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  1. @Ali Rahal thanks for the request, but Equalizer only changes audio for the players, it doesn't use any output or produce sound by itself to output to. Also, usually players with Hi-Res (direct) output (such as Powermap player) do not support "external" equalization via equalizer apps (depends on device firmware, true for Qualcomm based).
  2. @Backsilent99 autosave enabled as any sudden preset change, manual of automatic, will otherwise drop all your changes, and parametric mode requires a lot of manual work you don’t want to loose. Obviously “parametric mode” is really a parametric eq: you have “classic” set of parameters you can change - pretty much the same way in any other parametric equalizer out there. The implementation detail (linear phase FIR FFT based equalizer which DynamicProcessing implements) does not prevent parametric equalization at all. (Obviously other developers wonder how it can be done, as that reddit one. Just good amount of math required, but nothing outside known DSP theory.)
  3. @Backsilent99 see my post above - Apple music works out of box with the latest Equalizer build. If it doesn’t work for you please be more specific regarding your device, Android, Apple music, Equalizer versions. This may help to reproduce the issue. Try resetting Equalizer Known Players / Apple Music settings to defaults. Also try setting Apple music crossfade to automatic. Thanks!
  4. @John Titor it’s possible within one skin currently, but I’ve got your idea - added to the TODO. Thanks!
  5. @John Titor right, sorry, that is player only feature. It’s not in equalizer as: - temporary equ/tone “off” works by simple zero-gains preset - DVC is already configurable for BT, but in any way, highly recommended to use If there are request for the further per output configuration support/profiles, I guess that can be added later.
  6. @Adrian85 3.6 works for me out of box with the latest Equalizer - no extra settings required.
  7. @John Titor there are No DVC, No Equ/Tone options per audio output already available. Alternatively setting bands and tone to 0 (e.g. with Reset) effectively disables equalizer, that can be saved as preset and assigned as needed.
  8. @invaderzim have you switched to parametric mode? It has no graphic presets, but it still have some built in ones. Presets are not deleted, there is no code for that, but some visibility issue probably can happen, though, not reproducible. Could you please send your backup or folders.db to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com? Thanks!
  9. @Scorpion small players usually use non-commercial license, but this is TOS and Play terms violation. Nevertheless I’ll try either find freely sourced info or optionally add an API to add such bios easily.
  10. Thanks for the detailed request. I guess first iteration on this will include all the possible export-able info Poweramp has in its database. The external data, such as album art, will be probably handled in the following iterations. The album art collections may be huge and can’t be exported into single zip quickly.
  11. @Scorpion thanks for the requests. 2, 3 are the features that are planned in one or another form. As for #1, there are 2 approaches seen in apps: a corporation (owning the app) licenses that copyrighted material for $; or the smaller apps use non commercial last.fm or similar services, they violate TOS if they are commercial. The last time I contacted last.fm for commercial license they wanted like $5 per month per install.
  12. @ughwhydoineedthis install Poweramp from Play or this website/forum. Obviously we won’t fix or otherwise support “hacked” versions. Thanks!
  13. @andrewilley right, if after Poweramp start it has no files listed even if they existed before reboot and no rescan happened, this means something deleted Poweramp database and probably other files. What about other Poweramp settings? Do they stay after the reboot?
  14. @FluffyDiscord there were fee changes for Chromecast (those are independent mostly from Poweramp itself, as Chromecast loads a mini “app” each time which is updated independently). Do you still have the same issue?
  15. @Don S. this usually happens when sd card is dying and device does (long) sd card check on each reboot. At this time sd card is not mounted, files not available, Poweramp won’t play them, but still will list them as it doesn’t remove tracks from db for unmounted storages unless user manually hits Full Rescan. I recommend sd card check for error/backup/reformat on PC.
  16. @LinuxArie you can make a log via system developer settings, but please note that Poweramp v3 is not developed for nor tested on x86 platform generally. The only Intel platform where it’s tested is Chromebook.
  17. Also, some firmwares, such as Samsungs, allow manual switching (usually via notification shade switcher), but this is out of reach for non-root/non-system apps.
  18. @redlith not sure what is panning area, but I can't reproduce any issues with colors not shown anywhere. Please note that band close to 0dB gain won't show anything in Frequency response area (the scroller under the bands). @Sergio Albert please note that per-song assigned presets (those are with "S" icon) may take over device assigned ones. @ArmActive fixed for the next build, thanks! This affects Alternative layout on wider aspect ratio screens.
  19. AutoEq preset importing now supported by both Poweramp player and Poweramp Equalizer in builds 907+. Both parametric and graphic modes are supported. The next step is providing a way to search in AutoEq database directly from the app - this is a planned feature.
  20. @Jarad if the next track starts after fade, this introduces delay in track changes - not desirable. Currently Poweramp starts songs ASAP, thus if we remove the fade in, we’ll get the previous song fading out while the next song already started full volume.
  21. @cheebs The cascade mode is a simple sum of the bands. The envelope mode builds a curve enveloping each band without summing them. The difference can be heard/measured only for the overlapping bands. For example, 2 bands on the same frequency, type, q, and with gains 1.5dB and 3dB: - cascade: results in 4.5dB amplification - envelope: results in 3dB amplification
  22. @Bencherished you can have quite many bands, but when there are many bands they tend to overlap, thus producing quite unexpected resulting frequency response due to all the cascading and summing. For example, two band pass or peak bands close together with low Q may result in unexpected peak for the frequency somewhere between them. Due to the bell-like shape of the (band pass/peak) bands, their "skirts" can go over peak when cascaded/summed.
  23. @Jarad so do you want the previous track to fade out for xx milliseconds, then new track started at full volume? Or should be there some crossing, when new song starts immediately, but previous fades out? As delaying start of the next song is not desirable (a lot is optimized in Poweramp to start playback asap).
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