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  1. superluig164

    No longer able to see or choose music folders for library

    @maxmp He just mentioned he is using the Play Store and not any 3rd party APKs
  2. superluig164

    Additive EQ presets per song

    I suppose it wouldn't go past the maximum amount possible in the EQ settings. Perhaps it could also be an advanced option so that it isn't enabled by default, to discourage people who don't know what it is or how it works from misusing it.
  3. Fingers crossed, Andre. 🤞
  4. superluig164

    Additive EQ presets per song

    I like this. +1.
  5. superluig164

    Tasker Integration?

    @maxmp I know this is an old thread, but I'm bumping it anyway because this is still a valid feature request.
  6. @maxmp Bumping this thread.
  7. superluig164

    Automatically colour UI elements based on the album art

    @maxmp Bumping this thread.
  8. @maxmp Bumping this thread, as nobody seems to have seen it since this fateful reply from @andrewilley.
  9. superluig164

    Additive EQ presets per song

    @maxmp Bumping this thread.
  10. superluig164

    Sleep timer button is inconsistent with the other 3

    Bumping this post, since nobody seems to have seen it.
  11. superluig164

    Bad volume behavior when using Samsung's seperate audio feature

    @maxmp Bumping this thread, since nobody seems to have seen it.
  12. superluig164

    Poweramp doesn't recognize sd card on a Chromebook

    It also looks like he is running v2 because there is no Intel build of v3, could we perhaps get an Intel build, even if it is buggy?
  13. superluig164

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    Technically 15, since Android's volume control has 15 steps! (Unless your manufacturer has more steps, in which case 11 is way too low) XD
  14. Samsung has a feature allowing you to send one app's audio to a different audio device than the rest of the system. Poweramp works great with this except that it follows both media volume controls, forcing me to either make my phone volume and speaker volume match, or blasting the speaker for a moment to turn up my phone, then turning it back down for Poweramp to follow the most recently changed. Can you make it follow the correct volume?