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Poweramp builds 978-981


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Builds 978-981:

  • support for MOD, IT, S3M, XM, MPTM tracker formats via libopenmpt
    • lyrics UI shows track comments/samples message
    • new Tracker Decoder Extra Gain and Tracker Decoder Stereo Separation options
  • support for xHE-AAC format via device codecs
    Works for local files only. Supported on the devices which already have this codec included
  • support for the predictive back animation on Android 14
  • new Reset Stats option
    Also per-track reset button is available now in Info/Tags dialog
  • changes to Full Cover, Centered skin options
    More room for labels
  • new Visualizations/Ignore Touch option
  • new Background Gradient, Background Gradient Color, Background Gradient For Lists options
  • new option in header menu/Add to Launcher for all categories
    Adds shortcut to launcher home screen with Play the list/Open the list/Shuffle options
  • new Ignore Bluetooth Commands option
    Helps ignoring unwanted commands from headunits/BT devices immediately after a connection
  • new Ignore Repeat/Shuffle option
    Disables processing for BT Repeat/Shuffle commands
  • Queue is now reloaded immediately for Always Clear On Add + Start Playing Queue: Immediately options
  • Settings search history
  • optimizations for very large libraries (e.g. 50k+ tracks)
    New option No Reshuffle For Large Lists which is enabled by default
  • AutoEq presets/devices database update
  • new Settings Shortcuts in Main Menu option
    Adds number of recently used Settings shortcuts to the main menu, including custom skin settings
  • hex color support in color dialogs
  • Target SDK updated to 34
  • introducing 🎁 Feature Packages:
    • the number of big and small features (user requested/voted on Poweramp forum) packed together into low priced in-app purchase
    • a few packages per year
    • new features added to the same package with the each new build
    • new Full Version purchase includes feature package discount
    • this helps with Poweramp app continued development
  • 🎁 Feature package #1 (free in beta):
    • support for multiple items dragging in playlists and Queue
      Multiple checked items are dragged as a group
    • new Line2 Press and Line2 Long Press options
    • new Hide Unknown Artist option
      Unknown Artist is hidden from track labels in Poweramp UI as possible
    • new Animations option
      Navigation animations now can be faster or disabled
    • more features for this package in the next builds
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Top Posters In This Topic

Since updating to 978, I can no longer pick any song from the library. No matter what song I pick, it plays the first one that was playing when I opened Poweramp. So e.g. I start Poweramp with song A, then play songs B and C, then open the library and click on song D. Instead of song D, it will play song A again. No matter which song, no matter which settings, reproduced with a fresh install. Downgrading to 576 resolves the issue.


How to reproduce: open your library, e.g. by clicking on the Cover while you play a song. Choose a different song from any artist. Instead of playing that song, it starts playing the song I was listening to when opening Poweramp. Which of the new 3 settings on what should happen on a click doesn't matter.


Let me know if you need anything else.

Happens: every time (100% reproducible)

Version: build-978-bundle-play

Device: Sony Xperia 10IV

Android: 13

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As it is a bit unclear from the changelog. 

Will the improvements (from which i would say that some would be essential stuff) which are stated as free in beta kept free, or already hidden behind a paywall with the stable Release?


At least im not really fond of the idea too test Features which should be payed later for (that is something internal tester do, not the public) 

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I decided to test xHE-AAC decoding with a single album and it seems like Poweramp is not recognizing replaygain tags on these files and falling back on to using the setting for pre-amp for files without RG tags. 

Edit: I now have a suspicion that the xHE-AAC's internal loudness control is being applied in addition to Poweramp's pre-amp as the volume seems much lower than expected, similar to issue's that existed in the past with Opus gain and replaygain. 

I've attached what Poweramp shows versus the same file examined with MediaInfoLite in WIndows


Complete name               : C:\Users\xoxo\Documents\Lossy conversions\exist†trace - Demented Show\01. SACRIFICE BABY.m4a
Format                      : MPEG-4
Format profile              : Base Media / Version 2
Codec ID                    : mp42 (mp42/isom)
File size                   : 7.87 MiB
Duration                    : 3 min 47 s
Overall bit rate mode       : Variable
Overall bit rate            : 290 kb/s
Album                       : Demented Show
Album/Performer             : exist†trace
Track name                  : SACRIFICE BABY
Track name/Position         : 1
Track name/Total            : 6
Performer                   : exist†trace
Genre                       : Indie / Alternative
Recorded date               : 2007
Encoded date                : 2023-12-09 16:44:04 UTC
Tagged date                 : 2023-12-09 16:44:14 UTC
replaygain_track_gain       : -11.44 dB
replaygain_track_peak       : 0.988586
pub                         : シークエンス
replaygain_album_gain       : -10.81 dB
replaygain_album_peak       : 0.988586

