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  1. @brenas25 no hard ETAs, the parametric eq is the main feature under the development now, but all those smaller tweaks are also planned.
  2. Volume curves on modern Androids are multipoint interpolated curves which differ for the device type (speaker, bt, wired, etc) and also differ between OEMs (particularly Samsung uses own curves) - they are never linear. Poweramp uses own curve in DVC mode, that one is close to AOSP curve. Poweramp Equalizer always uses the device curve. While it’s possible to have very different volume levels for the player, it actually won’t be comfortable for the user as all other sounds, such as notifications, may have very different loudness which is quite annoying or even worse.
  3. Press visualization button (the first button under album art area) multiple times until it’s switched off (alternatively long press visualization button to view all visualization modes). Thanks!
  4. @Rowdyhorse4 from my testing, the approach used by Android Auto is always re-encodes audio into lossy format, so any hi-res output makes little sense (it just adds extra processing to resample it back to 44.1 or 48kHz).
  5. @John Titor yes, with small apps like ScrobbleDroid and similar. Some of them even may use Poweramp API which always works.
  6. @Rowdyhorse4 as Poweramp uses Android "Direct" outputs on OnePluses for USB for Hi-Res Output, some additional conditions may apply: - sample rate may be set as high as device supports, not the value you're selecting in Poweramp - you may need to disable DVC to get Hi-Res (or enable it if disabled) - only specific sample rates may work (e.g. 192kHz, but 96kHz will fail).
  7. @andrewilley This kind of (resume on *) options will be probably moved to separate settings page to reduce confusion (now they are in Audio Focus which is a bit different thing).
  8. @maccabi lifschitz you have Legacy file access enabled. This option is not enabled by default for the fresh Poweramp install. It's also specifically labelled as it may not work for the future version of Androids (that is Android 11). Do you have Poweramp carried over from Android 9? Did you enable it for some reason? Did you restore some poweramp settings? We only recommend this option for the devices without Files dialog (strictly, such devices are not Android-compatible).
  9. @Cpasley @linksiks Poweramp works fine with SD cards/internal storage on Android 11 - file scanner is optimized for the "new" Android 10+ file access in days of Android Q beta. Poweramp is the first player on Play market implementing that and other apps will follow as Google continuously tightens storage and other "security" requirements, but Poweramp also implements Legacy file access, which may not work for you (it will be activated if you updated phone when Poweramp was there or if you restore e.g. backed up settings, etc.). Ensure you don't have Legacy file access enabled and reselect fold
  10. @andrewilley Some (not all) Huaweis @ Android 11 have somewhat broken OpenSL implementation for BT. AudioTrack output works OK for them.
  11. @Squeller thanks for the report. I tested and haven't noticed any additional pauses - but I will test it more. Extra silence can be optionally introduced by "Silence Between Tracks" option, also, due to large buffers, change of track is somewhat not-in-sync with the actual audio (within few seconds).
  12. @andrewilley I can reproduce the issue, though it seems to happen randomly. Also, Poweramp restart is needed to fix - just exit back to the launcher is enough.
  13. What is the Poweramp build? Could you please share the stream m3u/url for tests? Thanks!
  14. @resto regarding shutdown intent for some old firmwares - it’s also possible to analyze e.g. stock music app apk which probably supports that custom intent, or other firmware code, but of course that require some skills - though just searching the classes.dex for “shutdown” may reveal it.
  15. Ok, just pushed CC update fixing this. No Poweramp update is needed. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the report. Yes, this is new, something seems to be updated in Chromecast receiver. I will try to investigate/fix shortly.
  17. @rafe101 by default Poweramp has No Equ option enabled (thus, equalizer is disabled) for some outputs + Speaker.
  18. @Cpasley besides permissions, slowdown when scanning sd card means sd card is dying (either filesystem corrupted or some physical bad block exists). Android usually just freezes for like a minute the thread which does IO when this happens, resulting in slow scan. In this case it's recommended to check sd card for errors on computer/change it/back up/reformat/restore it. It may be more noticeable for Poweramp scanning (as it touches all music files and thus has higher chance to hit bad block) vs other apps, and it may cause loss of data on sdcard as errors will accumulate over time.
  19. @GeilerHeinz right, recent Androids (10+) require Android/data folders to be named exactly as "package name" (==com.maxmpz.audioplayer for Poweramp), but Android still allows that _com.maxmpz.audioplayer folder to be used if you updated Android while Poweramp is installed. So in case you're reinstalling Poweramp, you're loosing access to previous version image cache, plus there are bugs in some Android OEM variants (Samsung) suddenly preventing from accessing "inherited" folders as well.
  20. SMB plugin supports only subset of the Provider API, so that may prevent tags from being read (though, I can see tags and embedded covers for my setup, but it can vary). Modifying that (open source) plugin to fully support the API would be a good idea and I have this in the backlog.
  21. @resto you don't need to change any code - just enter the intent (often looking like cn.nihao.action.SHUTDOWN instead of android.intent.action.SHUTDOWN) into "Shutdown intent" Poweramp option. Usually can be googled by "shutdown intent YOUR HEADUNIT NAME". Poweramp supports like 5-6 of these, but it looks like each headunit model/firmware (again for unknown reason) changes the intent name, so this is why Shutdown Intent option is there.
  22. RAM is wasted unless used. OS tries to use memory as much as possible (any modern OS - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android). Recent devices with 4-6-8+ Gb of RAM allows multiple Gbs for the app and apps use that. Apps on Android can free mem if needed by other apps (e.g. Poweramp frees the image cache). So this is how it works and we can't change it (without rooting and limiting app e.g. to 256mb or some other arbitrary number). Poweramp can use a lot of mem if allowed by system for the image cache - you can enable very high resolution images, each taking, for example, 8mb or more. But this is f
  23. @Geoddwoof42 Android 11 keeps and restores last used player in the new media area in notifications - this is a system wide feature which Poweramp supports. Samsung music and some other players - don't support that. Anyway, in Poweramp builds-90x, it's optional and disabled by default as it seems nobody likes this new Android feature. Also, in recent OTA updates Samsung also removed the default player notification after the reboot (at least for S20, Note20, this may vary by device) - as Samsung OneUI strictly doesn't have media notification area, and they shouldn't apply the new logic to the (a
  24. Headunits often use own non standard shutdown intent for some reason. Poweramp has “shutdown intent” option just for that. (You can usually get the intent from the headunit support forums).
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