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  1. @Lara it's a 3rd party skin called "Liv Dark Poweramp V3 skin".
  2. @maxmp found new bug in build 991. Nothing appears after pressing 3 dots menu. Look at the screenshots.
  3. @xelaroc very true. There are some other local players which shows listening statistics For Example Black player shows top artists, top albums and most played tracks, but the reason I'm not using that App is nothing can come close to Poweramp's audio quality and buttery smooth UI. I hope that dev @maxmp will take this into consideration 🙏
  4. @xelaroc yes. This would be so cool. All my friends are sharing their top artists, top songs & top genre etc (From Spotify Wrapped) I'm a long time Poweramp user and since I don't like online streaming services I'm just sticking with the local music player. So I think if @maxmpcould implement this feature where it shows our top artists, top album, top genre and total hours or minutes we've listened to songs, that would be really awesome. 👍 below is a screenshot from Spotify 👇
  5. @somo please share the link to this theme 😍👌
  6. Hi. @maxmp I think it would be really cool if you could implement lyrics icon or tag in library lists. Lyrics icon will be really useful to know which song has embedded lyrics. I've included screenshot to show you what I mean. Basically what I'm asking for is a lyrics icon which shows whether the song has lyrics or not. Thank you.
  7. Thank you soo much 😍 ❤❤❤❤ @maxmp
  8. Please give us option to disable album name in now playing screen. At first I thought skin devs would be able to do this. But one of the skin dev replied that it's not possible for the skin devs to do. So I think Max could do something about this. Thank you. @maxmp
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