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  1. Yes equalizing 20hz frequency also impacts nearby bands unless the bandwidth is very low. But I don't think there's a point of equalizing those frequencies, they are mostly white noise and you can't even hear below 20Hz 🤭
  2. I.... don't think you can hear <20Hz frequencies. Why would you want to equalize the frequencies you can't even hear?
  3. Not sure how to describe this bug, or what's causing this but I have been seeing this recently, since the last build. It's pretty rare. But still Screenrecorder-2021-07-31-17-33-21-304.mp4
  4. Yes the parametric EQ can actually equalize the sound by channels.
  5. Could you add a few more built in presets? Especially these? (since dynamic switching between EQ modes isn't supported as of now, I am kind of having trouble converting them to parametric mode) Except soft bass, it's parametric EQ preset is already there.
  6. I use already available profiles or download some from the internet. Then just tune it myself.
  7. I think it all boils down to how you perceive the sound or the music. Just another person saying that it is better does not magically make it better. Though this psychological trick is often used for marketing purposes. I trust my ears; only I know what is the best for me. Also, I remember Max saying that he can get results **very close** to the Poweramp player, which uses a custom DSP engine. Android's implementation of the AudioFX isn't of very high quality, that is also the reason why Max does not want to implement Reverb features in PEQ app; it mostly adds noise. Again, trust your ears. That is the key to achieving a perfect sound experience in my opinion.
  8. Ok so you want this bar to be sticky, it would be shown even when you are scrolling. Sounds like a good idea but I would rather have it as an optional feature, not default.
  9. You can try using advanced player tracking mode. It should help in cases where the player doesn't properly send the audio session id.
  10. Q factor is not gain, it's inversely related to bandwidth, it determines how wide the resulting curve can be.
  11. @redlith looks like the bands shown in the screen have 0dB gain, as such they do not have show up in the frequency graph.
  12. So I did some testing, I was indeed able to reproduce this bug. I picked MX player as the second player and looks like pause on permanent audio focus change is working. Then I disabled Play alone toggle in MX player settings. Pause on permanent audio focus change feature stopped working. Poweramp would no longer pause when MX player is playing, or vice versa. As you can see, Play alone feature in MX player automatically stops Poweramp/other players as soon as the user plays something in MX player. I tried this with another music player, it also behaves the same way. My conclusion is that, pause on permanent audio focus settings is dependent on support of both players. Though I am not entirely sure how it works with Alexa, Max would probably able to help more.
  13. Try enabling Permanent Audio Focus Change toggle from Settings > Audio > Audio Focus
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