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  2. PA is on half-price sale at the moment from the Google Play Store, but only for a limited time though. It is not a free app though, if you want to continue using it after the Trial period you do need to buy it. Andre
  3. @PChwdhry @xander71 hopefully fixed in the next release later today 28/11/20
  4. Does this help in keeping the Equalizer going when I skip tracks in YT music ? Thanks
  5. The volume overlay issue seems to be a glitch with PA build 888, Max says it should be fixed in next release (see the Downloads tab). [Edit: Actually 890 fixed the minor issues for the default skin, but created bigger ones for $YAPS$. Theo is on the case though.] Andre
  6. I don't listen to music from a lot of other sources, 98% of the time is on Poweramp audio player itself and the other 2% is when I stream something from my PC via smb, so i probably am not doing the app justice, but I might force an update to the android 10 this phone got on other countries, or i might even just install a custom ROM soon, so probably the reverb only adding noise on android 9 won't be that big of a problem for me. So that means that reverb is possible but on newer versions of Android? Again, i basically always listen to music from the Poweramp audio player so it's com
  7. Today
  8. I'd like header images for artists and albums to have a different layout. be bigger, and have an alternative look (tags not appearing over the image), i think it would look neat
  9. I have no money and no MasterCard plz help me
  10. Hii sir plz Poweramp unlocked version free plz 1 day I need this
  11. I wish on thr next update you will add CRYSTALIZER Knob and ACOUSTIC 😁😁😁 this is a best combo to Poweramp PLAYERπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  12. I'm on Samsung Galaxy S20+ and on build 889 my EQ screen is kinda screwed up where the presets are at the top of the screen, superimposed over the EQ sliders (see below screenshot) :
  13. Build 890: added advanced experimental audio session tracking Allows equalization for players that don't expose their audio session (such as Tidal), and fixes issues for players with audio session bugs (such as YoutubeMusic), but requires ADB and notification permissions Some players still may fail to be detected (Oppo built-in player, players using Direct/Offload output) translations updates bug fixes and stability improvements
  14. Anyone faced with this display issue? https://youtu.be/koctmw8yXI4
  15. Hi there. I'm new to Poweramp. Before that, I briefly went to AIMP and, before that, I was a foobar2000 Mobile user. In my Foobar2000 Mobile days, it would just load anything that was cover.jpg/.jpeg/.png etc. in the folder and be done with it. It was great! With AIMP, I discovered that they limit this to 500KB (WTF?!) so most of my large artworks wouldn't even show up. Now, that I moved to Poweramp, I see a similar situation to AIMP but much less restrictive. 4 Megabytes. I would be nice to have an option to override this. I assume this is so for RAM usage control. I would love to s
  16. I have android 7.1.2 lg v30 plus , high resolution output doesn't work.
  17. Build 889 When using the custom volume panel, the UI completely freezes up during the time the knob is supposed to show up I find it kind of funny that this update fixed the option that was just above it Anyways, Max probably is aware of this already, but just in case And the volume levels option works great now, thanks for the support!
  18. Some LGs have always-enabled compressor on all Android mixed audio (except specific DVC/Hi-Res modes in Poweramp player), thus it makes higher than few dBs band amplifications impossible (esp. noticeable for bass bands). This is the only OEM forcing compression on all audio. As for reverb, it's current implementation in Androids 9+ just adds noise to the audio and has no point at all.
  19. @Edgie70 drag it to the right, use gear icon and hide it.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I've been getting an equalizer notification every time I unlock my phone !! Galaxy S10 android 10
  22. I also have the volume panel coming up blank on an LG G7 Thinq running Android 10
  23. LG only provided QuadDAC drivers for Android 8. If you update to Pie or 10 the audio just get disgusting. The unique solution is downgrade to android 8
  24. Now on 889 volume changes but there is no knobs which turns and no volume information. Now I am running november patch on Note9
  25. I also have the volume panel coming up blank on an LG G7 running Android 9. When I disable volume panel, the usual Android volume control panel does not come up while playing music in Poweramp, even if I'm in another screen, so it seems all visual volume control is broken for me right now. If I pause the music and leave the Poweramp screen, I can see the volume panel again.
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