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  1. Your device supports Hi-Res audio _output_* (at least 24bit, at least 96khz sampling rate), but Poweramp v3.0 alpha doesn't support it? Request the support here! Please provide (requests without these items will be deleted): Device model ROM version (Android version, stock/OTA/Custom ROM) Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? A copy of your device's /etc/audio_policy.conf file may be helpful. [Edit: on some devices this can be found in /vendor/etc/ or /system/etc/ instead] * Please note, this is for Hi-Res output requests, just playback (with resampling) of hi-res audio is already implemented by Poweramp v2.0 for all devices/ROMs.
  2. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer
  3. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer
  4. maxmp

    Collection of bugs happening with Android Auto

    Thanks for the detailed reports, these will be sorted out in the next builds.
  5. Visualization Presets APK full source is available here: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/tree/master/poweramp_vis_presets_example See the readme.md for the details on Presets APK implementation, in short you can: build and publish APK with number of .milk presets these presets scanned and loaded into Poweramp (build 796+) user can separately enable/disable preset sources in Poweramp Settings
  6. maxmp

    Issues with Equializer Config Android 9

    Equalizer can be disbled per specific outputs, so go to the output settings and reenable it, if needed.
  7. Version


    Build 823: fixed Clear Queue + Stay in Queue not resetting Queue properly fixed cover not being sent to Auto when screen is off improved Send (via Bluetooth) action bug fixes and stability improvements Build 822: fixed crash on devices without or with obsolete Google Services fixed Queue counters sometime stuck on the track before the last one better support for old Chromecast variants translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators! Build 821: Chromecast support *Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC 16/24bit, 48/96kHz PCM streaming 96kHz is currently broken in Chromecast Audio firmware and is not recommended due to the dropouts gapless Chromecast Hub touch controls / TV remote controls are supported Chromecast Assistant commands are supported For devices with mic. Commands like play/pause/stop/next/previous/repeat/shuffle/seek (depends on device language and region) additional track meta info is shown in Chromecast TV/Hub UI Chromecast info in Audio Info dialog some Fading options are disabled for Chromecast Auto-advance Crossfade is supported Chromecast output ignores Audio Focus (notification sounds/ringtone/etc.) by default Audio Focus can be enabled via Ignore Audio Focus option Equ/Tone is supported, but disabled by default Can be reenabled in Chromecast Output settings DVC is not supported If you want to ramp bass up, disable No Headroom Gain option for Chromecast output/tweak the Preamp new Look and Feel / Player UI / Chromecast Button option Chromecast button is shown on Main Screen, but can be added or moved to the main menu (default for Alternative Layout and 3rd party skins), or completely hidden new Audio / Output / Chromecast Output options Playlists and Folders now can be optionally set to keep per list position and/or per track progress use List Options via Playlist/Folder header menu Per Track Progress overrides Store/Restore Per Track Progress option List Position is restored when the list is started via header Play button or by category navigation buttons <<< >>> new Ignore Video Tracks option new Remove Notification on Disconnection option gapless/replay gain support for .mpc (musepack) album art for playlist shortcut icons translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators! bug fixes and stability improvements
  8. maxmp

    Some music detected as 2 seconds.

    Please PM me such file/link for tests - may be something can be polished/worked around regarding duration detection. Thanks!
  9. maxmp

    Shuffle folders in a parent folder

    @lrkjglksjhdfgkl this is how it works for (flat) Folders, where each folder is a separate entity. As for Folders Hierarchy, by many user requests, shuffle via header button specifically shuffles whole hierarchy starting from the current folder.
  10. maxmp

    Poweramp Build 822

    @Mark Ale Generally, hit Restore Defaults on Audio Outputs, as there are too many options and most options combinations won't work properly.
  11. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer
  12. Please go to upper level of these Audio Output settings and hit Restore Defaults.
  13. I guess, you'll get answer on Muviz app support forums for this? On Android, one app can't intercept other app audio output due to the security reasons. There is built in Android Visualizator "effect", but it works only for standard res audio and is broken in half of ROMs out there.
  14. maxmp

    CUE sheet support?

    It's there from v1.
  15. maxmp

    Sorting that actually makes sense

    They are not (unless you upgrade from v2 where no per category sorting existed, so on upgrade it uses folders/files sorting). Albums and all sub categories albums are sorted by track by default.
  16. Right, I decided to go with smarter video detection vs format selection.
  17. maxmp

    Chromecast button faded out

    - try to cast from YouTube, if it casts, Poweramp can cast too (i.e. wifi works, connection establishes) - please go to Play app and update Google apps (usually updating something like Google app or Google Home app triggers update for Play Services). Poweramp is build on latest play services lib and requires pretty fresh google services component - going into Play and updating also ensures you're logged into Google account (as sometimes it may fail to find chromecast w/o some account logged in)
  18. maxmp

    Turning off Visualizations

    @andrewilley I have plans to assign actions to these buttons (at least 2 - vis / sleep buttons), so it will be possible either to disable them completely or put some other actions there (e.g. chromecast button, etc.) @Symbol#60 it's disabled by default.
  19. maxmp

    Chromecast casting not working

    Can you please go to Chromecast output settings in PA and ramp up buffer up to 2000ms or more? This is tuned by default for Google devices and it seems it may require larger values for other OEMs. Thanks!
  20. maxmp

    Collection of bugs happening with Android Auto

    @shmykelsa thanks for details. The next build 823 includes following improvements regarding Auto: - category lists limit is now 800 (sending more hits Android hard limits, so, for example, if you have > 800 artists, it won't fully load it anyway). Note that Poweramp (or any other players) don't provide those A-Z symbols at all - this is extracted by Android Auto app from the whole list of items and I can see it can skip some characters sometimes, but this is out of Poweramp scope . - cover is sent properly to Auto when screen is off Let me know if you want to test this build earlier. Thanks!
  21. maxmp

    DVC stopped working with the latest updates

    DVC can be disabled by "No DVC" option per the specific output (as well as Equalizer with per-output "No Equ") - please check in Settings / Audio / Audio Outputs / <active output>. This can be done for specific ROM + phone + output + device combinations, if it's known to have issues, but it can be always manually re-enabled as needed.
  22. Just finished testing non-stop playing for 16+ hours on Huawei P20, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 20, Mate 20 Lite (stock latest ROMs) - I can't reproduce the issue. All of them are on default battery optimization settings, but as this is "AI" sort of function, it can vary and may require adding Poweramp AND Poweramp Unlocker via Apps / Poweramp (+ Poweramp Full Version Unlocker) / Battery usage details / App Launch / Manage Automatically => OFF, Run in background => ON. - Chromecast support in 821 added Play Services to Poweramp, so background play services update now kills all dependent apps, Poweramp included - hacked Poweramp versions stop playing randomly at any time
  23. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer
  24. maxmp

    Queue Bug - Random Song Start

    @w3wilkes thanks for the detailed report. To be fixed by 823.