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  2. Was this an upgrade on the same device, or a new phone? Try adjusting Settings > Audio > Outputs back to defaults, and also enable Settings > Audio > Replay Gain (again, with default settings) so you've got a base version to compare to. Ideally enable DVC (Direct Volume Control) if your device supports it. You could also try using high-res output if the default Android method doesn't sound as good to you. If you want to push up the bass heavily and that causes distortion, try turning the pre-amp gain down a bit to compensate - although that normally shouldn't be an issue if yo
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  4. The title is pretty self explanatory. I'd like to rate my albums, rather than the individual songs themselves. Coming from a Rateyourmusic background, it just seems more natural to me. While I'm here, half star support would be nice for that perfect integration. This is a really amazing app, the best music player on android probably!
  5. Thanks Andre! I found out that I had used package to stabler pro and it saw that external storage was a bloatware program! Duh, not the smartest program. Package disabler pro that is. Now that I have your attention,I used to have to use version 2 because it sounded better to me and it didn't distort as much as version 3. Now I don't have a choice because I'm on Android 11. Stock ROM. And it just doesn't seem to sound as good as even playing it through my file manager. I love the features of power amp, but now even The equalizer and the gain distort. and when I turned everything down so it does
  6. You don't say anything about your device or ROM, or if anything else has changed. Have you updated your Android version recently (e.g. to 11)? If so, try turning Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode off. Andre
  7. If you've used package disabler or any other programs that disable apps or services, it sees external storage as bloatware! Make sure that it's not checked, and all of a sudden your program will work again! Don't know why the program thinks it's storage is bloatware but at least we know that that's at least one fix!
  8. I figured it out at least on my end. I installed package disabler. It disabled external storage. Make sure that you haven't done that yourself because for some reason it sees that as bloatware!
  9. I can't mount my files for some reason. Everything was working fine and then all of a sudden the directory showed that it wasn't mounted. But I choose enable it goes to a screen that says recent. But there's nothing there. I tried rescanning trying every music rescanning file option there is and I still can't get my files to show. When I go into my file manager program and choose power amp as the player it says that my files are not mounted. I'm not using an SD card so I'm very confused! Help
  10. Oh thank you. Just a suggestion though, can this the entire guide be posted on this thread/forum? I personally don't see a need to go an external site/do another click.
  11. Any decent tag editor (e.g. TagScanner or MP3Tag on a PC) should be able to do it. Most of them seem to just add extra content to the TYER tag for ID3 tags, not sure how they handle Vorbis/etc. Poweramp does not read such extra data as yet though, it just looks at the first four YYYY digits at the moment. Second
  12. @andrewilley Извините что не по теме вопрос,а как добавить в теги (или как то по другому)более подробную информацию о дате - ГГГГ-ММ-ДД. Я искал в интернете информацию но ничего не нашёл.
  13. Yes, as I described above, you can set PA to sort the albums within each year based on the Name, Artist, Year (again, not sure why as all of the items will already be from the same year anyway), Date Added to Library, or Number of Tracks. You can't specify a different sorting order for each different year though (such as sorting 1970 by Album, then 1971 by Artist, etc). I suspect the 'By Year' sort option will make more sense once PA can read more detailed date information - YYYY-MM-DD rather than just the four-digit year portion. It's been discussed in: Andre
  14. @casediletanta . @andrewilley can this link to the exellent guide be made permanent perhaps?
  15. Correct. That and Bluetooth anyway. There are future plans to support DLNA/uPnP streaming in the future, but not yet I'm afraid. Personally I would love Poweramp to be able to set itself up as a simple SHOUTcast server to beam audio data out over the local wireless network. That would allow a whole host of devices to be able to be used as speakers, such as Sonos speakers, etc. Andre
  16. @andrewilleyЯ имел ввиду, можно ли (если да то как) изменить порядок альбомов у одного года выпуска. В "параметры списка" стоит год.
  17. I'm not sure how to get the streaming server working. AFAIK Poweramp only sports casting to Chromecast devices. I was wondering if we could use Poweramp as a streaming server which could be played across all devices supporting streaming. I have a RaspberryPi connected to my hifi diy amp and I'd really love to stream to it from Poweramp.
  18. Simple and straightforward guide - how to tune a Poweramp player for Hi-Res sound Explanations of basic settings, how to set up hi-res audio, resampler and more http://casediletanta.blogspot.com/2021/01/Poweramp-music-player-build-893.html
  19. To be honest, when I'm listening at night the screen is always off anyway. Andre
  20. Oh, that's nice one. I have to take a look on custom skins. The 70x black skin was just perfect for night listenings. Addition of A/B repeat would be brilliant!
  21. @JoeKis It uses the fixed band eq values. I'm unable to do the parametric eq values.
  22. I've moved this to Feature Requests as it's not specifically build 893 related. There are lots of skins that allow you to change the artwork size. I use $YAPS$ which supports all sorts of tweaks like that. Left/right swipes are inherent to the way PA now works, if you don't use the added Pro Buttons feature there would be no other way to change tracks. There has been some talk about making the swipe features user-configurable though (for Pro Button users) so maybe that and A-B Repeat might appear at some point in the future? Andre
  23. Hi. I'm currently using 893 (believe me - it was sooo hard to switch from brilliant 704 alpha) and I've got a question - is it possible to make the album art smaller? As it was in 70x alpha versions? Because during night listenings big white covers just make me mad! And in older alpha versions I was able to resize them to i.e. 75% or 50%. Also possibility of blocking swipe left/right to change song would be nice because few times I changed it by mistake (especially when I wanted to swipe the left/right sidemenu as in 70x alphas ). Otherwise it's really nice Max that you are still devel
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