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  • Poweramp-build-970-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 22,835
    Builds 961-970: Target SDK updated to 33 due to the Google Play requirements. This causes the following changes, restrictions, and requirements: Play edition: File Access Legacy Mode option is not supported anymore on Android 13+. The support is removed by Google. Please use Music Folders dialog to enable/add appropriate folders with the music to Poweramp Library Android doesn't allow certain folders to be added this way, including /Downloads or storage root. This limitation
  • PowerampEqualizer-build-963-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 5,050
    Builds 960-963: search and filtering in the equalizer preset list User/Built-in/AutoEq, Graphic/Parametric, Assigned filters available Device button to search for the currently connected device preset AutoEq presets preinstalled and available via preset list search can be used to find appropriate device preset AutoEq presets are locked from being changed by default preset list doesn't always load all the entries to keep
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