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  2. That is by design, it will shuffle one entire randomly-selected folder, then pick another folder at random to shuffle, and so on. You can override this mode with Settings > Library > Lists > Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy. Andre
  3. See attachments. I have 4 folders on top level. When I press the Shuffle button, it only plays from rhe first folder. Could be related to that old bug, where it didn't take folders with upper case letters into account.
  4. If you can map your external cloud storage to a valid Android filesystem symbolic link, PA ought to be able to see it. However as PA is a Library-based player, it would need to be able scan your entire cloud storage and confirm tags pretty-much every time a connection is made, and that could be time consuming. Andre
  5. You could try turning off PA Settings > Misc > Keep Service. Andre
  6. @Brit Even if you use the Album scanning mode, foobar will still add Track Gain values too, so you get both options in the player later. I only use pure 'Track-only' scanning for singles, or other items that have no real concept of an Album status (such as random song Collections). As @6b6561 mentioned, it would be handy if PA had an extra Reply Gain setting where 'Album' gain settings are only used when you are playing in album-oriented modes, otherwise 'Track' gain is used (for All Songs, folders, Playlists, etc). Andre
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  8. App build: 911004 Device: Poco F1 Android: 10 Rom: One OS based on MIUI beta 21.9.3 Issue: Poweramp always starts playing instead of other apps when pressing play on bluetooth headsets.. even if it's closed.. other buttons like next/previous/pause have no issue controlling the appropriate app.. the only way to stop Poweramp from jumping in to take over bluetooth buttons is to force close it.. Steps to reproduce: 1- start Poweramp and play something 2- pause or close Poweramp 3- start another app like youtube music or mx player and play something 4- press play/pause on bluetooth headset to pause the other app 5- press play/pause again on the bluetooth headset 6- Poweramp will start playing regardless of which app was originally playing
  9. Thanks so much for the thorough and intelligent answers. I downloaded foobar2000. I did the scan by track method on my most recent purchases (since I predominantly use playlists). Easy and quick. I'll test them when I can.
  10. More options for cloud storage. like the doubletwist app.
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  12. سلام‌ خوبه تنهاومشکل بازی یا حذف پوشه اضافه برا دسته بندی انا بوحود اوردم خالی پاکنمیشت میگه دسترسی و گاهی بعد تماس ءصدا کم با هنذفری کار تنگنع برنامه برا چند ثانیه متوقف نیشع Google Translation: Hello ‌ OK, the only problem with the game or deleting the extra folder to categorize it is that it is empty, it says clear access, and sometimes after a small call, it stops working
  13. The trouble is, you don't add albums, you add songs (which may or may not be grouped into Albums for display purposes) Andre
  14. What has this got to do with playlist filters? Please can you post new conversations in new topics, and in English if you want to get a wider response. Andre
  15. پوشها اهنگ من جدا جدا بودن الان ن بیشتر ده موشهد ددارن وو یکک چیز دیگر دنبال مشکلش نگشتم یکبار همه اهنگ‌ وشها قاطی سدن پاکک کردم باز لیست تودم‌‌ ساختمد اهنگ خودشون بازی میکنن بعد اضافعدشدن بهو لیست Google Translation: The covers of my song are separate, now they have more than ten witnesses, and one more thing, I did not look for the problem.
  16. Is there any way to show recently added albums, instead of listing as recently added tracks?
  17. For listening to Podcasts, which are generally longer tracks, you could enable the "+/- 10 secs" buttons, and tap -10 before pressing Play. Andre
  18. If this is a feature that I have missed, please point me in the correct directions. Thanks. I would like the option that upon pressing PLAY on a previously paused track, playback would start several seconds prior to where it was paused. (for me, 3 - 5 seconds would probably work). I am typically listening to podcasts, and having playback start 3-5 seconds prior to where it was paused would help me recall what is being talked about.
