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  1. Indeed, but YouTube music downloads the files in multiple parts and encrypts them, so they can not be played by any other apps but by itself. Just like YouTube app. Google Play Music used to download in MP3 I believe. 🤔 These days, I just buy/download FLAC or mp3s from online.
  2. Poweramp uses One UI style icon on Samsung devices instead of these icons. Would be nice if we could force a particular icon style, for consistency across multiple devices. Icons of bar I am referring to
  3. Just like the ones you wanna use/not stay hidden. And enable this in visualisation settings.
  4. Debugging isn't possible via bluetooth, you'd need to connect your device with an usb cable. There is, however a wireless method to use ADB, but that's an Android 11+ feature.
  5. Hello, for PEQ to equalize a music stream from a player, it needs to know and track the music stream's audio session id. Unfortunately only a handful of players expose their session id, allowing external EQs to work. Players like Spotify, YouTube music do, but just YouTube app doesn't. However, there is a way to equalize them, you can enable Advanced player tracking from Settings > Advanced player tracking. It uses a way of getting all active sessions via dumpsys but Android restricts that area with a permission (DUMP). You just need to give two permissions, DUMP, which requires a bit of an
  6. I agree, it would be a nice feature to have. 😄 I remember Max saying that he has to use Android's own implementation for the separate EQ app, which is not that good. It's also why doesn't want to add a reverb feature. Also, @andrewilley would it be possible to make a separate bug report/feature request section for PEQ app? EQ suggestions and bug reports seem to get lost in here. In my opinion, it would be easier to keep track of them with a seperate dedicated forum section. 😁
  7. Try the AOSP file manager. Install this app for a quick shortcut to that app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marc.files
  8. Nor Samsung browser 😑. Google seems to hate the idea of implementing SAF in their own apps.
  9. Yup. Seen this in YouTube music and definitely want this in PA if a now playing screen were to be implemented in Poweramp
  10. Same, I don't like round progress bar around a play button. But I like how YouTube only uses it when showing the countdown to next video.
  11. I am fine with it being just an indicator. That's the purpose of a miniplayer IMHO. It's not hard to just click on it and open the player screen to seek. A small seek bar on the miniplayer is more trouble for me as seeking would probably not accurate/as I want it to be.
  12. Sorry it can't be possible. Discord doesn't really support rich presence on mobile except on few Samsung devices. Spotify status is available on other devices tho. You'd need Discord devs to first make it compatible with Android devices.
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