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  2. It's off from the end. The longer the track is, the more off the seekbar is. The seekbar is late compared to the track, it shows an earlier part of the song. For example, on a 6min track: If i go to the first 30 secs of the track, the seekbar shows perfectly this part. But when i'm at 5.30mins, it shows a part of the song at 4 mins.
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  5. @andrewilley while that might be a temporarily solution like in my case, it could mess with whole folder structures for other people who can't move the folder, else other apps might need to be reconfigured. This means they would need to configure everything else tied to that folder for the sake of PA. The feature could be handy in cases of large organized folder structures in the main folder with files in it as well. Thanks for the solution anyways, I will try to implement this for my circumstance
  6. In the meantime, why not just create another subfolder to contain all your actual album folders and audio files? Then you could select that folder only in PA, and untick the .stfolder and .stversions folders. Andre
  7. I use a folder as my Poweramp music folder which I synchronize on my network. The client creates subfolders for file versioning and other unimportant reasons. I am missing the option to select a folder but exclude subfolders. This feature might especially be useful when you want to select a folder which has files and folders in it, but only want certain folders and the files in the main music folder to be visible in Poweramp.
  8. Sorry, still none the wiser. That's the system configuration section for Android features such as wi-fi, bluetooth, etc, what do you want to do with it? Andre
  9. Can anyone please recommend good bluetooth earbuds that are either around or under £60? I have recently had 2 models from MPOW m5 & m9 and also one of the anker life p2. Out of the 3 the sound quality of the MPOW m5 was the best but these were the only pair that wouldn't stay connected in my pocket if i was commuting on a bus and maybe my hand was rested on my leg (so my arm would maybe cover my phone). The other 2 earbuds didn't cut off in this circumstance though, would it be right that they shouldn’t cut off i am guessing? I got sent a 2nd pair of the m5's as i thought maybe the first pair were faulty but the new pair are still cutting off a lot when in pocket. So now i feel a bit lost, someone on another forum mentioned the SoundPEATS trueFREE + 5.0, they do seem to get very good reviews and are pretty cheap as well. On amazon there seems to be 2 versions here in the UK, there’s one that’s 35hr charge and another thats only £1 more that says in 2020 and is 40hr charge, does anyone know if the quality of both is the same or possibly better in the newer one? Are there any other recent buds? I'm interested to know if the issue with my phone in my pocket would probably just be down to them particular mpow m5's i had, i didn’t notice it on my others but then didn't have them that long anyway. I use a full leather case on my phone which covers from and back but not sure if that’s an issue for the signal? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks James
  10. Thanks for the details. Can you please be a bit more specific what is off and from what?
  11. Thank you a lot andrewilley, this solved all my doubts.Have a nice day
  12. DVC allows PA to talk more directly to the audio hardware without Android and/or manufacturer-added features getting in the way. If your system allows it, please leave this switched on. Nothing causes any changes to frequencies and timings other than EQ controls etc, so if you want the purest sound leave them turned off. Also probably best to leave high-res modes turned off too (unless your audio files are higher than CD quality in the first place). Is there some specific problem you are experiencing? Otherwise you are going to end up going down a rabbit-hole of technicalities for no real gain. Here are a few articles you may want to explore if you are interested though: http://darkroommastering.com/blog/dithering-explained/ https://dspguru.com/dsp/faqs/multirate/resampling/ Andre
  13. Could you explain your question a little more clearly, perhaps with an example of what you want? Andre
  14. heuay

    add tiles

    hallo Poweramp team , please add tiles quick setting to statusbar for next update like for play/pause
  15. Hi I'm using the paid of version of Poweramp build 871 on my Fiio M9 (Fiio default music app is so slow). It's running android 7 and it's a extremely lightweight version of AOSP without the google play services.I had to display the visualizing seekbars because the 'dynamic range' of the sound was off near the end of the track. I had Poweramp on my phone before but i didn't experienced this issue. I think this may be due to either the screen resolution (480×800) or the dpi (set to 328). As an exemple, I circled the area where there's no music (very quiet piano playing)
  16. Thank you andrew , I have set everything to default now. Eq, tone and other related stuff has been disabled .Can you please explain me the Resampler type I should set it, and also dither? Resampler:-The Sox Resampler apparently gives very high quality but causes high power consumption(which I do not mind) ,it says slower, what actually is getting slower here? Dither:- I have understood none from the given few words in the app. Can you please give a brief explanation of these above ? And do these above settings cause any change in frequencies? Also a brief explanation to what does DVC do. Thanks!
