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  1. No, downloaded songs from YTM/Spotify and such official apps are stored in encrypted files in your device, so they can not be played on Poweramp. You could try downloading songs in a playable format (mp3, aac, ogg) using third party tools such as youtube-dl.
  2. TBH I would rather have a direct last.fm scrobbling feature. As in entering last.fm credentials in Poweramp and Poweramp sending track info to last.fm via API. It's how Freezer app does 🙄. Current toggles are not so much useful, they don't affect scrobbling so far I have observed.
  3. I know the codebase of PEQ and PA is shared but shouldn't "Poweramp" in labels be changed to "Poweramp Equalizer"? Just so it is consistent. And... just Poweramp here is kind of misleading because it changes the icon of Poweramp EQ not of "Poweramp" (the music player).
  4. The last time I checked, scrobbling via last.fm scrobbler apps (simple/official) works without having to enable either of these settings. The scrobbler apps just need notification access. So what does these toggles do exactly? Does enabling them send some kind of broadcast to these apps? Or something else?
  5. I thought it used the notification listener permission to detect play/pause status of players in some cases? Guess I was wrong.....
  6. Yeah, ES was my favorite. But now it's just an adware+spyware...... If you want an all in file manager, I would recommend MiXplorer. Personally I liked ES features and layout way too much, so it waa hard for me to find a decent file manager alternative. And oh MiXplorer can modify file permission flags (with root access of course) + multiple tabs. 💜
  7. Android TV lacks a few components. Such as notification listener permission for third party apps. That's why when you clicked on "Notification listener permission" on PEQ, you got the error toast message. You are not the only one, similar thing was reported at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49070886/notificationlistenerservice-in-androidtv . Other modified variants of Android, such as Android Go also lacks this permission. The only way to access notification would be to make it a system app I guess....
  8. There is this new post in the forum. https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/21027-Poweramp-v3-build-903/ I wanted to check it out but couldn't because I don't have the required permission. Is it intended? If yes, then is there a specific reason for this restriction? I was just curious to see the post.
  9. Yeah, if you sideload the Play Store distribution build without "purchasing it on Play Store", it's possible to make Play store automatically update PA. But you won't be able to install unlocker from Play Store unless you repurchase it from there.
  10. That is happening probably because your file manager doesn't have access to that folder....
  11. It would be nice if I could set a preamp value per output basis. My use case: Enabling float 32 DVC setting on Hi-res raises volume a bit. To keep it consistent with other apps, I would like to tone the preamp down.
  12. You could try AAudio output with 196kHz sample rate and float32 sample format.... Float32 sample format often results in 24bit output.
  13. Can you clarify what do you mean by that? Are you asking Poweramp to directly fetch and play tracks from Spotify/Tidal using API once you login? No idea what those players are...... But it's probably(?) against tos of Spotify to access songs outside of its official apps.
  14. I have no idea what's it's like in wear os but, in phone's Google assistant settings, there is an option to set a music provider. You can find it in Assistant Settings > Music. There is also an option to set default apps in system settings.
  15. Holy moly, you spoiled the surprise but now I will more eagerly be waiting!
  16. I think they are talking about a normalize volume feature.... Most online music streamer have this feature. It automatically lowers/increases volume of tracks so that all tracks have the same volume.
  17. Would be nice if there was a feature to export PAEQ presets to PA. I won't have to copy them manually. Or maybe a way to sync presets with the main app and vice versa. 😁
  18. Oh I was thinking if the processing engine can be fixed so it doesn't break..., if possible....
  19. Well, according to in-app changelog, it already is available on android 9+. I haven't seen it on my Oreo 8.1 tho, despite AAudio being available from API level 26.
  20. So is there a fix for me as a listener? It works with stock music player so I am guessing android media codec is capable of decoding it correctly. Downloaded file and I got it from my friend so I myself don't have an option to contact the original provider.....
  21. Let me know if you could reproduce it too. And oh, I am using a wired headset output
  22. None of that. Tried with DVC off, EQ off, every audio effect settings off. Weird thing is that it doesn't happen when I am playing on phone speaker, and it happens when I am playing the audio file with MX player. It could be related to ffmpeg, since both PA and MX player uses that.... I am sending you the file link via private message if you don't mind
  23. As the title says, when playing a particular file, in certain timestamp, I can hear a crack sound/audio artifact. It doesn't happen with other music files as far I am aware of. Also, I tried with stock and it works perfectly without any artifacts there. 😔
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