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  1. Poweramp-rc-build-799-uni.apk https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer RC Build 799: • 799: fixed Stop • 799: swapped Artist <-> Album labels • 799: fixed crash due to bad zoom (Android 9.0) • 799: Album Art downloading logic update • rating is shown in almost all categories (not shown in Queue, Most Played) • long press on miniplayer brings current category / track • lists follow current playing track • improved seek for mp3 files with large embed cover. You may need to do a full rescan for the waveseek to update • Genres are not split on single / anymore (split on ; and //). You may need to do a full rescan for this to apply • added Look and Feel / Notifications / (Always) Keep Notification options • added Album Art / Send High Resolution Album Art. When enabled, high resolution images are sent to Android lock screen, widgets, Media Session API • added sort by last played time • added help hints • Poweramp will try to return to the next track from Queue • Poweramp API improvements • fixed Send menu item not always visible on some devices • fixed issue with pause/resume cycles and track not auto-advancing • fixed notification pause/resume button state on some devices • fixed scrobbling via Simple Last.FM Scrobbler • fixed miniplayer de-sync after some rescans • fixed crash with Lock Screen / Show Default Image enabled • few other bug fixes and small improvements
  2. Your device supports Hi-Res audio _output_* (at least 24bit, at least 96khz sampling rate), but Poweramp v3.0 alpha doesn't support it? Request the support here! Please provide (requests without these items will be deleted): Device model ROM version (Android version, stock/OTA/Custom ROM) Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? A copy of your device's /etc/audio_policy.conf file may be helpful. [Edit: on some devices this can be found in /vendor/etc/ or /system/etc/ instead] * Please note, this is for Hi-Res output requests, just playback (with resampling) of hi-res audio is already implemented by Poweramp v2.0 for all devices/ROMs.
  3. maxmp

    v795 - Queue bug

    Build 798+ should continue post-queue playback starting from the next track (if available).
  4. maxmp

    [799] No auto track switch

    Thanks for the report. Your device/android version/ROM (if any)?
  5. Poweramp-rc-build-797-uni.apk https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer RC Build 797: • slightly increased selected item contrast • fixed crash on category change • fixed lockscreen not always appearing • Folders Hierarchy is now always enabled by default • widgets now should survive reboots better • fixed constant reloads (flashing) on Android 7- • fixed few crashes due to the translations • fixed Enqueue and stay in the list option • improved BT/headset keys support for Hi-Res audio output on Android 8+ • removed Send Album - Artist with Metachanged Title option, as it doesn't work for new Androids anyway • clear action for Recently Added / Recently Played / Most Played • app icon (launcher) shortcuts (Android 7+) • few other bug fixes and small improvements
  6. maxmp

    Seekbar in Miniplayer

    Yes, I’ll be looking into adding this. Poweramp miniplayer already has swipes, presses, and long presses, so seeking should be carefully thought before implementing there.
  7. maxmp

    Leave Beta

    Actually ringtone functionality will be back shortly after release.
  8. Poweramp (alpha) pionered hi-res output on Android (as third party player), if device supports hi-res output Poweramp uses that. As for bypassing anything, Android audio subsystem is always there, though hi-res audio is usually not mixed in Android software mixer. Uapp uses the same approach as PA regarding hi-res via wired/bt headset.
  9. Applies to Internal DAC only (Wired Headset/AUX in Poweramp output settings). Please post your device (with optional ROM/Android version) if Poweramp alpha Hi-Res audio works for it. If it doesn't work, check this thread:
  10. I don’t have exactly this device, so unfortunatelly I can’t test immediately, but what does it show for you in audio info? Does hi-res work for you at all?
  11. I can’t reproduce this issue on my oppos/vivos, but I’m getting crash reports about something related to Long Shot. Long shot is screenshot functionality in oppo devices (allows it to capture scrolled screens), but again, that long shot works for me flawlessly too. Also my oppos on lst available OTAs. Crash report is coming from system component loaded within app, unfortunatelly that’s not possible to fix without reproducing locally first.
  12. Preferred way is to just update.
  13. RC Build 799:• 799: fixed Stop• 799: swapped Artist <-> Album labels• 799: fixed crash due to bad zoom (Android 9.0)• 799: Album Art downloading logic update
  14. Right, app just can't freeze forever and stay as is, as users will complain about that even more (and they did). There is always an option not to update and use previous releases. I swapped album artist to artist album in build 799 (out tonight).
  15. Actually, queue is not shuffled in Shuffle Songs mode - this is a bug as it's shuffled in Shuffle Songs / Categories. Queue is not shuffled / started in Shuffle All mode - other shuffle modes should shuffle queue.
  16. Poweramp is tested on few Lineage builds, including 14.* and no major issues there. Please try another Lineage build (you can also PM me a log after "not working" event to investigate).
  17. This may happen during initial scans, but it should reload the state within few seconds after the scan. During the scanning, Poweramp database is changed a lot, and UI doesn't reflect that immediately, so there are "snapshots" of data in the UI. After rescan, it should all sync to the actual data. This is usually not noticeable on small collections, but can be noticeable in large ones, esp. if user manages to click some song right during scan when database changes. The other alternative is to block UI completely until all scans are complete.
  18. @Joe Gent Yes, I can reproduce this, thanks. Btw, to just reset track to 0:00, long press track elapsed (left hand side time).
  19. Poweramp-alpha-build-709-uni.apk Poweramp-alpha-build-709-play.apk (no website purchase support, no other functional differences vs. uni version) Build-709 (Play beta channel release): https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer Build-709: • fixed some dither options causing no audio Build-707/708: • Android 4.3/4.4 support restored Build-706: Adjusted hi-res output on various devices - big thanks for the community feedback! • Snapdragon 845 devices (e.g. Sony XZ2) - improved Hi-Res Output detection • Sony XZ/XZ1 - improved Hi-Res Output detection • Lenovo X3 - reenabled 24bits • OnePlus (1st edition) - disabled DVC for Hi-Res output due to forced speaker playback • added new per-output option - No Duck - for cases when notification causes issues. Activated by default for Hi-Res output for some Snapdragon 625 devices (Asus Zenphone 3) • HTCs @ 7.0 - improved Hi-Res Output stability • Nexus 6P - fixed notification coloring
  20. Yes, merging, title change went unnoticed 😪
  21. (Unrooted) Android doesn't allow that, sorry. Poweramp equalizer only works for Poweramp played tracks.
  22. Poweramp-beta-build-796-uni.apk https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer Build 796: • new Long files category • widgets now a bit larger when their shadow opacity option is set to zero • improved stability on low end devices • support for visualization preset pack 3rd party apks, including control over loaded presets in Settings => Visualization • reduced number of events causing re-shuffle • current item selection in lists • long press on pro << >> buttons seeks as previously • preliminary hi-res support for OnePlus6 Pie beta (and probably other Snapdragon Pie ROMs) - no DVC supported yet (should be disabled for Hi-Res output) • menu => Folders now navigates for Folders Hierarchy category if it's enabled • skin support fixes. Allowed 2 different seek bars to co-exist in a skin • Look and Feel => Hide Status Bar option • bug fixes and small improvements This is release candidate - no more new features until release are planned - only bug fixes.
  23. maxmp

    Minor bugs in the music playback.

    This is identified and fixed for 798. Thanks for the report.
  24. Hello, thanks for the reports, this is improved for 798.
  25. To do that just hit Shuffle button in the appropriate folder. That folder + all the subfolders will be played in Shuffle Songs/Categories mode by default, and shuffle mode can be further modified. As this is not so obvious, probably I'll add long press on in-list shuffle icon as well - will show the shuffle mode selection menu right in categories.