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  1. @andrewilley is this something to do with my device or the app that I am using.
  2. ================== 03:08:39.640 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE ACTION_DOWN name=Virtual source=0x0 sources=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=69457518 flags=0x0 playerState=2 ================== 03:08:39.642 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE ACTION_UP name=Virtual source=0x0 sources=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=69457521 flags=0x0 playerState=2 ================== 03:09:47.353 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY ACTION_DOWN name=Virtual source=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=69525208 flags=0x540 playerState=1 ================== 03:09:47.353 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY ACTION_UP name=Virtual source=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=69525209 flags=0x540 playerState=1 @andrewilleyFinally I could reproduce and get the last command executed. Please check and let me know
  3. I have two issues: 1. Sometimes I see with Bluetooth or wired connect, Poweramp starts automatically. 2. There is a Zen mode in one plus(attached screenshot shot), after which it enables the Poweramp automatically and I can't even disable the music during that time.
  4. I am having the same problem with Zen mode in one plus 6T
  5. @maxmp This seems to be working. @andrewilley I was not using Hi-Res before. I like audio without Hi Res enabled. Anyway I am left with no choice instead of using it.
  6. @maxmp shared the video over email. Please check and let me know if you need more detail on that
  7. @maxmp okay I could able to capture video with issue. I will inbox you in 5min.
  8. @maxmp I am very well aware about beep which is not supposed to be part of that . I am sharing the audio info. This issue happens sometimes while listening songs also. But for lowering or increasing volume and notification, it happens all the times. I have been facing this problem for a long time. Please I need urgent help it is really spoiling my music experience.
  9. @andrewilley here you go again. Till one week it was smooth now after one I am landed in same problem again. Now with notification also I am having problems.
  10. You were absolutely right. Now I don't hear any duck while increasing or decreasing volume after resetting Amp. If I get any more issue, will update you the same .
  11. I changed buffer size but nothing changed. Also when I try to increase or decrease the volume I get the same problem.
  12. @Gautam Ram Mohan make sure battery optimization is disabled for this app. I am using one plus 6T and it seems to be working fine .
  13. @andrewilley it's actually kind of duck beep sound kind of. Difficult to explain.but I will try when this issue comes again.
  14. Not always but most of times I am hearing voice crackling (shutter sound) while listening music. FYI battery optimization is disabled for the app. Device: One Plus 6T OS: Oxygen 10.3.7 Android version: 10 Poweramp build:893 Please help.
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