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  2. V3 Build 823 Samsung S8 Oreo Hello, I recently picked up a Chromecast audio when Poweramp added cast support. However I seem to be having some sort of connection issue between Poweramp and my Chromecast. The music will start but often stutters or stops completely, requiring me to pause the music and restart. I've experienced this across multiple devices. I tested VLC casting and it seems to work fine. I tried maxing out the buffer but it doesn't seem to help. See screenshot attached if that's any help. Any suggestions?
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  4. flyingdutchman

    New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout

    Thanks, feedback on Google Play would also be appreciated
  5. Someone please come and reply...
  6. Syncourt

    Better way to shuffle?

    That's the even stranger part, yes there are some artists with more tracks than others. But this random favorite is just as likely to be an artist I've kept only 3 songs (or 3 albums) by and it will play them all across 9-12 tracks out of what are hundreds on my phone. Where I have 1 personal favorite artist with 7 full untouched albums that is rarely the one that gets repeatedly played, even though realistically it should have the highest odds to be. Every other artist has near half the albums or I have deleted at least half of their tracks, yet they hold the same odds. I can pick that an artist with just 7 songs is about to be played more than others out of hundreds of songs. The same song never play twice, just to make sure there isnt any confusion there. Where I say repeated I just mean repeatedly going back to the same artist every 2nd or 3rd song and often twice in a row. Now it occasionally within more believable chance plays 3 in a row, the chance i'd more beleivably expect it should be playing the same artist at all. But the other, it does this every 2nd or 3rd song, every time I've used the player since the update and every 2nd song since before that. It's never not done this in 3+ years. There are even songs by each artist that are played much more often than others too for some reason, while some few that have actually sat on the list for the whole 3+ years and never played even once by random selection. That is more believable though given the amount of tracks I have and not really an issue to me. Just thought i'd mention it.
  7. Constantly getting error messages now?? Below is the message I get now.
  8. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout

    Looks good, Bought it now, nicely done!
  9. goldenpis

    More queue problems.

    Hi again. I detect another queue issue I think. If I add a album to queue from folder section, the album's playback don't respect the track number. But if the album is added from other section like artist, album... the playback respect the order. Over 3.823 Cheers.
  10. blaubär

    Bogus shuffle activation

    Completely remove the directory Android/data/com._maxmpz after deinstalling Poweramp. If the playlists are file-based then remove them wherever they are.
  11. blaubär

    FLAC vs lossy sound quality

    So DTS is a new audio format. Are your flac-files especially made for DTS ? I found the following description : https://www.androidauthority.com/lg-g7-dts-x-virtual-surround-sound-861225/ In a nutshell, DTS:X is a relatively new surround sound audio codec that’s designed to compete with the popular Dolby Atmos standard. DTS:X offers up a number of features to improve your smartphone listening experience. First up, phones sporting the tech will be able to play video and audio files that support the format. DTS:X is an object-based audio standard, which means that sound sources are tagged with a location in a 3D space, rather than being pre-mixed into 5.1 or 7.1 channels. This includes new height or z-axis data. These objects are then mixed down by the audio receiver on the device for the given speaker setup, or in this case, a smartphone, to give a surround sound output. However, in a phone we’re looking at virtual surround sound over stereo speakers or preferably headphones. DTS:X is also fully backward compatible with other DTS formats.
  12. hafizullah

    Bogus shuffle activation

    Any suggestions? I uninstalled the app, hoping that would clear all the settings, but re-installation shows my existing playlists. Maybe the settings are cleared, maybe not. What's needed for a really *clean* uninstall/rebuild?
  13. Gdpvk

