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  2. I'll think about it. So far, the costs are slowly paying off
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  4. I can't get PA to recognize any music files. It sees the folders in which all of the tracks are contained but it's still displaying 0 playlists 0 songs. Tried all of the recommended fixes but nothing will work.
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  6. It would be good if it could be applied, for example, a screenshot Poweramp to carefully arrange the visualizations without clicking every now and then save and just checking what came out Brilliant app. Already with 20 different configurations I did:) The mass of possibilities is
  7. There is a project that allows a user to 'normalize' their headphones based on industry standard measurements, see : https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq/blob/master/README.md with a list of supported headphones at : https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq/blob/master/results/README.md Could you, like for instance the wavelet app, enable a function to load these settings based on a headphone selection to be loaded as eq settings for normalization and then allow a second eq to color the music style ?
  8. Thanks for your prompt reply. While waiting for your reply, I did a clean reinstalling of PA and started the folder selection again. It worked this time. At the screenshot 1, I pressed the triangle symbol to see the folders inside. Then at screenshot 2, instead of selecting the Music folder straight away like I did it before, I pressed Allow Access To CLT-L29. I then came back to select the Music folder later. I am fine now, thanks.
  9. It looks like you have selected the 'Music' folder. Can you open it with the triangle symbol to see any folders inside? Andre
  10. Hello, I have had a similar issue here. I moved from Vivo 1611 with Android 7.1.2 to Huawei P20 Pro with Android 10. My problem is I cannot select Music folder. Please see attached screenshot. There is no Enable button to press for selection.
  11. Thank you very much. You are doing awesome work on Poweramp. The development support is amazing.
  12. That's more for bluetooth car stereos acting up I believe
  13. Thanks Max, I thought you'd probably have something fun planned. 64 bands should keep even a studio engineer happy. Andre
  14. Poweramp will get 5/10/12/16/24/32 switchable bands quite soon. This is the functionality implemented for Poweramp Equalizer app and Poweramp also gets it. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the quickanswer andre, that really helped!
  16. Settings > Library > Queue > Start Playing Queue > After the Current Song. The Back button will exit the app from the screen where it was started (normally that would be the main player screen, but it can be configured to start in the Library with Settings > Look and Feel > Start at Library). To get from the player screen to the currently-playing category, tap the cover artwork. Then you can use the Back button to move back up hierarchy layers. Tap the miniplayer at the bottom of the screen to go directly back to the main player screen. Andre
  17. Hi, first of all, I am using PowerWamp only in folder mode, since this is the way I organize my music since decades, I am not a fan of Sorting by Album, artist or anything else: Anything I listen to is in different folders. I want to be able to start a song, and while browsing the different folders I have, whenever I discover a song that I like, add it to the current playing queue so that it will be played after the current song. So something like "add file to queue". The problem is: I do not find an option for that, or at least it doesn't behave like I expect: when I click the corresponding option in Poweramp ny long-clicking a song (it's called "Warteschlange" in the German version which roughly translates to "Waiting queue" ), the current song stops playing, and the new song is instantly played back. This is not what I actually want, I want to finish the current song, and after that, the next one shall be played. So is it possible to add files to a que without interrupting the urrent playback the first time that option is used? And another thing I noticed is the inconsequent browsing: when I am in playback mode where the album art is displayed, I have to swipe up to get back to the folder selection. However, in the folder selection, I have to push a button labelled "back" on the top of the screen, which is not consistent. I would like to move backwards in the hierarchy by simply clicking the back-button of my mobile device (< Butten), but this Quits the player when in the song view. Is it possible to use the back-button of my device in the song-view to not exit the player, but to get back to the folder view instead? Thanks!
  18. And for lots more info and discussion, see the thread: Andre
  19. My comment was based on the fact that not many Android audio apps even go as far as 10 bands (many are 5 band, see https://www.androidauthority.com/best-equalizer-apps-android-761240/ ). So yes, more than 10 is probably beyond most users' needs. Let's see what Max comes up with next month anyway. Andre
  20. I would not say that it is excessive. If you have stuff like resampler and RG, I think that N band equalizer is most quality sound impacting feature of those three. I listen to music all the time on my phone, so I want to get the best possible output from the phone. It is excessive for regular users, but for regular users the RG and Resampler is excessive as well. Of course the standalone equalizer with multiband and bandwidth option would be the best for me and I will immediately buy it. But until now I think the adding more bands into the PA equalizer would be best solution for some audio high demanding users.
  21. @YouNme https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=skins.v3.Poweramp.apowerampskin&hl=en
  22. Different bit-perfect adjustment for every track is unlikely to happen any time soon for any output device, as Max has said in the past that the switching would cause audio glitching between tracks and break things like gapless playback and crossfade. Andre
  23. Max is currently working on an expanded version of the EQ module, which will be available stand-alone for use with other apps too. I believe one of the aims was to add a Parametric EQ, but I'm not sure whether the regular EQ will be expanded beyond 10 bands (seems a little excessive on a phone perhaps?). Andre
  24. I am the owner of a Chromecast Audio device and use it via its digital output to my DAC to play lossless via Poweramp Android. However, I would much prefer if the output from the Chromecast was of native bitrate and sample rate of the file playing - without resampling everything to one specific bitrate and sample rate defined by the user. Is it possible to include the option of 'sample rate is defined by the source file' to the Chromecast 'sample rate' and 'sample format' menus within Poweramp, so that the output adjusts according to each file being played? Due to the Chromecast's limitation of 24 bit/96kHz output; another option that may be necessary to accompany the above request is a setting to resample all 192kHz+ files down to 96kHz purely for Chromecast use. These additions would at least keep the output bit-perfect for everything 24/96 and below, other than 192kHz+ files that must be resampled to 96kHz due to limitation of the Chromecast. Bit-perfect playback is a much required necessity for those replacing traditional computer based systems for Hi-Res playback - allowing Poweramp to replace a computer for playback would be much appreciated.
  25. @flyingdutchman Can you give me the play store link?
  26. PA does cache loaded embedded images during each session, so once you've initially scrolled down and the images have been loaded from the audio files, you can scroll back up again and the covers are displayed instantly. Of course as @6b6561 has mentioned, the larger the image data, and the slower the storage access, the longer it will take. I've been gradually migrating my poorer (300x300 ish) cover images to 1,000x1,000, but I guess most of my files are still around 600x600. I also try to keep the absolute data sizes fairly low, ideally no more than around 100k-200k per image and many of them smaller than that. Here's a couple of screen recordings to show how they load on my device (a mid-range Samsung Galaxy A70 with files stored on SD Card). The Doctor Who images are fairly normal 600x600 JPGs at 71Kb and load almost instantly, but the ELO Discovery ones are for some reason pretty ludicrous at 1500x1500 at 2.3Mb (I tried to find an excessive example) and are obviously a bit slower, but still not what I would consider a problem. Revisiting these same albums again in the same session is instant. Screen_Recording_20201026-091540.mp4 Screen_Recording_20201026-091738.mp4 Andre
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