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  2. Or you might decide to store your own music in the cloud and not pay for a normal streaming service. I use abnormal Google Drive and abnormal Astiga, which works fine. But integration in PA would be fantastic. +1 here.
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  4. I figured out that the icon for the category Years is missing in the library. Can you please add it?
  5. The original FLAC and the ffmpeg (Windows version 4.3.2-2021-02-27) converted copy to MP3 both work fine for me in PA, as does a different conversion to MP3 done in foobar2000 (latest LAME 3.100). The cover artwork in the ffmpeg conversion is hugely excessive though - 3000x3000 17.6Mb PNG; even the original image in the FLAC file is big at 9.6Mb JPG, which is what foobar2000 embeds too. Mediainfo does not even properly parse the ffmpeg conversion. [Edit] The metadata embedded by ffmpeg seems a little strange too - the ffmpeg Year and Comment info in UserDefinedText tags (TXXX) aren't pick
  6. Is it specific skin related, or does it happen with multiple skins? Andre
  7. There's a bug related to full screen visualization option. When I turn on full screen visualization and after 2-3 minutes of inactivity (not tapping my phone's screen but the visualization and screen is on) or maybe switching back to PA from different app, tapping the screen does not display the hidden controls as it's supposed to. Only the navigation controls are displayed (see attached screenshot). I'm using Galaxy A70 running on Android 10 (OneUI 2.0) and the latest PA Eq build from playstore.
  8. when trying to assign a specific setup for an album, i get this error. had been working great for the past few months, no idea what happened would be very thankful to get help!
  9. Poweramp version: build-893-arm32-play [893002-ecc5e107], Full Version, 32 bit (activator build-302) Device model: LG Stylus 3 (LGE M400-MT) Android version: 7.0, build number NRD90U, kernel 3.18.35, security patch level February 1, 2017 Steps to reproduce: 1. Download the following file (uploaded for bug reproduction): https://anonfiles.com/7bd8P8a2r2/01_Becherovka_flac 2. Load the original file into Poweramp. Metadata and album art should be present. 3. Convert the file using the following command (done locally with Ubuntu's ffmpeg installed from official apt re
  10. @ludisus you reference Powermilk which is an additional app. Simply uninstalling it should remove its .milk files imagine. @andrewilley is referring to visualisations built into Poweramp itself
  11. Have a look in About> Open Source Licenses, there you will find lots of details and references to github projects too.
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  13. No idea sorry, that screen shot is unreadable. I assume you are trying to grant permission for the equalizer app? If so, please see Have you also tried Max's new web-based solution? https://powerampapp.com/webadb/ Andre
  14. Could you help me solve the following error?https://giphy.com/gifs/fT8cvHANGqNaeKP3xn Thanks
  15. Sure, you can load any CUE files that exist on your device's storage into a standard text editor, they are just plain text files. For more information, see the second section of Also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cue_sheet_(computing) for the syntax of CUE files (although it's pretty self-explanatory once you open one). Andre
  16. Normally, any downloaded milk preset files should be stored in /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets. If there's nothing in there, but you still see them after you've done a Settings > Visualization > Full Presets Rescan, then you'd need to contact the developer of the app that installed them. Andre
  17. Hello, Yesterday I deleted some tracks, however Poweramp notified that "CUE files will not be deleted". My question is, is there any way for me to read those CUE files in order to see the info (titles, artist...) of the deleted tracks? Thanks
  18. I've recently downloaded this app from the appstore that provides an array of visualizations for free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=newfree.Poweramp.vis It was all nice and all, but now i'd like to have them removed from my phone altogether, to no avail. I've tried: uninstalling the app and Poweramp finding the .milk files to remove them manually (no .milk files are found, sadly, not even in the com.maxmpz file) is there anyway that i can remove the whole chunk of the visualizations at all?
  19. The app flows so smoothly from one section to another, does anybody know what language or what libraries are used to create this wonderful app?
  20. Just thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and bump up this suggestion. I've only recently started using Poweramp, and I've been incredibly impressed with all the features and smoothness of this app so far. I'm from Spotify so I definitely feel the loss of the"upcoming/now playing" list.
  21. Try increasing the buffer size in Settings > Audio > Outputs > (your device type). Are you using hi-res mode? If so, try reducing the frequency setting, or switch back to OpenSL ES. Does this happen with the screen on, or only when the display is asleep? Andre
  22. Does it remain cut out for a long time while the counter carries on incrementing, or is the audio interruption momentary? Andre
  23. Recently the playback audio in Poweramp started cutting out. Poweramp shows the track is still playing but there is no audio. It happens on the phone speaker and on Bluetooth. I am on an lgv40 thinq on Android 9. Is there any way to fix this?
  24. Why does Poweramp EQ (10 band) have Q: 1.50, instead of the usual 1.414 (one octave)? I'll be honest, I never liked the EQ in Poweramp, only reason I bought the Equalizer is because it has balance and one of my earphones is a bit unbalanced. But now that I noticed it, maybe the reason I don't like the EQ so much is because it's 1.5 while I'm used to using 1.41 or parametric.. Also, will the EQ ever allow parametric settings? I think I read somewhere that someone said that's difficult to make user friendly, or smth like that, but honestly, nobody cares. I mean, you only need to set your E
  25. If your device has recently been updated to Android 11, please ensure Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode is not enabled. Then revoke any existing app permissions for PA in Android Settings (you may even want to uninstall and reinstall PA) and then re-enable access permissions in Settings > Library > Music Folders. Make sure you grant access to the specific folder you want to use on Android 11, not to the root of the storage location. Then go back in to Settings > Library > Music Folders and tick that same folder to tell PA to scan it. The issue is reported to be f
  26. I have the same issue on S21 Ultra with Android 11. It finds 0 tracks and each time I open music folders in settings - folders are unchecked. I check them back, "select folders" button and nothing changes. Performed app's data clean-up from system settings and configuring once again - same issue. BTW, other media player (FiiO Music) works well with same folder and same permissions granted. This FAQ entry does not help: https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/faq/music-folders-selection-doesnt-work-on-android-1011-and-other-file-access-issues-r36/ I am ready to d
  27. @Pazzly This is because their player doesn't implement that feature. Please note that this feature works as intended on Android 11, but Samsung modified notification area futher (it's not from Android 11), and already changed the behavior in recent ROM updates.
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