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  1. @Someguyonline unfortunately MIUI12 ROM is missing "remove volume" UI (ROM bug).
  2. Some players require keeping session for them. You can disable this via Keep Session in Settings / Known Players (but expect additional artifacts on startup/resume), or you can hide notification completely.
  3. @txtmikhail no as any app can produce sound and we certainly don't want to apply equalizer effects to every possible beep out of there. App should be a media player (or something we want to equalize) and we want to detect that somehow. Probably, selection for an app from list of all installed apps is possible, though Google is making that "all installed apps" list feature not available soon.
  4. @SMoore not exactly. The behavior with audio stuttering or having pauses is defined by your phone battery optimizer, which decides to cut air for Poweramp in background. Please add Poweramp (and Unlocker if you have it, or uninstall it) to optimization white list (or otherwise allow background for the app). On Samsungs its: Long press on Poweramp icon / (i) / Battery - Allow background activity - ON, Optimize battery usage - Select Apps not optimized / All - Poweramp - UNCHECK, Poweramp Unlocker - UNCHECK. When Poweramp plays audio on 3.5 or BT, most ROMs are smart enough to unders
  5. Some ASUS devices have kind-of compressor/limiter always enabled, which noticeable cuts everything beyond 0dB pre-volume. It may make sense to limit everything near real 0dB (max volume), but those devices do that for way lower volume and that looks like a bug/oversight. You can notice this behavior as loudness pulsating around basses when you up basses via Bass tone or equalizer. I have few asuses (but non ZF 6), and couple of them show this behavior (e.g. ZF5). From all OEMs, also LG does this for a few models. As a result, equalization on 3.5 output requires preamp reduction on th
  6. It works with DVC disabled (in Equalizer Settings / Equalizer / Known Players / Soundcloud / disable DVC). Note that as Soundcloud don't want to be equalized, Advanced Player Tracking is enabled for it.
  7. I guess Hi-Res output on 3.5 is disabled in this ROM (that is quite common for AOSP ROMs which usually have no recent Qualcomm (or in this case, MTK) patches). BT LDAC and USB-DAC still should work with Hi-Res (those are independently developed by Google and are not dependent on OEM "drivers").
  8. maxmp

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    If you purchased on Google Play Store:Google doesn't currently provide a way to transfer purchases from one account to the another.Still, you can add your "old" account to Android Settings => Accounts on your device and select this account in Play store app (side menu => right top arrow next to Google account) and restore the purchase.
  9. At this moment only Google Play is supported, but website purchase and few other purchase methods, such as AppGallery, are planned.
  10. Please use Settings / Restore Purchase Google Play: You can restore Premium purchase any time for free as long as you use the Google account you bought it with. Note that for Google Play Store purchases, if you have multiple google accounts on the phone, your "original" Google account should be selected in Play Store (top-right icon / Manage Accounts). You can check if purchase is valid for your account here: https://play.google.com/store/account/orderhistory?purchaseFilter=apps
  11. Play purchase (Premium) is per Google account. This means app can be used on multiple devices as long as devices have your Google account: please ensure proper Google account is registered on your phone and selected in Play app. use Poweramp Equalizer Settings / Restore Purchase / Google Play
  12. @Someguyonline In Poweramp this is used for lockscreen functionality and codebase is shared, but it's not in Poweramp Equalizer, so the permission will be removed in the next builds.
  13. @rakibkhondokar thanks for the request. Poweramp can manipulate own volume, or its volume can be manipulated by system (Ducking), but unfortunately there is no reliable way other app volume could be manipulated (aside that system applied Ducking).
  14. @Yogssss Your device has firmware volume related bug. To workaround, enable any non-system Volume levels in Poweramp settings / Audio / Advanced tweaks. Hopefully Xiaomi fixes that in the next OTA.
  15. @Someguyonline Currently, Poweramp looks for media player audio. Media player == app which advertise itself to Android as media player, usually via appropriate APIs and notification, and probably MX Player doesn't do that. But I can directly add it as an exception - will be looking into that shortly.
  16. @Edgie70 if you completely remove the app, that adb command should be entered again. If you just update or clear app data, no more adb commands required.
  17. @6b6561 Right, at the moment A-Z scroll there is only for A-Z sorted titles.
  18. @Makale_Helvetia Equalization works for Android handled audio streams. So called "Direct" audio outputs usually don't support equalization, but this is sort of the goal for the "direct" output. (In Poweramp player equalization for Hi-Res direct output happens in the player. "Direct" is in quotes and in modern OS like Linux/Android, Windows, Mac, etc. there is no user-app level access to the audio hardware, only via some OS level API).
  19. @Makale_Helvetia there are internal (alpha) releases. IDK why Google shows that update date for beta (not updated).
  20. Disable battery optimization for Poweramp (and Poweramp Unlocker if you have it - or uninstall Unlocker). On Color Os it's under system Settings / Battery / App battery management / Poweramp - Allow background activity - CHECK.
  21. Turn off Settings / Misc / File Access Legacy Mode, then go to Settings / Library / Music Folders and re-select your folders. (System may take file access permissions at random from the app rendering direct legacy file access unusable on Android 11).
  22. @brandonluciano824 this happens in Samsung stock player and only when hi-res tracks are played. Unfortunately the player does not expose hi-res status (or other specific track metadata) for the playback thus it's not possible to know it and resetup equalizer for the specific sample rate. @Eliel Meira thanks for the feedback and requests!
  23. For me Poweramp build 893 on default settings behaves this way. Pixel 4XL @ Android 11: - if X is pressed in notification while Poweramp UI is on foreground - playing ends - within few seconds notification disappears - if X is pressed in notification while Poweramp UI is not on foreground - playing ends - notification disappears immediately If Poweramp is paused by other means, notification is removed within 5 seconds of idle. Also Android 11 (Pixel variant) designed to show last used player in the expanded quick settings media area (empty space with just
  24. @flyingdutchman The style for item is in styles-iteml.xml "ItemTrack", but the layout is given by list and is dynamic (list manipulates items as needed depending on zoom level, scene, navigation, etc.). For the main screen you want to manipulate list position/dimension itself. This is "TopListWidget". Can you please make some layout picture (e.g. in photoshop), and I will try to implement it as example layout in Sample Skin. Thanks!
  25. @ult_DOOMer that may be display issue, can you please try to do "adb shell dumpsys media.audio_flinger" while playing that hi-res in "16/48" in Poweramp? Unfortunately X2 is not available for purchase ATM, as soon as it appears I will try to get the device. Thanks!
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