  17. I would start with everything set to default values (Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults) and ensure that all EQ, Tone, Stereo Expend, Reverb, etc modes are turned off. That should give you a flat starting point. The Samsung A70 works fine with DVC turned on. Andre
  18. It's in Settings > Audio > Outputs. It does sound like you are dealing with music files encoded at 100% digital levels, and then possibly boosting them further with EQ/etc. Have you tried using ReplayGain (assuming your music is properly tagged) which should default to about -14dB from digital maximum to allow headroom for further processing. Andre
  19. I would love a PC version as iTunes display is horrid and PA is BEAUTIFUL. I've tried mirroring my phone to my PC to get the gorgeous album art with the blurred background, but it just doesn't look the same; the resolution is lowered or something in the mirroring process (same with trying to run an emulator). I'm sure if you just made even a fairly basic player with the same graphic UI optimized for a PC there would be plenty of us that would pay for it!!!! (I can't keep waiting for an android phone with a 26" screen!)
  20. I was trying to steer my suggestion away from 432 nonsense. There’s nothing special or cosmic about detuning your music, full stop. But if you’re going to have gone to lengths to aide listeners of audiobooks in a music player app (?) This seems to be a no-brainer... Especially if Poweramp is internally capable. Saying it’s internally capable and declining when there’s a number of use cases feels like being deliberately obstinate. As others have said, this could help musicians who want to play along to a song in a key easier for them to play, etc. Changing pitch 200 cents brings you down a whole tone, which for singers can be huge.
  21. Thanks There is no Restore defaults under Audio, but several under the different categories under Audio. I tried Restore defaults in the DVC catagory, but it didn't help. What I noted is that it has to do with the preamp in the EQ. If I have it on 0 the sound gets distorted (EQ resetted). It doesn't matter if I lower the volume. But if I lower the preamp to -8 to -12, then it doesn't get distorted and I can also raise the volume more. Does that tell you anything? Noticed another thing now. This thing with the preamp only happens with built in speakers, not with headphones. So, it seems that it only concerns the built in speakers, but it's not a volume problem but more of a preamp problem, since lowering the preamp and raising the volume doesn't create the same distorion problem. And the distortion does not occur on all songs. Hope you have any answers
  22. What optimal settings should I set for Poweramp so that the downloaded brainwave entrainment audio gives its optimal effect(no unrequired change in frequencies)? I have set the output as OpenSL ES output , the output device is headset(headphones) which has good enough sound quality. Device is Samsung A70s. Samsung sound assistant settings :- The UHQ Upscaler has been disabled (Set to Bit upscaling) Dolby atmos has been disabled, Equalizer has been set to Normal Poweramp v3 settings:- Output plugin-OpenSL ES output Only *DVC* has been disabled In the OpenSL ES Output settings:- Buffer Size :- Preset normal(nothing has been changed) Visualisator Delay:- No change No DVC:-Switched on No HeadRoom Gain:-Switched on No Equ/Tone:-Switched off No Duck:-Switched off I will be posting the audio Info image. Rest all the other things have been set to default (No Change) P.S-Even though the audio is in .mp3 format, they are intended to produce results in this format only. I have not been able to post the OpenSL ES output settings due to size restrictions , hence I have written the settings above. Also kindly explain me ,does DVC affect the frequencies in the audio? I only wish to get results of the audio in the native (pure) form , no unintended changes in the binaural beats. Kindly answer ASAP Thanks
  23. I think Max is basically asking for someone to provide a convincing / overwhelming usage reason why this feature is needed in Poweramp - especially if it is going to take time away from other things he is working on. Personally, I would suggest that if it is simple to implement (and I'm guessing it's possibly just internal parameters rather than writing a lot of complex new code, but I could be wrong) then maybe it should be added to complement the tempo feature and possible even provide what has been described as "432Hz woo-woo" into the bargain. But at the end of the day, it's his app and he decides the roadmap, all we can do is make requests and try to persuade him that ours should take priority. Andre
  24. Yea, it is quite unfortunate the listening preferences of the developer override the requests of legitimate music listeners. Using Poweramp for AudioBooks? Give me a break...
  25. For a solid color look, try setting your background detail to 0 or 1 It's not a perfect solution. Some album backgrounds look good while others look strange.
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