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  1. I wish you could implement an option to select custom frequency values with Q or BW value on both apps would be wonderful @maxmp.
  2. The app isn't detecting Poweramp on Evolution X Android 11 LG G7 ThinQ (Active Players None), Wavelet works though.
  3. Thank you for your service, this'll definitely make many of us happy.
  4. @Vekx92 Yes, he is making one, and I think it'll be free for a limited time for Poweramp users.
  5. I play guitar songs for fun, but when the recording sample(s) (which I play along with) does not match my guitar's tuning, I change the pitch to make it match my guitar's tuning. Hence, as Poweramp doesn't have this feature, I use other music players; which is really frustrating... Basically, this is why I think Poweramp should have this feature.
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