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    bluetooth issue

    Moto G6 Play [jeter/aljeter] Android Pie 9.0 PPP29.55-35-12 Poweramp v3-build-853-arm32-play Error when playing music through A2DP / AVRCP bluetooth audio on several devices. Forced closing of the bluetooth app of the cell phone and constant reconnections failed.
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  4. Thanks for the report. There were no changes in that regard in like last 20 builds of Poweramp so I would recommend restoring output defaults in Settings / Audio / Output + changing output type (eg from Open SL to AudioTrack or vice versa). Thanks!
  5. Got it! Buffer size doesn't make a difference, but changing my outputs to hi-res fixed it!
  6. Issue with bluetooth. Prior to build 853, I would start my car (2012 Toyota), and Poweramp would sync up with my car and automatically start playing. Now, when I start my car, Poweramp will sync, send metadata, start playing, but with no sound. I can tell it's playing because I see the song title and timer incrementing on my car's video screen. In order to get audio, I need to unlock my phone, go into Poweramp, stop, and then start the song. Then I get my normal audio. I've tried it with DVC both on and off. Same thing happens
  7. @hypomaniac-eric sounds like some corruption somewhere. The latest Poweramp release does not cause any issues for me or others. Why dont you recreate your playlists as .m3u, and let Poweramp rescan everything, then add the .m3u playlists back in.
  8. One thing I just wanted to add - if this is all memory related, an improvise might be to load the art as it currently is, but re-render/re-draw the art in higher quality when the track is playing more than say 5 seconds?
  9. I have a DAP that can bypass Android's software resampling and can let any app directly send a signal to the dac in the dap. So I don't need Poweramp to resample the file. Is there any way to bypass the resampler in Poweramp and let it directly output the signal to the dac?
  10. @mixified @maxmp Sorry if I'm overlooking this, but are these functions currently implemented into Poweramp? API 23 and above <item name="android:windowLightStatusBar">true</item> API 27 and above <item name="android:windowLightNavigationBar">true</item> It would look great to have those icons match the theme colors.
  11. No. I think the new update is the problem. The previous update always shuffles all availaible song whenever i tap a song in any tab/library (even in recently added)
  12. @TifKag, this issue with chromecast button is now sorted. Also coming up in the next release, an option to show a volume slider on the main screen. Note this will only work for Poweramp version 853 and above
  13. @maxmp, very nice !! Thank you so much !!. This will be in my next release
  14. I bought Poweramp app for the full version and i think this app is great but one thing is troubled me that there's no remote steering function/features on this app so i can't skip the song whenever i'm driving and i think it's important enough and i have searched on internet about this and i found that a lot of people has this issue on their android car headunit and some people say that if you instal the older version of powerampa such as v2 it has a fully functional feature for the remote steering. So why is the latest version of this app cannot support the remote steering function??
  15. I couldn't find anywhere to turn auto-update on or off (which is odd), but i had an update option on the play store, and just did so. I'll listen to one of the problem tracks once i'm off work, fingers †ed. Thank you again for your advice!
  16. Hi Thank you now sorted! I had a further look at the device storage to see that there were other folders selected including a 'music' one. So all others apart from the sd card music folder now deselected and that works a treat. Now a further question, is it possible to make the alphabet listing down the right hand side of the music album index larger? On the Atoto A6 the letters are tiny and too close to the side frame for large male fingers! On my phone it is not a problem as it is portrait format and no side frame. Thanks again!
  17. I hope that somebody will find the source of the problem. Thank you for helping me.
  18. Thanks for the quick response but I never use power saving mode my phone has a excellent battery life but if you asked about apps power saving Poweramp has no restriction you can see it in the screen shot. I don't have any other music players because I uninstalled all of them tonight I'll install some of them for testing like rocket player black player jet & gom audio plus and will report back
  19. Check that Poweramp is excluded from the list of apps that your device is allowed to stop for power-saving purposes. Andre
  20. After updating to miui 11 i cannot use Poweramp in background it close by itself and the strange thing is it didn't show the massage "Poweramp was killed by...." This highly repeatable but quite random there is no pattern like it happens while listening in background with screen off or if I use other apps like browser whatsapp etc can't say exactly when it will happen Poweramp has all the permission Device Redmi note 4 (Snapdragon)
  21. As you can see, Poweramp is being sent continuous Fast-Forward actions from something in your system. I don't know why I'm afraid though. Andre
  22. Updates are automatic, but the downloadable version on the website can be a release or two ahead of the Play Store. Currently Play Store (UK anyway) is at build 853 though - perhaps you have auto-updates turned off? Andre
  23. 'Play Filtered Songs' has been replaced by the newer and more flexible queued-based system. The rough equivalent process using the new method would be to tap the 'All' tickbox (instead of selecting multiple individual songs) then all of the displayed search results would be played. Andre
  24. Tank you for your suggestions! I had not, but i just increased the buffers and changed one of my outputs. I can't listen to anything to check it right now, as i'm at work. Also (and i apologize if this is a stupid question), how do i update to the newest version? i had thought updates were automatic.
  25. Is there no way to enable playing songs from search results without enqueueing them? I downloaded Poweramp 2.0.10 build 588 again and I found the option I was referring to. On fresh install, I was given the option "Should Poweramp play filtered songs?". I re-installed the newest V3 version and that option is no longer present. Is there any way to get this back in V3? The fact that this feature is disabled by default and is not toggleable is frustrating.
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