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  2. Yeah I've tried every setting. I even made sure Hi-Res Output still works on my V30 and V40, which are on 866 as well. I played other apps and got audio while Poweramp was active so it's not the phone.
  3. I assume you've tried different frequency/bit depth combinations? Not all modes work on all devices. And Android 10 doesn't make it any easier. Andre
  4. Yes, that did nothing. the only options I can turn on to get audio are OpenSL ES Output and AudioTrack Output. If I have OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output Activated I get no audio from Poweramp at all. Not on wired or wireless connection.
  5. Did you try Settings > Audio > Output > restore defaults, and also turning DVC on (or off). Andre
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  7. I have a request that we have some way for Hi-Res files to be easily identified from our lower quality files. My Sony Walkman A35 has a library category that, when selected, only shows you your Hi-Res files. It also highlights the file format when the file is Hi-Res and gives it a little icon on the now playing screen. My stock music player for my LG V30 & V60 also give files an icon to indicate if they're Hi-Res. This would be a nice feature as I use my V30 w/external drive to listen to my entire 56k song library which has CD quality and Hi-Res for some albums.
  8. So today I noticed that when I have Hi-Res Output activated for wired headset on my LG V60 there is absolutely no audio. No matter what I do to the settings no music plays when I choose to enable Hi-Res Output in the Poweramp settings. Build 866 LG V60 (V600TM10i) Android 10
  9. Long press is also used already, it replaces the track menu button especially if that is hidden. But a single tap and swipe down seem to do the same, so one of those can be repurposed.
  10. The way I implemented the random function in my app New Playlist Manager is as follows, first select all tracks which gives you a number x, then use this x to generate a random number. You need to use x to ensure you stay within the maximum value bounds
  11. Not sure how Max does it, but in the "good old days" I always used to seed my randomise functions with a millisecond value from the system clock, just for a bit of extra mixedupness. Andre
  12. I think that "random" has nothing to do with Poweramp specifically. I suspect a general function rnd(n) is used to randomise.
  13. @maxmp Yes, those are the actions that I think people would like to be able to customise to their own ideas (along with tap/long-press/etc). Andre
  14. Not and remain within the ID3 spec for file tagging. In the original ID3 spec, Genres were only available as a single byte of data which referred to a simple pre-defined list of words (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3). More recent implementations (such as ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4) allow for free-format text, and even for multiple versions of the same tag (so you could assign two different genre tags for one song for example, such as "Electronic" and "Pop"), but there is no concept of a genre 'tree' with sub-divisions within the spec. Andre
  15. In Poweramp and many other players, the "playlist" means user created list of tracks, containing references to the tracks from user library (or cloud service, etc.). Other albums/folders/all songs/etc. categories are not "playlists". If you mean you can't find your tracks anywhere in Poweramp library, this is most probably related to your Music Folders selection and controlled (in Poweramp ) via Settings / Library / Music Folders.
  16. @MotleyG Actually, 3 directions are used (left/right and down), the only available is up.
  17. Poweramp doesn't apply any additional gain to dsd audio, unless there are replay gain tag. Dsd can be contained by dsf (id3v2 tag), dff (iff tags/id3v2 tag), wavpack (APE tag), and probably more (mka, wav, mp4 and other versatile container formats), but Poweramp supports/tested with these containers for dsd audio. Poweramp supports replay gain from id3v2/APE and iff tags, though for latter there is no established format, so APE/id3v2-like format is assumed.
  18. Correct @andrewilley. Using the album art is what I was referring to. Currently only swipe left/right for track change has intent.
  19. So what do you mean by "all showing as playlists, ie full albums." and later "no playlists in the app, or on the device" ? Could you maybe include a few screenshots to illustrate what you are seeing? Andre
  20. I guess the object in these cases would be the album art itself. Left/right/up/down swipes actions could be chosen from a Settings menu, plus tap/double-tap/long-press actions. Andre
  21. Poweramp UI is based on actual “physical” item(s) manipulation, not just gestures. Meaning the gesture must have a feedback as a dragged/manipulated (in the real time) track or some item or other object. Overriding actions can’t be applied here, but different UI patterns may be used.
  22. Sure, I understand. But wouldn't it be possible to add an additional tag "style" to my files, which I then use as sub-genre? For example: Genre=Classical, Style=Chamber music; Genre=Electronic, Style=Downtempo; etc. Regards
  23. All mp3 files, no playlists in the app, or on the device. And have never used the CUE option?
  24. You can play around with things like turning DVC on or off, turning high-res on or off, adjusting the pre-amp gain, turning the limiter off, etc. Andre
  25. Genre is a single item though (picked up from the file's ID3 tags), the tag spec does not provide for any sub-categories to sort by. Andre
  26. No, PA has not developed an AI of it's own to deliberately mess with your music listening. If it is a "fact" please provide some objective evidence, as so far everything you have said is completely subjective. For example you could make a short playlist of ten songs and play them all in Shuffle Songs mode (with Repeat Off). Keep a record of the order they play in, and then reshuffle the list and listen again and try to determine any repeating patterns. Andre
  27. Reviving a very old but still very valid request. Is there a plan to add custom gestures for PA? Specifically I was looking to have a double tap in the UI to show/hide the volume slider. Also desirable are the next/previous album or folder with swipe up/down gestures. I am sure many users would have there own requests for custom movements as well. @maxmp is this still in your planned features?
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