turning it up more. That makes no sense at all. You basically go from one problem to another doing that. Not really a fix at all. DVC was a nice fix for lower volume.
  7. Yes, but does not do it on regular output and if that is the case, then I still would use regular output to the fact volume is way too low for turning DVC off. Max has said something about DVC before and to me it makes no sense to have hi res with very low volume. Oh well, then back to regular output for DVC turned on. Edit: Tried with DVC off and I still have to go a couple notches up on volume on headphones, and little higher on phone with BT. Hope does not drain BT battery faster doing that. Also, have to do quite a bit higher with DVC off via aux cable too. It loses ooomph doing with no DVC enabled. Also, bass dropped too. In my opinion, it sounds worse with no DVC.
  8. All I did was plugin headphones via aux cable with BT headphones after opening app, and wham bam ty mam boom slam volume button to turn down. I set wired to hi res few days ago. BT was on regular, and was going to put BT on hi res, which I did but scared it would do it too. Seems to be when opening the app does it. When listening and then stopping, and then starting it again does not do it, but I think I went to Device Maintenance and removed Poweramp from battery, and then opened app and did not do it again. So I think it is a random issue. I have Absolute Volume disabled for bluetooth. Do not know that would do anything. Absolute volume disabled keeps that from happening. So that would not do it. I could just try remembering to check volume before tapping play. With Absolute Volume disabled, it makes the volume be remembered where it was and not change. So I do think it is a Poweramp issue.
  9. I still get massive high volume on hi res after not listening to Poweramp, then turning it on by just starting a song. I mentioned it before on earlier releases but still there. I have not listened to hi res for a while but looks like I am having to stick with regular output again. I will try it on hi res on my walk tomorrow but if it does it again, then I am sticking with regular output, and just never using hi res ever again. Bummer, that I can't use hi res without the auto jump to real high volume. Exporting settings did not work. This was on wired. It did it with BT too. S7 edge Oreo. I do not want to have to keep buying new headphones when Poweramp blows the drivers. I will give it one more shot, and I will have to not use it again if it does it again. Seems like it won't be fixed if it does it again. Especially, for a final version of the app too. I heard a little crackling like a vinyl record. I hope that does not mean drivers are blown. I will be pissed. I just bought new headphones. So far next song sounds fine. So it might be just the song. Can't believe that hi res still has issues after all this time working on it. I think the duck when notifications and ending call adjust volume too.
  10. The final play version 816 randomly does no sound via bluetooth. Swiping next or previous track does nothing. It shows playing still looking at app. Have to close app to get it working. S7 edge Oreo. Never this bad until update from play store. Like using beta. Please fix it.
  11. I am not even near your post count. So that comparison is way off.
  12. I have been using scrobbling on v3 and the one tested it, and works fine for me, but I do not have multiple devices to test it on. So I was assuming since it worked for my s7 edge Oreo, that it should work for others. Oh well, guess some devices might still not be working all the way with scrobbling. No clue. Do not know what to say besides it works fine here.
  13. If you did not respond that way in first place, then I would of not said what I have said. I would of just waited anyways, which is almost 2019. Think before actually doing something, and it might help you out in future discussions.
  14. Didn't I just say why and now say it again? Because I do not want to have to redo it manually every single flipping time, and I do not see a reason to have to either, except to be forced to. Not fun to have to search on a small screen or go to a browser on a smaller screen for it, when just opening an app is a lot simpler and Google Play just auto updates when opening the app, but the browser is many, many more steps just for it and many times more just to download and tap install too. Not like I just sit around downloading apps all day for fun. Most apps on Google Play suck anyways. Hard to find a decent app anymore. What is really annoying is there is so many people that think, if they do it certain way, then every other person needs to do it that way too. Sure would be a very boring world, if we were all the same. At least Max was nice about letting me Know and not telling me to do what I did not want to do. Now it is time for not saying anything again. Another break time.
  15. It better be because I can't stand the look of v2 despite what others say. Album art just does not look good on v2 and v3 is well more organized to me too. I live in Utah, and it has still not been there, since I asked before. Not that I stare at the app while it is running but just to start the app and to shuffle makes me cringe with v2.
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