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Power amp premium version in free??


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Hi sir, 

I am premium user from last 5 year but my friend using Poweramp mod version. 

Without paying any $, he is still enjoying music 

Why Team Power AMP or Google failed to block modd app. Many people are using these version. 

Its scam because without paying  to developer, why people are cheating us!, 

So my question is:

Why developer con't block mod version of apk? 

Is safe to use mod version? 


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Change year of my experience using Poweramp
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Once a hacker has modified an app, it's hard for the official developer to track its use. It's not permitted of course, but stopping every hacker in the world would be a monumentous task and if huge corporations like Disney and Warner Bros. can't stop people spreading their copyright content, I'm sure not what a sole developer of a single Android app can do.

As to whether it's safe to use a modded version, that all depends on how well you know and trust the hacker who broke into the code. Given that they seem happy enough to steal someone else's work, it's not that much of a stretch to think that they might also be happy to install something nasty onto your device too. So in short, you can never be sure until you find you've been hacked.

Oh, and if you install a hacked version it might be difficult to later install a legimite download, as the different package details from the first install may mess up the Android Installer system. You may need to do an extra thorough uninstall to remove all traces.


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2 hours ago, Sohaibahmadu said:

@andrewilley but on the other hand, whatsapp sending messages to those who are using whatsapp mod version or any modify version. 

Is there any way to block user access, those who are using modify version of power amp? 

You are putting way too much thought into this as a customer/user.

You paid for your license (I would hope), end of story.

If I paid full price, and someone got a regional deal that was advantageous to them, should I feel slighted and irate that someone got the same thing for less? (Answer: No. I mind my business)

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4 hours ago, Sohaibahmadu said:

Is there any way to block user access, those who are using modify version of power amp? 

No. How could there be? The hacker will have removed any original code which validates it as a legitimate product, as well as potentially adding their own stuff.

Just be happy in the knowledge that you are a genuine user who will receive updates and support, while your friend is in effect a thief. If it really worries you, give his name and address to your local police, or send the boys round. :) 


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