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  1. No. I'm not talking about folder view category. what I mean is Additional sort options for tracks in the playlist. Let me clarify a little. I have a folder that contains so many songs, some of which have been separated into subfolders with its album name, some others don't. the song is also given a track numbers at the beginning of its name. I want to make a playlist of all songs from that folder, so i can shuffle it, from where i want to start. instead of sorting it by filename only, I want to sort it by folder (or album) first then by the filename (or track number), so all songs will look sequentially well. The track order will look like this: Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 Album 1/Track 1 Album 1/Track 2 Album 1/Track 3 Album 2/Disc 1/Track 1 Album 2/Disc 1/Track 2 Album 2/Disc 2/Track 1 Album 2/Disc 2/Track 2 ... I know I can shuffle that songs in folder hierarchy, but I feel uncomfortable with it, and i can't choose one song inside its subfolder (if you choose a track inside its subfolder, Poweramp shuffles only for this folder now and not its parent)
  2. just download the playlist that contains radio stream link (example http://dir.xiph.org/listen/1288947/listen.m3u ), or create a new playlist then enter the radio stream network url from the service provider into 'Add Url' dialog box.
  3. The play button is now too small on split screen display. It only happens if it takes 1/3 part of the screen. If it takes 1/2 part of the screen however, it looks fine and clickable.
  4. Swapped option name for adaptive icons in icon settings. Build 847 Edit: Nevermind. I just realized what the option means.
  5. But there has no option to add a new translation language in crowdin.
  6. Hi. Recently I got a bug on sample rate used value in hi-res mode. When i see the sample rate value on Hi-res output settings screen, it says that it used 192khz rate. But, if I look that on the output select screen(?) and audio info popup, both says it only used 48khz sample rate. I don't know which one is right? I think the value in the settings screen is wrong, but I also think that my device supports sample rates above 48khz , but both select screen and audio info don't recognize it. Here is the screenshot Sorry for my english. The build version is 847.
  7. I just discovered that the main UI buttons, on visualization-fade control mode, must be presed twice / only worked when album art appears/the control isn't fading. It only happens for this marked buttons. I'm wondering why should it be like that? Isn't it easier if we only press it once, moreover this buttons are still visible during play? Why do only this buttons happen?
  8. Ups, sorry. I was mistaken for what maxmp said. (I just woke up in the morning and immediately replied to this thread)
  9. I'm trying to use Poweramp on my dad's phone. However, i can't use hi-res output for any output device except Bluetooth and USB DAC. When i see the Audio detection log, it says that this phone is snapdragon blacklisted. Phone name: Oppo A5s OS : stock Android 8.1 with Color OS 5.2.1 Poweramp version : 845 arm64 Sorry for my bad English.
  10. Hi @maxmp I have been working on Poweramp translation project for Indonesian since 9 months ago, and I see that my name has not been mentioned in "translator" list until now (I think the list has not been updated since v2). I have done a lot here (including corrections, voting, etc.), and I am very happy if my name is also on the list. can you update it for future builds? this is a list of top contributors for Indonesian if you want to include other translators name as well.
  11. Thanks for build 843 Max! The settings don't crash for me anymore. :)
  12. Please add a new option to sort tracks by folder name/path, then by filename for playlist, just like the sort option from Winamp. Thank you
  13. I thought it was identical as other Oppo phones with Mediatek chipset and Android 9 running stock Color OS 6. I'm not sure, but I hope you can get it and will fix that soon. Thanks!
  14. Have you tried disabling "No DVC" option on your Bluetooth plugin settings? (Settings > Output > [whatever which plugin your bluetooth uses, usually AudioTrack Output] > bluetooth > uncheck/disable "No DVC")
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