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  1. It's not possible, but regardless, what security advantage do you get from using a different account in your own car?
  2. I don't remember restoring a backup, it must have been a long time ago, and I also lost presets which changed since any backups. I guess it's a lesson to make backups, but this is a big deal for me. Hopefully next time it won't slip through the cracks.
  3. Interestingly some of my presets are still there, like 4 of them. But I had a lot more. Additionally I had deleted all the default included presets but they were restored.
  4. This is incorrect. I have not switched, and I even tried to switch and switch back. A number of my presets are lost and I have no way to get them back. I can even see on a few Bluetooth devices where the assigned preset was lost, it loads a flat preset with the name <default preset>. This is a bug. Please don't brush me off. How can I fix this?
  5. I just noticed today that all my EQ stuff is messed up. I've lost a number of presets, all the default presets came back, and also, the EQ now resets after every song to flat. If I change it, it resets itself again when the song changes, instead of just hanging on to that temporary setting until I select another preset. What the heck happened? And why did half my presets get deleted?
  6. Even if you guys don't like this behaviour (I don't either) I see no issue with options. Options please everyone. Why not just provide options? Then everyone can fine-tune their experience the way they like it.
  7. I think you could just provide seperate sliders for fade out and fade in length, and you'll address everyone's requests.
  8. It's a workaround, yeah. I'm just saying Max should change that.
  9. Yeah, it is displayed that way until you disturb it and Poweramp takes over and changes them all. After that you have no way of getting that individual art back unless you clear art cache, which proves that Max wants it that way, and I don't think it should be that way. It changes art everywhere, not just in the album view, which is not how it should be.
  10. Well, that makes sense in the album view, but songs can and do still have individual art despite being part of an album/EP/whatever the case may be. I don't think it's right to dismiss this complaint as "wrong", rather make the functionality apply to all situations. For example, we can safely assume if a song doesn't have any art, then it should have the album's art. But if songs are tagged with individual art, that art should be shown no matter what, and the album art should be either downloaded from the internet, or chosen by the user based on one of the songs in the album (which would have the album's art in the tag as opposed to individual art.) In the song view I want to see the individual song art if there is any, regardless of the album. Those who always want to see the album art can tag their music appropriately. Or, it can be an option in the settings. This way everyone is satisfied.
  11. I have both Poweramp and Equalizer installed. At one point I turned on the option in Equalizer to play/pause when the volume is muted/unmutes. I didn't like it, so I turned it off, except it keeps doing it. It affects every media player on my device. How do I disable it?
  12. Y'know Max, it's okay if you have to fade the labels between the player view and list view. Nobody's going to be mad, especially if it's an option you can choose to enable or disable.
  13. Dang, alright. Hopefully that comes at some point, mobile gaming is a thing, Discord should support that!
  14. I'm not sure how easy this would be to implement, but if so, could it be done, this way your friends could see what you're listening to through Poweramp. Here's what it looks like with Spotify: so perhaps Poweramp could use a black background.
  15. My request is just for an option to override the global background with the album art background that is normally just on the main screen.
  16. Basically I would like for the ability to show the full resolution album art in the background, as of present you can only get a very slightly blurred version in the background. I would also like the ability to allow the background to show on all screens, not just the main player screen (similar to how the visualization does, or how some themes do.)
  17. In this screenshot, you can see that this only affects songs with multiple artists for me. It's always # of artists + 1, unless there's only one artist. Edit: anyone else spot my spelling mistake, cause I just did. Oops.
  18. Quickly adding in, I can confirm I also have this issue basically everywhere. For me it seems proportional to the number of artists. I have a collab called "We Don't Play" with like 13 artists or something, and it's duplicated that many times + 1. Same goes for the rest. Interestingly it also affects shuffling, so it will *always* play through all the dupes before it gets to the next song, even in shuffle mode. Super odd. Anyway, hopefully Max can get a fix out soon.
  19. I just don't like the idea of having duplicate files. It'll be the exact same song in my case because these are EDM songs. If songs have variations I have no problem having both, but when they really are the exact same song, I don't want to have duplicates, especially because it screws with filenames. I don't organize files into folders so now I have two songs with the same name and info. Just because the spec doesn't technically allow for it doesn't mean it couldn't be made an option. And as mentioned above, I wouldn't separate artists in the album artist tag. I would just hard code it into the tag.
  20. No, I'm talking about the SAME SONG on multiple albums/compilations that I want to keep record of. It would show up as one song, just on multiple albums. It's one file on multiple albums, not duplicate files.
  21. I detailed this in a comment before, but I felt like it warranted its own post. Basically I would like to be able to tag a song on multiple albums by putting the tags in sequentially. For example: "U Got Me" by Bossfight is on Bossfight's EP Next Wave, but is also on the Monstercat compilation album Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 6. I would like record of both. The way I envision this working is to split the album, track #, and album artist tags in order. In this case: Album: Next Wave; Uncaged Volume 6 Track #: 4; 13 Album Artist: Bossfight; Monstercat Obviously as is with genre, we should be able to choose the separating character. The first item of each tag is associated with each other, so "U Got Me" is track 4 on Next Wave. In theory, this could be expanded to any number of albums. On the now playing screen, I would imagine showing the first album would be sufficient, or maybe, for extra protection, prioritize the album with the same album artist as the song itself, if there is one. These albums would of course be listed in all the places you would expect. If I look at Bossfight's Artist view, I should see both his album and Monstercat's compilation, since a song by him is on both. In the Album Artist view, I imagine Monstercat would appear as its own listing, where I could see all of the Monstercat compilation albums. If you are questioning how an album with multiple artists would be handled, well, splitting them apart is not really necessary in the Album Artist tag. As long as they are all the same. If an album is by two people, it could be hard-coded in the tag with an "&" or the word "with" or something. In the Artist view, since the individual songs have the artists separate, the album would appear, and the only place this might cause a problem is in Album Artist view, but I don't think that's a big deal, really.
  22. Interesting. Sounds like all he needs to do is put it in the UI. Max!!!
  23. @andrewilleyI think your approach would be pretty much correct. I still want to stress the album artist splitting to work the way I mentioned before, just because I really want to be able to tag songs with multiple albums and/or compilations. Other than that I don't see anything else to say except to give Max a ping. @maxmp
  24. Considering such a checkbox already exists for the Artist image, I don't see why it can't work the same way for albums.
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