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  1. After that update, and on the previous versions (since 918 I think) the app crashes randomly. Since 921 it crashes more often than on previous builds. It usualy crashes on second track I played in music playback session. For example - I use bt headset, it connects to the phone, and PA starts playing music, and on the beginning of the second track, PA just closes. I have to restart it manually form the app drawer, and then it plays music normally without any crash. It always works like this scenario. I use Xiaomi mi 9T Pro with miui 12.5 based on android 11
  2. I installed 914 from the first post (newest on Google Play is 912) and everything is now ok, thanks!
  3. I am using version 912 now, and I have problem with randomly skipping tracks when I use android auto mode. When playing one song is finished, it skips a few next songs instead playing next one in a folder. When I want to manually choose the song that should be played (using android auto interface) it skips it, but when I choose this song on the phone, it plays it normally. I don't know that is powerapm or android auto issue, but on previous build I had installed, it was everything ok. I am using xiaomi mi9t pro, with stock EEA rom
  4. I triend to use it again and force it to work using different equalizer and player settings (hi res audio on or off, turn off 100 step volume control) but nothing works. I tried also to use any different eq from play store, and almost none of them is working (wavelet works only when i check "legacy mode"). Also, When I try to turn on visualizer - nothing happens, like this app is not "catching" audio stream (maybe it will help in solving my problem). Maybe someone knows why is this working like that? I use Xiaomi mi9t pro, MIUI12 EU ROM (not xiaomi.eu, just stock EU rom).
  5. On Xiaomi mi9t pro with bluetooth headset it does not change anything in sound, even when i use Poweramp to play music
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