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  1. The magnificent 3! Well done @giannisgx89
  2. @Mixified thank you! The Offset Navbar is fantastic. I just wonder the Volume Panel Size does not take effect on my phone. If I am right, it should change the size the Volume orb? Or, the floating volume?
  3. My take on this would be keeping the toggle on/off button for Hide Status Bar, then adding another line below the existing option for another toggle on/off button saying to Keep position of album art.
  4. Well... Amazing, Max! 👌🏾
  5. Interesting! Glad to have a new feature/option added in PA.
  6. In Settings > Library > Music Folders, select the Download folder containing your Playlists. Try this and update us if this works.
  7. The "tracks By path sorting" is a nice addition. Somewhat, fixes the issue on Album Artist > All Album Artist Songs supposed sorting per year > per track > per album. A previous feature request. Only good if you have a proper labeling of folders and tracks which I happen to have. So thanks, Max! 👌🏾
  8. Andre's suggestion for separate links for multiple genres in Info/Tags now available in 872 update.
  9. Thanks Max! Multiple genres in Info/Tags now on separate links. 👌🏾
  10. Yeah, always worth knowing the 'Help' in the menu opens up labels/hints when one needs a reminder of what's what or what's this for. 😅
  11. Also, you can tap on Settings, the 3-layer (hamburger style) menu at the bottom right. Tap again on Visualization, the first option, tap it to turn Visualization on Main Screen off. Hope that helps.
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