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  1. Not sure when this started version wise, or if it ever worked right on my particular device (a FiiO X5iii, 800x480px display, Android 5.1.1, Poweramp build-905-arm32-play, Liv Dark v1.5.2), but I am unable to see (or easily adjust) the Volume, Balance or Stereo Expand knobs with Liv Dark enabled (reset to defaults, but changed background to grey for visibility). Also just noticed the knob is cropped for tempo controls as well. See comparison vs stock dark skin
  2. Fitzian


    Build 894-898 were not public beta releases. 899-905 is shown in new releases forum.
  3. I can concur, this would be my ideal means for sifting my library in general. More or less -> Albums - By Album Artist. With each Album Artist's records sorted ascending chronologically (and not alphabetically).
  4. Fitzian


    See this thread. Or for a grander overview, this article.
  5. So, not on an M11 here, but an X5iii. Using USB Audio Player Pro I DID have to enable an option in its settings to get hardware buttons to respond. In Poweramp, I have to go: Settings >Headset/Bluetooth >>Buttons >>>Respond to Buttons (Tick the slider to on)
  6. Of course! For example, I think in RME’s ADI-2 FS desktop DAC/AMP, they determined the most you reeeaaalllyy need is about 5. Before you begin to run into trade offs
  7. Neutron has up to 60 graphic and parametric EQ bands, and AutoEQ implementation. Though far less customization in the skin/UI front. (Liv Dark being my favorite iteration on that for Poweramp).
  8. You need to go to Poweramp's audio settings, click on Advanced Tweaks, and scroll to the bottom where you should see "Audio Outputs Detection Log" What you copied before was simply the "Audio Info" that one gets by long pressing on the meta info.
  9. @MotleyG I accrued the better part of my library while using a Mac/iTunes. Since my 2007-era iMac died last year I've been using a PC/Foobar... haven't opened iTunes more than a handful of times. Let alone tell it where my library resides 🤭. And so I don't really know what my genres appear as or sort as in iTunes, tbh. At some point I just started listing genres an album belonged to, never with any real thought of if it was "supported" or not in iTunes. Now that I have my library on HDDs and my DAPs sd cards, the thought of going in and adding "//" instead of "," is much less p
  10. My library is predominantly M4A/alac files, and given that I separate genres with a comma, all that I needed to do in Poweramp was add the comma as a genre separator. It works fine!
  11. The M11 in the interim has had Google Play store added to its firmware. No need to go through any sketchy means to get around license checks.
  12. It's best to use the SoX resampler (i leave freq cutoff at 95%, dithering slow or none), and just leave the resampling to 176kHz or 192kHz. Poweramp won't switch the re-sampling rate from track to track. SoX re-sampling and poweramps hi res output will be cleaner than allowing android to resampler your audio.
  13. Poweramp costs less than a Venti mocha at your local Starbucks. And purchases are generally not transferrable from google play to direct/web purchase. (Note to mods, the stickied post about purchases/unlocker, the link to the full purchase FAQ is not working at the moment!)
  14. Try setting your device's time and date ahead by one day while connected to internet. That can sometimes force the license check (or storing of it, rather).
  15. Do hope this does not imply further updates to Poweramp itself are limited to Android 9.0 and up...
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