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  1. Cool! Thanks Max and Andre. Confirmed, when all tracks are played, now it's correctly displaying "List Finished".
  2. @spacegator try Library > Album Artists > This sub-level will list all Albums of the same Album Artist > at the top you will see All Album Artists Songs. From here set List Options to sort by Album. The only frowning detail here is that PA sorts this alphabetically but the Track #s appear correctly. But, before doing so set first the List settings. See below image.
  3. Have you tried sorting by Album? How are you playing your tracks, from which Library? ie, Album Artists
  4. Did you manually update using the apk file or through Google Play? I asked if it's the former because I also encountered the same. The fix for me was clearing the app's cache.
  5. There seems to be a delay in Google Play. Usually I get the update within 3-4 hours.
  6. Hi @Mixified, thank you for your response and anything you add to your skin is appreciated. May it not be what we wanted or needed but still, it's an update. Thanks, man!
  7. I just hope my message above which was last July 2019 was clear enough, managed with screenshots and so on. I just really hope it's understood in its simplicity. Anyone, please refer to
  8. @maxmp in response to your comment earlier, this is what I meant. Yes, we can Sort by Year in the AA/A categories but that makes the tracks in alphabetical order rather that per track per Album. And I mean in the All Abum Artists Songs
  9. Thanks Max for the latest update. Hope you can improve on Sort by Album to include sorting by Year as well. An improvement in the Album Artists category.
  10. I think the fix for that is to allow the track to finish before counting the "play" as 1. You are right, sometimes, accidentally you might tap on a track you do not plan to listen to. @maxmp
  11. Hey man! One request in mind... Can we have an option to have the miscellaneous buttons (1) placed on top of the cover art, then have the latter (2) together with the track info pulled down, closer to the seekbar? Simply switch places. You may look into flyingdutchman's skin. Anyhow, I seldom use those misc buttons (I don't want them hidden, though and they are still essential, if we are to talk about the toggle to hide ✌🏾) other than shuffling songs which is set most of the time. Having a big screen, I wanted to have a PA V2 feels where the cover art is much closer to the seekbar/play buttons. Thanks in advance, man! 🤙🏾
  12. Album Artist tags are required for all (cue, compilation etc) especially if you are to play via the AA category. This is my go-to category for multiple albums by an Artist. What I do is edit an album via my computer and set the AA tag as "AlbumName Various Artists" should it be a compilation album. This way they won't all end up in the "Various Artist" pile if you have that tag. Nonetheless, I don't see any harm having that tag, either.
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