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  1. @gcantoni hoping you can do mockup 02 above and have options to choose from for the Alternative Layout. Max had said that the skin author can do this now. TIA.
  2. invaderzim

    Poweramp V3 Sample Skin EN/RU

    +1 on this.
  3. Oh man! If this can only be put into skins and allow those mockups for user choices/options. @maxmp can this be possible?
  4. @maxmp I have reported this. Hoping the fix would be included in the upcoming releases or the stable version. TIA.
  5. Salamat, Max! The queue issue that I reported in v795 is still there. Better read here - v795 queue bug
  6. This is what I want as well. Haven't seen this in the sample free skin. @gcantoni will this be possible in your skin?
  7. invaderzim

    Poweramp V3 Sample Skin EN/RU

    @djdarko got it. It might be intentional as having wave seekbar enabled with static, the former will override the latter. Anyway, still a good idea so we can have options to choose from. But I am really hoping options for the aternative black layout as it is the only skin with the separate title/song info, not on top of the album art. @RznNike
  8. invaderzim

    Poweramp V3 Sample Skin EN/RU

    Right, it would be better the waveseek to show only the top part and not "mirrored" at all. The lower part is covering the info of the meta which is quite annoying in 3 different phones. By the way, I am talking about the aternative black layout. Lastly, the static seekbar overlaps the play/pause button. I requested if possible to allow option for PRO buttons in the aternative black layout. That would be super!
  9. invaderzim

    Poweramp V3 Sample Skin EN/RU

    Awesome! Can't wait to try this. Thank you!
  10. invaderzim

    v795 - Queue bug

    Hi Andre. V796 crashes on me before and after playing in queue so I sent logs to Max. Can't tell if this has been fixed.
  11. invaderzim

    Poweramp V3 Skin FREE (795+)

    @RznNike, will you update the skin to allow 2 seek bars (wave and pro)? v796 has been released. By the way, I love what you did here and if you can incorporate this in the Alternate layout (labels not overlapping the album art) with the menu sticking at the bottom and full squared album art, I would purchase the skin. By the way, there is one in the other thread/post but I am a minimalist, hence, I choose yours. 😉 TIA
  12. invaderzim

    Poweramp beta build-796

    Surprise! Thank you, Max. We will have this tested and report any bugs.
  13. invaderzim

    Poweramp V3 Skin FREE (795+)

    Please check out the very first post regarding the Google drive link. Enjoy!
  14. invaderzim

    Poweramp beta build-795

    Excited for this update! Cheers!