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  • Poweramp-build-957-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 24,570
    Build 948-957: new Lyrics area available on swipe up from main screen or via lyrics button configurable via Settings synchronized lyrics tag (SYLT) and LRC files are supported, as well as unsynchronized lyrics Use Rescan Lyrics Tags option to pick up previously unrecognized lyrics tags pinch to zoom in lyrics view to change a font size new API for 3rd party lyrics plugins as previously, missing lyrics can be further se
  • PowerampEqualizer-build-938-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 9,053
    Builds 937-938: Advanced Player Tracking now detect apps that do not advertise themselves as media player ("non-players") This increases number of supported players in Advanced Player Tracking mode (such as LibreTube). Depending on phone firmware, some players still won't be equalized: apps which use FastTrack/Direct/Offload output apps which use any other non-standard output Advanced Player Tracking settings page show list of recent "non-player" apps,
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