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  1. Change the opacity in the visualization settings. Settings -> Visualization -> Top Visualization Panel Opacity (0-100%) Note, it will still change the visualization if you swipe the panel’s region. You’ll need to cycle through visualization toggles from off to on again for it to appear before timing out again.
  2. Have you tried installing the trial apk? Ignore the play store at the moment.
  3. Before posting I tried looking for “forum rules”... searching “rules” did not reveal anything taboo. Before anything risky at all in the instructions are listed official firmware restoring tools, negating any “bricking” scenarios.
  4. See link to Developer(s)'s Website for overview and condensed instructions. Or head-fi post for more detail. .
  5. @Cpasley 1. This is with a much much older build of Poweramp. 796, current build is 874. 2. whether in the app or on the lock screen, clicking previous track or next track does precisely what you’d want it to do, and does not crash anything.
  6. X5iii user here! Poweramp is pretty smooth for me, 400gb (sandisk ultra) & 256gb (sandisk extreme) cards, about 11000 lossless tunes of all types. Can I ask if you've installed custom kernel for your X5iii?
  7. Is this not just the standard icon? With a rounded square border..
  8. Poweramp is a music player, not a data recovery service. Upon selecting a song for deletion, you are prompted with the following: “Selected song will be permanently deleted from the storage. CUE won’t be removed. Cancel / Delete” You were appropriately warned, no?
  9. I believe I read around that yes.. something is in the works. "Poweramp equalizer is internally parametric (just band parameters are fixed now) and UI to expose advanced parameters + define custom # of bands is planned." -MaxMP
  10. I have a totally different device (FiiO X5iii) than you, but 32bit/96kHz m4a/ALAC doesn’t undergo any bit depth reduction at output...
  11. I was trying to steer my suggestion away from 432 nonsense. There’s nothing special or cosmic about detuning your music, full stop. But if you’re going to have gone to lengths to aide listeners of audiobooks in a music player app (?) This seems to be a no-brainer... Especially if Poweramp is internally capable. Saying it’s internally capable and declining when there’s a number of use cases feels like being deliberately obstinate. As others have said, this could help musicians who want to play along to a song in a key easier for them to play, etc. Changing pitch 200 cents brings you down a whole tone, which for singers can be huge.
  12. Yea, it is quite unfortunate the listening preferences of the developer override the requests of legitimate music listeners. Using Poweramp for AudioBooks? Give me a break...
  13. I guess if we were to say pitch = pitch, tempo = tempo, & speed = pitch AND tempo. Currently Poweramp only allows users to adjust tempo. I wouldn't be very interested in having pitch adjustible by itself, but rather speed. The ranges available to user need not be absurd (I don't think any music is going to be enjoyable at one tenth its original speed). The use case for that is nonexistent. No argument there. Sometimes on an hour+ trip in the car, bringing the speed down by a few ticks (8%) can make an album sound brand new. I'm not talking woo-woo 432 Hz nonsense, just on the whole, it has a use case. Want something more mellow than Bob Marley's Redemption Song? That's the solution. I find it funny that Poweramp yet lacks an OPTION to avoid resampling to a fixed rate, when ones hardware supports the full gamut of sample rates (44.1-384kHz). If you're committed to only offering true 1:1 playback 100% of the time. Then what's that about? Nothing "gapless" will be in different sample rates.
  14. We just gotta sit tight and ask nicely Separating the chaff from the worthy suggestions is arduous, I'm sure. On top of things already in the works (like new multiband graphic EQ & Parametric EQ options). The finer control of tempo & pitch would complete the package!
  15. @Vekx92 I’ve had great results doing this in Neutron Music Player. But it works differently than existing tempo changer in Poweramp. Poweramp changes tempo while maintaining original pitch. Neutron has two sliders, one for tempo and one for pitch. Pitch there adjust pitch alone. Bringing tempo value down to 0.92x for example also changes pitch in practice (but not the pitch setting value itself). An option for “tone compensation” allows pitch value to automatically adjust based on how slow tempo is, bringing it back to “normal sound” as Poweramp does automatically.
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