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  1. Build 812: • reintroduced per-track equ preset assignment • track-assigned presets shown in lists now • improved TalkBack/accessibility support • improved support for FLACs with very large embedded covers • adjusted widgets clickable areas • translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators! • bug fixes
  2. maxmp

    Tempo decrease

    Can you please message me such track for tests? Thanks!
  3. Your device supports Hi-Res audio _output_* (at least 24bit, at least 96khz sampling rate), but Poweramp v3.0 alpha doesn't support it? Request the support here! Please provide (requests without these items will be deleted): Device model ROM version (Android version, stock/OTA/Custom ROM) Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? A copy of your device's /etc/audio_policy.conf file may be helpful. [Edit: on some devices this can be found in /vendor/etc/ or /system/etc/ instead] * Please note, this is for Hi-Res output requests, just playback (with resampling) of hi-res audio is already implemented by Poweramp v2.0 for all devices/ROMs.
  4. Poweramp-v3-build-810-uni.apk (also available from the Downloads tab at the top of the page) https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer Build 810: • new Look and Feel / Skins / Alternate layout option, which moves track labels below cover and makes over-cover buttons smaller and faded • new Library / Lists / Click Restarts Track option • selectable Library default category via Library List options • returned Library / Queue / Ignore Shuffle option • Folders, Albums categories now support List - Compact zoom level • separate settings page per 3rd party skin • year is now visible in Albums (list zoom levels). You may need a Full Rescan for better two digits year handling (for years like 99, 02, etc.) • new Visualization / Visible Album Art and Track Opacity options • new radio/popup option types for 3rd party skins • tracks without duration info now appear with -:-- duration • better .aac recognition • Folders Hierarchy prefers in-folder image now (Full Rescan needed) • shorter lockscreen timeout (if appropriate permission given to Poweramp) • translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators! • other bug fixes
  5. maxmp

    Pop-up to choose skin

    Poweramp version? V3 currently has no any popups regarding skin downloads or download links. (It’s downloaded and installed in Play anyway).
  6. Poweramp shows (everywhere, playlists included) only tracks from folders which are enabled in settings / Library / Music folders. It’s possible, given that all playlist files are outside such enabled folders, that playlist will show 0 tracks or fewer than it actially contains. Also, Poweramp uses the last folder name in path and filename to resolve playlist entries. It doesn’t care about full/absolute/relative paths (so something like c:/my documents/music/some album/track01.mp3 will match playlist entry to track01.mp3 in “some album” folder anywhere in available music folders).
  7. maxmp

    List - Scrolling from A to Z

    At this moment AZ scrolling works when the item title is sorted alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically). That title contents depends on a list. I guess in a cases when sortings is done by 2nd line AZ could be active too - will see into that.
  8. maxmp

    Error in layout/activity_list_fast

    Have you recently updated AS and if yes, what is your version now? Do you use any beta android sdk components?
  9. maxmp

    Tempo decrease

    Does this happen for all songs or for some specific ones? Are these m4a/aac?
  10. maxmp

    Current Track Miniature Uncorrect (build 812)

    Does it always happen for you, or for a short time sometimes?
  11. maxmp


    Yes, unlocker from Play unlocks any version, v3 included.
  12. The problem is that if some songs has no album artist tag (and that usually happens) and some song have it, it’s not possible to consinstently group songs into albums in one list. Or, alternatively, if you have normal Albums list (albums and songs inside are grouped by usual artist tag), sorting that list now by album artist tag will result in pretty random ordering - not what you’re expecting to see - as multiple album artists are possible in one such album, or none at all. Thus it will require one more category for just albums (by album artist). Did you try Album artist option in settings / Library / Lists? It will try to use album artist instrad of artist everywhere (if tag exists. If it doesn’t, just artist is used).
  13. Poweramp v3 has swipe-focused UI (there are even << >> buttons by default), it’s used not just for album art on main screen, but for miniplayer, in lists as quick return to parent lists, in equalizer pages, etc. Disabling this makes little sense.
  14. There is a separate Album artists category (can be enabled via Library header menu / List options - it uses album artists instead of artist everywhere).
  15. maxmp


    The same way as v1 was updated to v2, v2 is updated to v3.
  16. maxmp

    Romanian language shown as Hungarian

    Thanks for the report.
  17. maxmp

    V2 LOCKSCREEN UI/WIDGET was better

    It was just an additional different UI. Poweramp v3 full UI is still limited on lock screen - you can’t go too far without unlocking device or delete/edit tracks, change settings, etc. I guess additional limitations are possible to implement if such requests are suggested by the community.
  18. maxmp

    Poweramp Build 812

    I need exactly those opus + cue for testing - can I have those please?
  19. maxmp

    Poweramp Build 812

    Not entirely true. As soon as "other" players pause (at least Google Play Music), they replace foreground notification to usual one (this can be verified via swiping notification away, only normal, non foreground notification can be swiped away). As soon as they replace notification, they are eligible to task killing the same way any other background process is, so they may play on headset insertion by same chance Poweramp has (Android 8+ usually gives 1 minute for such processes). Only "foreground" non-swipeable notification keeps background service around on modern Androids. Nevertheless, I will add support for this use case - keeping foreground notification with the foreground notification.
  20. Poweramp-v3-build-811-uni.apk https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer Build 811: • new Background / Enable background option • new Library / Store/Restore Per Track Progress + Duration options • new Lockscreen / Shorter Timeout option • new Visualization / UI Timeout option • static waveseek bars color tuned • better USB DAC recognition on some devices • fixed cue + no track restart • translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators! • other bug fixes
  21. maxmp

    Lock Screen Poweramp Player is frozen

    Thanks for the details, Poweramp build? Also do you enable visualizations?
  22. maxmp

    Poweramp Build 812

    @rsdpn When Poweramp is paused, it removes itself from foreground and that removes notification. This is by design, not sure why you think this is some kind of issue. As for always keep notification option, while it generally works, it doesn't work for case when output is changed - let me add possible support for this scenario in TODO list.
  23. The option is still available in v3 (settings / Look and Feel / Player UI / Filename as Title), though, it affects all track labels, everywhere.
  24. maxmp

    Error in layout/activity_list_fast

    Android version? Not reproducible on Samsungs @ 8.0 (tried version from Play, btw, I guess you need to add "Poweramp v3 skin" somewhere in description or so as it's hard to find it on Play).
  25. maxmp

    Error in layout/activity_list_fast

    Poweramp build would be useful (and the skin used). Thanks! Line #53 is TopContainer, so that style misses layout width in the skin for some reason (or it's not recognized).