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  1. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Poweramp Build 821

    Working perfectly on my S9+ Oreo with my Google Home/Sony S50G and Chromecast on my TV, Great Job Max!!!
  2. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Heads Up, New skin coming up

    Ah I just clicked one of the links under your name and saw the colourwheel, no worries if there's a colour near ff03e8ff, Ill buy it anyway
  3. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Heads Up, New skin coming up

    A ColourPicker wheel??! All my stuff has to be black and bluish/aqua (ff03e8ff) So Im defo buying this as soon as it's in the store. Great job!
  4. Nightshade Ghostaltar


    If you choose italics for the second row of text in a widget, the last letter on the right gets cut off a small bit, even if the widget is stretched fully across the screen, Padding on/off makes no difference either.
  5. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Widgets Kit from V2

    Cheers Max! The other one with album art that was built for V3 works perfectly on my other screen, It's just the V2 without album art (I like that one without art) is a bit buggy, as I said Im not even sure if you made it lol, it's just great to have it as it can be stretched vertically a lot more for some reason, just thought I'd try my luck
  6. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Widgets Kit from V2

    Oh crap! I thought I had posted it correctly sorry lol, I was trying to ask about the widgets, In the left SS I use a "widget kit" from V2 that works most of the time with V3, Its gone from the playstore so I dont know if Max even made it, on the right it sometimes appears without buttons showing correctly and all text is gone, I was wondering was there a way to get it fine with V3 fully as I like the way it can be stretched a lot more vertically than the normal widgets and has no album art, I keep a separate widget with album art on another page, Poweramp is so good I always have 2 widgets for it! Sorry for not posting correctly before, I had a stroke recently so my head ain't the best when navigating the forums or trying to post, Oh and it was around 6am here so that's my other excuse!Cheers Andre
  7. Nightshade Ghostaltar


  8. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Library - Year Sort

  9. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Move options off album art

    It's done with a third party skin, here I have (1) options button below with song and Artist, (2) is the skin I am using called Rainbow and (3) are the settings (Alternative Layout) I use to have the layout I want in (1) Other skins probably do similar, I like this layout so I use Rainbow mostly, It's on the Play Store btw: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.folgore95.pa
  10. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Alt layout on Artists? (....and other stuff)

    Thanks Max for all you have done!
  11. Sometimes stalker, first time poster, so apologies if this is in the wrong section, So I love V3, just as I did V2, and all seems ok for me, but I have 2 questions ( for now...) 1. I see a lot of Alt layouts for the main player page by various skin designers, I'm wondering if there are any for the Artist page to move text below the image in the same way? and 2. Is it possible to show (either by default built in PA or skin) to show album count instead of song count? I do all my own Google Play Music tags individually so I like to keep my phone album count the same as GPM, coz they sometimes magically delete music as we know... Screenshot of 1 and 2 included if needed to explain what I mean. Cheers!
  12. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    That was me, I just meant that the skin I downloaded was not actually there, as others have said, it's just on the install part you see an ad, and thats not a problem, not having the minimalist skin was the issue, not a biggie though, sorry for the confusion about the ad, I could have worded it better probably :)