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  1. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    You're right, sorry for hijacking your post man! I'll shut up now lol
  2. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    True, I used to leave them flat as Samsung has it's own sound settings, so now they are "flat" but raised up the top, I find that since I got Pie, the sound seems lower than it was, not muddy like others have said, it just seems quieter than it used to be, Ill try as you said and just leave master fully up, and play with eq a bit, thanks Andre
  3. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    Only album I really get noticeable distortion is on one particular Metallica album, (Justice) but all others are ok for me, Subconsciously I'm probably trying to disprove the maxim "If it's too loud, you're too old" ! hitting 50 here and I'm good!
  4. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    It was the limiter for me, I keep all sliders and master volume up the highest they can go with sliders, tone on and limiter off, but sometimes when I turned on the app, limiter would be set to on for some reason, and the button looked the exact same as when it was off, having the different colour lets me see straight away that its on and I turn it off before playing, sliders and tone go dark yes, but limiter can't.
  5. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    Doubt that, my background colour is black and I have the white button too, I like it though, much easier to see if they are on or off, so I'll keep it that way! and good job on sliders, new ones look great on my phone
  6. Centered Title looks great man, another great addition to it, Luminous Black and Yaps/Alt Yaps are my three favourite skins I use 99 percent of the time, Both Devs are doing fantastic skins and are always updated, adding new features constantly, between Mixified and Flyingdutchman, it's like having 50 music players installed!
  7. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    It'a perfect! You're freaking great for doing that man, and all Transparency on bars also is perfect, thanks again!!
  8. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    Hopefully flyingdutchman can figure this out, anytime I try a new skin and play with the settings (I bought a few to mess around with on another S10+) and then go back to Yaps or Alt Yaps, I have the white bar up top, doesnt happen with other skins, they stay the same as I have them, but Yaps/Alt Yaps always has the white when I change back to it, and of course, me being me, I keep forgetting how to make it black, so if the post stays here I can come back to it when I forget again and won't have to bug people over something that is probably simple that I cant remember.....I know it's make something transparent, but never remember where it is in what settings or in the skin or the main app. Sigh...
  9. Adaptive Text Color was done perfectly, thanks again!
  10. Ah it's your skin, no need to ask me if something is ok lol, It would be great in Alternative though or however you see fit to implement it if you decided to, it looks fantastic the way you already have it, was just an idea for you to think about, anyway you do it would probably be great anyway I only use Alt layout on every skin so that's the one I would be using either way
  11. Any plans to be able to color the text the same color as the icons as some other skins have? or any plans to be able to center the text? Both would be great if implemented or as an option Example of what it would look like attached with color and center (taken from one of your original posted images Mixified)
  12. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Really awful

    The Dev of Poweramp (Max) does not make the third party skins, you would have to ask the people who made them where they went...If you go back to V2 and check your library they would be there and you can re apply them to V2. PS: V3 Rocks.
  13. Updated Luminous Black, no problems, loving the new buttons too
  14. Bought Luminous Black now, looks good!
  15. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Swipe to change Albums

    +1 from me also, I loved this feature