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Need popular sound reacting sphere skins like NCS (Non-Copyright Sound) The sphere is aesthetic and also from other popular YouTube channel dynamic things where sphere or square.. People will reply to this forum if other channels needed to be added

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Btw bought Poweramp 3yrs ago back in 2020.. :)

Yes sir.. It looks pretty cool if we see it in default skin as NCS sphere under default Poweramp skin :)


Also sir, one more request is much appreciated, ability of Poweramp to integrate srt file and album file  in default music file with powerful editor ;) 🎧




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I assume this is the sort of thing you are looking for:

As Max said above, this cannot be accomplished by Skins, as they just modify the look and feel of existing interface elements. However you may be able to find a Visualization that suits your needs among the huge number of Milkdrop preset files out there. There are hundreds of built-in Visualization presets already in Poweramp, many of them far more exciting visually than the above YouTube video, so start by looking through those. Just tap on the Visualization icon (left-hand side, under the artwork area) to get started, and choose new Presets from the bar that shows at the top of the screen.


As for SRT files, those are video subtitle files so not especially suited to music. What you need to use for music are LRC (lyric) files, which can be either static in a simple list layout, or synced with the music playback. Such lyric data can also be embedded directly into music files if you wish, using an external third-party tag editor.


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