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  1. But I need Hi-res output tho. The sound is very clean than using regular output. Is there any way to use OpenSL ES hi-res instead? Because i think it has no problem in short audio focus now instead of using MTK hi-fi output.
  2. I can't disabling DVC (it's permanently active on hi-res output). I had restoring Output settings and tried every tweak options in tweaks settings but no luck.
  3. sorry for very, very late report. I completely forgot this problem since i always turned off my notification while playing music to avoid distraction while listening music 😂🙏 in this current build (882), the problem is even worse. The sound is completely interrupted (silent) in short time during notification alert popped out, even though i disabled the short audio focus in settings. i tested it using MTK hi-res output. Could you fix this bug please?
  4. You can customize it by tapping the top right corner of the widget to open settings. For rounded corner, you can adjust the corner radius in the settings
  5. Poweramp 882 The shadow behind the album art on widget doesn't follow album art opacity and leaves a black frame in there
  6. @sona1111 I don't think your device is using Android 5.1.1 in the first place. Looks like your device is running Android 4.4, and relabeled as android 5.1.1 (yes this is fake Android Lollipop lol). Try to install v2 (or alpha v3 build) instead Why don't you try to tap the Android version 4 times and see what comes out?
  7. It's still bugging from me (currently using build 879 now, played at the end of folder category)
  8. Sorry for the noise from the video. My headset mic is broken when recording this
  9. Poweramp 878 Realme C2 Android 9, Color OS 6 I have a problem to replay the last song after list is finished/porewamp saying End of List. Because it's is pretty difficult for me to explain, I gave you a link of video footage about this probelm. (I don't know, i had a trouble when uploading my video here (error -200). I hope you understand.Thanks https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V_E3lBDfCFkIeWPBlNx8xIy11-bH31ik/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. I don't know if this topic is categorized as Feature Request or just general chat. But here my suggestion. After pausing the stream,Instead of just continuing from the point where the stream is paused, stream will reconnect and go directly to the latest stream position (if you don't understand, try to pause one of the streams on YouTube and play it again). This is very useful especially for news radio stations where we need the latest information from news stations up to date. Instead of getting latest information directly after the pause, I had to play any song first then go back again to reconnect the stream. Thanks.
  11. +1 This thread should be moved to Feature Request i guest.
  12. Will this option also be implemented in playlist sorting? I need it a lot!
  13. No. It only affects the Hi-Res output I will try it tomorrow after my sister wakes up. thanks.
  14. Phone: Realme C2 ROM: Color OS 6 @ Anrdroid 9 Poweramp version : build 871 I have a problem when I try to turn off Short Audio Focus when using whether MTK Hi-Res / OpenSL Hi-Res output (from previous build). The audio will sound like in telephone/voice chat mode (mono and quite sound) when the notifications come in. Same goes to No Duck Option. When I turn on Short Audio Focus and No Duck options, notifications keep interrupting audio instead of ducking it.
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