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  2. Well I purchased after summer 2018, but want to keep it on the original device as well. So the question is can I use the same email for the 2nd purchase or do I need to use a different one to avoid confusion? As I'm unsure if the purchase is verified by the email address alone or by device ID. If by device ID I would think the same email would be okay? Please clarify. Thank you for your time.
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  4. I would like to have the kind of smart playlists that exists in Winamp. Or actually a more evolved version of Winamp playlists with the possibility to combine two or more lists into a new list by picking x number of songs from list 1, then x songs from list 2, and then start over with list 1 again. And for you that never used Winamp. You can set a list of wildcards, for example: year>=1980 AND year <=1989 AND genre='pop' AND bpm=125 Basically it is possible to filter on all existing id3-tags. And possible filename, never used that though.
  5. @Jack07 Poweramp doesn't need notification access permission as it doesn't "Read" other apps notifications. You can check how Poweramp processes headsets (and similar, e.g. lockscreen or bluetooth) commands in Poweramp Settings / Headset/Bluetooth / Last Processed Commands. If nothing appears there when you click buttons - system doesn't send events to the app, but events can be also ignored due to some settings or due to other causes. Thanks!
  6. @Birdman if you purchased before Summer 2018, you can reuse license on the another device, provided same (google or email) account. For the newer purchases we changed conditions so it's strictly per one user device starting from Summer 2018 (but you can move license to the new device if you upgrade, etc.). The website purchase is the most versatile in any case. Thanks!
  7. There is little point in adding list mode just for albums - if ever implemented, it should be available for all track lists. Poweramp stores these options by list type, so if that new "album art-less" mode is selected for Albums, it won't affect other categories. The main reason there is small album art in the "compact" list mode - it's a placeholder for the checkbox. But probably for this new mode checkbox could be moved to the right so it doesn't overlap labels in the beginning (I don't want to add extra item animations for the checkbox there). Thanks for the request.
  8. Yes this is exactly what I am asking for. Is there a way I could make this an official feature request? It seems that it shouldn't be too difficult for the developers to add this to the list options. Just a simple way to toggle which aspects (album art, artist name, album name, file type, song duration) show up in the album screen? Thanks for the response by the way. I thought I was just going crazy and couldn't figure out how to customize this. Jacob
  9. @andrewilley So I like many others have had the same license fail issue. I am using old android 2.3.6 device. So as a workaround I purchased directly from power amp website and all has been well since. The question I have is I would like to purchase it again from the website, for another old android device, do I need to use a different email for the other device or can I use the same one from my last purchase from the website? Just trying to make sure I'm doing this the right way so I don't have to waste any more money than necessary. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I was already trying with musixmatch unistalled, I recorded a short clip to show this behaviour. The only difference between the two player is that musixmatch app asks for the “Notification Access" permission. I can't even grant that permission to PA because it's not shown into the "notification access" app list. (I mean App & Notifications / Advanced / Special app access / Notification access. I also tried on my phone) Thanks
  11. Why not just include the Tempo value along with any other adjustments in all saved Presets (which would then include them in by track, folder, album, playlist, whatever)? Andre
  12. Thanks for the request. I’m thinking enabling this per folder or per playlist (the same way track position can be stored via List Options).
  13. Latest build is actually 876, but probably not relevant to this particular issue. Andre
  14. Thanks. I updated the firmware to the latest (Poweramp-v3-build-874-uni.apk) and the wired connection now shows up and outputs 24b/96Khz. The version on the FiiO site is many versions older.
