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  • Poweramp-build-939-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 28,296
    Builds 934-939: new Bottom buttons option Makes shuffle, play, select, etc. buttons more accessible in the lower part of screen new Header Buttons option tracks and other items range selection in lists while in the selection mode Range button toggles checked state between the first and the last checked item while in the selection mode long pressing selects all items between previously checked item and long pressed item new Playlist Insert Po
  • PowerampEqualizer-build-938-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 3,610
    Builds 937-938: Advanced Player Tracking now detect apps that do not advertise themselves as media player ("non-players") This increases number of supported players in Advanced Player Tracking mode (such as LibreTube). Depending on phone firmware, some players still won't be equalized: apps which use FastTrack/Direct/Offload output apps which use any other non-standard output Advanced Player Tracking settings page show list of recent "non-player" apps,
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