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  1. @maxmp On android 11 in ver.build-898 "Equalizer Screen Spectrum" is not displayed after being set the tab to on...when the music is played i have to toggle "Off" and then turn "On" - Enable Audio Processing under "Equalizer" settings to get them. This issue is not there in Android 9. Phone: Redmi Note 10 by Xiaomi on Android 11. Rom: MIUI 12.0.3
  2. @DaijoubuReboot your phone. Then open EQ app and minimize it so than it should remain in phone's memory. Give a try now with Plexamp.
  3. @sethnetFor Xiaomi phones... Develepor Options USB Debugging > On USB Debugging (Security Settings) > On then adb devices > adb shell pm grant com.maxmpz.equalizer android.permission.DUMP
  4. @wargnerm For Xiaomi phones you have to give special permissions for USB Debugging. Develepor Options USB Debugging > On USB Debugging (Security Settings) > On Then run the adb command. No need to turn off MIUI Optimizations.
  5. @supra107 Just enable "Background Running" of "Poweramp Equalizer App" in One UI.
  6. @maxmpGreat 👌 AmazonMusic and YouTube fixed in Build 893. Both working fine now.
  7. @Pankajk5Found a temporary workaround for amazon music app and will work in any phone. Open amazon music app and play music. While playing; send a Message or a WhatsApp message to the phone and the equalizer will be operative. Seems there is no native support of amazon music app to send notification. Funny workaround !
  8. @Pankajk5 This workaround is not working here. Maybe it's working for you. Depends upon phone to phone. Issues with Amazon music app. It's not sending the audio session properly to the equalizer app. As "global equalization session 0" is out of date and is deprecated; will have to look for another permanent workaround.
  9. @Pankajk5 Yeh ! I also noted that. Seems @maxmpAmazon music is not sending the audio session properly to the equalizer app even after giving all the permissions in "Advanced Player Tracking" via ADB. Try to enable background running of "Amazon Music" and try again ! BTW which phone you do you have?
  10. @ScarletNeko Once you do the play a video, [PAUSE IT] then hit home screen and minimize the player to the notification, then play the video from notification. Details here
  11. @Pankajk5 Steps here. As now this discussion on YouTube Vanced will be off topic for this topic; if you need further help then you can message me. Forum is meant to help each other.
  12. YouTube Vanced is safe if you get it from official site. ReadMe. @Pankajk5 Youtube Vanced > Play the youtube >Pause the video >Minimise the YT App and finally play from the [Notification Area].Done !. For details you can refer to one of my comment with pictures.
  13. @Pankajk5 Totally safe. Being using it for last two years now. It's an alternative to YouTube Premium...Ad Free.
  14. @Pankajk5 Just read the comments in the forum properly. @maxmp has already said "Equalizer will recognize app as player if the app posts “media” notification (the notification type with transport buttons and cover). Youtube by default doesn’t do that". Just go thro' my my comments and that will guide you to run YouTube and YouTube music via YouTube Vanced. Look at pic below.
  15. @Pankajk5 Not at all. The command is "adb shell pm grant com.maxmpz.equalizer android.permission.DUMP". Which means it will only grant permission to the equalizer app with package name "com.maxmpz.equalizer".
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