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  1. Thanks people for the commands for windows. Checked pixel 2. The output of hi-res is.
  2. antonridd


    If anyone has not understood during these 2 years - there are no deadlines. The only sure one is when it is ready.
  3. That's what it's about. Maybe I'm finding fault easy, or it seems to me, but like on the visual track of the schedule the steam engine is ahead.
  4. Just now noticed that visualizing the track is not synchronous with the song. In the evening I will make a video that would be visually show.
  5. Looks good. And glad that, contrary to the annual silence, Max still listens to its users.
  6. About what this is a possible date and no one guarantees, again all ignored?
  7. Name at least one thing that patience helped. It's more like the will of the case and come what may.
  8. @maxmp, Did you manage to test hi-res on google pixel 2? If not, what program can do this? Tell me please.
  9. @maxmp, Small request. If there is time. Give it to the moderators of the 4da, for the branch of the player is closed before your arrival on the forum. (https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=194117)