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  3. Agreed. Or do the Artist a favour and buy their music on CD. Then you can rip at whatever quality you want, and have a back-up for the future.
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  5. Poweramp caches its downloaded artwork on internal device storage, in the folder Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ On more recent Android versions (definitely for Android 11, and sometimes 10 too) it's in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ (without the underscore). Auto-downloaded images are saved as JPGs in the album_art folder at that location, while manually selected images are in the selected_aa folder. Find the relevant populated folders and copy the contents to the same folder names on new device (if it's Android 11, it's the path without the underscore that you'll
  6. If the songs were purchased on Google Music, and downloaded to your device prior to the switch to YouTube Music, were they perhaps downloaded to an original Google Music folder that you can still access? Clutching at straws a bit here I'm afraid. All this is why I only store my own music locally on my NAS and my owned devices, as non-DRM files that I control. Relying on online streaming systems you are always at the whim of what those external services decide to do in the future. Andre
  7. I downloaded almost all graphics from the internet and then imported them to PA by using the "choose from SD card" feature.
  8. Are the covers embedded in the music files, or separate in the folders? Or were these album and artist images downloaded by Poweramp in the past?
  9. Were they stored on your device, or in their cloud? I don't use Google Play or YTM, but I'd be pretty angry if I purchased tracks and had them stored locally, that are no longer available.
  10. Hi, I have a new phone so I had to move all my music (on SD card) from old phone to new phone. No problem with this, all songs were found. I also transfered the com.maxmpz.audioplayer folder to the new internal storage but no graphic is shown anymore. I also tried a re-scan but nothing would work. What did I do wrong? Problem is that I have almost 1, 300 folders containing almost 14,000 songs with all the album covers and band logos. I hope you will help me, thanxx a lot!!!
  11. The "missing" songs used to be MP3 as they were purchased through Google Play and I could play them on any music player app, including Poweramp. Once the conversion happened to POS Youtube Music it appears they are no longer available.
  12. You are correct. It gets a little worse with YouTube Music. Uploaded tracks can't be downloaded as mp3, unlike how Play Music did. As with their streaming music, these are only for use in the YTM app. To get your files back, you have to use takeout.
  13. @tdas777 @Prosenjit and of course yaps (free) and $yaps$, the liv skins and $yaps$ are the only 2 skins with regular updates.
  14. I am not aware of any "Streaming" music app that allows even downloaded content to be played by any other apps. A these are streaming services, you are only paying to have access to their media through their service, and then only while you are maintaining your subscription. Only files you actually purchase (i.e. not pay to stream) can be played in a media player such as Poweramp. These can be lossy (mp3, wma) or lossless (FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, etc) but regardless the files must be either purchased (Apple, Amazon, HDtracks, ProStudio Masters) or ripped from your own collection.
  15. Thanks for the insights! Figured that was the case but thought I should confirm. Good times.
  16. Indeed, but YouTube music downloads the files in multiple parts and encrypts them, so they can not be played by any other apps but by itself. Just like YouTube app. Google Play Music used to download in MP3 I believe. 🤔 These days, I just buy/download FLAC or mp3s from online.
  17. Oh sorry my fault didn't notice it, music downloaded from ytm is encrypted & can't play as MP3 I don't use ytm but I have Hungama & Jio Saavn premium they download songs in an unknown file format. But there's a catch if I use built-in mi music player on my device with same hungama account I can rename the downloaded file to .MP3 this way I can play them in Poweramp but the quality is avarage only 128kbps MP3 & some of the songs are not even skipable
  18. Might be worth trying a more sophisticated file explorer (e.g. Solid Explorer) that can access more locations on internal storage. You are stuck if YTM has downloaded to its folder your SD Card though, access to app storage in the SD Card Android/data/ hierarchy is blocked on Android 11. Even if you can find it though, the files may well be encrypted.
  19. @Prosenjit The recent poster was asking about finding online content that they have downloaded to their device, not streaming music per se. Andre
  20. The easiest way I can suggest is to build your own App, because Poweramp never ever advertise/promoted it self as a online music player neither it claimed to stream music from Ytm/Spotify or any other streaming platforms. Not in their Google Play Store Description nor in their own Website so my question is to you from where did you get to know that Poweramp can steam music from those streaming services???? Stop being ignorant dude. If you are curious and wanted to know how to stream internet radio stations on Poweramp then I can help You can google search internet radio stations the
  21. Yes it's Android 11 and I'm just using the pre-installed My Files app.
  22. @chryz See link in the post above. Is this a Google Play purchase or a direct Poweramp website purchase? Andre
  23. What Android version are you using, and what file explorer app? Android 11 makes it a lot harder to access these folders. Andre
  24. I already purchased this app and it cant be opened and keep me asking to buy again..? I have online receipt tru my gmail account..can somebody please help me how to resolve this issue
  25. There is a kinda tweaky way to do it at the moment too, but not yet as all-encompassing as the upcoming new feature that @6b6561 mentioned. If you go into the All Songs list, tap menu > List Options, and select 'By Shuffle Order' then the All Songs list will be displayed in shuffled sequence when you are listening that way. Only works if you initially trigger playback from All Songs though, rather than just tapping the Shuffle button at some point during normal playback. Andre
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