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  2. Simbiat

    No auto track switch

    Will try an let you know in the evening. Although I had days, where this issue did not show itself, so a few days of testing should be proper
  3. Good sounding and beautiful player ever! Thanks very much! On my LG G3, Android 5.1, build 802 works perfectly with Hi-Res output. Some improvements are highly recommended: If a playlist has tracks of different sample rate, i.e. 44.1KHZ, 96KHZ, and so on, we have no choice to avoid resamlper, because we have to select sample rate manually. Suppose we select 44.1KHZ manually in the menu and our track has 192KHZ. All we have here will be a downsampling to 44.1KHZ, while our hardware may have native capability of sample rate from 44.1KHZ to 192KHZ. Do we have to select sample rate manually before each track begins to avoid resampler? Can we be comfortable with this? The solution might be to also give automatic mode in the same menu where we select sample rate. Please guide me if I am wrong. In the same manu where we select sample rate, as well as in the Output option (in Hi-Res Output), KHZ is written as khz, violating uniformity with the Home Screen. This is pretty a cosmetic issue, may well be ignored out. Thanks again for making such a good audio player!
  4. RubberBob

    Memory leak?

    As a battery-optimization nerd, I keep track of what apps run in the background, and how much RAM they use. In PA v3, I've noticed a repeatable scenario where the PA process RAM usage skyrockets. To convey why this is a realistic issue for me, I must explain that I listen to music "freestyle", one track at a time. I think, "I'll listen to that song now," then I search for and find it. "Now that one." Search, find. Search, find. So with this "search, find" approach to listening, I've noticed that the longer I listen, the larger the PA process becomes - consistently. With my settings, PA starts out about 45-50MB. To test and illustrate how high I could get the process, I spent about 4 minutes of intentionally "search, find"-ing. I made it over 130MB, by simply accelerating the way I do a listening session. About triple RAM usage (see screenshots) I experience a similar climb when going in and out of PA settings to change/check things. If I just start a list and let it play (without "search, find"), the RAM doesn't climb much, if at all. I realize RAM usage doesn't always directly reflect battery usage... but still. Just thought I'd point it out in case this is not intentional/desired behavior for the app. Moto E4 Plus, Android 7.1.1, PA 802 & 803 last.Poweramp-settings (Many competing music apps start OUT at the 130MB-ish mark. PA is awesome - for music lovers, AND battery lovers.) EDIT: Just noticed weirdly that Wear OS went BACK in time between the screenshots... The screenshots are genuine, though.
  5. Today
  6. Thanks for the quick fix!
  7. Please, enable, either through themes or by default, a v2 version of the week bar. The new week bar is an incredible up, but when in split screen it may pose a problem for users. Additionally, the current build doesn't play well with split screen at all, but it may just be a beta issue that's still underdevelopment. Thanks
  8. superluig164

    Only auto-resume with specific Bluetooth devices

    Eq presets should also be per device not just globally Bluetooth
  9. Now it has been fixed. Thank you so much
  10. pranav_bhattarai

    I am leaving Poweramp for some time.

    Thanks Mr. Clever_man Your method didn't helped me, but I understand something. I kept all "fade" value to zero. This has resolved the issue. Let's see. So, I replied you so late. Because I was testing it by playing continuously.
  11. Thanks for the report, it's Artiste de l'album now. As for uppercase, it's interesting as Poweramp doesn't actually change case. Can you upload exactly this track for tests? Thanks!
  12. Hi Build 802 seems to reach the expected maturity level of a release. Great job ! I'm getting used to the new Poweramp and I feel it will remain my favorite music player. One thing I am missing : the ability to jump to the next album by swiping up the album art on the player. Is this something you may consider restoring before official release ? Thank you
  13. Thanks for the report. Probably something related to MIUI10 @ Pie, as it works OK on MIUI10 @ Android8. Do you use non-default number of volume levels in Poweramp?
  14. Fixed in 803. Thanks for the report.
  15. maxmp

    Power V3 sound clarity not good

    Try going to Poweramp Audio Settings => Audio => Restore default (it will restore outputs to base one). Does this help?
  16. maxmp

    No auto track switch

    Can you please install this build and comment here if it helps?
  17. This is v3 forum. I don't think anything can be done regarding v2, please update to v3))
  18. andrewilley

    List of my expectations for Poweramp

    Poweramp has always been a audio-quality driven local files player, using a scanned Library of songs. It is not a streaming player. There has been talk of adding streaming output at some stage in the future though, after v3 is officially released. Andre
  19. andrewilley

    Bug cannot control in android one

    You are using v2, for which there are issues with Oreo 8.1 notifications. These will not be resolved as v2 is now considered a legacy product for users of Android Kit Kat and earlier. The latest release candidate builds for Poweramp v3 (currently build 802) can be download from the Downloads tab at the top of the page. Andre
  20. Yesterday
  21. In my library, I separate artists albums and genres using the "/" character. Recently Poweramp no longer separates tags using that character. In MediaMonkey, everything is sorted correctly, but in Poweramp I have separate entries for single songs that have multiple artists that are separated using "/". Could this be changed so we can choose the character instead of having to change our library because of Poweramp?
  22. @maxmp, French translation is up to date, please add it to next release. And maybe you can add me to translators list 🤗
  23. How can I "activate" 24 bit sound in the Xiaomi redminote 4? Always the music is played in 16 bit I'm using Poweramp build 802
  24. djdarko

    Button missing

    You should post a screen capture and the device and screen resolution info. Here is what it looks like on my Nexus 7 (2nd gen) for reference:
  25. danoleya

    No auto track switch

    I have the same problem this happens when I start a playback and I choose another song from the list That song at the moment of finishing does not change to the next song and the message "failed to play" appears, this only happens when playing with headphones or with a speaker in bt It does not happen the solution I found in hearing aids is to disconnect and reconnect them The playback starts and re-changes the songs automatically, my device is a Lg G6 with android oreo 8.0
  26. Still (no duck) option for hi res. Have to adjust volume each call or notification. Is this ever going to be added?
  27. C85um8

    Button missing

    I miss the presets button for eq settings in landscape mode.
  28. I interpret the "+" as "or even higher if available"
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