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  1. There's something happening to me that didn't happened until this update; when I play songs (that I have played before but didn't finished listening) they now start from where I left them instead of starting at 0:00 20200102_181737.mp4
  2. @maxmp Motorola Moto G5 plus, I'm using v3-build-843-arm32-play
  3. I'm facing the same issue, hope you could do something.
  4. +1 Doing so, maybe have the option to move the 3 dots bottom to the extra space.
  5. I thought you had repaired this but it's still happening, I hope you could fix it soon, still a pretty good update tho
  6. Yes, it is that build with the simple seekbar, I hope you could fix it soon.
  7. I don't know if I should post my problem here or in another thread, the problem is that in my device the time buttons and the "next song" bar get spliced. My device is Motorola Moto G5 plus and I'm using Android 8.
  8. The app is doing amazing! I just have two requests that I will be so happy that you could add. First, I think it would be great if you could "fill up" the navigation bar and the visualization button (as in the Poweramp's default skin). And second, could you please make the scroll bar transparent? (Also as in the Poweramp's default skin). I know these are minor details but it would be great if you could implement them.
  9. The thing is that there are a lot of people who have to install a skin just because they want the straight progress bar when it shouldn't be necessary, we shouldn't need a skin to have something BASIC in a music player.
  10. The static seekbar that Poweramp provides uses a lot of space and makes the album cover smaller, I strongly agree that we want a straight-line progress bar as a Poweramp option by default, I would use the sample skin but it still doesn't have the transparent layout. I hope you can add the option to do it.😊
  11. But I can't have flat buttons with a flat bar, can I? It's just that I don't like the seekbar/waveseek
  12. This app is doing amazing but, can you do something so I can have the buttons of the first image but the flat bar of the second image? I'm sure that there aren't any options to do it in the actual version of the app.
  13. This update is great Max, do you think you could add an option to get rid of the seekbar to have a normal bar?
  14. In next updates are we going to be able to delete the seekbar?
  15. Even with the skins the titles are still not attractive at all, I guess those black squares should be deleted or maybe got them into adaptable coloros (of the album art).
  16. In my opinion I really dislike a lot how it looks actually, I mean, it looks so messy and not attractive that the information is where the cover art is. Maybe you could use a part of the seekbar space to put the information in. I also think that the seekbar should be optional, I just want a normal bar that doesn't need a lot of space and that's all.
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