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  1. Build 866: new File Access Legacy Mode option fixed Wavpack Replay Gain settings sub-pages/categories for 3rd party skins and other new skin features fixed issue with the large music collections requiring multiple scans
  2. @dezzzm Depending on android variant, any catlog capturing apps will work, or it can be done via system Developer options / Bug Report. The report is then accessible as file from system Files app / Bug Reports. Still Poweramp acts (pauses) in response to the appropriate Android events (in this case - audio focus event). If no event is sent by system then Poweramp won't react and this is not fixable from app side.
  3. @Kloppstock Currently random ordering is not weighted. There are plans to add weighted random (which is less "randomy"), for example, with the preference to avoid recently played tracks or tracks from the same author, etc.
  4. Most probably this is permission issue (e.g. Samsung @ Android 10 released ROMs with no permission to pass some type of files, affecting AA ability to show images). The use case is very complicated to test by OEMs so the tend to break it sometimes. Samsung fixed that in latest ROMs but not Motorola it seems. Please try this build with same workaround as for Samsung activated: Let me know if it helps. Thanks!
  5. @djdarko cues + album artist may behave like you described as the source image (in the current builds) may appear in All Album Artist Songs. The next build will fix this issue and the cue source image won't appear there unless Show CUE Sources option is enabled. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. @SteveGrandbarrel "Hi-Res" on Android devices (specifically, with Qualcomm chipsets / software) is a bit different story: - "Hi-res" mode enables (a bit more power consuming) higher quality amplifier for 3.5 output on some devices - "Hi-res" mode enables higher gains (resulting in higher volume) on some devices - "Hi-res" mode allows better sounding BT codecs like LDAC (LDAC itself is mostly marketing driven, but it applies better equalization, better sounding amplifier mode, etc. on headphones) - "Hi-res" mode disables built-in effects on some devices This is why "Hi-res" mode on many devices can be heard and distinguished by average user easily. On hi-res capable home setup, I doubt anyone can recognize 192khz/24bit vs 44.1/16bit in the blind test. So it's mostly about marketing and how marketing forces hardware devs to enable some perks just for hi-res mode. Thanks!
  7. Гугл требует (и большинство приложений это делает) проверку раз в день. Poweramp проверяет сразу после покупки и один раз через день. Спасибо!
  8. Thanks for the request. Unfortunately this is only possible for the custom notification - you’ll loose seekbar and colorized background then.
  9. Usually, built in phone effects do not work with hi-res - either enabling the effect forces resampling to non-hi-res or effect doesn’t do anything. This of course depends on ROM variant as OEMs improve and break things all the time.
  10. Thanks for the report. Can't reproduce #2 though, probably due to some options varying.
  11. 864 is not stable but beta. 860 is the last stable. It has no known issues like you described, but 863 has.
  12. @flyingdutchman @andrewilley skin settings stored in the main Poweramp preferences storage (so they can be backed up and restored as usually). Stable-ids is not directly related to preferences, this is development only file ensuring you have skin ids stable between builds.
  13. @flyingdutchman seekbar value is not a font size, but an additional multiplier to the textSize for given view. Typical Poweramp theme has like 30+ font related styles, it's not usable to provide direct control over each possible font size in a skin via seekbar. Instead, one (or few) seekbars can be used to control multiple font sizes as text size multiplier is a separate value and resulting font size is [style font size] * [seekbar multiplier].
  14. @flyingdutchman I've added seekbar options for font size and corner radius. Stuff like margins and other arbitrary dimensions are harder and will be slow to process, but I think I will increase number of such dynamic attributes in the future builds. The debug build is here, so you can start a bit earlier: Poweramp skin API/sample app is updated as well, see here: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_skin_sdk/poweramp_skin_sample/app/src/main/res/xml/skins.xml#L11
  15. Actually, the APIs are pretty standard Android APIs (though they are not used currently by media players this way). Poweramp partnered with some other 3rd party cloud track provider app (still in alpha, will be available later this year) - but that doesn't include Spotify as Spotify keeps their content to themselves (some non-commercial access is possible, but Poweramp can't be considered non-commercial). Thanks for the info!
  16. @flyingdutchman Right, seekbars for skin preferences would be cool, but seekbars can't produce theme/style values we can use directly. Instead, each case of such seekable value should be explicitly handled in the source code. If you have subset of properties you want to control with seekbar preference, please list them here and I will try to iteratively add those, hopefully to the next (865) build.
  17. https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/18834-metadata-not-shown-right-queue-option/?tab=comments#comment-83451
  18. Thanks for the report, fixed for the next build.
  19. @andrewilley Logs emails are heavily filtered and quickly deleted - I can't find it now - please resend. I certainly can't reproduce this issue on my phones, but I don't test AA on every possible Android + device combination (e.g. not tested on Android 10/R ATM), though I tested this scenario on Android 10 + Auto For Phone Screens + BT device.
  20. @PrimalFaith Poweramp streams from phone itself (almost all other apps commands Chromecast to receive stream from the Internet). This is why connection between phone (or other Android device with Poweramp installed) to the Chromecast is important. Usually increasing Settings / Audio / Audio Output / Chromecast buffer resolves the issue. Thanks!
  21. @Andro Thanks for the log / details. Please PM me your email you send log from so I can find it. PS Found your log. I guess I found the issue with your collection and next beta will have appropriate fix. Thanks again!
  22. Audio cutouts (on wired connection) means your device is very busy with something and Poweramp is not given enough CPU. Especially if the phone gets hot in such moments. I don't think modern hi-end devices require any buffer changes at all. But those device usually have "smart" optimizers which decides the audio playing app may be paused and should sleep in the background. For Samsungs / Xiaomis (+ Huaweis and few other OEMs) I would recommend excluding Poweramp (+ Unlocker if you have it installed - system can't distinguish between app and Unlocker) from battery optimizations: Samsung: - device Settings / Apps / Poweramp / Battery / Allow background activity (check). (Same for Poweramp Full Version Unlocker) Xiaomi: - device Settings / Installed apps / Poweramp / Battery saver / No restrictions. (Same for Poweramp Full Version Unlocker)
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