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  1. I have a similar device. Everything works great.
  2. Now I can say that this is a great job. It seems that we have RC. @maxmp, you are worthy of praise.
  3. Support for hi-res is. Correct definition of outputs. The problem is with the dedicated DACs
  4. 792/3 supports the current API from 9.0
  5. Not bad, that's just the problem. All the laws of material design are thrown into the furnace. It turns out peshanina. You have a beautiful, but extremely non-informative and not intuitive interface. For some other OS, this is an excellent option, but again the idea requires a lot of improvements, since if you really find fault with the visual in your player, and do not listen to music, then you have a lot of mistakes. Remember one truth - Man is essentially an idiot. He needs to show everything on his fingers. Then he does not understand anything. Concept for the knowledgeable geeks.
  6. It looks very strange and large. My logic tells me that the problem is in dpi
  7. It feels like you do not have a native dpi
  8. Yes, it does not work out. Only if the modders do not come up with other skins.
  9. Do you listen to music, or all the time in the phone sticking, admiring the interface of the player? If so, then so strange.
  10. Bug in animation. Pay attention to the shadow. https://youtu.be/S9y2FZYS36k
  11. About him and I say. OpenSL HD is renamed to OpenSL Hi-res. In 790 there was no definition of outputs, so the full list was displayed even if there is no support. In 793 this is fixed, because we see it only on BT
  12. The problem lies in the fact that on our devices the pixel 2 / xl 2 is focused on the wireless sound. HI-RES output is not available for a wired headset.
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