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  • Poweramp-rc-build-799-uni.apk By andrewilley

    • 309
    This is now Release Candidate status - no more new features are planned until official v3 release, only bug fixes. RC Build 799 (please report any issues in the forum thread) :
    • fixed Stop
    • swapped Artist <-> Album labels
    • fixed crash due to bad zoom (Android 9.0)
    • Album Art downloading logic update
    RC Build 798:
    • rating is shown in almost all categories (not shown in Queue, Most Played)
    • long press on miniplayer brings current category / track • lists follow current playing track
    • improved seek for mp3 files with large embed cover. You may need to do a full rescan for the waveseek to update
    • Genres are not split on single / anymore (split on ; and //). You may need to do a full rescan for this to apply
    • added Look and Feel / Notifications / (Always) Keep Notification options
    • added Album Art / Send High Resolution Album Art. When enabled, high resolution images are sent to Android lock screen, widgets, Media Session API
    • added sort by last played time
    • added help hints
    • Poweramp will try to return to the next track from Queue
    • Poweramp API improvements
    • fixed Send menu item not always visible on some devices
    • fixed issue with pause/resume cycles and track not auto-advancing
    • fixed notification pause/resume button state on some devices
    • fixed scrobbling via Simple Last.FM Scrobbler
    • fixed miniplayer de-sync after some rescans
    • fixed crash with Lock Screen / Show Default Image enabled
    • few other bug fixes and small improvements
  • Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 1,115,851
    Poweramp 2.0.10 (build 588) for standard (ARM-based) Android devices.
    Released: 6 April 2016 Recent Changelog: 588: album art downloading update 587: rebuilt with previous Android Build Tools version to fix UI language selection (Android 4.4-) 586: fixed embed covers @ Samsung S7/E 586: added link to v3.0 test build (Settings, Android4.1+/ARM-only 585: fixed album art downloading 584: fixed couple of minor issues @ Android 6.0 583: fixed tag editing on SD card @ Android 6.0 583: fixed issue which prevented some skins from loading on Sony devices @ Android 5.0+ 582: fixed issue with seekbar @ Android 6 If for any reason you have problems when you install the latest build, you can re-download recent older versions from one of the other links. For more information and discussion, see   

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