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  1. superluig164

    Tracks Played/Total Tracks Selected

    I think it's there if you turn off the "pro" controls, but I agree that it should not depend on that setting.
  2. superluig164

    Seeking issues

    For me, the song will advance when the bar gets to the end. This also doesn't happen for every song, it happens seemingly randomly.
  3. superluig164

    Seeking issues

    It's even visible in your screenshot as I said before - notice how the bars are completely flat. If you seek past the "flat part", the song will seek normally, but then it ends early, correct?
  4. superluig164

    Headers in list views

    For example, if sorting by Artist, the artist name would be shown as a thin header, followed by the songs that come at that point in the list. Also include a toggle switch for people who don't like them.
  5. If I close PA and clear it out of recent apps, the list will forget about the sorting option I've chosen. Haven't tested other lists but they likely also do.
  6. superluig164

    Poweramp beta build-792

    I GOT the UPDATE ugggghhhhh it's so SEXY
  7. Much like the notification, it would be cool for the whole UI to be coloured based on the album art colours. This may warrant a new built in theme. I think those colours used in the notification should also be made available to skin devs, so they can colour UI elements based on album art as well.
  8. In this mode, perhaps the album art only could fade out in favour of the visualizer, the rest stays on top.
  9. Title. Allow us to modify the thickness of the bars, perhaps even allowing for it to be a direct waveform rather than a series of bars, if desired.
  10. Title. When you scroll down, the little bar goes away, but when you stop scrolling the bar should pop back up.
  11. superluig164

    Seeking issues

    I have been experiencing a strange issue with seeking. Sometimes, randomly, if I try to seek through a song, there is a long portion of the beginning of the song that, if seeked to, will just start the audio from the beginning, but Poweramp thinks I've seeked forward. The song will play from that point until the seek bar reaches the end, at which point it will advance, even if the song isn't over yet. This has been happening since the first update to v3 beta from the Play Store. It's more easily visualized since the redesign, as the bars that represent sound levels are completely flat until the point where I would be able to seek through the song. However, the problem still persists. If my explanation sucks, please ask questions, I will answer them as best as I can.
  12. superluig164

    Poweramp beta build-792

    @maxmp oh my god I can't wait to get the update!!! I'm drooling so hard.
  13. superluig164

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Is this live on the Play Store beta channel?