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  2. Currently, the cover image of playlist is decided by the first song in the playlist which has a cover. There's an option to change each playlist's cover, but it's not intuitive and requires repetitive steps to change a lot of playlists. Moreover, if something happens and the playlist needs to be recreated for some reason, you have to pick custom image again for the playlist in Poweramp, which is quite time-consuming for such trivial task. Maybe like folder's cover image where it defaults to cover.jpg/.png, Powerammp could default to something like playlistname.jpg or simply pick cover.jpg in the same folder as the .m3u8 file.
  3. @MotleyG, I think I found it. There were some users experiencing startup issues as a result of some settings not having an initial value. The initial fonts was one of those. I set it to "opensans_regular" Now reset to null so should behave as usual again.
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  5. Strange. I did reset to defaults, and the app default is still being ignored. It appears like the font is using Sans Regular in this case. It is for all three font line options. The default and a few other skins work as expected, and it only changed after the weekend update.
  6. As that's a modern car head-unit, does it support Android Auto? What shows on the phone's player display, it should be the same image that's sent via Bluetooth? Andre
  7. CUE files can contain all sorts of extra metadata, but mostly it's just basic stuff like Album Title, Album Artist, Track Title, Track Artist/Performer, etc. All things which should also be saved in the embedded tags within each file (unless the CUE file is generating pseudo-tracks from a long audio file). Embedded tags are a much more sensible solution as they become part of the individual files themselves, rather than needing an external logfile which may not be copied with the audio files. CUE files are just plain text, so you can open them in a text editor and see if there's anything in there that you need, -especially anything that is not contained within the audio file tags anyway. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cue_sheet_(computing) . If you have any concerns, you can include one or two in this thread if you like. Andre
  8. I have a new car with a bigger audio screen and so there is more info on the screen. What I see now is that when is song is playing there is sometimes no art and sometimes artist art. For as far as I know I have never added artist art to my songs but only album art (folder.jpg) I changed some album art settings, cleared the cache and data but it keeps given the artist art instead of album art. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Elis & Tom https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Elis_%26_Tom
  10. So I understand that they are useful for long one track albums with multiple movements, but I've heard people say albums should have them for documentation reasons, even if the tracks are split up. On Musicbee I'm able to have both, all of my one track classical albums are shown with separate tracks, and albums that don't necessarily need them still display properly. I'm just hesitant to delete the files as I don't want to regret it later, and I know that it will take an excessively long time to go through all of my folders to delete them. I love Poweramp and I don't want to bemoan it, I just don't get why I can't just add folders to the library and not have to worry about the cue files. Also to clarify, when an album that doesn't necessarily need a cue file has one it will only show a couple of songs from the album, with the rest nowhere to be found, until I delete the cue file that is.
  11. CUE files are only useful in Poweramp when you have a single large audio file encompassing a whole album, for which you want to define multiple separate songs contained within the large file. Otherwise, CUE files that point to a separate file for each track are redundant as the individual files will already be scanned and added to PA's library based on their tags anyway. If you have software that is generating redundant CUE files, either disable that feature or delete the unnecessary CUE files manually. You could also try disabling Settings > Library > Scanner > Parse CUE Files, but that may have other consequences for necessary CUE files. Andre
  12. Poweramp always seems to have issues with cue files for me. On Musicbee on my computer albums are loaded fine and properly, so I don't see why there needs to be an issue with the cue files. When I delete them they are loaded properly in Poweramp, but I'd rather not have to delete them as I know they are useful. On second thought I don't know if this is a feature request, as there may be a workaround from the client end. If you know please let me know, I would really appreciate it!
  13. @MotleyG, Are your referring to font for app, artist/album or track?. I checked each font definition (app, artist, track) but there have been no changes so it should not behave differently. Did you reset the defaults on the font option section? because if you did not then, on upgrading, it should just display the chosen font. Perhaps something else going on? On the versioning, just a mistake, it is actually v103 on Google Play.
