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  1. #2 - Disabling DVC helped, yea, thanks. Hope DVC can be fixed. P.S. my friend noticed, that bug #2 appears with tracks switching only when the screen is on (not appears eg when switching tracks with buttons on headset with screen turned off).
  2. Доброго дня, Макс! 1) Есть некоторый баг, проявляющийся при включенном компрессоре. Когда звук в приложении ставится на паузу/останавливается, появляется дребезжаще-пищащий звук повторяющийся по темпу и увеличивающийся по громкости. Доходя до максимальной громкости, звук обрывается. Чем-то похоже на прерывистую возрастающую петлю (аля микрофон рядом с динамиком воспроизводящим звук с этого микрофона). SG N10+ Exynos (сток, Android 11, OneUI 3.1, от мая 2021) Точно проявляется при выводе со встроенного динамика и через Bluetooth. 2) Также, обнаружил на другом устройстве баг PA EQ с Deezer-ом. SGS 8+, Exynos (сток, Android 9, OneUI 1.0, от апреля 2021). Периодически, при переключении треков, трек _вроде бы_ воспроизводится, но звука на Bluetooth наушники не выводится. Если поперематывать, то в момент перемотки, звук на доли секунды появляется. Приостановка трека и последующий запуск помогают. Переход на следующий/предыдущий треки помогает (звук возобновляется). Опции устранения проблем для приложения в PA EQ не помогают. Могу записать на видео, как это выглядит, если необходимо. upd. Баг не только с BT гарнитурой, с проводом и встроенным динамиком проблема та же. Простое выключение эквалайзера, в самом PA EQ не помогает. Помогает только отключение захвата приложения Deezer в настройках PA EQ. Hello, Max! 1) There's a bug, that's showing itself when compressor's on. When the sound in apps stopped/paused, appears an audio artifact, sounding like a sound loop, which cuts itself on max volume. 2) Also found a bug in PA EQ with Deezer on SGS 8, Exynos. Spontaneously, when switching tracks, some of them deny to outputting audio. In PA EQ audio visualizer at these moments show nothing. Compatibility options in PA EQ on Deezer app settings doesn't gave any result.
  3. I had tried the same. It also requires for you to enable MusicFX on volume/tempo/balance tab in PA Player. And thanks, I get now how to using PA Eq's compressor in PA Player. I hope - the solution 'll be temporal.
  4. Android's 11 OneUI doesn't allow me to get into that folder directly from phone. But from PC - it allows. That is what I mean
  5. Thanks for your answer! ^^ Oh, if there's so nice oportunity I didn't found Envelope/Cascade switcher in Player. Aaand, are you planing to add Poweramp Equalizer Compressor into the Player app? Deezer is beatifull with Equalizer app (and it's Compressor in particular), but not all recordings can be found in apps like this. There's a lot of what can be played locally only. P.S. It seems, that there's left an oportunity for adding 3rd prty milk presets on Android 10+ (SG Note 10+, Android 11). From PC, the necessary directories are visible. Is this info needs to be added into a 3-rd party pressets settings section?
  6. Oh, just in time ^^ Max, there's an artifact or a bug at Resampler's settings page. The "Resampler Cutoff Frequency Ratio" regulator has a constant "0.0" below it. Or is it a dummy for some future feature?
  7. Correct. Hmm, probably, I needed to name this topic aka "To port compressor features from EQ to Player"?
  8. Actually no, what I mean is to add only a RG preamp "encoders/valcoders" like a volume, balance, tempo, etc. have. Pretty similar feature presents in Poweramp EQ, in compressor settings. Speaking of... wouldn't the Poweramp Equalizer's compressor looking incredibly good in Poweramp Player?
  9. That's the point. Not all "properly encoded" music using by the most of users. What you mean is how it should be, in this - we'll agree, but this is not what we really have now. Most of music isn't "properly encoded". And in this, I'm pretty sure, most of users would agreed with me.
  10. Hello, Max! What do you think about add "Replay gain preamp values to the effects page (where the stereo expand, balance, tempo, volume settings? That can make access to RG easier, for example when there's a several albums requiring different RG preamp values. I know, that there's an EQ preamp slider on EQ page, but RG preamp works different.
  11. Aaaahm. This apps is completely different in their purposes. Poweramp Equalizer offers to use it with apps that can use it (sry for quibble) (eg Spotify, Deezer, possible YouTube), to modificating with equalizer their (apps) output sound. Poweramp Player - is a player with equalizer. It can't modificate the sound of other apps. You can test them, they both have a trial period.
