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  1. andrewilley's post in Hi res output and volume over 100% was marked as the answer   
    I'm pretty sure the Equalizer can only modify audio that's created through the regular Android audio channels, which I'm guessing would preclude most high-res implementations.
    And you could push the preamp level higher if you want, but all you'd be doing is adding clipping distortion. Gain matching systems tend to REDUCE gain to allow processing headroom, not increase it. Just because you can wind a knob up to 11 doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea.
  2. andrewilley's post in Playlist Tags feature was marked as the answer   
    This is an existing Feature Request, I assume this is what you are asking for in the Info/Tags display:
  3. andrewilley's post in Frustrated was marked as the answer   
    If you have 100 different 'Album Artists', then you have (by definition) 100 different albums - that's what the tag is for, to attribute an overall artist name for the whole album.
    For a number of songs by different artists to be considered as being part of the same overall album (e.g. a soundtrack collection) they must have matching Album Title and Album Artist tags - often the Album Artist tag would be "Various Artists" for collections. The Track Title and Track Artist tags can be anything you like though, as those may vary song by song.
  4. andrewilley's post in Is There Any Program That Can Go Through My Music Library & Automatically Tag The Album Artist Category? was marked as the answer   
    Ironically, the post right before yours discusses this process in detail:
  5. andrewilley's post in Hide file format? was marked as the answer   
    Track numbers are not part of Title tags, but you can prefix them in lists and on the player screen using Settings > Library > Lists > Show Track Number. There are several options, including just putting the number before the Title words.
    Settings are retained when you exit the app anyway, but creating a separate backup file copy is a manual process.
  6. andrewilley's post in Id3 tag, comment field was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you can put anything you like in there, it's ignored by players. I've seen some songs that have things like their Chart history listed for example, or just personal notes about the song.
  7. andrewilley's post in Playlist with song in new location was marked as the answer   
    Yes, that would work. Exporting all of your playlists to files, then editing those files as text, will work fine. You don't need to manually 'import' them again afterwards by the way, just make sure the new files are placed in a folder location that PA has been permitted to scan for music, and it will find them on the next rescan.
    Poweramp's directory name matching for finding files does not work quite as you'd expect though - it doesn't need to be an absolute path, or even fully relative. And the song must exist in the scanned Music Library, PA won't look elsewhere to find additional files even if a playlist asks it to. So make sure all of your songs are in the Library first - adding any new folders as required using PA Settings > Library > Music Folders.
    For a long time it was an issue when moving playlists from one device to another that the root section of the same path descriptor would not resolve correctly on multiple devices - e.g. the Windows path might be C:\Users\<username>\Music\Artist\Album\songname.mp3, while the same file on an Android SD Card might be ABCD-1234/MusicFolder/Artist/Album/songname.mp3 . To make such transpositions as seamless as possible for users, PA now only attempts to match two things to allow a song to be displayed in a Playlist - the filename and the first level of containing folder. So in the above case, first the difference between "/" or "\" is ignored, and then a match would be made with any file called songname.mp3 that is contained in a folder called Album. The rest of the path will be ignored.
    So even if you move stuff around on your SD Card, as long as the filename remains exactly the same, and it is still inside a folder with the same name, it doesn't matter how else you adjust your folder structure. A Full Rescan (or Rescan/Resolve Playlists within the Playlists menu) should find the newly relocated song files.
  8. andrewilley's post in How can I change the grid view of the track to normal view? was marked as the answer   
    Just pinch to zoom (two fingers reduce or expand movement), there are about 10 views to choose from. Each category and songs list has its own style so you can adjust them independently. Also try three-dots-menu > List Options for even more choices and sorting modes.
  9. andrewilley's post in Completely remove album art was marked as the answer   
    This would be a skin function, and it is possible if a skin author wants to support it. (e.g. it's available in $YAPS$ for example).
  10. andrewilley's post in Playlist Format was marked as the answer   
    When you exported your original playlists, you changed them from internal Poweramp database lists into physical .M3U8 backup files that can be copied and used on another device. That's why you now see the full filename (including its extender) when you transfer them to a new device.
    If the original playlist names happened to include any special characters that aren't allowed within regular filenames on Android storage, those characters would have been stripped out to create valid filenames.
    If you want to convert these file-based playlists back to internal Poweramp lists (which have more naming flexibility) just long-press on any playlist title and tap '+ Playlist'. On the next screen, tap '+ Add New' and choose a suitable name for your new list, and all of the contents from the file-based list will be copied to a newly created internal playlist. Repeat for the rest of your playlists, and then you can remove the .M3U8 files from storage - or just move them to somewhere Poweramp can't scan.
  11. andrewilley's post in How relevant is PA's sound quality? was marked as the answer   
    The path stays digital right until it gets to the point where the output device needs to create actual waveforms to be amplified and sent to your ears. There is no analogue audio processing technology in a phone until it hits the phone's DAC for the audio amp output stage (for the internal speaker or wired headphones).
    So for Bluetooth, the original compressed audio file is converted to an uncompressed digital audio stream, and then any required manipulation (EQ, gain, frequency, etc) is done purely in the digital domain. That data is then passed via the Bluetooth transmitter using its own digital transmission format (which may well be lossy in itself, and potentially require other sampling rate and bit depth changes) and only finally ever converted back to an analogue signal inside the headphones to create the sound waves that your ears hear.  
