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  1. Dear @maxmp, Build 829 and still the alternative layout is waisting so much space compared to the regular layout, displaying only a small cover art. Is this ever going to be fixed or is my 16:9 screen simply outdated? If my Huawei is really lying about the correct screen resolution as you stated some months ago, is there a way to force it to tell the truth? Like e.g. shouting at it angrily? Best, Lucas
  2. Dear @maxmp, in this update a track starts again when clicking it in a list while playing it – though this behaviour is deactivated in the settings. Best, Lucas
  3. Dear @andrewilley, thank you for checking. @maxmp, would you mind taking a short look on that issue?
  4. Wow, @andrewilley, what you were suggesting in that thread would really be great – powerful but not too difficult to handle. However, if Max would choose not to implement a system like this, what would be wrong with displaying an in-line separator between discs in multi disc albums anyway?
  5. Thank you, @dvhttn. When I switch to English, it’s not there either... Dear @maxmp, is this meant to be this way? Maybe it depends on the system language...
  6. Album list doesn’t use the alphabetic sidebar, although this is turned on in the settings. Other lists do. Is this a bug or a feature? With this sidebar navigation is quicker and easier to me. I would appreciate this list behaving like the others.
  7. Hi @flyingdutchman, I just wanted to feed back that the new yaps skin doesn’t run on Android 7.0, too. I assume you were expecting this, but just for the sake of completeness.
  8. I would also appreciate a setting to switch on/off track numbers in list views. It makes orientation easier, especially with albums with many tracks. The other thing would be a graphic separation of discs in multi disc albums. Just leaving a little space with additional numbering would do it. MusicBee for example goes one step further: It uses an id3 tag for grouping (I don’t know the correct English term) so that you can define names for each disc in multi disc albums, e.g. in "Beethoven – Complete Works", disc 23 is named "Sonatas for piano and cello". In the list view, these titles are displayed which also makes orientation easier.
  9. Wow, great update! 👏 Clickable links in changelog are super-convenient! Thanks for updating the German translation. It seems you don’t sleep at all, just work all the time Thank you, Max!!
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