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  1. Yesterday I tried to ask Spotify about Poweramp Track Provider API via its community site. Now they marked my thread as New Idea and change the label to Partnership. It seems that there will be a bright side to integrating their services into this software.I don't know whether they will realize it or not. So What do you think @maxmp? Sorry if I didn't ask you first https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Partnership-Poweramp-Integration-with-Track-Provider-API/idi-p/4917699
  2. Thank you for the update. I really appreciate it. My first problem is the track & disc number position in the library meta still have not swapped at all.
  3. I had done it and it works for me.Maybe I should always do it for temporary.
  4. I'm Using Realme C2 running stock Color OS Lite 6 on Android 9.
  5. I'm having an issue while adding whole new songs into my phone. The Poweramp will recognize these but their tags won't appear until I reboot my phone and do full rescan entire storage. Do you know what's going on there? This is my problem looks like: And this is after reboot + full rescan:
  6. @maxmp , When will the app come out in play store? I still haven't got it.
  7. @flyingdutchman This is my email: a***59@gmail.com Please inform me if there is info / how to do it from your app.
  8. Sorry, but it is just re-sorting the playlist by filename only. can you explain how to sort it by path>filename?
  9. It is just a necessary. If the "Add URL" option cannot be used for all categories except playlists and Stream category, just remove it from list menu.
  10. @flyingdutchman thank you.So how do I rearrange my playlist entries using your app?
  11. The Show track number option is very useful for me. Thank you.
  12. is there any possible way to sort playlist tracks/entries by path? I mean, not only by filename, but also by pathname Ex: Song 1.mp3 Song 2.mp3 Folder a/song 3.mp3 Folder b/disc 1/song 4.mp3 Folder b/disc 2/song 5.mp3 If not, please make it possible for future release. Thanks.
  13. Thank you for your reply @maxmp, I appreciate your work. Why don't you try to fully hide it anyway. My android version (Android 9) supports navbar hiding for many apps like games and video players (as you can see in this video (pay attention to the right side): https://drive.google.com/file/d/19NxnMzs6BP_25mpph1tIKOI7_oXC3orb/view?usp=drivesdk ). So maybe, you could make it so. Now I use 3rd party skin for fully transparent navigation bar. Still not looks perfect, but better.
  14. Sorry for late reply. I know it just a simple hide status bar switch, but please can you make an additional option for visualization-enabled only? Even so, I can hide the status bar, but the navigation bar still not hiding. so this still looks annoying to me.
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