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  3. Thank you for the kind words. I have all the back-up I need. Will not trust the cloud with anything personal. Far too easy to see that it is breached now and then and people have their personal data available for anyone willing to pay. That is more or less what google is living from. Still I need a phone and some of the app's are fine for various needs. Too bad that privacy is a banned word for google. Hoping that open software foundation will sooner or later get capacity to make a functioning OS for both phones and computers, but for now we must be content with what is available.
  4. If this happens with the screen on and PA in the foreground, it sounds like your storage is perhaps not reading fast enough (try increasing the audio buffer). If it happens with the screen off, there is most likely some optimisation feature on your device that is limiting Poweramp's processing ability (e.g. Android battery optimiser / power saver). Andre
  5. @john madsen If you remove yourself from the beta channel on the Play Store, you will no longer automatically receive any new beta updates. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it will roll back anything you have already received though (you normally can't roll PA back to earlier versions without uninstalling first). I would strongly suggest using the latest available version of PA though (currently 909). Most Android users take advantage of the Google feature to backup/sync their device data (which includes app settings) online, so if they lose their phone or break it and need to re-install to a new device, they won't lose everything. Given what you've said though, I assume you have that feature disabled so a new install should be 'clean' for you and Google won't restore any settings from its backup for you. People here are willing to help anyone in need of assistance. Andre
  6. That would be up to Max, but library/filesystem errors notwithstanding, the design of PA requires something to be the current item in the player screen, it can't be blank or empty. If you don't choose one, PA will default to the first song in the All Songs list. Andre
  7. Are any of the images particularly excessive in size? The FLAC spec limits embedded images to 24Mb, but it can also depend on how much memory your device provides to apps. You can long-press on a song title in PA and view 'Info/Tags' to see the size of embedded images. Andre
  8. can i please have an option for google assistant to announce and read out the song title names? i think it would be an awesome feature for headsets like wired earbuds or bluetooth earbuds...
  9. Hi!, is there a way to save my LivDark settings in order to export and import them?, I just bought a new phone and would like to configure LivDark just as I had it configured on my old phone. Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. are there any news about this topic? it would be a really nice QoL feature to shuffle only the titles id a playlist.
  11. I have been told it will take a couple of minutes to remove me from the beta version in playstore; There are many minutes in a few. 6 hours till now and still on beta. The play store is a needed evil from where to get app's for Android phones. And I do not think it is alive. I have no personal data in the cloud, all are on own memory items (SSD drives,hard discs, memory cards). Why anybody would have personal data in the cloud is not for me to understand. I have no facebook or any time-wasting things like that. I play music from the phone through a wire to my audio equipment and do not have internet connection for more than absolutely needed. Had a little hope that somebody here could help but it seems not likely. Have a nice day
  12. Strange, I have my Liv White and Dark both set to ProductSans and the Audio Info screen doesn't seem to change with the skin font settings. It appears just as @Scorpion showed it above. * I wonder if entering the Audio Info screen from one of the UI shortcuts could be a factor? I just used the Settings > Audio page. * Doing a quick test using the "Techno" font, I can see that it only affects the "Audio Info" text: Using Poweramp (Build 910) | Liv White (1.3.0) | Liv Dark (1.5.6)
  13. "Beta" - Android S is still in beta stage, not stable so it is normal to see bugs here and there. Try with the latest stable version of Android (i.e Android 11), should work fine. Max said he will optimize PA for Android S when it reaches stable stage. It's not worth making something out of the previews/betas because Google changes configuration/APIs everytime they post a new beta update.
  14. Weird, I tried a couple of other fonts and looks fine. Seems like it's only happening with ProductSans font.
  15. I would show the stock kind of record album cover art (darker gray square border with a lighter gray circle with spindle hole in the center) that says something like Queue Empty. I would then go along and select a new music population for the player (Queue). Sorry, it's just the method I've used in all my other players over the last 20 years. As said, I've got all the tweaks you've mentioned so far in play and it comes close to the way I prefer that there was a mode for. Thanks for a great player that I use exclusively on my android devices.
  16. Looks fine here.. Try changing the font ✌
  17. Yeah, but the underline design seems a bit inconsistent with the rest.
  18. @MotleyG and nothing to do with the skin itself
  19. What are you referring to, the underlined items? That indicates that you can tap there to see further details.
  20. Во время воспроизведения постоянные остановки при воспроизведении сначала с наушниками Bluetooth , потом и с проводными наушниками
  21. Tried and did not function. Maybe just wait a couple of years till Poweramp will function again.
  22. Hi, Your work is just incredible and thank you a lot for the parametric feature :), I bought the app right away, and after finishing my setup and been blown away by it I just bought the player even if I don't use it... top best paying app Adding a convolution mode would really be great where we would import a wav file per preset. (from AutoEq repo for instance) ... Lastly just as an advice (from a dev), you should update your business model not toward a subscription (I read somewhere that its planned), but making each new important feature a paying one (eq, 2 Euros for the parametric, 2 euros for an eventual convolver etc.) but its just an advice Thanks
  23. Google cannot restore anything from cloud. I have never had any connection to cloud. Do not trust cloud more than politicians. It was a new installation from google play, then a new from the website of Poweramp, then a beta from google play and now after removing the unlocker the playstore will only install the beta, but first I try the one from Poweramp. https://powerampapp.com/downloads/Poweramp-v3-build-last-uni.apk then reinstall the unlocker.
  24. @john madsen Worth a try, but given that you said it was a new install on your A71 phone anyway, I'm not sure how much that will gain you. Also clear app data in case Google is restoring some old settings from the cloud. Andre
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