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  1. superluig164

    Volume returns back to 0 when on Bluetooth

    I have noticed it right after Bluetooth connectivity but it also happens right after connecting wired headphones and sometimes randomly.
  2. superluig164

    Volume returns back to 0 when on Bluetooth

    You say this, but I regularly see Poweramp volume at zero but media volume 100% (where it should be).
  3. superluig164

    Volume returns back to 0 when on Bluetooth

    I'm on Samsung Pie and I don't have any audio issues but the volume visually drops to zero sometimes. Could the issues be related?
  4. superluig164

    nomedia files not taken into account

    Maybe it would be useful for some more advanced users. I don't think it'd be hard to implement and it wouldn't be easy to do by accident, so it could just kind of be there as a feature that may not be beneficial to a lot of people but the 1% that need it would be just a bit happier.
  5. superluig164

    nomedia files not taken into account

    Perhaps Max could add a .nopamp file, so that maybe if you want to exclude things from the library that way, you can, without digging in the menus?
  6. superluig164

    Bluetooth Controls Won't Work to Resume Song

    I agree that this is a good solution. While from a programming standpoint it may seem stupid to implement blatantly wrong functionality, it's inevitable that some devices out there (for some reason especially cars with early Bluetooth systems) that just don't say what they mean to say and assume that your phone will accommodate. Nobody can update those devices to be right, so instead it can be easier to just update your phone instead. Perhaps Max can implement this per-device, so only devices that are weird need to be switched to the "wrong" scheme so that if the user also has devices that are correct, they won't be affected.
  7. superluig164

    Explicit tags / symbol / sign

    Okay, that's true. Perhaps just a Poweramp-only tag would suffice for now?
  8. superluig164

    Explicit tags / symbol / sign

    How about just a word list in settings to scan for in the lyrics, and if it is there, mark the song?
  9. Title. Coupled with "always keep notification" it could make it a bit less intrusive. Perhaps also add the ability to lower the priority when paused, so it becomes a "mini" notification on the bottom, at least in Nougat and above.
  10. All the other 3 buttons are toggles when tapped once, and open the menu when held. The sleep timer button should be consistent with the rest and do the same, toggling on/off when tapped and configured when held.
  11. superluig164

    Additive EQ presets per song

    My request is this: for per-song (or perhaps per-album or whatever) EQ presets, there should be an option to make them additive. This way, if you have a per-device preset already assigned to a device to make it sound the way you like, and a song that sounds weird and needs some EQ, they can be added together at the end to get the best of both worlds instead of having to choose between, say, having the sound all out of wack on your speakers because the songs EQ is strange, or having the song be all out of wack on every device.
  12. superluig164

    x86 build of v3?

    Welp, just realized I don't have access to developer mode on my Chromebook and I need that to sideload apps. Anyway, perhaps it just needs to be marked as compatible or something? I am fairly certain that this emulation is available on Chromebooks just as it is on phones... When I install from the Play Store it installs and runs fine but it's like, v2.0.
  13. superluig164

    x86 build of v3?

    I get 2.0 from the play store, have yet to try downloading it from the website, but I'll try that now. I'll quote you.
  14. superluig164

    x86 build of v3?

    Ok, but Chromebooks? Are we just going to forget about them? The website version still won't work on my Chromebook if there isn't going to be an Intel build...
  15. superluig164

    x86 build of v3?

    I feel a little singled out, I'm using a Chromebook but despite my beta tester status it still downloads good ol' 2.0 from the Play Store.