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  1. +1 This thread should be moved to Feature Request i guest.
  2. Will this option also be implemented in playlist sorting? I need it a lot!
  3. No. It only affects the Hi-Res output I will try it tomorrow after my sister wakes up. thanks.
  4. Phone: Realme C2 ROM: Color OS 6 @ Anrdroid 9 Poweramp version : build 871 I have a problem when I try to turn off Short Audio Focus when using whether MTK Hi-Res / OpenSL Hi-Res output (from previous build). The audio will sound like in telephone/voice chat mode (mono and quite sound) when the notifications come in. Same goes to No Duck Option. When I turn on Short Audio Focus and No Duck options, notifications keep interrupting audio instead of ducking it.
  5. Oh OK then. But seriously, I immediately notice the different audio between older builts and this recent version. Don't know what I should do but thank you. Edit: and yes, I tried it using my 24-bit 96khz flac music from several album collections.
  6. Realme C2 Color OS 6 Lite (Android 9) Using MTK Hi-Fi Output 24-Bit/192khz Works like a charm today
  7. Just want to say that you finally supported the REAL MTK Hi-Fi on my crappy cheap phone (Realme C2, and I didn't even know it exists in my phone). I just always used OpenSL Hi-Res back then. Thank you, THANK YOU very much
  8. Thank you for update Anyway, why is the OPUS file (or OGG file containingOpus format) marked as stream?
  9. So it means I can't deselecting/unchecking subfolder in the main/parent folder?
  10. I have one BIG music folder that contain a thousand of music. Some of them are organized into subfolders (like albums, etc) and others (uncategorized/unknown album) are just laid down in the main folder itself. However, if I try to uncheck one of its subfolders, any tracks that only stored in the main folder are also not detected. I give you screenshot for this. It looks like the main folder is unchecked while its subfolders still checked. Even though i try to recheck that subfolder again, the main folder is still unchecked, making its songs undetected. and if I recheck the main folder, any unchecked subfolders are also checked. Thanks!
  11. Yesterday I tried to ask Spotify about Poweramp Track Provider API via its community site. Now they marked my thread as New Idea and change the label to Partnership. It seems that there will be a bright side to integrating their services into this software.I don't know whether they will realize it or not. So What do you think @maxmp? Sorry if I didn't ask you first https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Partnership-Poweramp-Integration-with-Track-Provider-API/idi-p/4917699
  12. Thank you for the update. I really appreciate it. My first problem is the track & disc number position in the library meta still have not swapped at all.
  13. I had done it and it works for me.Maybe I should always do it for temporary.
  14. I'm Using Realme C2 running stock Color OS Lite 6 on Android 9.
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