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  1. Here's a sample From ARTISTS category -- ALBUM ARTISTS --
  2. Check for proper tagging then use Album Artist category. It will combine all songs by halyosy. Make sure you have the AA tag per track.
  3. invaderzim

    Option to "Remember Where I Was"

    +1 Yeah, the app to remember the last position that we have scrolled in to and not to reset the list view.
  4. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 840-841

    Thank you, Max for the continuous development!
  5. @Mixified right on! And as @Mr. Make Believe said, would be nice to have the best of both worlds. TIA!
  6. Thank you for the update! 1 request is to add Pro Buttons (Default) with No Circles. This will have the wave seekbar instead of just the simple one.
  7. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 839

    Thank you, Max!
  8. invaderzim

    Sort by Album, then by track

    Hi. This is on Max' backlog and we are waiting for the implementation. Please see link for the discussion below where Andre merged the same requests. 😉
  9. invaderzim

    waveform seekbar

    More of a Static waveseek + Seekbar which some skins have.
  10. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 838

    When ON, the Album Artist tag in tracks will appear in the main app and list in the Album Artist (AA) category. So if you have a Various Artist (VA) tag as AA, all tracks will show VA. On the other hand, when set to OFF, the Artist tag will appear instead. That is, if you have proper tags for AA and Artist. This was discussed over another thread. Here you go.
  11. invaderzim

    Sort album artist's albums by year.

    Thanks Andre. Didn't realize our requests were the "exact same thing" having read the two other posts before making one up. Anyhow, hope our samples were clear and that Max had responded it's in his backlog. Thanks everyone! 😎
  12. invaderzim

    Sort album artist's albums by year.

    Hi @maxmp your feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  13. invaderzim

    Sort album artist's albums by year.

    Hi @maxmp! Would it be possible to add a sort By Album with Year as an option when playing tracks inside the All Album Artist Songs? Image below shows sort By Year in Reverse and how the Albums are correctly sorted outside the All Album Artist Songs. But when you go inside and choose to sort By Year, the tracks lined up alphabetically, which is opposed to their track#. Selecting sort By Album sets the tracks correctly by their track#, however, not according to the year they were supposed to be sorted or lined up. This is why a good combination of sort By Album + Year would be effective. Otherwise, the sort By Year can be tweaked, instead? Image below should be as follows: Delinquent Habits - Year 1996 Merry Go Round - 2001 Freedom Band - 2003 Thank you for your awesome work!
  14. invaderzim

    Playlist cover option

    Good to know that, Martin! Thanks for the update.