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  1. This is a per user setting which means that individually we have to set our equalizers on our own. There is no one setting for all users due to differences in android versions, mobile phone brands/models etc. You'll be surprised with your ability on setting your phone on how you like it to sound via headphones, bluetooth or car. Good luck!
  2. And the import begins... Is that right that from PA, the settings that have been exported will just need to be imported to PA EQ. This is how I did it and saw my EQ presets in the list. Or, is there another way? Awesome, by the way! Definitely, worth buying, supporting @maxmp!
  3. While not related (off-topic), kudos to Andre for this forum's new look. Others might have posted this already but hey, it's refreshing! My request would be a way to import equalizer presets from PA, especially for the ones I have set for Bluetooth players.
  4. As the saying goes... more POWER to you @maxmp! Salamat from PHL! 🙏
  5. I like this idea too. Hope this can be achieved by Max as an added option in the List Options > Layout.
  6. Oh, just noticed it too. Well, hope all is okay. Thanks guys.
  7. Interesting! Glad to have a new feature/option added in PA.
  8. In Settings > Library > Music Folders, select the Download folder containing your Playlists. Try this and update us if this works.
  9. The "tracks By path sorting" is a nice addition. Somewhat, fixes the issue on Album Artist > All Album Artist Songs supposed sorting per year > per track > per album. A previous feature request. Only good if you have a proper labeling of folders and tracks which I happen to have. So thanks, Max! 👌🏾
  10. Andre's suggestion for separate links for multiple genres in Info/Tags now available in 872 update.
  11. Thanks Max! Multiple genres in Info/Tags now on separate links. 👌🏾
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