ID                          : 1
Format                      : USAC
Format/Info                 : Unified Speech and Audio Coding
Codec ID                    : mp4a-40-42
Duration                    : 3 min 47 s
Duration_LastFrame          : -16 ms
Bit rate mode               : Variable
Bit rate                    : 289 kb/s
Maximum bit rate            : 304 kb/s
Channel(s)                  : 2 channels
Channel layout              : L R
Sampling rate               : 44.1 kHz
Frame rate                  : 43.066 FPS (1024 SPF)
Compression mode            : Lossy
Stream size                 : 7.83 MiB (99%)
Encoded date                : 2023-12-09 16:44:04 UTC
Tagged date                 : 2023-12-09 16:44:10 UTC
Sample peak level           : -0.094 dBFS
Program loudness            : -6.50 LKFS

 The file was encoded and tagged using EZ CD Audio Converter



Edited by CrimsonSky
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47 minutes ago, Hagman said:

When I'm in this screen, swiping back to the playlist (using navigational gestures) no longer works for me. Build 978 uni

From the Player Screen you should be able to tap on the cover artwork area, or swipe downward on the artwork area, to get to the Category songs list. If that's not working for you, please could you provide more information on exactly what happens, and your specific device setup. 


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40 minutes ago, Dominic Muchimba Sikolia said:

Wait its closing every time i open

Not a lot to go on there, are you saying that having updated to build 978 you cannot open Poweramp at all, so tapping on the app icon on your homescreen just goes straight back to the homescreen again? Do you see anything of Poweramp at all? What device and Android details?

Probably some specific setting is causing it to fail, perhaps an Android bug report log might help diagnose it? You can do that via Android Settings=>Developer Options=>Bug Report. The log will take a while to be generated, you'll see a Notification when it's done and you can share it to gpmaxmpz [at] gmail.com.

But if you uninstall and do a clean reinstall you will lose your existing settings, including things like ratings, download cover art, and internally created playlists, so unless that's OK for you, or you have a made a Settings Backup (always a good idea before installing a beta release of anything) I would hold back on doing that for now.


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update made it so reshuffling doesn't work sticks to the same "order". Not only that but if I try to search for a song select it it just plays the song next in that order not the song I selected. I am not sure what's causing the search bug as its not happening Everytime.

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Just to add that the new BT option to ignore commands from a device for a configurable time works for me. Always had PA start to play when I connected to my car (Honda Jazz from 2016) which I didn't/don't want. Now I ignore commands for 5 seconds and all is well. i.e. it only starts to play when I tell it to!

NB: it's a head unit thing, not PA.

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1 hour ago, Loweaul said:

@Fuchs Not reproducible for me with Redmi Note 11 Pro, maybe you could upload a video for this? So that make sure I was doing it in the same way as you did.

Sure thing, see attached.

As you can see, I don't do anything special. I start Poweramp, which starts at the song "Schnägg" from "Züri West". I then skip through a couple of songs, tap on the cover, choose the song "Lion" from "Stephen Lynch" which should start to play, but instead Poweramp plays "Schnägg" from the beginning again. Settings are visible-ish.

Given that some people (At least 3 in this thread) can reproduce it and others can not, my best random guess would be either cache or a race condition. Given that I did nuke the application including all data and cache and was still able to reproduce, my next guess would be storage type: my music is on an SD card, would be neat to know if that's the same for all the others who can reproduce, or some other settings  (i18n or so)

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  1. Given that some people (At least 3 in this thread) can reproduce it and others can not, my best random guess would be either cache or a race condition. Given that I did nuke the application including all data and cache and was still able to reproduce, my next guess would be storage type: my music is on an SD card, would be neat to know if that's the same for all the others who can reproduce, or some other settings  (i18n or so)

Mine is also on an SD Card but I've never had problems like this before ..... 

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@Fuchs Does this also happen in normal ordered playback, or only in All Songs Shuffle?

Can you enable the Track Counter, so we can see what's occurring within the existing playback sequence? (Settings=>Look and Feel=>Player Screen=>Show Track Counter) Might be related to the new feature to avoid reshuffles when tapping on a song that's already within a large shuffle sequence (I've tested with that mode On or Off though).


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29 minutes ago, Fitzian said:

Yeah there's a "no reshuffle" and "no reshuffle in large lists" setting that everyone seems to be overlooking in a massive fashion.

I'm actually trying to work out why the second option is needed at all, as it pretty-much just duplicates the first option which works for all shuffled sequences (large or small).


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@andrewilley reshuffling 50k songs list takes time (depends on device, supported devices range performance differs up to 1000x). And it’s actually not that necessary for very large lists, so that’s a good optimization.


@CrimsonSky these files are handled by Android codec and no any additional gain processing happens for them, meaning Poweramp doesn’t read or process replay gain tags for these. Firmware may or may not support some loudness for such files, but this is not documented nor we can know status of such processing via some API. On the devices I tested no such processing happens (Samsungs one ui 5/6, Pixels @ 13/14), but as this is not documented anywhere I guess it may change any time without warning.


@Wolfpig the ‘paywall’ is not implemented yet, so the package features just work in current beta.


@Fuchs if possible, after suck failed song selection, please send the log from the settings -> Support -> Send log. Please PM me here with your email so I can find your log. Thanks!


@Cats GoMoo how many files do you have in the list it fails to reshuffle? Thanks!


@Fuchs Try to disable "No reshuffle in large lists" as it seems to incorrectly handle this scenario (all songs shuffled while songs sourced from a specific sub category).

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