  14. Great, once you'd confirmed which version of PA you were trying to install, that FAQ would have been my next suggestion. Glad you've got it sorted anyway. Andre
  15. Personally I've always felt that a simple linear A-B crossfade is of limited real-world use. I don't use it at all myself because it only works well if both the end of one track and the start of the next have gradual volume changes anyway. However if either song commences/ends with a bang rather than whimper, a timed linear crossfade never works. For example if a song ends of an abrupt drumbeat or a closing lyric it doesn't make sense for it fade out early, nor does it make sense to fade in a song that starts in a similarly abrupt manner. My own suggestion would be to use threshold values, so the fade crossover point triggers when the outgoing song level drops below a certain dB threshold, and the incoming song is timed so it starts when the song hits a similar threshold level. So for example, if one song ends with a nice long fadeout and the next one starts with an equally gradual beginning, the thresholds would be hit quite a way into both tracks and a simple five second linear crossfade could be carried out which would work perfectly. However if you are going from Queen's We Will Rock You (which cuts-out dead on an abrupt guitar chord) to the Star Wars Theme (which starts with an instantly loud fanfare) then the trigger thresholds would be right at the end/start of the tracks and you would only hear a fraction of a second's fade to avoid losing either the final chord of Queen or the first dramatic note of Star Wars. Andre
  16. andrewilley, Thanks, I followed the steps below and was able to not only restore my Poweramp purchase, but also received the latest updates. I purchased the app 9 1/2 years ago and can once again enjoy listening to music. Hopefully, this will also help someone else. Again, THANKS! Bill S Restore Poweramp Purchase Please use Settings / Already Purchased? Google Play: You can reinstall Poweramp Full Version Unlocker any time for free as long as you use the Google account you bought it with. Note that for Google Play Store purchases, if you have multiple google accounts on the phone, your "original" Google account should be selected in Play Store (side menu / top-right white arrow next to your account). If Play shows app price even if Unlocker is actually purchased: app double purchase to the same account is not possible on Play, it will refund/cancel your 2nd order immediately and Play will download it for free please ensure proper Google account is registered on your phone and selected in Play app. Then install Poweramp Full Version Unlocker from Play You can check if purchase is valid for your account here: https://play.google.com/store/account/orderhistory?purchaseFilter=apps Website: To restore purchase, please: ensure you have Internet connection on the device and you can open https://powerampapp.com (Poweramp v2 only) ensure you have Google or Email account (as specified in purchase confirmation email from PayPro Global) registered under Android settings => Accounts. Poweramp v2 supports following types of accounts: - Google (requires Google Services on the device) - Google Email (IMAP/POP3, requires Google Services on the device) - HTC Email (doesn't require Google Services) - Motorola Blur (doesn't require Google Services) - Yahoo (doesn't require Google Services) ensure you have Poweramp uni build from Poweramp website (e.g. build-800-arm-uni). Play builds don't have non-Play purchase support, but Play builds can be installed over website version and license will retain. in Poweramp Settings use Already Purchased? => Website and type in that Google or Email account and Order ID (as specified in purchase confirmation email from PayPro Global). Other purchasing methods: Restore available via Settings / Already Purchased?
  17. There have been several requests for an improved Crossfade feature. It is described as a "Radio Fade" or "Segue" As the first song ends it fades out. During the fade out the next song starts at full or nearly full volume. This is the preferred method. When the second song fades in the first few bars of music is inaudible. This is especially disconcerting when the song begins with lyrics without musical introduction pryor to the vocals. The lyrics are lost. The attached photo is a screen shot from the SQR Crossfade pluggin for the old Winamp program. It has all the necessary options and controls to customize the Crossfade to perfection. It is my hope that you will alow such customization within the Crossfade portion of your app. Please consider my request.
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  19. V99test all seems fine, except the default font is not picking up the system font, but rather some other font from the list.
  20. Clearing the Poweramp app storage seems to have fixed it. Still works after reboot.
  21. I'd hazard a guess that the cached version of the image, which Poweramp stores in a temporary folder using a generated filename based on a combination of the artist and the title, is too long for a buffer or for the filesystem. Linux allows 255 character filenames, but I read somewhere that 127 is considered the 'safe' limit in Android - and even without the artist name or the .jpg extension, that same is already 116 characters. I would suggest for now that you embed the cover artwork into the audio files rather than using in-folder images. Andre
  22. Just discovered these guys, been digging this one and 'Mr. FEAR'
  23. Dear all, I have placed in every of my album folders an image called folder.jpg which shows the artwork. This is working for every album I have in Poweramp except the ones with very long album titles. E.g. Artist: Fiona Apple Album Title: The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do Cover is not showing up even covers which will show up in other folders.
  24. This would be great to be implemented between the mini player and the 4 buttons bar, +1
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