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  1. It was a stable release (looks like it) as those who were not on Beta got it in my observation. Note: I'm on Beta and still got the same version update.
  2. Gotcha! I noticed that but misinterpreted the changelog. 😂 More noticeable back button! Ah, one thing, is there a way to make the List Compact icons to square? Please see screenshots below for Album Artist, Folders Heirarchy, Genre, Playlist etc.
  3. Thank you @Mixified 👌🏾 Curious about "change back button icon". Anyhow, I was not inclined in changing it though. Cool Metro! We appreciate the continuous additions. Am a fan of minimalist no circles. ✌🏾I can see what you did in expanding the pro buttons' width. So good!
  4. Haha! Most likely our "buddies" are just lurking in the shadows, waiting for geeks to post one request such as this. đŸ¤Ŗ But seriously, seeing 'em 300+ tracks all at 99. Still, thankful and happy PA is being developed constantly. 🙏🏾
  5. Please increase the string to 3 characters. I for one, have a 400+ tracks in an R&B compilation album, of which were carefully picked. Thank you!
  6. Hi @maxmp! First, thank you for your continuous, undying hard work. Many of us are very happy with the new features, bug fixes and you constant interaction here in the forum. Props to Andre 100% too! Bumping this thread once again.
  7. You might be looking for Album Artists category which should be manually selected or enabled in the Library menu. However, every track or song should have proper Album Artist tag, that is.
  8. When on "View as" all the List option, may it be Album, Album Artists etc., the Track Number can appear with the duration and music file type. Eg. Track # | Duration | Type 10 | 3:30 | flac 5 | 2:35 | mp3 I specifically chose LIST, since when you are in the list of songs inside an Album or may it be a playlist, I would not choose to show them in Grid. Hope this helps. Thank you, Max!
  9. Awesome!! Sorry, I just tried now and confirmed. Thank you very much, Max! Really, awesome!
  10. @maxmp Sir, got a DM for you but you left our conversation. Anyhow, if it would not be too much, hope you can get this on 858. Thank you!
  11. Mine works fine now. Album Art appears as it should. Did nothing but update to 857.
  12. The Album Art now shows in the Album Artists category. Thanks, Max!
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