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  1. Interesting. Sounds like all he needs to do is put it in the UI. Max!!!
  2. @andrewilleyI think your approach would be pretty much correct. I still want to stress the album artist splitting to work the way I mentioned before, just because I really want to be able to tag songs with multiple albums and/or compilations. Other than that I don't see anything else to say except to give Max a ping. @maxmp
  3. Considering such a checkbox already exists for the Artist image, I don't see why it can't work the same way for albums.
  4. All this confusion is precisely why I made this simple explanation...
  5. I do think this is getting a bit overcomplicated. Just split the artist like Genres are already. For album artists, maybe something else needs to be done, but I don't think it is in the same realm as splitting artists. For album artists I suppose they should just stay together unless there are multiple album tags, in which case I would personally see it best to have them progress in order. For example if you have a song on a collection as well as an album, you could put the album as "album; collection" and the album artist as "artist; various artists" and Poweramp would see that they
  6. I have songs which have their own individual track art, as well as different art for the whole album. When I change the album cover image, I don't want all the tracks to lose their unique art (unless they don't have art tagged), instead I want the album art to be shown in the album view, but the track art shown on the individual tracks. Why can't Poweramp keep these separate? I didn't even realize this was an issue until recently, because it works fine until you try to change one of the song's album art, then suddenly they all change for no reason.
  7. It's so that you can have an album by various artists for example, but still have the proper artist tag when looking at the individual song.
  8. Yes for normal artists, but I mean for album artist. I would want to be able to tag a song that's on two albums by two different artist.
  9. How will splitting the album artist work, will it go in order? For example if you have two album tags and two album artist, the first corresponds to the first, and the second to the second?
  10. Yeah, that's the point - I don't want it to be global. I want it to be selectable per artwork image, so that I can hide it on images that already show that info, but show it on images that don't.
  11. Just some input, could we have the option to use "/" as a separator if it does get implemented? I personally do not have any artists in my library at all with "/" in their names, and I use "/" as my separator everywhere else, so I want them to be the same for the sake of consistency. Even if this is not enabled by default, it would be very nice to have it enableable using a toggle switch in Settings.
  12. +1, I believe the reason this is not implemented currently is because playlists are not constantly sorted. However, frankly, the option should be there for them to be constantly sorted, and therefore able to have an A-Z bar.
  13. Basically all I'm asking for is a little checkbox in the album art picker window, signifying that this art already shows the name and artist of that particular song, and therefore hide the overlay completely. No need for the redundant information. I could also see this go a little bit farther, allowing to only hide the artist, title, or album name individually, as some artwork only shows one or the other. It also can cover a case where the artwork is for the whole album, and not for the single song, where you could hide the artist and album and only show the title.
  14. Can't help but agree with that. The more options, the merrier if you ask me.
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