  12. Thanks, got it, what about peak I mean
  13. Awesome! Maxim, have a nice day! Just now I noticed: when you press the button to select the visualization display, the tooltip does not allow you to immediately switch to another mode, overlapping the button. To hit the button is surprisingly problematic, as if the interaction area of the hint is larger than itself. Note 10+ if that changes anything. By the way, is peak display enabled by default?
  14. Errrr... Is it somehow possible in some incredulously way for it? SG S7 Flat Максим, я слегка в растерянности. На портированной OneUI 2.1 Q ROM, помнится тоже были эти режимы доступны, но тогда, при попытке их использовать, появлялся ужасный треск вместо звука. Здесь же - позволяет в Samsung UHQA включить 44/48/96 (16bit) и 352/384 (32bit). UHQA доступен только с отключенным DVC на упомянутых режимах (иначе отбрасывает на OpenSL). Можешь объяснить - это баг или я узнаю что-то новое для себя о S7? P.S. В идеале - хотелось бы включить 192/24 (с которого отбрасывает на OpenSL), но я (полагаю что) понимаю, что тут проблема в работе прошивки, а не Poweramp.
  15. Oh my gosh. We finally got it! Already start testing new equalizer in Poweramp player (not just functional, I waited long for opportunity to raise also 20khz, but with that, the new equalizer is _looking_ even better then "old". Also, I granted permission to change tracks by volume buttons (in Poweramp player). Extraordinary convenient! I don't see any bugs (for now). Thanks a lot! Also I'm wait for opportunity to buy Poweramp Equalizer (for Spotify) - great work deserves money.
  16. 'll wait for it, root and terminal I already have
  17. Enabling screen spectrum via notification on app's main screen was not worked for me, but it turned on when I enabled it from settings with already playing Spotify. And have I got it correctly, that it'll not able to proxy Poweramp player, cause player will get most functionality of it for it's own in feature releases? P.S. thanks of course, I can't wait for opportunity to buy it.
  18. @maxmp I've tried "Increase Resolution" option. It looks good. Didn't notice noticeble increasing of RAM usage. But some old, low-res albom covers get more... I thiink... quality? I'll leave this option on, and tell you, if it'll break something. Спасибо, Макс, и доброй ночи! :) P.S. tried on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Exynos), Android 10, OneUI 2
  19. It always will resets itself to SBC, if you're not playing music in the moment, and your connected device doesn't support the codec you've selected. When I've tested this on different devices - results was the same. I think - that is what you faced with. I just noticed, that my answer is similar to MaxMP's answer.
  20. Woohoo! Yu did it! I have gone to test. P.S. Did you add network playback support ?! On S7 flat, (ported 9.0 pie), I checked out the alternative font, it's cool, and I don’t seen “moved out text”. P.P.S. M3U and PLS with internet-radio com has not yet been able to play in Poweramp.
  21. The bug has become a feature: D But the feature is really cool! On a dark theme and spectrum-centered-wide, like, the playlist looks fine.
  22. Макс, думал тоже, что единичный случай с этим багом у меня, а тоже воспроизвёл: на экране воспроизведения кликом по названию трека (середина экрана, слева), переход же в список жестом работает без бага. S7 Exynos, NFE Pie port. Но, полагаю, что устройство здесь неважно. И да, баг нравится, и лично я за его перевод в фичу P.S. Является ли отображение уровней в эквалайзере заготовкой под параметрический эквалайзер? XD
  23. Приветствую, Максим! При попытке обновить библиотеку (на этой версии) он теряет её всю (показывает кол-во треков 0), пока не перезагружу девайс. S7 Pie (Note FE port Team ExyKings последний) - знаю, что кастомы не котируются обычно, но вдруг ещё у кого на стоке повторится репорт.
  24. Макс, спасибо! Получил это же разрешение с рут доступом в локальном терминале. Соответственно без приставки adb shell Guys, who wants to get Poweramp permission to work with long volume keypresses (switch tracks), and have root on device, may do this with local terminal app, where type su pm grant com.maxmpz.audioplayer android.permission.SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER That's worked, on my S7 (Oficial Note FE Android 9 Pie based).
  25. Hello! Probably there you could find resolution of the problem.
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