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  1. Poweramp add-on for synced lyrics Guys, just use this plug-in for now. I installed it and it works fine with latest Poweramp.
  2. Thanks! But any update on this yet? Do either @maxmp or you have anything to say on this?
  3. AGC, yeah, I definitely want it.
  4. Oh hell yeah. I have been wanting this feature since I switched from jetAudio to Poweramp. Thanks for working on it.
  5. I have created this thread few weeks ago. I haven't recieved a reply yet. So I am guessing External API category is the wrong place. This is a feature request so I am dropping it here. (I don't know how to move a thread to another category) anyway this feature is much wanted,at least for me, AAudio has lower latency.
  6. Any reason Poweramp is not taking advantage of the new open source Oboe audio output for Android by Google? I looked at output settings but I only found OpenSL ES, AudioTrack, Hi-res output option. I could not find any option to switch to AAudio output. AAudio output API was developed for newer devices (Android 8+) some time ago and it improves the performance. They have also launched Oboe, an audio API for low latency output. > Oboe takes advantage of the improved performance and features of AAudio on Oreo MR1 (API 27+) whilst maintaining backward compatibility (using OpenSL ES) on API 16+. Quoted from https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2018/10/introducing-oboe-c-library-for-low.html
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