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  1. Yep just click settings> Library> Lists>Library List Options and press and hold on the one you want to be the default when opening, when it's default, there will be a little icon showing up to the left of the tickbox, that's your new default when opening Poweramp
  2. Hey FD, I replied to your PM about the other thing yesterday man, but just got this, so dunno if you got it or not, anyway, no file was created in the thing about the thing!
  3. Hiya FD! I's basically stuff like this man https://www.lifewire.com/is-google-play-safe-153675 I like to have a...."second opinion" I suppose you could say, seen those stories plenty of times, And thanks as always for Playlist Manager's update today!
  4. No problems on you're other skins Mix, all good!, just the false one on L Black that's all ....stupid AVG!
  5. It was AVG that gave it on both phones, but I checked with Samsung's own security after you said about your MIUI Security Mix, and yep all is clean, my bad...I should have thought of that that before making the post at all... Cheers Andre for adding the note man
  6. Alright Mix, no harm done man, I had to bring it up just in case, sorry about that , You can remove my original post, as others might be worried about installing it otherwise Yes yes I don't know how to remove my own posts 😕
  7. [Admin note: seems like this was a false-positive and nothing to worry about, see following messages] Heya Mix! Thanks for the update man!, I hate to bring it up, I really do, but Ill just leave these 2 images here, I'm sure you can sort or figure it out, they are from the Luminous Black update I wanted to install today
  8. An easy +1, especially since FD added a custom color for mine, I've swapped skins exactly zero times on my primary phone since then
  9. You got the wrong guy if you think Max with do something back handed. Please see here as it's been discussed, or Andre might sort it out, but I think h'e on holidays atm
  10. When I ever try and install an older version of something, recently like Yaps Poweramp skin, I always get an error, Im guessing it has to do with there already being a newer version on my phone, clearing cache/data for that particular app and then uninstalling it, then installing the older version works perfectly for me everytime. Give it a bash, hopefully you get the same result Griff.
  11. The best very thin waveseek is back on Alt! Love that one, was the reason I downgraded to a previous version, but I only saw it was back when I was trying (and failing miserably) to do like in the SS on the store, it looks all transparent which would look great with my wallpaper, I set nav and android nav to transparent etc, I have an S10+ so I dont have the buttons down the bottom but it looks like main background and nav are transparent, or maybe it's just blur from the album cover you have as I cant see wallpper , either way, thin nav is back so gonna change from Yaps to Alt Yaps, Great job as usual!
  12. Not just you, it doesn't work while music is playing, works fine when music is stopped, but it works ok on both playing/stopped in his other skins so probably just a bug he will no doubt fix in an update, hadn't noticed till you mentioned it
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