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(FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark


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On 12/3/2018 at 12:39 PM, Bernardo said:

The app is doing amazing! I just have two requests that I will be so happy that you could add.
First, I think it would be great if you could "fill up" the navigation bar and the visualization button (as in the Poweramp's default skin).
And second, could you please make the scroll bar transparent? (Also as in the Poweramp's default skin).

I know these are minor details but it would be great if you could implement them.





Can I see your settings to get that first layout?

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Is there any way to fix the spacing issue when using alternate layout?  The spacing looks correct when using the normal layout, but is too spaced out when using the alternative layout.  It makes it so I can either have text over album art or small album art.  I'm using an LG V20 for reference.  I'm not sure if it's a screen size or resolution issue. 

It actually looks like there is enough room to put the track and album text below the album art while still keeping the album art the full width of the screen.  That would be amazing if that could be done.  I'd happily pay for a skin that looks like the first picture below,  but with the track and album information written in a smaller font directly below it.

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9 hours ago, DoomAxe said:

 I'd happily pay for a skin that looks like the first picture below,  but with the track and album information written in a smaller font directly below it.

You images aren't displaying, are they hosted somewhere without public privileges?


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On 12/16/2018 at 9:49 AM, TifKag said:


I am new here, but when i follow the download link, it says in PlayStore the skin has ads in it ???

That was me, I just meant that the skin I downloaded was not actually there, as others have said, it's just on the install part you see an ad, and thats not a problem, not having the minimalist skin was the issue, not a biggie though, sorry for the confusion about the ad, I could have worded it better probably  :)

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6 hours ago, PChwdhry said:

Can you suggest the settings of the skin to me ?

Thank you.

I posted the settings I'm currently using about a page ago, but you may prefer to play around to achieve your own look (and the layout you'll see also depends on screen size, DPI, etc):



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On 12/8/2018 at 10:01 AM, andrewilley said:

I've got mine set up so I get a fairly decent size cover art - not quite full width, but close enough for me:

 (1920x1080 screen on a Galaxy Note 3 with 6.0.1 ROM)

"Dark Default Skin"
Alternative Layout: ON
Player Buttons: (Default Buttons) Pro Dualbar
Transparent Navbars: ON
Buttons/labels/duration/etc Transparencies: Semi-transparent
"Pro Buttons", "Divided Waveseek" and "Static waveseek + seekbar" toggles all turned off (they all seem better controlled via the Player Buttons menu)

For some reason the metadata textbox does not completely line up with the two counters, but that's a small price to pay.


That's all very nice and looks good, but how do you adjust the size of the coverart in the skin,

I have tried a few skins, but with alternative layout i have a lot of free space, and in normal layout the title and artist are situated inside the coverart.

So i removed all custom skins, and went back to the default dark skin on my samsung S8 and tablet

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13 minutes ago, TifKag said:

That's all very nice and looks good, but how do you adjust the size of the coverart in the skin,

It's rather dependent on device, reported screen size and resolution, etc. You'd have to let the skin developer know what you are using and what you see and maybe he can do something?


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17 minutes ago, luce said:

Dear @Andrew0,

It is really a pity that this skin is not working on some devices (e.g. Huawei Mate 9, Mate 10), while other skins like ”Sample black Poweramp skin“ or ”Rainbow Light“ do. I would really appreciate this to be fixed.

Best, Lucas


Sadly I dont have a Huawei device to reproduce the Problem... I'll continue doing some research

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1 hour ago, Andrew0 said:

Hi guys!

I just updated the skin. I added an experimental option to fix the problem with the small album art. Use that option ONLY if you have that problem. 

Download Here



Hi Andrew,

So, I just updated it (through Google Play) and the new "experimental option" *is* a definite improvement.  I really appreciate you putting the effort into it for those of us with this trouble!  The first picture attached here is the regular "alternative layout" (which I don't like because it shrinks the album art so much - probably my least favorite) and the second picture is the "experimental version" (my favorite so far, even though I'd like the album art to be bigger still).  The third picture is the regular layout (which I really don't like because it puts the text on top of the album art).

*If* you could continue working on your "experimental" layout such that it stretches the album art just as large as the regular layout, that would be my ultimate preference.  You could even get rid of the fade/repeat/shuffle and all those option buttons because I would never use them so much I need them on the main screen, and that way it should make plenty of room for making the album art full-sized.  (Though I understand if you want to keep them for other people who want them there.)  Honestly, my all-time preference? ... Make the album art so large that it doesn't really have a margin - it stretches fully to the left and right of the screen borderless/marginless, and the words (like album, artist, track title, etc.) and controls are all underneath it (even if that means minimal controls, etc.).  That's what I'd want most, but if that's impossible, I understand.  It seems like Poweramp 2 was like that - full screen album art with minimal wording and controls and all that located under it (and I used it for years right up until this most recent Poweramp v3 public update - it was part of the reason I chose to go with Poweramp pro - it had the best large-size album art format, best overall skin, that sort of thing).

Either way, your new experimental version is such a big improvement already that I'm going to use it as my default layout for now.  And if you can improve it further (such that album art becomes even bigger), then all the better!  Thanks for a great skin so far!



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@MadagascarAdam  By looking at your device I think making the album art bigger wont help, as it would make the play buttons so small that  they will not be shown properly. Doing more changes on the layout is really hard as it should be tested on many devices with different screen sizes. Thats why that new layout is experimental.

@luce Can you tell me please what happens when you click on the app Icon? does it open anything?



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