  15. As andre pointed out, I admit, i did not read all this. From a developer point of view, I enjoy what I do and yes, it would be nice to have fancy graphics but a) my photoshop skills are limited and b) it does not warrent to purchase icons and graphics given the low cost of the app. If you have royalty free graphics or can provide graphics with a perpetual license, by all means send them. If i like them i might integrate them
  16. Off-topic discussion moved to the Skins subforum, as the Feature Request has been addressed by @flyingdutchman for now. Andre
  17. I think basically all you are asking for is for Tempo (and later Pitch) to be included within the various audio parameters saved/restored when you create a preset, yes? Andre
  18. Actually the bottom bar is one area I've never especially liked, particularly for people still stuck using smaller screens. The need for two Menu buttons also jarred, the 'system menu' vs. 'overflow list' of Android's Material Design concept never sat well with me, still doesn't. Max has plans to make several of the icon controls under the artwork area user-configurable, but not sure if that will go far enough to allow the lower bar to be hidden for general use. If you want to make the artwork bigger on a very small screen, don't use Alternative Layout. The reason the main control buttons are now a bit smaller and have more space around them is that's where you are meant to be able to swipe your finger over the waveseek bar (PA v3's main navigation method) but you have hidden it, thus creating the extra blank space. It's skinnable anyway. I'll separate these out into a separate thread as you suggest, as you're right that it's way off topic and the original request has been adopted by @flyingdutchman's skin anyway. I will move this into the Skins subforum, as most of what is being discussed really comes down to skinning suggestions, as I'm afraid the base product is never going to look like you want it to. "READ CAREFULLY:" Really? In bold and underlined? You do have a rather unique way of trying to gently persuade people round to your personal way of thinking don't you? I suspect many people probably tuned out long before you started itemising your device's Home Screen contents though. I said I liked some skeuomorphic elements by the way (such as buttons with more 'real-world' imagery, and shadows/shading/panel lines - like Windows 7 windows and icon themes), not that I want my phone screen to become a photograph of my hi-fi amplifier, complete with faux brushed-aluminium panel background. What works on a 19-inch rack sized device doesn't necessary work on a tiny phone screen. Andre
  19. No not exactly. I simply want a 'save preset' feature for the Tempo. So we already have this preset saving with EQ screen and Reverb screen in Poweramp, it just needs to be added to the Volume / Tempo screen. With the confirmed future addition of a "Pitch" knob that's coming, it would be logical that the buttons on this middle screen should get shrunken resized down (volume, tempo, stereo expand etc) to accommodate the Pitch knob and buttons for Save/Preset/Reset
  20. i dont think the m6 supports Hi Res on bluetooth, not working on my m6. But you should have it with cable.
  21. I wish I could post this somewhere else, I hate to keep getting away from the initial topic of this thread, but without the context of previous posts it would lose a lot of its meaning. That wasn't me who suggested a scrolling marquee for long labels. But why did he have to add it if it was already available in v2? OK, I'm not trying to be argumentative here, I just feel like the depth of detail I'm trying to convey isn't being fully comprehended. First off, that screen is noticeably taller than mine; my viewable space is 2.5625" x 4.625", 5.3" diagonal. Second, I like textures, not solid matte colors, alpha-blended flat icon backgrounds, or thin outlines. Pay close attention to the background in my example, it's not a solid color, it looks like a very dark grey brushed metal, and all the buttons and dials have very soft shadows that add more depth, and a thick, dark outline that looks like the very narrow cut-to-fit hole in the face plate that the button or dial would protrude through. I want my Poweramp to resemble a home theatre receiver like this (I have no idea why skin designers call this "retro", these photos are for receivers that can be bought today). I saw the 3D graphics you mentioned in $YAPS$ in a previous post, but without shadows and an appropriate background texture to complement the foreground, they look dull and/or out of place. Furthermore, I see no resemblance to the old v2 layout in the screenshot you provided. READ CAREFULLY: Several details that I want to change are the main buttons at the bottom and the visualization/sleep timer/repeat/shuffle buttons. I always touched the track/artist/album text to open my library, so I can get rid of the library button at the bottom. Next, I have no use for the search button, so I can get rid of that, too; and I have no use for the sleep timer, ditch that button. Move the visualization button to the bottom bar, that leaves 3 buttons on the bottom bar and repeat and shuffle above the playback buttons. Move repeat and shuffle to the bottom left and right corners of the album art space, no background or outline on those buttons, they're quite visible and still don't obscure the album art. Now there's more room to make the track text and playback buttons bigger, making it easier to read and hit the playback buttons at a glance when I'm driving with my phone on my dash. Better yet, move the [≡] button to the top left of the album art (it could even double as the library button that takes you to the top of the library menu with the artist, album, year, genre, etc. categories), make the EQ/Tone and Visualization buttons one button and move it to the top right of the album art, still no outlines or backgrounds on either so they don't clutter up the album art, and we can get rid of the menu bar at the bottom (or top depending on the skin) altogether, freeing up even more space. Now the main UI is free of unnecessary buttons, clean, and optimized so the things I need to see and access the most have maximum visibility and minimum margin of error, e.g. accidentally tapping [⏪] or [⏩] instead of [▶️]. I have little to no need to change the EQ or visualization settings once I have them set the the way I like them, repeat and shuffle won't change often, but if I want to change them, they're just a touch away. With all the changes I