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  1. invaderzim

    Music stopping

    What version of PA have you installed? Have you tried any Alpha or Beta versions?
  2. invaderzim

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    I got the feeling! In the dead of the night, volume set to 60-70 on headset then the music played on speakers... Embarrassing...
  3. invaderzim

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    DVC = on, Asus ZC553KL Stock Rom On wired/headset music plays then I got a call.. PA pauses (set by default in the settings), call ended, PA will play 1-2 seconds of the song then pauses again. Restarted PA, same issue. Temporary fix was to reboot my phone...
  4. Change Sample Rate to a lower value like 96khz, this fixed the cracking noise in my device.
  5. @maxmp This is but a tiny matter but hoping to get addressed. #ocdhits 😂
  6. We don't know for sure... Max might add a feature to toggle buttons in the future. What's important now is to have a fully functional beta since it's still May in his timeline. 🤞
  7. No buttons but you'll just have to swipe left or right for previous & next tracks, respectively. This was mentioned in the changelog in the 1st post.
  8. Working great on Asus ZC553KL, Android 7.1.1, Stock ROM! Like everyone, I'm excited for the update. 👌 Salamat! #lovefromthePhilippines