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  1. @hrolf1713 yes. I have enabled backround option in the settings. And it's also possible to handle bottom bar color seperately. Check out some other Poweramp skins, they don't have this issue.. I'm waiting for dev to resolve this issue ⏳
  2. @hrolf1713 it clearly says "bottom bar" not Mini player.. Check the screenshot below.. Bottom bar should only be transparent in the main player screen.. The other theme automatically does that.
  3. Hii guys.. Can you please give us an option to hide album name in the now playing screen..
  4. Hi guys.. I'm a long time Poweramp user.. Can you guys add a home tab to Poweramp like Spotify which shows recently played tracks top artists and may be a welcome message with our name.. Almost every App nowadays has home tab in music players.. So it would be cool if you guys add this feature.. Thank you.. (sorry for my bad english) 😂
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