described here, the app would essentially be back to the v2/v3- layout, and this is why v3 bothers me so much, not just the flat, material design, including the mass majority of skins currently available that also use the same, ugly design philosophy, but all the wasted space on buttons I have no use for, they could be further reduced to other screens. It's inefficient and poorly arranged from the point of view of pure practicality. I want it to be optimized for my needs, and upto build 709, the UI was perfectly arranged and optimized, after that it just got messy. So is it possible for a skin to make all those changes? I realize I probably sound like I'm making a big deal out of nothing, I'm just meticulous, I organize everything on my phone like this, everything has a purpose and a place or it stays in the app drawer. The things I use the most go on my home screen, each page is bi-symmetrical, no more than 9 items to a page, and grouped in categories: page 1 - quick toggle widgets for GPS, WiFi, sound, Bluetooth, brightness, and sync page 2 - app manager, password manager, NAS file explorer, file manager, Google Drive, VPN service, terminal emulator, text editor, and all-in-one system manager page 3 (home page) - weather forecast widget (takes 2/3 of the page), maps, speedometer, and shortcut to navigation page 4 - folders for games, shopping, and financial, plus Facebook, Discord, Play Store, unit converter, and shortcut to Google dictionary page 5 - full page Poweramp widget (that's right, one page devoted entirely to Poweramp) app dock - dialer, browser, contacts, SMS, messenger, photo gallery, camera, scientific calc., hangouts, and calendar (I can swipe left on my dock to reveal more shortcuts, upto 5 apps/shortcuts per dock page) swipe down opens notification panel so I don't have to stretch my thumb all the way to the top of the screen swipe up shows HTC Sense style home screen preview to quickly access a specific page of my home screen swipe up from app dock opens app drawer See, my entire home screen/launcher is designed to get me to the things I use the most with as little effort as necessary, and Poweramp is just as fully featured as my launcher, but I can't keep my most used features up front while tucking the things I use very little, or not at all, out of the way. In case you couldn't tell, I'm an INTP. This statement confuses me. You say you prefer skeuomorphism, interfaces with realistic 3D graphics, but you don't like the skin in my screenshots, because that skin is the epitome of skeuomorphism, that's exactly what modern hi-fi audio equipment looks like...although not the "LCD" display so much, referring to the background for the track info and the EQ curve. I don't mind if you dislike it, it's just that what you said contradicts an earlier statement you made. Here's a side-by-side comparison of v3-b874, v3-alpha-b709, and v2-b588. In 874, the album art is significantly smaller because of the menu bar at the bottom and the toggle buttons just above the playback buttons. Also, the toggles and playback buttons are smaller than previous versions, and the text background is dynamic, so the contrast may suffer depending on the album art colors generating the background blur. Overall, there's more wasted space in v3, on either side of the album art and playback buttons, and the gap in the middle of the toggle buttons. The playback buttons are also squeezed together more tightly making it more likely to accidentally touch the wrong button or a button touch to not register. As for 709, I'm not a fan of the 3 buttons in the top right corner, or the fact that you can't see the extents of the playback buttons well, though the playback icons are plenty visible, but the VU button isn't a toggle like in 874, it opens a panel from the right side showing the mini EQ curve and visualization options, so when I selected the preset, the VU mode (off, normal, fade controls, or full screen), and I'd put the drawer away, no VU title obscuring the visualization (which is how this thread started in the first place), and I didn't need another toggle button to cycle through the VU modes, it was neatly tucked away when I didn't need it. So without a drawer to keep the mini-EQ curve and VU options, I figure there could be another page in the EQ/Tone/Effects screen. I don't know how many hours it took me to put this post together...more than 5 for sure. Like I said, meticulous, but I go on tangents a lot and lose track of what I'm doing easily.
  22. would love a page that display stats like overall song duration, how long I've listened, amount of tracks that never played (and maybe I can click on that to show said tracks), amount of tracks played more than 50 times (most played?), etc.
  23. Strange. Have you tried a different skin to see if it happens there too? Andre
  24. There are already independent List Options settings for every separate Category, and for each of the songs lists within those categories. None offer quite what the OP was asking though, which was a very simple text-only list of just the song Titles - presumably with track numbers too, which can be enabled in Settings > Library > Lists already. I agree that sort of view would be very nice to use within Album views, where every track probably has the same cover art, Album Title, and Artist name (other than compilations, but the only way to handle every possibility is to always show everything). Andre
  25. 256GB SD Cards (or bigger) should be fine as long as the device supports them. You would definitely need to check that the new card appears in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders though, and that the folder which contains your music is ticked. Permissions could also be an issue, but you say you've checked that. You may then need to request a FULL Rescan in PA to clear out the old entries which no longer exist (as Android will have given your new SD Card a new absolute path name). Uninstall/reinstall can still pick up you original settings and database from Google's cloud backup system, so might also be worth doing that followed by a Clear App Data to ensure you are really starting with a clean slate. Andre
  26. Hi, Running Poweramp v3-876 on Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, and the menu bar is behaving strangely. Sometimes the bar is missing all the menu icons and is unresponsive (clicking it has no effect) and sometimes the menu bar isn't displayed at all. I have screenshots ... Normal Case Icons Missing Menu Bar Missing
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