    FLAC vs lossy sound quality

    In my phone, and there is a definite difference in processing while using mp3 and flac There is a dts processing option in my and when switched it definitely increases sound stage feel. Not like the ones in pc like auditorium or the one in power amp. This processing somehow makes music sound some instrument played separately as in a different driver all together. When this separation happens in a 48khz output the spacing is less and gradually increases with output sampling till some level. Directly using 384kz output will loose many instrument nuances. Activating dts brings them back with a gain. Condition is u must have a flac. Mp3 320kbps doesn't cut it at this much processing. Just playing file ni difference but after dts processing is turned on with the hi res 24bit atleast 192khz u wull definitely feel difference. The delta in spacing feels close to sitting in front of 2.1 to properly placed 5.1 Again the change is as much i am nit saying uts 5.1 equivalent. I use this especially when trying to notice all possible different sounds used at any point in a song. Its like when you get the music ost of game doesnt sound when hearing it in game. And this flac file with the dts processing and lg amp brings 80% of that back. Other example like dragon age Inquisition main menu theme etc
  14. pcalv

    queue options

    Thanks Andre, that worked great. I had originally thought that option just restarted the queue. FYI I find the Queue really useful for daily use. I drive around 3.5 hours a day so just queue up what i listen to in the morning for the day. I treat it very much as a temporary playlist which works for me.
  15. misagh97

    Poweramp Build 823

    in last versions it doesn't work for me, if put song in repeat once ( song in loop), the counter won't update. in libraries or folders, but when you play normally and in queue, song ends and next song play its OK. I was in android 8 and now Android 9, in both Androids same issue in last versions. huawei Mate 9, Emui 9, Android 9
  16. blaubär

    *Clean* uninstall

    No, it's not bad manners. It's just Poweramp not being perfect and filling the market niche for users with a bit of technical know how so that they can remove a directory.
  17. blaubär

    Bogus shuffle activation

    This being active doesn't mean that you're shuffling but that you can press the button to start shuffling. It's known that this isn't consistent with the way the shuffle button on the main playing screen works. @Maxmp announced that he intends to adapt this.
  18. hafizullah

    *Clean* uninstall

    I just un-installed the app to try to clear an issue with some corrupted settings. I re-installed it, and my playlists and possible evidence of the problem persisting are still there. It's really bad application manners to not remove itself entirely when uninstalled — or at least give the user the option to clear everything, all files & settings. OK?
  19. hafizullah

    Bogus shuffle activation

    My screens look just exactly like this. Shuffle ticked OFF, Ignore Shuffle ON. And as I showed you, there is an active "Shuffle All" at the top of the screen when I go to the Playlist library, which I would not expect to be there.
  20. blaubär

    Bogus shuffle activation

    A screenshot of your shuffle options would, ok might, help.
  21. Yes I can do that. But I want only equalizers presets and sound effects; others settings should be default/reset.
  22. Settings > Export Settings will export the settings, after uninstall and reinstall you can reimport them Edit: sorry, didn't read the "only" ... ok, so you knew that already 😀
  23. blaubär

    Showing wrong song at the bottom

    This is such a frequent incident, and not reproducible by the developers ... I wonder whether @maxmp could create a Poweramp version with a high enough log level enabled so that the user's that CAN reproduce this would then provide clues as to the root cause.
  24. The player remembers the shuffle/repeat setting between sessions. I'd like an option to clear the shuffle/repeat setting when the player is closed.
  25. hafizullah

    Bogus shuffle activation

    Screenshots will not help. Here's what happens: 1. I open a playlist and tap the first entry. It plays to the end. 2. The player jumps to a random track in another folder. Expected: Player to play the second track in the playlist. There are no other tracks in the queue. If I manually return to the playlist and tap the second entry, it plays to the end and the player then plays the remaining tracks in playlist sequence. If I manually queue the tracks in the playlist, they are played as expected, in the sequence of the playlist.
  26. Hi, I need to reset Poweramp; but I really want to keep the custom equalizer presets and sound settings. Any suggestion? Thanks
  27. blaubär

    Queue Enhacements

    There are two issues here: the queue is just a temporary fifo, and Poweramp works song based. If the latter were enhanced to add album, folder or the like as meaningful entities, eg by an oo polymorphism, then one could easily implement putting any entity into the queue, where it could be changed, moved etc without losing its identity. But I guess that would be outside of Poweramp's scope.
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