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  1. Nice color combo for Luminous Black! Keep it up! 👌
  2. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 826

    Salamat, Max! 👌
  3. @flyingdutchman and @Andrew0, were you both able to control the size of the Album Art nowadays?
  4. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 821

    Thank you, Max!
  5. invaderzim

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    Are you on Huawei? If yes, this is a known issue prior to your post.
  6. invaderzim

    How Do I Display Track Number?

    Is this what you are looking for, guys? But I'm the same as Andre. Just tested to see if this is what you wanted... 
  7. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 820

    I would love to see these added back once again.
  8. invaderzim

    Adding the fullscreen option to the Poweramp

    Max, I would like to request having the album art in the main player to occupy the entire screen same as V2. 😎
  9. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 818

    Apir, kabayan! Thanks, Max!
  10. invaderzim

    Playlist files are randomly emptied

    Here's a proof. I have not touched the playlist BTNH-N-FAM since it went 0 bytes.
  11. invaderzim

    Playlist files are randomly emptied

    Thanks Andre and I know that already. Am only stating from Hackswell's post his was on an sd card and mine's internal but we all had the same issue with what we are tackling here. 😉
  12. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 817

    Salamat, Max!
  13. Thanks Max and thanks OP for bringing this up.
  14. invaderzim

    Playlist files are randomly emptied

    Mine was saved in the phone storage where PA created the folder when I exported them.
  15. Music is life! 👌 Please have more patience. I'm sure Max is working on a fix and features that will be satisfying for most of us. Cheers!