  19. Ah the joys of an OCD music fan🥴 I have used dbPoweramp (no relation here) for a very long time for ripping my CD collection, and it can be used to also calculate Track and Album Replaygain settings. It is also very good at completing the initial metadata tag settings. But I use mp3tag to do all of my batch editing and clean up for anything after that.
  20. @andrewilley the grid views were showing metadata whereas the default Poweramp skin does not. I have now hidden the metadata field in the grid views to bring it in line with Poweramp
  21. I've set above option to on. Still, if I use the EQ or the 2 tone knobs, their changes are applied to the audio signal. On Chromecast Audio. Poweramp on play store, beta branch.
  22. Hi, there should be an additional replaygain option: - Apply album gain, but use trackgain if shuffling. Because it makes a lot of sense 😊 Poweramp already has a useful shuffle related option (crossfade), so this would be another one. Was possible in fb2k as well (with an addon). Tia, best wishes...
  23. If you have Android Auto on the head unit, try using that. I thought CarPlay was more for Apple devices? To activate Developer Options on your phone, go to Android Settings > About Phone > Software Information > then tap seven times on 'Build Number'. The option will then be permanently available in Android Settings. Have you tried turning DVC off as I suggested, or using a different output method for Bluetooth in PA Settings > Audio > Output ? Also worth changing PA Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks > Volume Levels back to system default. Andre
  24. 1. Audio-media car system - Wireless-CarPlay 2. Android 10, procesor Octa-sp9853i 3. Poweramp - the latest version 4. Bluetooth 5. Android Auto is not turned on. 6. I don't have access to the developer option. 7. All other music apps don't cause the problem (about 4 of them), just Poweramp. 8. When I press the call pick-up button, I hear a monstrous bang, which is the maximum volume from the Poweramp, and the phone connection turns off. Vladek
  25. I tend to leave it on Track Gain, as I rarely listen to whole albums in their entirely - and even when I do I prefer each track to be level-matched anyway. The only time I would find it useful is for concept albums or other gapless material. But yes @6b6561 , I did the same as you and spent a few days adjusting all of my tags to tidy up after years of mess. Multiple-Artist tags now all tidily semicoloned, Album Artist tags are all correctly set, Artist names tidied up so they are consistent (for case, usage of "The", etc). Then I threw everything into foobar2000 and cleared all existing ReplayGain tags and re-built them all. Some (such as my Singles folder) I removed the Album Gain tags completely, as they are pointless in that situation. Andre
  26. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to my music library... 10k tracks across 800 CD's... The cleanups of tags/naming/normalization/... has always started with a innocent "I will fix the ones that I listen to", and it always ends up that i trudge through the bulk of it... End-result is a library organized in "Artist\Album" folder hierarchy, so it's relatively easy to apply something across all tracks in a album, so I ran the normalization on a folder at a time.
  27. There are two different gains, one for album and one for tracks. Track gain sets all the tracks to an equal loudness. Album gain keeps the loudness relative to other other unchanged, but the average album loudness is normalized. If you listen to albums you obviously want to use track gain but if you listen to playlists consisting of individual tracks, then you want to use track gain. You have a setting for this and it's called source and can be found under the RG settings. There is an old feature request for having Poweramp setting the source based on if a "album" is being played or individual tracks. But as it's now you need to set it according to your own listening preferences. If you only have individual tracks, then you could apply track gain across the bulk of tracks, but if you have albums, then you should add the gain album by album in order to not loose the intended loudness differences between the tracks. Some people find it easier to reach for the volume dial than to go through the hazzle of normalizing. It's a pain to go back and re-do a library, I have done it a couple of times before I got to what works for me.
  28. I'm pretty sure the Equalizer can only modify audio that's created through the regular Android audio channels, which I'm guessing would preclude most high-res implementations. And you could push the preamp level higher if you want, but all you'd be doing is adding clipping distortion. Gain matching systems tend to REDUCE gain to allow processing headroom, not increase it. Just because you can wind a knob up to 11 doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea. Andre
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