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  1. I triend to use it again and force it to work using different equalizer and player settings (hi res audio on or off, turn off 100 step volume control) but nothing works. I tried also to use any different eq from play store, and almost none of them is working (wavelet works only when i check "legacy mode"). Also, When I try to turn on visualizer - nothing happens, like this app is not "catching" audio stream (maybe it will help in solving my problem). Maybe someone knows why is this working like that? I use Xiaomi mi9t pro, MIUI12 EU ROM (not xiaomi.eu, just stock EU rom).
  2. On Xiaomi mi9t pro with bluetooth headset it does not change anything in sound, even when i use Poweramp to play music
  3. Yes! Album art problem fixed, for now, everything wokrs fine to me
  4. Android auto works Perfectly for nów, but not every track's album art is displayed on both modes (Android auto, and "normal" mode)
  5. After installing that, my Android auto shows "Android auto has stopped working" and I can't use Poweramp (xiaomi mi a1, Poweramp v793) Edit: 795 version does the same. Is there any chance to make it work on the newest versions? The temoprary solution to use Android auto with the newest Poweramp is app called "AnyAudioAuto" I found on XDA, but I think, using "native" Poweramp for Android auto would be the best option
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