  12. andrewilley's post in When I select an album by "Artist" Poweramp displays every song instead of just the album. was marked as the answer   
    Personally, I would suggest a purer tag editor such as TagScanner or MP3Tag on a PC. MusicBrainz does have a habit of trying to do things its own way.
    To group multiple tracks into one album, the important tags which need to be the same between each of the songs are Album (i.e. the album title, tag TALB or ALBUM) and Album Artist (tag TPE2 or ALBUMARTIST). The other artist-related tags can vary track by track as you wish, and 'Contributing Artist' is not an official MP3 ID3 tag anyway so won't matter.
  13. andrewilley's post in Profiles based on BT device was marked as the answer   
    In the EQ screen, tap the 'Save' button, give the preset a name, and tick the specific connected Bluetooth device which you want these settings to be auto-applied to. Don't tick the overall 'Bluetooth' box too, as that would apply the preset to all Bluetooth devices rather than just the one you want to select. Tap 'Add' to complete the action.
  14. andrewilley's post in Can you disable "All Genre Songs"? was marked as the answer   
    No, you can't disable it. Otherwise there would be no way to see or play (for example) all of your 'Country' music without the songs first being broken down by albums. The 'Shuffle' icon at the top of each main Genre category list first shuffles the albums and then plays the songs within them, which is not the same as tapping 'All Genre Songs' and then shuffling the whole list. The same methodology apples to most categories (Artists, Years, Composers, etc) to allow you to access the whole body of work rather than only seeing the songs album-by-album.
  15. andrewilley's post in Deleting straight from searched playlist was marked as the answer   
    Not easily in Poweramp, no.
    While you can use the Search icon at the top of a Playlist to find the entries, if you select any songs from the results list, the Delete option only offers the normal File Delete functionality, not the facility to remove a song from the playlist. I agree that if the search results all come from a single playlist then it would make sense for Poweramp to show the 'Remove from Playlist, or Delete File' prompt.
    You ought to be able to do this more easily using the third-party app 'New Playlist Manager' though.
  16. andrewilley's post in File order jumbled was marked as the answer   
    Of course a better long-term solution would be to properly tag all your audio files with embedded metadata rather than relying on displaying filenames, but that's a much longer process.
  17. andrewilley's post in Do I need a new license for a new device? was marked as the answer   
    As long as you use the same Google account on all of your devices, a Play Store purchase is valid for all of them.
    Website purchases are only valid for one device at a time though.
  18. andrewilley's post in Shuffle is not random was marked as the answer   
    You don't have Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle enabled by any chance do you?
    You say this only affects Playlists, how are you starting shuffled playback? Tapping a song title or using the Shuffle icon at the top of the list? Or are you using the Playlist tree-dots menu > Re-Sort feature?
  19. andrewilley's post in Delete record vs delete song was marked as the answer   
    Sure, just go into the folder that you want to play and tap the 'Play' icon at the top of the song list. That will start the folder playing from the first song.
    What happens at the end of the folder depends on how you have set the 'Repeat' icon in the player screen. If you have it set to 'Off', playback will simply stop at the end of the current folder. If you have it set to 'Advance Category' then playback will continue on to the next folder, and so on through your whole library if you let it. 'Repeat Category' will restart the current folder from the beginning again, indefinitely. 
  20. andrewilley's post in Rearrange and merge the artist tag was marked as the answer   
    That feature has been available since Poweramp build 899. It's in Settings > Library > Scanner. You can independently specify what separators to use (e.g. ";"  "/" ) for the Genres, Artists / Album Artists, and Composers categories. You can also hard-code specific artist names (e.g. "AC/DC" and "Earth, Wind & Fire") so they don't get split by accident.
    My own Artist separators list currently includes " feat.  ft.  w/  ;  //  /  \\  (  ) ". I would suggest editing your files to use semicolons rather than commas as separators though, as there are quite a lot of genuine artist/band names that include commas and your defined Unsplit list could get quite large. Same goes with ampersand.
  21. andrewilley's post in Separate albums with the same name and artist was marked as the answer   
    You would need to adjust the tags, as you mentioned. As long as a set of songs has exactly matching Album Title and Album Artist tags, they will always be considered to be part of the same album as far as library lists are concerned. That is the whole point of the Album Artist tag. I would suggest making minor changes to the Album Title tags for each album's songs to separate them, if for no other reason than actually knowing what you are listening to. e.g:
        Peter Gabriel [1977]
        Peter Gabriel [1978]
        Peter Gabriel [1980]
        Peter Gabriel [1982]
    or, perhaps better still, use the generally accepted subtitles for his albums:
        Peter Gabriel 1: Car
        Peter Gabriel 2: Scratch
        Peter Gabriel 3: Melt
        Peter Gabriel 4: Security
  22. andrewilley's post in Poweramp Causes Android Auto to Cycle Bluetooth Connection was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like the same issue as: 
    Have a look in that thread and see if anything in there helps (especially the last comment from @maxmp).
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