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  1. @maxmp after the update, it became impossible to enable notifications. Rebooting and reinstalling from scratch did not give any result. And the equalizer also reacts only to Yandex music, ignoring all other players. Rolled back to 960 build and everything started working
  2. @Loweaul I found a solution to the problem (at least on pixel 6a). The items in the settings of the locked screen are "Show covers on the locked screen" and "always send covers to the device". Try it, maybe it will solve your problem.
  3. @Loweaul I have it going as follows. I connect BT and switch tracks on the locked screen. The covers fly off on a regular basis like this.
  4. For me, it also takes several builds in a row. Yesterday, after the security update, it began to work normally for a while, but when I turned it on today, I saw that the covers were not displayed again. Although other applications (the same Yandex Music), displays the cover in the media player without problems.
  5. @maxmp Maxim, good afternoon, the last problem was solved by itself. But there is a new one. After switching to Pixel 6a, I noticed a problem. When BT headset is connect and flip through tracks from it, the covers from the media player disappear in the notification. Build 958 from Rustore. Pixel 6a, android 13 full stock, the firmware is last.
  6. @maxmp On the last build, the display of the button theme on the widget broke. Pixel 6a, android 13
  7. I have a similar device. Everything works great.
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