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Poweramp Equalizer builds 886-893


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Poweramp Equalizer is an advanced audio processing app based on Poweramp player with many features and options from the original app

Admin Notes / FAQs : Poweramp Equalizer ONLY works on Android 9+ (Android 10+ recommended) as it requires features that were only recently added to Android. Support for external equaliser access needs to have already been implemented by the external audio-playing app - and even if an app supports external equalisation, it may need to be enabled within that player's settings (more info).

  • Equalizer Engine
    • Poweramp-based equalizer
    • configurable number of bands:
      • fixed 5/8/10/12/15/16/24/31/32
      • or custom 5-32 with configurable start/end frequencies
      • +/-15dB
    • powerful Bass/Treble tone controls
    • preamp
    • built-in and user-defined presets
      • presets can be assigned per specific device
      • preset autosaving
    • limiter and compressor
    • balance
    • Poweramp DVC mode for the highest possible equalization range and non-DVC mode supported globally and per player app
    • most 3rd party player/streaming apps supported
      In some cases, equalizer should be enabled in the player app settings
  • UI:
    • Poweramp-based UI
    • visualizations
      • .milk presets and spectrums are supported
      • Poweramp 3rd party preset packs are supported too
    • configurable notifications
    • Poweramp 3rd party skins are supported
    • configurable Light and Dark skins included
  • Utilities:
    • auto-resume on headset/Bluetooth connection
    • volume keys controlled resume/pause/track change
      Track change requires extra permission
  • Known issues:
    • on Samsungs, Hi-Res track playback (for example in Samsung Player) can't be detected, causing bands frequency shift
    • YouTube Music is currently buggy with equalizer audio sessions, some workaround may be possible with "Don't play music videos" option



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Anyway, how can i use this into 3rd party apps like youtube or MX Player? i can't see any apps listed in known player after playing something.

(Phone: Realme C2@Android 9)

Edit: OH WAIT, it WORKS in Spotify! GREAT!!!

Edit 2: I wonder why Poweramp Equalizer continues the build number by Poweramp music Player?

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Enabling screen spectrum via notification on app's main screen was not worked for me, but it turned on when I enabled it from settings with already playing Spotify.

And have I got it correctly, that it'll not able to proxy Poweramp player, cause player will get most functionality of it for it's own in feature releases?

P.S. thanks of course, I can't wait for opportunity to buy it.

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6 hours ago, antonridd said:

I have a similar device.  Everything works great.

I triend to use it again and force it to work using different equalizer and player settings (hi res audio on or off, turn off 100 step volume control) but nothing works. I tried also to use any different eq from play store, and almost none of them is working (wavelet works only when i check "legacy mode").

Also, When I try to turn on visualizer - nothing happens, like this app is not "catching" audio stream (maybe it will help in solving my problem).

Maybe someone knows why is this working like that? I use Xiaomi mi9t pro, MIUI12 EU ROM (not xiaomi.eu, just stock EU rom).

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Poweramp player is specifically ignored by the Equalizer app as both DVC implementations will conflict. It’s still technically possible, but Poweramp Equalizer is focused on 3rd party players - Spotify, Deezer, GPM/YTM, etc.

Poweramp itself has enough (or even more:-) ) equalization and DSP, and some Equalizer features will be ported back to player (for example, configurable number of bands).

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2 hours ago, PChwdhry said:

I'm using only music player the Poweramp. But I want to test this Equalizer. So, suggest me some apps other than YouTube music which support equalization.

I'm actually trying to work that out too (this is new to me also :) ).

I don't have any streaming subscriptions so nothing like that on my device, but I've tried with any audio-capable apps that are already on my phone (Samsung A70) but nothing seems to work for me. I've tried:

  • BBC Sounds
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Synology DS Audio (streams audio from my NAS)
  • Sonos (S1)
  • YouTube (normal app, not the subscription music thing)
  • Chrome (for websites with audio content)
  • Facebook app (video/etc content)
  • Rocket Player (was on my phone for testing / comparison)
  • BlackPlayer (also on my phone for testing / comparison)
  • MX Player
  • Amazon Music (I have Prime on my Amazon account and had forgotten this also provides a streaming audio content service) so I tried installing that.

None of these show up in the Known Players list, nor do they seem to do anything when I try changing settings in the PA EQ app. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong?

I do love the newly designed interface elements by the way, with the colour sliders and rims that change colour as you adjust them.


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While not related (off-topic), kudos to Andre for this forum's new look. Others might have posted this already but hey, it's refreshing!

My request would be a way to import equalizer presets from PA, especially for the ones I have set for Bluetooth players.

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@andrewilley The equalization support requires some effort from the player developer, it's not granted automatically. (For example, Poweramp implements this as MusicFX option). Some of the mentioned players have such support, but it should be activated first (e.g. Black Player - Audio / Select Equalizer / Stock).

Android has no easy direct way to enumerate all the audio sessions on the device to equalize. Music apps supporting 3rd party equalizers usually broadcast such audio session once when started. This is why player restart is needed after Poweramp Equalizer installation (as it can't know audio sessions broadcasted in the past, but it can track them once installed).

There is a hacky way to know all sessions with a permission grant via ADB - will be later added for very advanced users.

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7 hours ago, maxmp said:

The equalization support requires some effort from the player developer, it's not granted automatically

Ah, that makes sense then. Presumably Android security restrictions (on non-rooted devices) prevent an app from getting global access to audio output streams.

As use will require active participation from the particular source audio app (and there seem to be a lot more that don't play nicely than ones that will) perhaps a whitelist of apps that support this feature ought to be added to the top of the app description before the PA EQ is released for mainstream downloading? I can see a lot of people getting quite frustrated and leaving negative reviews otherwise.


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