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  1. One of my phones (a Samsung J2 Core with Android Go 8.0) doesn't enable Notification Access, therefore i cannot use a scroblble app. There's any way to work around this ? Or something like a native scrobbler inside PA ? Thanks !
  2. Hey ! Thanks a lot ! Hope everyone here's doing fine !
  3. i was using Simple LastFM a few months ago, then it started to have a bunch of scroobles i didnt listened to i thought it was Poweramp too, but it was the Simple LastFM.... i'm using "Scroball" and it works wonders ! i suggest you to change your scrobbler app... or send a bug report to their devs
  4. oh thanks Andre ! i saw this earlier, but i thought it had another similar feature or something like that lol EDIT: now i know why i found it weird... on the v2 build you was able to make only the folders showing the file name ! have it on my old phone and the new v3 on my newer one
  5. there's any way to show the name of the files instead of the tag title ? that would be helpful for these japanese tracks, sinxe the tag are in japanese, but i leave the name of the file in romanji thanks for the help
  6. why i'm unable to activate 24bit covers ? is something of my phone ?
  7. The app i have been using to scrobble is the simple lastfm. It has a cached song list to send to the lastfm site. Sometimes, only by opening PA, a simple song appears more than once, without playing or anything. I tested it with another players and they work like normal, which made me think it was something with PA, you know ? But the app is not being updated in a few months With PA V2 it works just fine, but now with V3 Sorry for my bad english and lack of details lol i tried my best to explain... i will try to contact the simple lastfm dev to see if they can do something about this, Max already has a lot of work to do lol EDIT: i changed from simple lastfm scrobbler to another app, "Scroball", it works just fine, the interface is clean and i like it is easier to change the app than bother Max to try to fix something i don't even know how to explain lol thx for the attention!
  8. i reported it a few times, but google didn't do anything
  9. like, i leave the player and Lasfm scrobble the track more than once, even if its not playing it is hard to explain, but it happens a lot
  10. this is the only issue i have with PA... thought it was my phone or something else is hard to explain how it happens to Max, because i can't reproduce this bug everytime i try to ! it just happens lol hopefully this will get a fix soon or later
  11. i have some problems with scrobbling from simplelastfm as well sometimes the track appear on the cached songs when i just open PA without listening to it. my simplelastfm scrobbler has the "when to scrobble" option marked as "when i hit the scrobble now" button. i tested with Poweramp configured to scrobble with the simplelastfm app, and the problem persists. so i thought about not marking PA on the scrobbler app and leave the option on the PA marked, but i don't get any tracks on the cached and they don't scrobble at all. what i do is to deleted the duplicated songs and hit the scrobble now option PA Version is V3 814 (but i run to this bug for a long time) Simple Last FM version 1.5.7 from the google play store Motorola E2 2nd generation hopefully you manage to recreat this scenario, because is the only problem i have with Poweramp btw, the official scrobbler never works... it's outdated for a long time
  12. what if we had just one line, and the text scrolls throught the info ? like when i use winamp on my pc, you can customize what appears on the line etc is that something hard to implement ?
  13. thanks for another update max ! just 2 quick suggestions: is possible to add an option to download the album cover to the sd card ? and an option to hide the album labels in the library, when using the grid option ? anyway, good job keeping the Poweramp train going !
  14. is better to install this update over the last one, or to uninstall the last one and then install 799 ?
  15. what RC means ? thanks for the update max ! peace
  16. thanks max ! i know you have a lot to work on, but take a look at the simple last fm support ! sometimes Poweramp to multiple scroobles or it just dont scrooble the music i was listening to ! thats my only issue lol
  17. well, it is a beta version, so you guys have to known about possible bugs. then you report and max try to found and fix it is really simple.... but since this is one man show, we have to be more patient than normal. sorry to say this to you guys tho... Poweramp is an amazing player and i want to work 100% as well, but it takes time
  18. niiiice ! time for a movie to make time moves faster lol
  19. hi @maxmp ! my only issue with Poweramp is the simple last fm scrobbler thing... the problem is, Poweramp makes a bunch of cloned scrobbles of songs i didnt listened to ! i think is an issue with PA V3, because my other phone has v2 and works well, but with v3 it doesn't... and.... i'm receiving double emails notifications on the forums lol idk where to post this, probably here ins't the right place hm oh well, i hope you take care and keep working on PA ! thanks for listening
  20. thanks max ! your player is freaking wicked good !
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