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  1. Nice workaround and I also do this! What the OP means, I assume, as I also have in my albums' tracks properly tagged with Disc Number. You can check out MP3TAG. It has a field and detects the disc number should an album came with it, in this case a double album. Am I right, @The8ball?
  2. Great idea, Andre!! Same function (tap-for-more) with the existing meta below the time/duration. 👌
  3. I'd give this a +1! A toggle switch, yes.
  4. +1 quite awkward to see this format.
  5. Download the unlocker as well in all devices and install using the same account. This, I guess if you purchase via Google Play Store. Works fine with mine. Cheers!
  6. @djdarko I am on Luminous Black, there is an option called Hide Previous and Next Category Buttons (Only work when pro buttons are enabled). I believe, this same feature exists in the other skins as well.
  7. Guys, better embed the Album Art to your songs using a software like mp3tag in your computers. That will save you big time. Plus, you can edit and assign complete tags. Afterwards, copy over to your phone's storage. In my end, I have a library of songs saved and backed up in a hard drive, so just in case micro sd fails (knock-on-wood), I won't regret anything.
  8. I appreciate the responses, however, the OP and I share the same request to have a simple option to select multiple playlists "within" PA. No offense to @flyingdutchman as he is a great developer! This request is not urgent and we can wait when @maxmp has time. Cheers, everyone!
  9. Say, I have tracks which genres fall to R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop. So I have those 3 playlists. Other times, those R&B tracks can be put to "Love Songs" playlist. It really depends on how you see or feel one track or tracks to be included in those playlist/s. I am a diverse listener and those 3 genres were just a few... we haven't gotten to Alternative Rock, Post Grunge, Metal and so on... I have an ever-growing collection of albums and just like the OP, would be very glad if we can select multiple playlists at once so we do not need to re-select the tracks over and over. PS: I don't have an unlimited storage if one gets curious... I retain only the songs/tracks I am very interested with. Thanks, Andre for your input!
  10. @andrewilley join us! We need you on this. 😎
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