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  1. Currently, we can only change the duration. However, on players like rockbox for example, it's possible to change the fade in/fade out/delay durations individually. Could we get that in Poweramp?
  2. Perhaps an option to add it after the artist label, like: Artist - Meta
  3. My request is to be able to show the same metadata that shows at the bottom of the screen normally (quality, next track, etc) somewhere in the notification. I was thinking somewhere here (see image) but anywhere really is fine. I think it would also be beneficial to allow us to swap the artist, album, genre, etc fields with the metadata, for car Bluetooth stereos or something. Even if the swapping is not added, I'd still like to see some way to put this metadata in the notification. Thank you
  4. I swear to God android is regressing.
  5. How about, once the screen stops scrolling, all the elements currently on the screen will scroll their titles (if necessary) otherwise, while scrolling, they will just show the beginning of their titles?
  6. May I suggest that we be able to choose the light/dark theme, so that if we want to use a different theme than default, we can
  7. What about +5/-5 buttons or perhaps long-press on the action buttons? (I'm not sure if it's possible, but if so?)
  8. I like this, this is pretty good, but I think it might be unclear that users are supposed to tap the button. That's the reason why I suggested what I did. However, with proper design cues, this could work well.
  9. This can easily be solved by adding a small folder icon next to the letters on top of the list, then just have letters afterwards. e.g... Looking at the edge of the screen where the A-Z would normally be, there would be a small folder icon at the top, then the normal A-Z list. When using the scrollbar, the letters would appear as usual, but a small folder icon would appear next to those letters that correspond to folders i.e. the ones on top.
  10. Mp3Tag. Also, Andre, I don't have that image in my library anymore, but I did way back on my Galaxy Note 3 and it worked fine.
  11. I've had 10,000x10,000 images show fine in Poweramp before, so it's definitely not a Poweramp problem
  12. This is off topic, but this is a quite humourous start to a post.
  13. I feel this too. It really sucks. I hope either Google sees the light and fixes it, or something else comes about with the original Android vision that I can switch to.
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