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BETA: Poweramp-build-981-uni.apk

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Builds 978-981:

  • support for MOD, IT, S3M, XM, MPTM tracker formats via libopenmpt
    • lyrics UI shows track comments/samples message
    • new Tracker Decoder Extra Gain and Tracker Decoder Stereo Separation options
  • support for xHE-AAC format via device codecs
    Works for local files only. Supported on the devices which already have this codec included
  • support for the predictive back animation on Android 14
  • new Reset Stats option
    Also per-track reset button is available now in Info/Tags dialog
  • changes to Full Cover, Centered skin options
    More room for labels
  • new Visualizations/Ignore Touch option
  • new Background Gradient, Background Gradient Color, Background Gradient For Lists options
  • new option in header menu/Add to Launcher for all categories
    Adds shortcut to launcher home screen with Play the list/Open the list/Shuffle options
  • new Ignore Bluetooth Commands option
    Helps ignoring unwanted commands from headunits/BT devices immediately after a connection
  • new Ignore Repeat/Shuffle option
    Disables processing for BT Repeat/Shuffle commands
  • Queue is now reloaded immediately for Always Clear On Add + Start Playing Queue: Immediately options
  • Settings search history
  • optimizations for very large libraries (e.g. 50k+ tracks)
    New option No Reshuffle For Large Lists which is enabled by default
  • AutoEq presets/devices database update
  • new Settings Shortcuts in Main Menu option
    Adds number of recently used Settings shortcuts to the main menu, including custom skin settings
  • hex color support in color dialogs
  • Target SDK updated to 34
  • introducing 🎁 Feature Packages:
    • the number of big and small features (user requested/voted on Poweramp forum) packed together into low priced in-app purchase
    • a few packages per year
    • new features added to the same package with the each new build
    • new Full Version purchase includes feature package discount
    • this helps with Poweramp app continued development
  • 🎁 Feature package #1 (free in beta):
    • support for multiple items dragging in playlists and Queue
      Multiple checked items are dragged as a group
    • new Line2 Press and Line2 Long Press options
    • new Hide Unknown Artist option
      Unknown Artist is hidden from track labels in Poweramp UI as possible
    • new Animations option
      Navigation animations now can be faster or disabled
    • more features for this package in the next builds


What's New in Version 12/25/2023 05:55 PM


Build 981:

  • new Background Gradient, Background Gradient Color, Background Gradient For Lists options
  • menu shortcuts for the recently used Settings pages and Settings Shortcuts in Main Menu option
  • hex color support in color dialogs
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

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